Another curiosity shelf

A while back, a photo of some shelves of small oddities, treasures, and art works. And now, thanks to Kim Darnell, another photo, of some other shelves:


An ivory carving; four lovely boxes, of different types; each housing little treasures; a beanbag playpus with Jacques’s Columbus Park of Roses badge; and the centerpiece, the printing plate for #99 (Gospel Trumpet) in the 1991 Sacred Harp, a gift to me from my fellow shapenote singers years ago (thank you especially, Chris Thorman), when printing moved from hot lead to photographic reproduction on computers — one of the most moving presents I’ve ever gotten, a recognition that this fugung tune was one of “my songs” (sometimes sung in my honor when I couldn’t make it to a singing).

You can click here on a 2008 singing of 99 by the Golden Gate Sacred Harp Singers. (Yes, it’s supposed to be loud, harsh, and unpolished.) And here’s the music:


The usual shapenote layout, with the lines from top to bottom: treble (high harmony), alto, tenor (melody), bass. I’m a male treble (singing an octave below the notes as written), but on this one I can sing all four parts.

(I’m a fool for trumpets, and angels.)

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