Miscellaneous cartoons

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AZ, 5/17/05: Ending with a preposition:
Gurewitch, Perry Bible Fellowship

ML, 9/21/05: You da man:

ML, 8/30/05: “Grammar cranks” of the right:
Mallard Fillmore

BZ, 12/21/05: Negation, over- and under-:
Hagar the Horrible

ML, 3/28/06: Why comics avoid the name “Clint”:
(two panels with the name)

HH, 12/9/06: Linguistic cartoon update update:
Out of the Gene Pool, Herb ’n Jamaal

ML, 3/18/07: A moment that never we going to lose:
Carla Ventresca

ML, 4/11/07: Logic-puzzle guards as a philosophical resource:
The Order of the Stick

AZ, 6/26/07: Three taboo cartoons:
Steve Bell

AZ, 8/11/07: Yet another snowclone omnibus:
Death To The Extremist

AZ, 9/5/07: [obscene gerund]:
Jerk City

BZ, 10/18/07: You’re not the boss of me:
The Ryatts

ML, 9/1/08: The art of the (non-) apology:
Basic Instructions

ML, 9/19/08: Something I missed:
Anatol Stefanowitsch

BZ, 11/24/08: The “meh” wars, part 2:
Overcompensating strip

EB, 12/19/08: Pigeontown:

ML, 12/26/08: Those Brits are hiding something:
Stone Soup

ML, 2/4/09: Contractual Grammar:
Grand Avenue

ML, 3/8/09: A business opportunity:

ML, 8/18/09: Think B4 you speak:
Penny Arcade

ML, 10/15/09: Metapun:
Reality Check

1/31/10: X Nazi:
Ozy and Millie

ML, 4/11/10: A book written and on the backside:
Stone Soup

ML, 4/25/10: The perils of polysemy:
The Troubles of Dictionary Jaques

BZ, 7/17/10: Obscenicons a century ago:
Katzenjammer Kids

BZ, 7/24/10: More on the early days of obscenicons:
Katzenjammer Kids, Lady Bountiful

GP, 8/10/10: Placebo questions:
Girl Genius

9/21/10: Phallicity: hi-def meets hot dog:
Gay Comix #1

ML, 10/15/10: Ninja linguistics:
Yourmometer strips

11/12/10: Phallicity: Rocket to Uranus:
Tom Corbett

AZ, 11/18/10: Another eggcornish cartoon:
Coarse Grounds

ML, 2/8/11: What does “even” even mean?:
Sore Thumbs

2/18/11: Chinese Abbott and Costello:
Robert Arial

2/23/11: Scapegoats:
Mike Luckovich

ML, 5/1/11: Contest: name that meme:

5/16/11: On the slur patrol:
Herbie Popnecker

6/3/11: Football grammar:
a Spanish cartoon

ML, 6/3/11: Spin Ninjas and internet debate rules:

6/19/11: Anatomical portmanteaus:

7/30/11: X of death, killer X:
Ortleb and Fiala

8/20/11: Munch up to date:

9/17/11: Venn diagramming for nerds:
a Venn diagram

9/29/11: Comma chameleons:
Epic Ponys, Shirt Shovel

10/30/11: Today’s silly pun:
Dan Reynolds

11/2/11: Dancing with the starving:
Tom Toles

11/16/11: X is the real Y:
A Softer World

11/20/11: The mother-in-law solution:
Mark Parisi

ML, 12/3/11: “That’s what linguists call it”:
Penny & Aggie

1/24/12: abdominable:
Stapled Forehead

2/24/12: Clash of the facemen:
R.J. Matson, Antonio Prohias (Spy vs Spy)

3/7/12: persons:
Monte Wolverton

ML, 3/22/12: Non-restrictive ‘that’:
Between Failures

4/18/12: Huge quiffed schlemiel:
Joost Swarte

4/18/12: The body language of dogs:
Lili Chin

4/19/12: Gender-appropriate playthings:
Shortpacked! (David Willis)

5/10/12: Alison Bechdel:

5/13/12: The penguin chronicles:
Leighton cartoon from American Scientist

5/14/12: More quiffs:
Alison Bechdel

5/29/12: Raymond Briggs:

5/31/12: Picksboiger cartoons:
Rob Rogers (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

6/4/12: Sexual slang:
Punch An’ Pie

6/16/12: The Reaperclone:
John Caldwell, Jerry King

6/20/12: Negatives and positives:
Evil Comic

6/23/12: June brides:
Gayle Kabaker, Jim Drew

7/7/12: We need to talk: more takes:
Dust Piggies, Cheerful Monk

ML, 7/12/12: Because NOUN:

7/12/12: Split those infinitives!:
Ozy and Millie

7/13/12: In the comics:
Brian McFadden

7/15/12: Laydeez do Comics:

7/18/12: Dick Crazy:
Michael Kupperman; Dick Tracy

7/22/12: Knowing:
Blondie, Mutt and Jeff

7/25/12: When English teachers snap:
Kathryn LeMieux

7/25/12: Saussurean cartooning:

7/25/12: Apostrophe Man, call Comma Man:
Judy Horacek

ML, 8/4/12: Those Esperanto ghazals:
Skin Horse

8/5/12: Vintage gay comics:
Gay Comics from the 1940s, Gay Comix from later

8/6/12: Space cadet:
Tom Corbett

8/7/12: Comic machines:
Heath Robinson, Rube Goldberg, Storm P

8/8/12: Professor Brainestawm:
Professor Branestawm and Heath Robinson

8/8/12: More vintage comics:
an assortment of vintage comics

8/11/12: Grammar Dalek:
HijiNKS Ensue

8/14/12: Against or for:
Dave Simpson (editorial cartoon)

8/18/12: French dip:
1916 editorial cartoon

8/18/12: Marjane Satrapi:

8/24/12: Stray books:
Incidental Comics

8/28/12: Best word ever:
Ted McCagg

8/29/12: The bat hole:
Ziggy, Tom and Jerry

8/29/12: Captain Obvious:
Captain Obvious (parody)

