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Santa Clause is coming to town

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Two thousand eight

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Zombie rules I: blame, love, graduate

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Zombies and bogeymen

Not awarding the Purple Heart

Buraku Obama

They were mayor

Dialect dangerous to cats

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The facial narrative


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retired widow

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The Curious Case of B. B.

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The humanities has


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Scope, anyone?

What’s the diagnosis?

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The first female congresswoman



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Malaprop from Calgary

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Snowclonelet composites

John Hope Franklin

Class sniping at the NYT

Black historian

A celebration of American English

Foamers and stories

More variation than expected

he or she are

Hooked on phonics

Ask AZ: many in affirmative statements

The whole X

fold like a cheap X

Muskrat ramble

False Occamism

to cath

Metaphors on wheels

The first word

Little Ulul

Biggering and ensmalling

NPR names

Handbook of WHAT?


Gramma’s rules

Teabagging and politics



All our fish is farmed sustainably

Extreme Strunk and White

have always been men

Singular they comes to Iowa


WSJ on tea-bagging

Two tortured things from the NYT Week in Review

Orphaned at 55

Losing/having the bubble

There’s an apostrophe in there somewhere

The imparseable dream

Flaming, snarking, ranting, and brooding

Dialect aside

Extreme word rage


Ordinary, technical

Non-clarifications of usage proscriptions

Distinguished alum

Making sentences interesting

Another imparseable dream

Tangerine dreams

The perils of ONW

A momentary compound problem

Showed up

Another headline posting



Toons and tunes

Donuts & Chinese Food

Male or female, at the bar

Tykes ease drop fears

Hybrid initial-letter abbreviations

Coerced acronyms

Stick to those good old irregular plurals

Pardon my mock French

Dubious passive

Taboo avoidance (twice removed)


For Memorial Day: the cookout


Muhly on diacritics and blog comments

X can’t mean Y

Mrs. Malaprop lives!

Non-dual citizens, indigenous nudity, and contagious countries

Up by X to Y

A man has to say it




Today’s two-part back-formed verb inventory


External, internal, and double inflection

Please stop

Be-less passives and be-ful non-passives

Postings on 2-p b-f verbs

Postings on split infinitives


peeve vocabulary

An insurmountable obstacle in the way of a speeding train

Resumptive that 1


McIntyre, simmering

No nouning!

An invite

BlackBerrys and BlackBerrying

Who is this Na person?

Sotomayoral NomConjObj

Omit Needless postings

Faith vs. WF

One Right Way

Regional countries

Use your words!


Periods and type size

The dingus

To church marry, to civil marry

Emphatic nor

The spoken emoticon

Stranded P postings

Homophone problems

The telephone game

More internal inflection

to name-check


Postings on internal/external inflection

So fun postings about or

Include All Necessary postings

Bewitched, Bothered, and Bemildred

X number

The patio footnote

Carrot, stick

Summer intern

Jokes and snowclones

signature dish

A word for it

Subtle and not-so-subtle allusions

Inventory of snowclone postings

What are the haps

Bad bingo words

Marriage equality

Automatic cleanup

pertain toward

Bird rage

Love and marriage in the dictionaries

Grammarian stereotype

The eye chart

Too many tweets

Playful allusion

Painting food

Zippy Schwippy … uh, Schmippy

Diplomatic trip lingo

Introducing short shots

Puns for the weekend

Tintin times

Short shot #6: adverbial scary

A grow

Short shot #7: ask and want

Short shot #8: more on grow

Ask AZBlog: googled maps NP


Meme hybrid alert

who or when



And the winners are …

Mock eggcorns and their kin

Inventory of postings on abbreviation

May I truncate?


What the iPhone can’t do

In the NYT

Short shot #9: a tough get

Short shot #10: one of the oldest countries


You will be had it!

Spectacular spelling fail

Solemner and its kin

Mind the filter!

grow a custom (to)

Assorted truncations

not … but instead

Short shot #11: haul-fail

Short shot #12: spotted dick

To the next level

More on but instead

Looking like a Communist

Getting it

The ants are my friends

various of

More nounings


Blame it on a word



Perverse consequences


Someday, a Bill Will Pass

Engines that could(n’t)

to glimpse (at)

More initialism complexities

Short shot #13: a lack of give a damn

Lifting shirts


Parallel universes

Choosing words


Wielding taboo

Swish Exhibitionism

More sexual back-formations


A bag of error


Short shot #14: wet toes

Phrase repetition disorder

Sexual lexicography

Plant gases

Short shot #15: bodily hygiene

jute box



The Safire watch

Teaching what?

