names of regions or areas


8/24/12: Dialect adventures:
local dialect features and foods

9/2/12: Regions:
divisions of the U.S. into named regions

9/16/12: Urban areas:
Greater Boston, Metro Boston; Creater Chicago, the Chicago area, Chicagoland

6/17/13: On the compound watch: ice nations:
the five countries with coastlines on the Arctic

7/7/15: Where is Ojai?:
Southern California, the Central Coast, the Bay Area; Southern California (SoCal) vs. Northern California (NorCal)

7/8/15: birch beer:
Pennsylvania Dutch food and drink

9/28/15: Leberkäs(e):
the region Bavaria

10/09/15: tri-state (and quad-state):

1/11/16: A visit to Kyrgyzstan:
Central Asia and the Caucasus as regions

2/29/16: The greater West Coast area:

3/2/16: Areas and regions:
on region-talk: more on the greater West Coast area/region; on the Deep South; on Northeast Asia

12/30/16: In the middle of things:
Mesopotamia, the Fertile Crescent

2/5/17: Caveman name fashions:
the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn

3/1/17: stans:
Central Asia

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