9/7/12: Dinosaur puns:
Sticky Comics

10/3/12: On the octopus watch:
Oregon Institute for Marine Biology

ML, 10/11/12: Asterisk Man:
Unstrange Phenomena

10/24/12: The silent tiger-duck:

ML, 10/31/12: Thunderation:
Inland Printer, Jan. 1927

11/2/12: Icelandic for Dummies:

11/13/12: Sylvia:
Sylvia (Nicole Hollander)

11/13/12: Surgical luck:
Glenn Foden

12/4/12: Word order death:
Miguel Fernandez

12/13/12: Stehpinkeln:
German Sitzpinkeln cartoon, artist not identified

ML, 12/14/12: Hydrated and delicious:
Rob Harrell’s Big Top

1/10/13: Two cartoons:
Mike Flanagan cartoon, BART cartoon

1/11/13: Realism plus:

1/16/13: Wuggiana:
two wug cartoons

1/18/13: Annals of phallicity: the carrot connection:
Bugs Bunny

1/19/13: Sekigushi X:
Sekigushi manga

1/19/13: Kinu Sekigushi:

1/23/13: Piss porn 2: background:
gay cartoons: Etienne, The Hun

1/23/13: Spain Rodriguez:
underground cartoonist Spain Rodriguez

ML, 1/30/13: Linguistic comics:
Girls With Slingshots

ML, 2/16/13: There’s no limit to what he won’t do:
Kevin and Kell

3/12/13: The first swallow:
De Standaard cartoon by Lectrr

4/4/13: The wave of the future:
Our New Age (1965)

4/7/13: Garfield Minus Garfield:
Garfield Minus Garfield

4/8/13: Ralf König:
Ralf König

4/13/13: Four more obits:
B. Kliban

4/17/13: Penguins and tuxedos:
Carol Stokes, Rob Cottingham, Phil Selby, Rob Middleton, Randy Glasbergen

4/19/13: B.C. portmanteau:
Johnny Hart’s B.C

4/24/13: On the sex / gender watch:

4/28/13: Orange and apple:
Pigs Incorporated

4/30/13: Cul de Sac:
Cul de Sac (3 cartoons) by Richard Thompson

5/2/13: The 12-inch pianist:
gafy; Matt Kahn; RotteneCard

5/5/13: clubbing:
Baloo (Rex F. May) – 4 cartoons

6/1/13: The opposite of bareback:
unknown cartoonist

6/10/13: Cattions and Kliban cats:
B. Kliban – 5 cartoons

6/12/13: Penguin cartoons:
Tundra; Berke Breathed cartoons (Bloom County especially)

6/16/13: Quotatives:
Eric Perl in Funny Times

6/18/13: Gendered stickers:

6/27/13: McCoy:
Glenn McCoy (2 cartoons)

7/4/13: On the unicorn watch:
unknown cartoonist

7/11/13: More meta-cartoons:
Arlo and Janis; Adam@Home

7/24/13: Asterixions:
link to AZBlogX with Asterixions, with Asterix stickers

7/24/13: The fourth wall:
Mark Tatulli’s Liō

7/25/13: Being someone else:
Little Lulu, Dondi

7/29/13: pure bread:
I.B. Nelson in The New Breed

8/16/13: Odds and ends 8/16/13:
Derek Wyckoff captioning of Ikea instructions

8/16/13: Mashup: Mary Worth + Howl:
Josh Millard mashup: Mary Worth + Howl

9/1/13: Off to school:
Joy of Tech

9/23/13: Captain Underpants:
Captain Underpants

9/25/13: Penguins and cartoon porn:
link to AZBlogX posting

10/3/13: Alan Ritchison (and Justin Harley):
Aquaman and Green Arrow on Smallville

10/14/13: English teachers:
Carla Ventresca, Mark Anderson (Andertoons), Bob and Tom Thaves (Frank and Ernest)

10/16/13: Zippy on comic books:
underground comix, Wonder Wart-Hog

10/17/13: The cat in the $!☆#ing hat:
Bent Pinky (Scott Metzger)

10/19/13: In the comics world:
Nick Dallis comic strips: Rex Morgan, M.D., Judge Parker, Apartment 3-G

11/6/13: Today’s pun:
Euclid cartoon

11/19/13: Cross-comic allusions:

12/4/13: Euclid again:
Euclid cartoon

12/7/13: Cartoon retirement:
Bazooka Joe

12/13/13: Friday cartoons:
Mister Hayden Comics

1/14/14: Knock knock:
Dork Tower

1/18/14: Sports interview:
unknown cartoonist

1/26/14: Cartoon etymology:
Joseph Fall

1/27/14: Homophonophobia:
Magic Coffee Hair

2/7/14: God’s Grammar Cactus:
Gods of the Moon (Jesse Tahirili)

2/10/14: Pun to start the week:
Funny Times (cta)

2/25/04: Party on, Darth:
unknown cartoonist

2/26/14: Women in comics:
Dork Tower

3/1/14: Swamp Thing:
Swamp Thing (various incarnations)

3/1/14: The comics in the rural South:
Li’l Abner, Barney Google and Snuffy Smith, Dick Tracy [Plenty family]

3/2/14: Minimumble:
Minimumble (3 cartoons)

4/5/14: “liking”:
Arlo and Janis

4/23/14: Krazy Kat:
Krazy Kat

4/28/14: Two cartoons from yesterday:
Luann, Basic Instructions

4/29/14: Dingburg bubbles:
Fleer Funnies

5/3/14: Tom of Smurfland:
Smurfs, Tom of Finland characters

5/7/14: After Cinco de Mayo:
La Cucaracha (Lalo Alvarez)

5/12/14: On the verge of a collective:
captioned photo

5/6/14: For National Cartoonists Day:
Hogan’s Alley (w/ Yellow Kid); Dr. Seuss (Cat in the Hat)