Dangling postings

Non-parallel gaps

Eggcornish note: fragrant abuse

The implicated event of pizza-eating

Just In: NYT Violates PAP!

Short shot #16: Euro-words

Food and drink as events

Zits morphology

“we believe who”

Pleonastic indefinite article


Ellipsis on an island

Retrieval error?

Composite puzzles

WOO: The War On Of


Nose art

Walter Gretzkying Carnegie Hall

Inventorying stuff: Include All Necessary

Zippy humor

Neg-quant scope


Lagers and loggers

Slifted allegations


Dislike of blog

The nanosecond of uncertainty

Avoiding the gubernatorial taboo word

Finding error everywhere

a rat’s ass

Short shot #17: Fanshawe the mononome

Clean your plate

The effects of speech rate

When texting kills

Cheese or font?

Short shot #18: the dialect coach

Mortal texting: framing, hypallage

Cheese or font? The sequel

dampen down


Undistracted driving

Return of the foamers

Short shot #19: word/thing metonymy

Short shot #20: California + ify


The hiney virus

Chuckles Bites the Dust

Inventory of who/whom postings

Playing with anaphora

NYT Week in Review omnibus

Short shot #21: portmanteau crop

Short shot #22: Fitzgerald and Strunk

Cultural references

Ask AZBlog: metanalysis


Gender troubles 1: Latin@s

Gender troubles 2: emeriti faculty

The glut of names

Demotic speech

Short shot #23: community standards

Hybrid underwear

The Komodo Dragon

On the noun watch

Short shot #24: douchefag

Nonce truncation

Government of verb form by the nearest

Weekend comics 1: into the future

Weekend comics 2: Googie

Ellipsis woes

Annals of overnegation

each other

Short shot #25: setting a record

Nominal ellipsis



Short shot #26: the tyranny of the style sheet

Grammar, syntax, and style

Singular, plural, collective

Grammar vs. syntax

Short shot #27: to queen-wave


Annals of salty terms

Initialistic avoidance

Short shot #28: your next quit

Short shot #29: a big give

Aero-tactile integration in speech perception

Short shot #30: up and Adam

Experience and evidence

Porn hypallage?

Holiday Economist 1: politeness

Trash talking

Holiday Economist 2: difficult languages

Monosyllabic poisoning

Annoying holiday song

Annals of booklifting

Address terms

meet, the noun


Short shot #31: dogfood

Yip’s ish

V the N


Short shot #32: walking on water

Survey woes


Inventory of portmanteau postings

Portmanteau inventory: addendum

Short shot #33: the tell-tale but

Lolcats in the snow

Observing, note-taking, analyzing

The Oxford comma in lyrics

Sunday puns


Hasta la vista, -ista!

Missing the verb

Taboo avoidance for the blind

Conversion by truncation

Bald assertion


Year names (cont.)

800 words

hurricane money

Illness and disability

Worst Passwords

Short shot #34: one step further

Annals of vigilance


From the February Harper’s


More on experience and evidence

twitter tweet

Pederasts and pedophiles

Einstein said it?

X magnet




One more -tard

What’s P YOUR N?

EDM/ODM and grade marking

Permitted loads

iPad problems

Louche Change

lifelong native

A “no permitted” sign

A sarcastic cartoon for weekend fun

X Nazi

Talkin’ the talk

Child meets idiom


Short shot #35: paratactic conditionals

Double comparatives

How to Speak Nanny

The meta-euphemism

Postings on nounings

Postings on playful word formation

Going to something and ruin

Short shot #36: exact terminology

Portmansnow round 2

Boiling a frog past the tipping point

Love of books in Dingburg

Acronym fun

Parse this!

