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Zwickys of New York: Chuck the mixmaster

October 17, 2016

Following on yesterday’s appreciation of artist Calder Zwicky, I was led to check out Zwickys in New York City. There aren’t a great many, at least from the Swiss migrations to America in the 18th through early 20th centuries; Swiss immigrants from those days went first primarily to farm country (some details below), and their descendants (like me, and Calder Zwicky) then moved to seek new lives in urban areas. However, among the Zwickys of New York I did come across sound mixer Chuck Zwicky.



October 16, 2016

On the 13th, in the New Yorker daily posting, a rapidly composed shout of delight from David Remnick (the editor)


(I would have added an exclamation point.) With links to 8 songs and an interview. Plus a quickly sketched cartoon from David Sipress:



News for penises: NCOD, Portlandia

October 11, 2016

(Some plain talk about male bodies and man-man sex, but nothing extravagant. Use your judgment.)

Yes, I will make a connection, via my guy Jacques Transue: our anniversary is National Coming Out Day, that’s today. Marky Mark will be involved (because sexy underwear), and finger pointing (thanks to Portlandia) and Kyril Bonfiglioli and men’s ties.


Masculine jaws of Wyoming

October 9, 2016

About square-jawed as a (high-) masculine physical characteristic, last discussed here back in August (in “Give me some men who are square-jawed men”), with reference to actors in the tv series Murdoch Mysteries (set in Toronto), especially Dylan Neal. Now it’s the series Longmire (set in northern Wyoming), featuring two lead actors with strongly masculine faces, physiques to match, and a strong silent presentation of self as well: Robert Taylor (no, not that Robert Taylor, but the Australian Robert Taylor) as Sheriff Walt Longmire of (the fictional) Absaroka County and Bailey Chase as his deputy Branch Connolly. (A third leading male character, the Cheyenne Indian Henry Standing Bear, is played by Lou Diamond Phillips, appreciatively discussed in a 11/22/15 posting that also outlines the Longmire show.)


The old oaken desk

October 2, 2016

More home decor, this time in a report on Peninsula Furniture Moving Day, which was two Sundays back. The basic strategy: take Jacques’s fold-up Scandinavian desk (of rosewood) from Ramona St. to a consignment shop in Sunnyvale; move the big oak desk from Staunton Ct. to Ramona, to replace Jacques’s desk there; move the big CD carousel (solid cherry, originally from Levenger) to Staunton Ct., from which it can be sold or donated. Later, move a small bookshelf from Staunton Ct. to replace the CD carousel; acquire a desk organizer and a swing-arm desk lamp for the oak desk; and finish removing the contents of my Stanford office (now given up) for recycling or for processing at Ramona St. The result was a gigantic task of sorting and storing, still in progess.

Meanwhile, here’s the oak desk (originally from the study in my Columbus OH house, now in my Ramona St. bedroom), with accessories:


(Large “memory collages” on the wall, plus the Jacques and Arnold wedding-equivalent photo from 1996.)


Penguin irises

October 1, 2016

Another home decor posting, this time with a combination of elements on the coffee table in my living room:



Countdown to diamond days

September 24, 2016

… with gusto, always gusto.

In three days, my friend Steven Levine will be 60. On to his diamond years! A homoerotic scruff collage for the occasion:


(Assemblage by Robert Cumming for my own 60th birthday, at the turn of this century.)


Another curiosity shelf

September 18, 2016

A while back, a photo of some shelves of small oddities, treasures, and art works. And now, thanks to Kim Darnell, another photo, of some other shelves:


An ivory carving; four lovely boxes, of different types; each housing little treasures; a beanbag playpus with Jacques’s Columbus Park of Roses badge; and the centerpiece, the printing plate for #99 (Gospel Trumpet) in the 1991 Sacred Harp, a gift to me from my fellow shapenote singers years ago (thank you especially, Chris Thorman), when printing moved from hot lead to photographic reproduction on computers — one of the most moving presents I’ve ever gotten, a recognition that this fugung tune was one of “my songs” (sometimes sung in my honor when I couldn’t make it to a singing).


Toucan, get what you need

September 12, 2016

Ok, a lame pun on the line from the Rolling Stones’ song “You can’t always get what you want”(from their 1969 album Let It Bleed), here with reference to what we know in my household as the Toucan Bowl:


The Stones song; toucans; and the Toucan Bowl.


Birthday times

September 6, 2016

It’s two weeks of birthdays, of friends, ending today, with my own: #76, an American patriotic number (1776!) and a nice composite of the really square 4 and the really prime 19.