5/18/14: Five for Friday:
Baby Huey

5/25/14: Doc and Raider:
Doc and Raider (2 strips)

ML, 5/26/14: Peak friend:

6/6/14: Ralph Steadman:
Ralph Steadman

7/2/14: muster:
Daddy’s Home

ML, 7/3/14: Canada Day: Sorry!:
Questionable Content, Something Positive

8/8/14: Bring in an expert:
John Caldwell

8/30/14: More Bizarro followup:
Dan McConnell

9/6/14: Porn parody cartoons:
Tristan Farnon’s Leisure Town

9/10/14: fap:
Our Boarding House (and Major Hoople)

9/11/14: More sexual fap(p), plus shlick:
Sexy Losers, by Clark

9/15/14: Every year, the same for Orange:
The Awkward Yeti, by Nick Seluk

9/24/14: Banned comics:
Captain Underpants, Bone

10/8/14: Penguin Book cartoons:
Sebastien Millon cartoons (penguin, bear)

10/16/14: Extinction:
Funky Winkerbean

10/22/14: Green Eggs and Ham:
Dr. Seuss (with inventory of postings);
Short Attention Span comics, by artist Noel

10/26/14: Advances in telephony:
Nate Fakes, Break of Day (3 cartoons)

10/29/14: Cartoonists at language play:
#2: Nina Paley cartoons

10/30/14: Impostor Syndrome:
Brad(ford) Veley

11/25/14: Two cartoons and a parody:
Jen Sorensen, L.J. Kopf

12/7/14: Season’s greetings:
Gemma Correll

12/11/14: Advent / Hanukkah / Christmas:
Xmas cartoons from various sources

12/14/14: A perching penguin for Xmas:
by Pam Mandel

12/20/14: Implied text:
Half Full by Maria Scrivan

12/20/14: Annals of euphemism:
Clive Goddard

12/24/14: Xmas Eve:
Gemma Correll

12/25/14: Winter POP:
David Cohen

12/27/14: Crick in the neck:
Jason Salas, Perk at Work

12/29/14: Starving artist:
[orig. unidentified cartoonist] Carpenter, Tundra

ML, 12/29/14: Assortative peeving
Girls With Slingshots (Danielle Corsetto)

12/30/14: Snowtoons:
Chad Carpenter, Tundra

1/5/15: Chopsticks:
unattributed cartoon

1/5/15: Pun pun:
TearablePuns poster

1/8/15: Surrender to autocorrect:
Mike Gruhn, WebDonuts

1/10/15: Weak heel:

Weak heel

cartoonist not identified

1/24/15: Cheeses:


Phil Selby (2 cartoons)

1/25/15: Finding Jesus:

Finding Jesus

Tim Whyatt

2/1/15: Popeye, Bluto, and Danny Shanahan:

Popeye, Bluto, and Danny Shanahan

Popeye cartoons (print and animated)

2/14/15: A forest of symbols in a time of love:

A forest of symbols in a time of love

Valentine’s card; xkcd Sucks

2/28/15: Books: cartoon/comic classics:

Books: cartoon/comic classics

Beauchamp book with graphic artists’ entries on classic cartoons

3/2/15: Since 1895:

Since 1895

classic cartoonists R. F. Outcault and Rodolphe Töppfer

3/6/15: Meta-talk:


webcomic Sheldon

3/7/15: miss not:

miss not

Pickles (with discussion of the strip)

3/7/15: eunuchs:


Diane DiMassa, Hothead Paisan

3/8/15: Cartoonists:


Stephane Charbonnier in Charlie Hebdo

3/9/15: More on the sports interview:

More on the sports interview


3/14/15: Miss Peach:

Miss Peach

Miss Peach

3/26/15: Marine mammals:

Marine mammals

Sandra Boynton (#1); uncredited artist (#2)

3/28/15: John Bell:

John Bell

John Bell, The Bell Curve: 3 cartoons

4/1/15: Movies and tv: Troy McClure, Troy Donahue, Robert Conrad

Movies and tv: Troy McClure, Troy Donahue, Robert Conrad

Simpsons: character Troy McClure

4/21/15: Jim Dultz:

Jim Dultz

Jim Dultz (3 cartoons)

4/21/15: Political cartoons:

Political cartoons

#1: Ted Rall

4/28/15: Morning: Jerry van Amerongen:

Morning: Jerry van Amerongen

Jerry van Amerongen’s Ballard Street (3 cartoons)

4/29/15: Ignaz Pleyel:

Ignaz Pleyel

Krazy Kat

5/4/15: Bad date:

Bad date

Scott Cassidy

ML, 5/4/15: Words


John McNamee, Pie Comic

5/6/15: Mexico in cartoons:

Mexico in cartoons

animated cartoon Speedy Gonzales, print comic Gordo

5.8/15: But are they cartoons?

But are they cartoons?

chick creations by Sloane Tanen

ML, 5/9/15: Verbatim:



5/18/15: Jury of English majors

Jury of English majors

Mark Parisi

5/22/15: or what?:

Or what?