Zippy’s lust for the literary life

Alfred Ayres

Annals of spam

Short shot #37: titles full of pronouns and ennui


Brevity plus

Lame rap

Short shot #38: portmantoad

Chatty Cathies

Two errors

Annals of nouning (the ADS-L volume)

Shortshot #39: a memorable title


Again and again, all over the time


Short shot #40: the Snurfer


Gimme shelter

Mantra of the moment

Zwicky and the Cat Museum

Fun X 3

I beg (of) you

More on the -ottles

I saw th’ best minds of my generation

Nonce truncations

Totally non-committal

Welcome to Dingburg

Yet another portmanteau

MS and Apple in Eden

A fashion for portmanteaus

The NYT goes at it slantwise

Dative delights

LINGUIST List (2010)!

It all depends on your definition of …

More negotiating on meaning in context

Dilating eye teeth

Coming soon to a small screen near you

A treat from Dr. Zwicky

The Saturday cartoon crop

to school-home

Give your baby soda pop

Short shot #41: Our imperious authors

Easter storm

Texting is th’ Anti-Christ!

Short shot #42: Championship season

Semantic change on the menu

Zippy’s Gagacabulary

The embattled pen

More on marinara sauce

Another playful portmanteau

Dingburgers are connected

Postcard collages

Old vs. new technologies

Palinian evolution

The Information Retrieval bumper sticker

Do languages get (all) the words they need?

Pinhead speechlessness



Warning signs

German physicist Eugene Wigner?

Up from speechlessness

Words for ‘chew toy’

Dudetalk in the Arctic

What IS that garment?

Interpreting compounds

You’re not listening to me!


Short shot #43: Manhattan sensibility


Does this contain any X?

Savoring words

What, me worry?



Short shots #44: Money talks

Color coding

Short shots #45: maple-apple scrapple


Analogies I: Zippy and Lewis Carroll

Zippy noises


More diets

Short shot #46: rubrics

Short shot #46a: graduatize

A split antecedent, wrapped around its anaphor


Annals of hypallage

X diet

Phrasal overlap portmanteaus

Short shot #47: underwear models


No No No

Famous first words

we need to V

Annals of taboo avoidance: the white rectangle of modesty

Short shot #48: this week’s most arresting simile

Waltzing with Bears

The Two Z’s and innovation

The attributes of god, repeated three times

Disney creepitude

Progress of a Soul

Sundance is an angel when he flies

Three for the weekend

Spoken emoticons

Morphological overlap portmanteaus

Deathly idioms

Formulaic language off-kilter

The Commencement pun crop


Ya gotta follow the script

Giving offense

Late spring 2003

Telescoped POPs?

Watching tv

Academic collages

Puns in polyresin

From the Simon Drew pun files

Bizarro puns

Rivers of Babylon

Watch where you put that accent

Cartoons for the weekend

Gay disco

Memory and fictobiography

That’s so gay

Telescoped POPs with a twist

POP games

Words and music

Footnote on marriage equality

Two things to play with

Golden State Rufskin tit


Der Werwolf

Honk if you need an expletive

We need to talk

The figs of fear

Zwicky stuff

Fippy the Finhead

Revolutionary music

Images of masculinity


Dick Dative and the Experiencers


Varying formulas

Short shot #49: noun that adjective!

unsatisfactoriness and unsatisfaction

More from Dick Dative

Domestic class rebellion: a good haircut ruint

On the zeugma watch

Libfix pun, or something

I’m all about the wordplay

Fair and balanced

Short shot #50: nudge nudge, wink wink

“Waiting for my rocket to come”

Dolls and action figures

On the run in 1972-74

Ken ‘n’ Joe: an item?

Country obscenicons

The Zits-bath

The AZ@OSU posse

The pig’s daughter

Safe for public consumption

Censoring web images

The Truly Huge

A useful acronym

“Oh, X the flowers of spring!”

Short shot #51: op-ed frog-boiling

Verbatim recall

Lyrics with variable slots

Zippy goes zip-lining

The music of ruin

How you do go on!

Bear music

A few words from Sir Ian

want to?


Notes: categories 7/26/10

Notes: euphemisms 7/26/10

Collage essays: from concealment to display

Five from 2005: XXX-rated collages

Splitting up: the enjambment connection

The Gasoline Prize

Splitting up: collaborative word-splitting

we need to talk, take 2

Night’s voices

Data points: verbing 7/31/10

Data points: N ellipsis, ambiguity 7/31/10

Data points: taboo avoidance, abbreviation

Data points: verbing 8/1/10

Zippylicious names

The obscenicons vs. the grawlixes


Apology in order?

