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June 14, 2015

Noted locally in planters on the street: shrubby russian-olives, with handsome gray-green leaves:


The Russian-olive is to some degree Russian in origin, but it’s not an olive, so the composite Russian-olive is non-subsective — a resembloid composite, in fact.


Easy verbings

June 12, 2015

Two cases of the verbing of composite nominals that have recently come past me:

Adj + N free ride > to free-ride  (1)

N + N fireside chat > to fireside chat  (2)

Now, verbing is all over the place, but these two are especially easy, because the head N of the source composite (bold-faced above) is in fact the nouning of a corresponding V (to ride > a ride; to chat > a chat), so that the verb is in a sense instantly available.