Meg Biddle

5/24/15: Briefly: Language reform:

Briefly: Language reform

Clive Goddard

5/25/15: Two political cartoonists:

Two political cartoonists

political / editorial cartoonists Pat Oliphant, Jim Borgman

5/30/15: A phonologist’s cartoon:

A phonologist’s cartoon

Stephanie Shih

6/1/15: Cilantro, same-sex marriage, and Yoda:

Cilantro, same-sex marriage, and Yoda

3 übertool cartoons

6/10/15: Butch Dykeman, Toni Gay, and a moral panic:

Butch Dykeman, Toni Gay, and a moral panic

comic books from the 1950s

6/20/15: Screaming for ice cream:

Screaming for ice cream

3 Mary Lawton cartoons

6/23/15: Briefly: bizarro word play:

Briefly: bizarro word play

Dennis Corrigan

6/24/15: A query on comic conventions:

A query on comic conventions

#2: K. B. Spangler’s A Girl and Her Fed

6/24/15: Editorial pun:

Editorial pun

KAL editorial cartoon in The Economist

BZ, 6/25/15: We’ll just have to pass it…

We’ll just have to pass it…

Grin and Bear It (George Lichty) cartoon
6/29/15: Jeffrey Brown:

Jeffrey Brown

cartoonist Jeffrey Brown and his Darth Vader books

7/1/15: The stray bar:

The stray bar

cartoonist Dan Reynolds

7/19/15: Protecting fictional brand names:

Protecting fictional brand names

Duff Beer on The Simpsons

ML, 7/24/15: Communication:


Out There cartoon by R.C. Monroe

8/3/15: Jewtoons:


by John Kron (3 cartoons)

8/4/15: green … egg … (ham):

green … egg … (ham)

#1 by “painter5”
#5 Sheldon by Dave Kellett
#6 political cartoon by Bill Day
#7 political cartoon by Pat Bagley

8/4/15: cheesy pickup line:

cheesy pickup line

image treated like a cartoon, captioned in a way that exploits lexical ambiguity

8/21/15: Braldt Bralds:

Braldt Bralds

cartoon by illustrator Braldt Bralds

8/23/15: Fidel of the Castro:

Fidel of the Castro

unidentified artist from Funny Times

9/13/15: Ten language-y comics:

Ten language-y comics

#4 Dustin by Steve Kelley and Jeff Parker
#5 Retail by Norm Feuti
#6 The Pajama Diaries by Terri Libenson
#7 Curtis by Ray Billingsley
#10 Six Chix, a collaborative [this one by Anne Gibbons]

9/19/15: Betty Boop:

Betty Boop

animated movie features, strips in the funny papers

10/7/15: Two recurrent themes:
gouache paintings / cartoons by Greg Stones

10/11/15: Pavlov’s cat:

Pavlov’s cat

Maria Scrivan

10/12/15: The Looneys:

The Looneys

What a Family! by Colin Allen

10/15/15: Morning name: Carla Ventresca:

Morning name: Carla Ventresca

3 cartoons by Ventresca / Henry Beckett; On a Claire Day; info on the cartoonists

10/17/15: Autumn, Halloween, and Death:

Autumn, Halloween, and Death

Bill Bettwy, Take It From The Tinkersons (some info. on the cartoonist)

10/20/15: Going to the dogs:

Going to the dogs

#2: Phil Selby

10/21/15: The ear wash:

The ear wash

Johnny Optimism by “Stilton Jarlsberg”

10/28/15: Wednesday news for penises:

Wednesday news for penises

French comic strip P’tits Diables; French BD ‘comic strip’

11/27/15: Canned cranjellyfish:

Canned cranjellyfish

Op-Art cartoon by Mark Pernice

11/27/15: Zippiedile tears:

Zippiedile tears

19th-century political cartoonist Bernhard Gillam

11/28/15: Pearls POP:

Pearls POP

mention of Out Our Way by J.R. Williams

12/8/15: Anderson Cooper as a silver wolverine Animorph:

Anderson Cooper as a silver wolverine Animorph

Wolverine in Marvel comic books

12/15/15: The evolution of nostalgia:

The evolution of nostalgia

Mike Luckovich cartoon

12/15/15: The news for cartoons:

The news for cartoons

cartoonist Mads Eriksen; Naruto manga; cartoonist Youka Nitta; Mary Worth; The Phantom

12/26/15: From sadistic she-penguin convicts to wolves invading Britain:

From sadistic she-penguin convicts to wolves invading Britain

Janet Perlman, Edward Gorey

12/26/15: The sounds don’t quite match:

The sounds don’t quite match

#1 Scott Metzger cartoon

12/28/15: Joe Park:

Oil paintings in miniature

cartoon-like oil paintings by Park

12/28/15: King of Comics:

King of comics

King Features comics

AZBlogX 1/1/16: BDSM holidays:
#2-#4: Etienne gay cartoons

1/1/16: Two for New Year’s Day:

Two for New Year’s Day

#2: reference to Mark Trail cartoon

1/6/16: The New Year’s resolution:

The New Year’s resolution

Eugene Chan cartoons

ML, 1/6/16: Linguists strike back:

Linguists strike back…

cartoon from the Speculative Grammarian

1/7/16: The linguists’ revenge:

The linguists’ revenge

cartoon from the Speculative Grammarian

1/9/16: Iron Man, Captain America, and antique slang:

Iron Man, Captain America, and antique slang

Marvel comics

1/14/16: Kike Sorroche, ilustrador homoerótico:

Kike Sorroche, ilustrador homoerótico

artist with several cartoon strips

1/21/16: The Ascent of Bruce

The Ascent of Bruce

Taylor Jones cartoon

1/21/16: Tim Lockley and Ods Bodkins:

Tim Lockley and Ods Bodkins

the cartoonist and his cartoons

1/27/16: Bruce Bruce Bruce:
Barry McKenzie in Private Eye

ML, 1/29/16: N Cultures:

N Cultures

diagram/cartoon by Jason Eisner

ML, 2/10/16: The Universal Apocrypha of Linguistics ad Verbal Ordnance:

The Universal Apocrypha of Linguistics and Verbal Ordnance

Girl Genius</em

2/13/16: Mandrake:


Mandrake the Magician

ML, 2/14/16: BUS(TED)


Nick Anderson editorial cartoon

2/17/16: A passion for pickles:

A passion for pickles

Achewood by Chris Onstad

2/27/16: Saturday news for penguins:

Saturday news for penguins

Meta Bene penguin cartoon

3/1/16: CounterEvolution:


4 (unattributed) Ascent of Man cartoons

ML, 3/4/16: “Mine’s”:


Happy Monday Comics

3/9/16: The miracle of toast:

The miracle of toast

Webster’s Caspar Milquetoast cartoons

3/10/16: Male beauty:

Male beauty

Korean comics/cartoons

3/11/16: Drawings plus text, telling stories, for kids:

Drawings plus text, telling stories, for kids

Big Nate by Lincoln Peirce

3/12/16: Mayan comics and alliterative music:

Mayan comics and alliterative music

Mayan counterpart to modern comics

3/28/16: Roland Topor:

Roland Topor

underground comics by Topor

ML, 3/29/16: An impressive moustache:

An impressive moustache

P.C. Hipsta comic

3/31/16: A kitten-killing God?:

A kitten-killing God?