Data points: distant compounds 8/2/10

Who is this message intended for?


Who or which?

Arnold Zwicky’s Blog X

Data points: distant compounds 8/3/10

Data points: portmanteaus 8/3/10

Grownup performances for children

Snarled-up ESOC on the op-ed page

Marriage equality

And the winner…

Zippy physics

Zippy taken over by Valley Girl

Gay flags


Names and occupations

Have you thought about trying… linguistics?

Portmanteau Prunus

Data points: portmanteaus 8/8/10

Data points: compound semantics 8/9/10

Draper Barbie



The pun watch

The ambiguity watch: N of N

On Blog X

The House of X formula

Today’s pun crop

On AZBlogX

Data points: subj-verb agreement 8/17/10

Short shot #52: ten-stone cowboy

Data points: verbing 8/18/10

The Library Train to Sauk Centre

Data points: referent finding 8/20/10

Exuberant morphology

Return to rainbow flagwear

Sidetracking the golden goose

for Mod values of Adj

Dating by cliché

Failure to fact-check

Data points: sentential portmanteaus 8/23/10

Writing like a fag

Short shot #53: /b/ing there

Stowbody Gillingwater

More Zippy names (and things)

nth birthday, (n+1)th year; visiting professor


Fair mammoth ears


Garden postings

Data notes: transposition 8/30/10 On the pun patrol

Search for Cee

Dingburgers having fun

The 4:33 project


GenX so in the funnies

Pink Freud

Data points: verbing, back-formation 9/12/10

Data points: inadvertent blends 9/12/10

Classic cartoons; and two contests

Aroo, Abie, and Nibsy

Guns and fountain pens

Some deaths

Update: an endnote on shirt-lifting

Update: the law of attraction

Kol Nidre

Memorial singing

Shapenote singing: some basics

Notes on shapenote singing

Commencement photo

On AZBlogX: the gay baths

More Pink Freud

One letter away

Two obscenicon cartoons

More on writing and memory

Shapenote videos

The cowbell industry

Underwear gods

Writing and typing

Astonishing verbings

How to say this?

Data points: reduced coordination 10/23/10

Determiner-head selection

The counterpart of phallic symbol

Objects of desire

Somewhere over my poncho

Fear the beard


Lady chow mein

On the insult patrol



o m g

“autistic toddler” offensive?

On AZBlogX

Lives of the pornstars

Enjoy the Go

Short shot #54: red-hot cool

Looking it up

Zippy’s placenames


Flash Gordon over the years

Make X Not War


Data points: address terms 11/17/10


Data points: playful libfixes 11/18/10

Taste Y

Data points: distant compounds 11/19/10

Data points: zeugma 11/19/10

Means of communication

Quotation and chastisement

Data points: malapropisms 11/19/10

Data points: euphemisms 11/20/10

Bullying and rage

A comma, doctor!

Encounters and pranks

In September and October

Concealing and revealing

Vernacular writing

Flagrant failure of parallelism

Every girl every boy

how / that

imposter vs. impostor

Another Blunt Card

Data points: gapless relatives 11/25/10


Data points: back-formation 11/28/10

VPE mismatches

The slow upward creep of comment spam

More on nicks

Good Fucking Design Advice

Magic Flute libretto

Data points: Faith vs. WF 12/1/10

This week’s best spam comment

+of EDM in the comics

Data points: WH-that 12/4/10

Data points: plurals in compounds 12/5/10

Dialect in the comics

But is it art?

Captioning: more is it art?

