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April 5, 2014

Today’s Arlo and Janis strip:


About the specialized use of like in social media.

Fun with domain names

March 16, 2013

From Doug Harris in e-mail recently:

I had occasion, yesterday, to seek the owner of the internet’s top-level domain name .ck. When I googled it, I was pointed to, among other info sources, that of Wikipedia. We — you, I and a lot of others — never cease to be amazed how many people have way too much time on their hands, and find all sorts of silly ways to use it
It’s the domain name for the Cook Islands, and it’s lent itself to some playfulness.

More A-word

August 20, 2012

In a comment on my A-word posting (about Geoff Nunberg’s choice of a book title — The A-Word — that would allow the demure New York Times to cite it in print, despite the verboten word assholism in the subtitle), the commenter “John” writes:

Most notable of course is their handling of the book “The No-Asshole Rule.” See the author’s blog…

I don’t want to fall into the trap of being expected to catalogue every instance of taboo avoidance in the NYT — I’ve probably posted too often on the topic already — and I was sure that the paper had contrived to avoid asshole in the past (and dimly recalled a notable instance a few years ago), so I let the general principle of NYT asshole-avoidance stand, without exploring yet another case history. But, now, somewhat reluctantly, I’ll take up the story of Bob Sutton’s 2007 book The No Asshole Rule and how it fared in the NYT.



May 4, 2011

My posting on argument structure in porn (with a link to my posting on “Brads”) got picked up by Boing Boing, which brought me an enormous number of site views (7,201 on Friday, 3,225 on Saturday, 2,066 on Sunday, 1,075 on Monday, 717 on Tuesday; an ordinary day gets 200-300 views) and some new regular readers (and, so far, no vacuous or trash-talking comments on this blog).



February 1, 2009

I posted yesterday to the American Dialect Society mailing list on acronymphomania ‘fondness for acronymns’ and investigativive [rather than investigative] journalism, both caught on the radio, and added a note of complaint (slightly edited here):

Meanwhile, on an unrelated topic, it seems that this morning every page that Google pulls up in a web search comes with Google’s malware warning, “This site may harm your computer”.  News searches don’t get the warning, but web searches do.

After a little while, the warnings vanished. This morning Chris Waigl e-mailed me this report:

The Guardian, amusingly, reported this under the headline “Google blacklists the entire internet” (here). (Note: Lowercase “internet” appears to be widely accepted now. It’s improperly used by the Guardian of course: they just blacklisted the web, not the internet.)

Human error — someone added a URL alias that expanded to “every URL”.