Least I Could Do

4/4/16: From the groaner annals:

From the groaner annals

Jaime Hernandez New Yorker cover

4/7/16: Tastee days:

Tastee days

various Tastee-Freez comic books

4/19/16: Briefly: Hellboy:

Briefly: Hellboy


4/19/16: Briefly: bloodletting:

Briefly: bloodletting

more Mayan stories

4/22/16: Joe Orlando: a cartoonist and his sea-monkeys:

Joe Orlando: a cartoonist and his sea-monkeys

4/24/16: Two gay graphic novels:

Two gay graphic novels

Milligan & Fegredo; Howard Cruse, graphic novel and also comic strips (Wendel, etc.

4/24/16: Donelan:


gay cartoonist Donelan

4/25/16: Sex comics: Brad Parker / Ace Moorcock:

Sex comics: Brad Parker / Ace Moorcock

gay cartoonist Brad Parker

4/26/16: Dyke comics:

Dyke comics

Diane DiMassa, Andrea Natalie

4/26/16: Perry Bible Fellowship:

Perry Bible Fellowship

by Gurewitch

4/27/16: Sex comics: the kinksters

Sex comics: the kinksters

Josman, Tom of Finland, Etienne, The Hun

4/28/16: Bad bro days:

Bad bro days

ALT. by Dennis Caron

4/28/16: Gay comics in the 21st century:

Gay comics in the 21st century

Pfalzgraf book <emStripped: A Story of Gay Comics; Mioki comics

4/29/16: Meatmen, 1989-2004:

Meatmen 1989-2004

Meatmen volumes; cartoonists Nico, Tim Barela, Brad Parker, Sean, Steven

5/1/16: The news for (big) penises:

The news for (big) penises

Patrick Fillion books

5/2/16: Where is he now?:

Where is he now?

Brad Parker cartoons

5/3/16: Brief notice: sex comics on AZBlogX:

Brief notice: sex comics on AZBlogX

Mioki comics

5/6/16: Peter Kuper:

Peter Kuper

gag cartoon by Kuper

5/8/16: Shirtlifter:


gay cartoons by Michael MacIsaac

5/15/16: Punch in the presence of the passenjare:

Punch in the presence of the passenjare

Punch magazine; Du Maurier “Curate’s egg” cartoon

5/20/16: Comic-stripped!:


Berger book on American comics; Li’l Abner, Flash Gordon

5/26/16: Gerard Hoffnung:

Gerard Hoffnung

Hoffnung music cartoons

5/28/16: The snail days of summer:

The snail days of summer

Mutts #1 and #10
Tino’s Grove #2
Sherman’s Lagoon #3
Six Chix (Isabella Bannerman) #6
Baby Blues #8
Curtis #9

5/29/16: Kookie Zippy:

Kookie Zippy

Kookie comics #1 and #2

5/29/16: The evolution of woman:

The evolution of woman

Tumblr cartoon

6/4/16: Jeff Hobbs:

Jeff Hobbs

4 cartoons by Hobbs

6/6/16: A Chomsky caricature:

A Chomsky caricature

NYRB caricaturists David Levine and James Ferguson

6/11/16: Girl Genius:

Girl Genius

comic books, webcomics, and books

6/16/16: On the Harvey train:

On the Harvey train

various Harvey comics: Casper, the Friendly Ghost; Little Lotta; Richie Rich; Litte Dot

6/21/16: Frenemones:


Judy Horacek cartoon

6/22/16: Two tests in cartoon understanding:

Two tests in cartoon understanding

cartoons by Paul Thomas, Bob Eckstein, J.C. Duffy

6/25/16: Leaving in tears, and a portmanteau:

Leaving, in tears and a portmanteau

editorial cartoonist Dan Wasserman

6/27/16: The Kinsey strip-tease:

The Kinsey strip-tease

unidentified artist (since identified as Michael DiMotta) for Kinsey Scale graphic

6/28/16: Michael DiMotta:

Michael DiMotta

3 more graphics

6/28/16: Gang of five:

Gang of five

#5: Perry Bible Fellowship

7/4/16: Fireworks, hot dogs, and, yes, gun sales:

Fireworks, hot dogs, and, yes, gun sales

Barry Blitt New Yorker cover

7/14/16: Wolverine eats a weenie:

Wolverine eats a weenie

X-Men character Wolverine

7/16/16: Zippy on a cross-comic run:

Zippy on a cross-comic run

Bozo the Clown, The Nebbishes (Herb Gardner), Morty Meekle (Dick Cavalli), Hi and Lois (Mort Walker, Dik Browne), Dick Tracy

7/17/16: More British slurs:

oiks, yobs, and prats

Tony Husband’s Yobs

7/26/16: Comicat:


Felix the Cat

7/31/16: Cisco in the morning:

Cisco in the morning

various Cisco Kid comics

ML, 7/31/16: Up or down:

Up or down

Joe Heller cartoon

8/5/16: Ziplinguists:


Brodiner cartoon of Dan Everett and Noam Chomsky

8/6/16: Dick Deadeye in the morning:

Dick Deadeye in the morning

Ronald Searle illustration

8/16/16: Morning name: The Right Honourable The Lord Rees-Mogg:

Morning name: The Right Honourable The Lord Rees-Mogg

Paul Wilcox, The Moggie Brothers

9/8/16: How dinosaurs are made:

How dinosaurs are made

cartoon by unidentified artist

10/3/16: Message from a bug:

Message from a bug

Herriman drawings for archy and mehitabel

10/5/16: A conundrum:

A conundrum

wordless cartoon/puzzle

10/15/16: Grammar nazi on the loose in the library:

Grammar nazi on the loose in the library

Unshelved cartoon

10/26/16: Bring out your lukewarm etymythologies:

Bring out your lukewarm etymythologies

Lucky Luke comic by Goscinny

10/28/16: Emoji days:

Emoji days

#2 cartoon by unidentified artist; #3 cartoon by Cameron Harvey

11/1/16: Mad skills:

Mad skills

artist / illustrator / cartoonist Kelly Freas

11/2/16: Annals of musical instruments: two 20th-century inventions:

Annals of musical instruments: two 20th-century inventions

Joe Bazooka comics

11/11/16: Cameron Harvey:

Cameron Harvey

3 cartoons by CH

11/20/16: The mazel tov cocktail:

The mazel tov cocktail

#1 political cartoon

12/8/16: The Curious George caper:

The Curious George caper

children’s books about Curious George

12/10/16: Calvin in chains:

Calvin in chains

cartoon by Jorodo

12/13/16: Stayin’ Alive:

Stayin’ alive

comic strip by Dami Lee

12/14/16: Visiting cartoons:

Visiting cartoons

Pandyland strips by Andy Pandy

12/16/16: Two in the Bush:
2 cartoons / illustrations by Harry Bush

12/18/16: The Yule log:

The Yule log

#2 Zazzle cartoon

ML, 12/21/16: The Ghost of Christmas Future Imperfect:

The Ghost of Christmas Future Imperfect

3 cartoons

12/31/16: Surrealists, but especially Jess:

Surrealists, but especially Jess

Tricky Cad parodies by Jess; Dick Tracy by Chester Gould

1/4/17: Cake and Edith:

Cake and Edith

Sa Boothroyd cartoon; Jason Love Snapshot cartoon

1/7/17: The epiphany’s over:

The epiphany’s over

3 The Surreal McCoy cartoons

1/13/17: Squirrel Girl:

Squirrel Girl

the Marvel comic

1/21/17: Word balloons:

Word balloons

caricaturist and political cartoonist James Gillray

2/1/17: fudge II:

fudge II

Skitter webcomic by John Vogel

2/1/17: Borne again:

Borne again

#2: Thomas Nast political cartoon

2/22/17: Meathead:


#2 caricature by Asier & Javier

2/23/17: Beautiful penis:

The beautiful immortal

cartoonist Studdy and his Bonzo character

2/25/17: Ten language cartoons:

Ten language cartoons

Shoe #1, #7
Mutts #3
Hagar the Horrible #4
Tina’s Groove #5
Take It From the Tinkersons #6
Retail #9
Curtis #10

2/28/17: Edward Sorel:

Edward Sorel

assorted cartoons and caricatures by Sorel

3/2/17: New Yorkistan:

New Yorkistan

Maira Kalman

3/11/17: hyperbaton, hypermasturbation:

hyperbaton, hypermasturbation

part art, psrt cartoon: HyperNexus Men

3/13/17: Risible (faux-)commercial name:

Risible (faux-)commercial name

#3, #4: cartoons by unidentified artists

3/16/17: Cavenips:


5 stock images of cartoon cavemen

3/22/17: They are revolting:

They are revolting

Wizart of Id; Glenn Foden; Drew Mokris (and Justin Boyd)

ML, 4/2/17: Hell of slow:

Hell of slow

Scary Go Round

4/10/17: The news for penises: Wanksy:

The news for penises: Wanksy

penis cartoons by Wanksy

4/10/17: Pronouncing the 59th Street Bridge:

Pronouncing the 59th Street Bridge

caricature by Tom Bachtell

4/11/17: Irritable vowel syndrome:

Irritable vowel syndrome

#2 cartoon by Paul Messing

4/13/17: Three more Reapings:

Three more Reapings

description of a Mark Parisi cartoon; 3 Lonnie Easterling (Spud Comics) cartoons

4/18/17: A pun with dance, a dance on the beach:

A pun with death, a dance on the beach

Ashley Cooper cartoons (#1 and #2)

4/29/17: Camembert Day:

Camembert Day

a set of camembert-making drawings for the day; poster art by Morvan and Savignac

5/5/17: Potato Head strip poker:

Potato Head Strip Poker

#4 unidentified artist with Potato Head cartoon

5/7/17: Words, words, words:

Words. words, words

#1 Dustin cartoon

ML, 5/12/17: Priming the pump: a cartoon history:

Priming the pump: a cartoon history

5/20/17: Squid Pro Quo:

Squid Pro Quo

#3 Courtoons, #4 Brainless Tales

5/20/17: Brainless Tales, with more news for penises:

Brainless Tales, with more news for penises

5 Brainless Tales cartoons

ML, 5/26/17: Yay us:

Yay us

Scary Go Round by John Allison

6/4/17: Another reversed Donald:

Another reversed Donald

Donald Duck/Trump cartoon, artist not identified

6/6/17: Griffy Dimwit:

Griffy Dimwit

Winnie Winkle

6/11/17: Making fun of Batman:

Making fun of Batman

#1 unsourced cartoon; #4 Fredo and Pid’jin, webcomic by Eugen Erhan and Tudor Muscalu

6/18/17: Three days in one:

Three days in one

#3 Chris Hallbeck cartoon

6/23/17: Typo time:

Typo time

Ares and Eris in the comics

7/3/17: Getting the comic:

Getting the comic

#4 Thingsesque cartoon; #1, 5, 8, 9 Daniel Beyer cartoons

7/7/17: Two artists: Land, Chast:

Two artists: Land, Chast

R. Land works

7/9/17: Fixing things:

Fixing things

#3 cartoon illustration by Elwood Smith

7/12/17: Toonies and their toons:

Toonies and their toons

Krull comics

7/15/17: Brewster Rockit to the rescue:

Brewster Rockit to the rescue

Brewster Rockit strips; unattributed cartoon on condescension

8/17/17: Two cartoonists take on Charlottesville:

Two cartoonists take on Charlottesville

Jon Berkeley and Peter Kuper

8/18/17: Two magazine covers:

Two magazine covers

David Plunkert and Edel Rodriguez

8/23/17: Bluto says: join or else:

Bluto says: join or else

Popeye cartoon

10/4/17: Z is for zip:

Z is for zip

Scott McCloud’s Zot!; B.C. anteater

10/5/17: The news for musical chameleons:

The news for musical chameleons

cartoon by .NAF.