The buildup

Possibly unfortunate names

Don and doff

More notable business names

Underwear gifting

The Bun Boy Motel

A contest

The idea of reality

More captioning as art

More trendy underwear

The slur dick

A note on Mineshaft and Toolbox

Slave status, racial status, and slurs

Beating masculinity into the boy


Today’s homoerotic pop art

Translated from Mumblespeak

The racy Xmas card

Porn hypallage and sex-part conversion

Jesus, the Light of the World

Blessed Assurance

The Xmas package

AH Men

Short shot #55: scallibut Tripping off the tongue

Contest winner

Data points: non-parallelism 12/16/10

The Xmas package 2

Proof in the pudding

Debris tide

Dr. Miles’ Nervine

The Xmas package 3

On AZBlogX: b/t coding

Spem in alium

The Xmas package 4

X whore

Expressive matter/material


Amateur etymology

On the culture beat

The Xmas package 5

The Gettysburg tweet

Data points: Faith vs. WF 12/23/10

Zippy Christmas

Christmas stories and music

The men’s underwear book

Advances in verbing

Happy/Merry Christmas

The Xmas leaf

Ari in gold

More ridiculous underwear with zipper pulls

More periodophilia in the NYT


Cee Lo’s memorable song of 2010

Punnies #11


Decline of traditional e-mail


Some deaths of 2010


A trial in Dingburg

Modification woes

Remarkable underwear

Data points: zeugma 12/29/10

Referent finding: own

Speech balloons


Word associations as synonymy

Genital junk


2010 in review

More junk-touching

More synonymy

Cosmetic disease

Metaphorical circle jerks Internet writing rant

David Rakoff on commercial portmanteaus

Morning wood on AZBlogX

Short shot #56: a ridicumanteau

Falsely masculine names

Fired for something


Pseudonyms 2: Samuel Steward

A famous pinhead

Pancake Circus

Quotes and footnotes

Zippy and Schlitzie

Hucking at huckfests



More hucking

Editor vs. writer

(non)federal victims

cry face

What’s the word for this?

Today’s headline

The Big Seven

Autograph spam

Child spelling

A note on gay for pay


Data points: libfixes 1/17/11

Two political cartoons

Jeezum Crow

Short shot #57: near

Comparative swearology

Gay porn as a gold standard

Machine of Death

More on swearology

Detechnicalization and retechnicalization

Mr. Sears and Roebuck

J. C. Leyendecker

Data points: RNR 1/22/11

Paper magazines

Annals of compounding: Cock crib

National caricatures

Arms races

The alphabet soup of sexuality and gender


VPE: antecedent-finding


a dime a dozen

Fun with cot/caught


Annals of nouning

Drawing sharp lines

Poetry slam


Pop music

It Gets Better / Wonderful dad

Fast food portmanteaus

Sloppy identity

Labels: homosexual

Resumptive pronoun, or something

No word for X

Nonverbal communication

More underwear links

A portmanteau crop

Annals of smileys

Saturday afternoon sickroom movies

Basket case


Remarks on anacoluthon

Old photographs

Winter quarter 1992

If only

Annals of taboo avoidance

Annals of mishearing

More annals of nouning

Fortune cookies go electronic

A Swedish basket case

Scientific metaphors

Prounced balls

The far reaches of analogy

Cultural contamination

SemFest 12!

Reptile dysfunction

And still they come

Moments of joy


U and I

A little more on optative if … only

TIA or whatever

Power postcard

Short shot #58: sunseed

Chinese lazy susan

Chinese Abbott and Costello

Dingburg portmanteau

Delta smelt

Shaving Cream



The stigma of ungrammaticality

Truncation alert

Conceptual art

Actual vs. virtual

More on C/M

Texting Santa

Marginalia and scholarly libraries

Multiple-level coordination


misnomer ‘misconception’

Eclect(r)ic Oil

I was doored


Origin myths



Rough winds


Education in pop culture

Dubious diagnostics

Data points: nouning 2/27/11

On the culture beat

Annals of slurs

A little more periodophilia


Seltzer aperient

Based on this purchase…

Object whom

Dangling advice

Apostrophe abuse

X fag


Two danglers

Another day to remember

Data points: portmanteaus 3/5/11

Inflection rage

Eggcorn cartoon

Punk-ass fag in the news

Rough Boy

Losing the author’s “voice”

Data points: portmanteaus 3/8/11

Fasnacht Day

Scornful X-isms, X-manteaus, and X derivatives

Associations and connotations


whatever else N

NPR names


Anarthrous U.S.

as far as us is concerned


SemFest log

Sundance stories

Musical f-bombs

Underwear puns


ruby/red slippers/pumps

Owsley Stanley

Swiss Army Gender

The coming triumph of popular culture

Why didn’t you TELL me?