10/6/17: Noodling with formulaic language:

Noodling with formulaic language

Toomey, Sherman’s Lagoon

10/16/17: Revisiting 8: Rod Canyon:

Revisiting 8: Rod Canyon

Steve Canyon

10/18/17: de poepende man:

de poepende man

cartoon about open defecation

10/23/17: The pumpkin spice cartoon meme:

The pumpkin spice cartoon meme

#5 Jon Carter cartoon
#6 The Duplex strip by Glenn McCoy & Gary McCoy
#7 Kranky Kitty strip by Amy Hartl Sherman

11/9/17: Comics on comics:
in Zippy: Felix the Cat, Petunia Pig, Sad Sack, Sluggo, Joe Palooka, Little Max

11/15/17: 3 for 15:

3 for 15

#2 Prickly City

11/15/17: The Mankoff rat cartoon:

The Mankoff rat cartoon

#3 lab rat cartoon

11/24/17: The pun within the pun:

The pun within the pun

#3 David Wade Evans Morbid Holiday cartoon

11/25/17: Pillowtalk:


#7 Funky Winkerbean

12/6/17: 100 years of independence:

100 years of independence

Tove Jansson illustrations for the Moomin books

12/7/17: The saguaro in bloom:
cartoon saguaro (as a Mexican man) in a poster

12/8/17: The Hollywood sign in a time of troubles:
3 editorial cartoons on sexual harassment in Hollywood

12/26/17: Sterek:
Teacher Sterek sequence

2/7/18: X matter:
Rich Tennant and his cartoon The 5th Wave

3/4/18: Two memic cartoons:
#4 Mark Anderson Andertoon, #5 Sidney Harris science cartoon

3/16/18: The cartoon doctor:
#3 ITWorld cartoon by Phil Johnson

3/17/18: Josman’s family:
comics with ecstatic interfamilial mansex

3/22/18: The meaning of “is”:
2 philosophy cartoons by Tanya Kostochka

4/1/18: For Easter Fool’s Day:
homoerotic cartoon by Ismael Alvarez

4/1/18: Two Easter cartoons:
#1 on “He is risen”; #2 on Freud and the Easter Bunny (neither attributed)

4/1/18: Know Your Menu:
Michael Babich computer cartoon

4/4/18: Mood swings:
unattributed cartoon posted on PMSLweb site

4/10/18: Two cartoons from friends:
#2 Charlie Higson Heck If I Know cartoon

4/15/18: Cave painting:
Dawes cartoon from the Saturday Review

4/22/18: The Shadow knows:
the Shadow in comic books

4/22/18: The novelist in the fortune cookie:
caricature by Tom Bachtell

5/3/18: Eskimo N in Britain:
cartoons by Matt Pritchett

ML, 5/3/18: 33 words for a customs union:
Matt cartoon

5/12/18: News for penises, Icelandic edition:

News for penises, Icelandic edition

Elmo the superhero penis (comic book)

5/19/18: Rolling pin:
Andy Capp cartoon

5/20/18: Two from Fairbanks:
cartoons: Cheer Up, Emo Kid (CUEK); Tundra

5/29/18: Chez Le Fourmilier:
2 Jeff Pert cartoons (#3, #4)

6/2/18: Two little words:
Safe Havens comic by Bill Holbrook

6/11/18: In case of cartoons, see therapist:
cartoon by Matt Rat / Matthew Rathew

6/28/18: Just a hijink:
Adam@home cartoon

7/7/18: Following instructions:
#3 viral comic on Imgur; #4 comic on DeviantArt

7/8/18: Word division days:
cartoon on Analytical Gramar/Grammar Planet Facebook page

7/10/18: What did the Cretan bull say to Hercules whe the hero tamed him?:
mu cartoon from Browserling; cartoon by Cristina Skelton

7/14/18: Punallusive protest:
Joe Heller editorial cartoon

7/20/18: Taking the trolley:
Fontaine Fox’s Toonerville Trolley cartoons

7/28/18: The ants are my friends?:
Chuck Ingwersen’s “Captain Scratchy” webcomics

8/8/18: The elephant in therapy:
#4 Handelsman cartoon, #5 Arnie Levin cartoon

8/23/18: “The hell is that guy doing?”: predator-truncated QuEx:
5 Jake Thompson cartoons (Jake Likes Onions)

8/25/18: But is it a cartoon?:
photo cartoon of unknown source

8/31/18: Swiss art supplies in the morning:
French political cartoon by Caran d’Ache

9/4/18: Brush away the blue-tailed fly:
Chainsawsuit cartoon by Kris Straub

9/19/18: Bridge Over the River Kawaii:
San-X character Tarepanda

9/21/18: A transatlantic exercise in cartoon understanding:
Who’s on First + Doctor Who cartoon by unidentified cartoonist

9/27/18: Mike Lynch:
4 cartoons by Lynch

9/28/18: Calling off the dogs:
Dr. Who’s on First mystery cartoon; 4 t-shirt versions of the idea; Tom Falco cartoon on it