Data points: optional reflexives 3/17/11


Thingy words

A thousand plus

corned beef

Data points: non-parallelism 3/19/11

Eggcorn, or something

Zwicky-cat in NYC


Dean Phoenix on gay-for-pay


Jell-O is the gay dessert

Porn titles

Writing errors

Cartoon etymology

The penguin crop

Getting a phone sex zeugmoid

Moral senses

Annals of danglerology

hooking up

Grammar and the Postal Service

The persistence of proper names

Today’s Bizarro pun

More gaiety from the 1940s

as well

Naming your porn company

Grammar ain’t fun

Gay Mother Goose


The lure of electronica

The doctor will see you

Underwear linguistics: shapewear

An engineer, not a linguist

Singing and cake


Piling on

Magic realism

Unable to help

Low vowels


What animals hear

Annals of advertising

A hundred words or less

Male vanity

George Tooker


First there were celebutantes …

Thomas Eisner

Rutt’s and Mutt’s

The vocabulary of toy ads

The Torment of Saint Anthony

naked X

Verbing, mistake, or what?

An old joke

The Emperor’s “courtly language”

More Sundance

Journalists’ requests

Go pho it

What means means


More Sundance fiction

Undoing morphophonology

Manning Marable

Underwear models and superheroes

most commented

Creating a buzz

Data points: portmanteaus 4/8/11

No more cookery

Paper preservation


Unfortunate P-drop

Today’s penguin silliness

More phallicity

Vernacular ethnonyms

Wood only

Sunday Punnies

Odds and ends


Our pesky artists

Got X?

Extra -S

Were the World Mine


Spelling your neologisms

Libfix fun: -cation

Back to the ’50s

Wonderful spam


Very dear to me

Trochee-trochee, Grelling-Nelson

Two libfixes sharing a spelling

Truth, memory, and stories

Basket : moose knuckle :: butt : ?

Nucular postings

A nutty non-rule

C > M conversion in the popular media

Prices continue to rise Robert Vickrey

Leering sushi

Metrical note

Hoisting a few brewskis

Porn name up for grabs

Mining back-formations


Check your iPho

The sexual connection

marriage equality

The siren song of whom

On the taboo avoidance patrol

A Passover toast (with Coke)

James Jean

Data points: anaphora 4/25/11

Weighty words

Argument structure in porn

timesuck the verb?

Cram it in the boot!

Phoebe Snow


Rainbow bull

Untabooing, maintaining the taboo


Racy photos on my X blog

Our apostrophized holidays


On the F-bomb watch


Power bottoms

Ed Ruscha

Comic reporting

Data points: P~Ø 5/5/11



A conjugational visit

Maypole and big guns

More conceptual art


Romance languages


Remembering Ann

Another PST/PSP = BSE

Lari Pittman

Four deaths

On the fortune cookie watch

Annals of parallelism

Monty Glover’s fortune cookies

Caravaggio meets Seiwert

Defective, damaged etc.

Bel Kaufman

Riffing and ripping on poetry

Sexy stuff on my X blog

Zippy goes over to pixels

Blogs and resources

PST/PSP syncretism

On the slur patrol

Underwear annals

Death notices

Joy of randomness

Barbara C. Scholz


Portmanteaus: carpoon

Portmanteaus: Faceborg

Saint Sebastian

Centurians and centaurians

On the idiom watch

More mommies!

On the innovation watch

Words for laziness

Argument structure of allow

Portmanteau to libfix

Another Flandrin pose

Non-predicating adjectives

The marmaxi


Scent and masculinity

Ralph and Monty

Double dactylic sniff

The Phantom Tollbooth


Exclamatory -S?

Patti Smith Flandrin

Portmanteau spawns libfix

The Boring Store

Zippy Zombie



Making assumptions

Riddle me, fiddle me


Hunk dream

A Princeton education


Today’s signal mishearing

Subject finding

Obsolete syntax

The lexicographer’s obsession

Alternatives to fuck

The t-shirt watch

Hot dog modesty in the Times

The reflexologist defense

Portmanteaus: forkchops

Football grammar

Mark Grotjahn

Louis XIII cognac

The Wrestler

Portmanteaus: gaybysitting

A Commonplace of Poetry

The name game

Alligator Goodbyes


A Step Back For Learning Languages

Diplomatic language

The Social Network


Package deal

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