10/5/18: The autumnal Humpty Dumpty:
cartoon in a tweet by WholesomeNsuch

10/20/18: What room am I in?:
photoon from an unknown source

10/24/18: Three exercises in cartoon understanding:
The Incredble Hulk comics

12/2/18: Annals of everyday objects: the garlic press:
Brian Crane’s Pickles strip

12/26/18: Four presents:
#5, 6 two cartoons by rubyetc

12/27/18: Diminished with age:
cartoon by Mike Shiells

12/27/18: Penguin Claus:
cartoons by Mark Alan Stamaty

1/1/19: Annals of indirection:
Overboard by Chip Dunham

1/22/19: On the euphemism watch:
Daddy’s Home by Anthony Rubino Jr. and Gary Markstein

1/28/19: Phil comes out
Amateur Hour Comics by Stewart Matzek

2/3/19: Another family food holiday, and alternatives to it:
Hi and Lois

2/11/19: Age cannot wither them:

2/19/19: Wading with Vladimir and Estragon:
R. Sikoryak Beavis and Butt-Head parody of Waiting for Godot

2/20/19: News for penises: notes on phallophilia:
Frank Miller’s 300

2/21/19: For gay penguins, science, and Canada!:
Lisa Comics (and other Bongo Group comics); MAD Magazine

2/25/19: Grammar pirate:
Scott Clark cartoon

2/26/19: Annals of misreading: the Cthulhu caper:
#4 Ray Van Tilburg comic graphic

3/3/19: The MetaCat:
Pascal Jousselin comics

3/14/19: Caribou with a pair:
2 Jamie Smith Nuggets cartoons

3/23/19: You can’t get no ways:
#1 take off on a BEK cartoon

3/31/19: Moon shorts 1: the Moons:
Moon Mullins comics

4/18/19: Le Pingouin aux Parapluies Roses:
#5 penguin cartoon on Deposit Photos site

4/21/19: Two evolutions:
Eduardo Saiz Alonso, Kevin Kallaugher cartoons

4/27/19: A standout in his shorts:
cartoon by Bill Abbott (described, not displayed)

5/5/19: Ariperro:
Japanese-Spanish ariperro cartoon; LaTeso version of the cartoon

5/16/19: Is Timmy in trouble?:
#4 Mike Jacobsen cartoon; #7 Moose Allain cartoon; #10 Adrian Raeside cartoon

5/20/19: Stravinsky’s 1970 Firebird and the Ghoulliard Quartet:
Jeffrey Curnow and his musical cartoons

5/25/19: Brenda the Civil Disobedience Penguin:
Andrew Marlton’s First Dog on the Moon, in the Guardian Australia

5/25/19: High 5 from a bison:
John Baynham cartoon and book

6/5/19: Pride month in Antarctica:
Christian Talbot SHARKS cartoon

6/22/19: You shouldn’t do that:
#2 Adam Huber, Bug Martini; #4 Steve Swanson, Dodge the Bullet

6/25/19: Torus! Torus! Torus!:
Mr. Lovenstein comic strip

7/5/19: Death, first as tragedy, then as farce:
Little Max, Joe Palooka

7/8/19: Count of Denmark:
#1 La Viñeta cartoon

7/14/19: Avocado Chronicles: 3 the chemical formula:
#2 desmotivaciones photocartoon; #3 despair texty; #4 desmotivaciones cartoon; #5 LKCD cartoon

7/20/19: The artist Tove Jansson:
#6 Moomin cartoon

8/1/19: Understanding the bull:
#1 John McNamee cartoon; #4 WUMO cartoon

9/21/19: Chocolate-covered amidst the statuary:
#5 Dolly Dimples strip from the early 20th century

10/17/19: Complimentary bread:
cartoons by Nick Kim, Mark Lynch, Doug Bentley, Gabriel Utasi

11/1/19: Bears in the woods:
cartoons by Mark Lynch, John S. Pritchett

11/26/19: Annals of art: Thiebaud’s Thanksgiving turkey:
1950 cartoon by Wayne Thiebaud, 1988 WT painting of Mickey Mouse; submitting cartoons to the New Yorker

11/28/19: Thanksgiving sacks of cement:
Matt Reedy Thanksgiving in Cincinnati cartoon

12/17/19: All I want for XXXmas:
Karoliina Korhonen webcomic Finnish Nightmares

1/3/20: The penguinocalypse:
penguinocalypse cartoon, of unknown authorship

1/13/20: Just one peanut:
Mr. Peanut cartoon, artist not identified

1/22/20: Three little digits:
#5 photoon

2/3/20: The missing:
cartoon on Lynn Thaler site

2/5/20: I made some art:

4/24/20: Two cartoons for late April:
#1 Sir Colby (Colby Jones)

5/4/20: Our reclusive pangolinists:
B.C. comic

6/11/20: If a man does it,…:
Stone Soup comic

6/15/20: Ruthie tips cows:
Daniel Beyer cartoon

8/14/20: empathetic:
Baloo cartoon

8/18/20: The horse on Seventh Avenue:
cartoon posted on FB by Stephen Zunes

9/22/20: Latinx:
Terry Blas cartoon

12/31/20: Wrong turn at Catalina:
E.S. Glenn cartoon

1/14/21: Jay Gould:
3 political cartoons attacking the robber baron

1/17/21: Collocation restriction:
Rob Harrell Ada@Home cartoon

2/5/21: Two remarkable cartoon books:
#3 Nick Downes cartoon

2/13/21: Now what?:
texts from Sidney Harrs, Thaves, Baloo cartoons

2/18/21: The Grammar Police abd the Corrections Officer:
Dave Whamond Reality Check cartoon

3/2/21: The lost years for LGBT seniors:
illustrator John Hersey

3/3/21: Beheaded spots:
illustrators John Hersey and Rose Wong

3/4/21: News from West Reading PA:
Baldo (in Spanish and English)

3/17/21: Casual Outings:
illustrator Charles Hefling

5/8/21: Two holidays in one:
#1 Dennis the Menace; #3 Brewster Rockit

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