Zippy cartoons

Zippy the Pinhead, by Bill Griffith


ML, 10/29/06: Two meta-snowclones:

AZ, 1/7/07: Comic language:
words in comics

AZ, 1/20/07: The evolution of Zippytainment:

AZ, 1/20/07: Zippy on formulaic language:

AZ, 1/20/07: Zippy retrospective 2:

AZ, 5/12/07: From anthropomorphism to zugzwang with Zippy:

AZ, 5/12/07: Zippy’s suffixiness:

AZ, 6/26/07: What’s that sound?:

AZ, 7/14/07: Negative is the new positive:

AZ, 7/15/07: Listen-a-me!

AZ, 7/29/07: Illeism and its relatives:

AZ, 7/29/07: The culture of Zippy’s world:

AZ, 9/11/07: What’s it all about?:

AZ, 10/21/07: The speech patterns of Dingburg:

AZ, 3/17/08: Cavorting and frolicking:

AZ, 3/13/08: Zippy snow(clone):

AZ, 3/13/08: Zippy goes nucular:

AZ, 3/16/08: Zippy’s kid lit:

AZ, 5/30/08: And a little Zippy:

And a little Zippy

AZ, 6/24/08: Are we snowcloning yet?:

Are we snowcloning yet?

AZ, 7/12/08: Dang and durn:

Dang and durn

AZ, 7/12/08: Muslimentalist:


AZ, 9/13/08: Zippy’s talking points:

Zippy’s talking points

AZ, 9/15/08: Zippy’s th’:

Zippy’s th’

AZ, 9/19/08: The decline of writing in Dingburg:

The decline of writing in Dingburg

AZ, 9/23/08: More Zippy talking points:

More Zippy talking points

AZ, 9/29/08: Where’s Zippy?:

Where’s Zippy?

AZ, 10/20/08: Zippy paranoia:

Zippy paranoia

AZ, 11/17/08: Reality check:

Reality check

AZ, 12/7/08: Zippy shops for catch phrases:

Zippy shops for catch phrases

AZ, 12/17/08: Griffy and Zippy on sex role programming:

Griffy and Zippy on sex role programming

12/27/08: Nuclear obama-lama-ding-dong:

Nuclear obama-lama-ding-dong

AZ, 1/9/09: From the Zippy desk at Language Log Plaza:

From the Zippy desk at Language Log Plaza

AZ, 1/23/09: Art supply vocabulary:

Art supply vocabulary

2/25/09: More Zippy catchphrases:

3/7/09: What’s the diagnosis?:

What’s the diagnosis?

3/16/09: Zippy nada:

Zippy nada

3/23/09: Excape!:


AZ, 3/29/09: No concept of X in Y:

No concept of X in Y

4/8/09: Hooked on phonics:

Hooked on phonics

4/16/09: Little Ulul:

Little Ulul

4/20/09: Yet?:


4/25/09: Un-Zippy:


4/29/09: Flaming, snarking, ranting, and brooding:

Flaming, snarking, ranting, and brooding

5/8/09: Tangerine dreams:

Tangerine dreams

5/16/09: Donuts & Chinese Food:

Donuts & Chinese Food

AZ, 5/21/09: How much is that in nanoseconds per inch?:

How much is that in nanoseconds per inch?

6/12/09: Outdated Zippy:

7/5/09: The dingus:

The dingus

7/9/09: The telephone game:

The telephone game

7/18/09: Bewitched, Bothered, and Bemildred:

Bewitched, Bothered, and Bemildred

7/29/09: A word for it:

A word for it

8/18/09: Zippy Schwippy … uh, Schmippy:

Zippy Schwippy … uh, Schmippy

AZ, 9/12/09: Whatever:


9/24/09: Parallel universes:

Parallel universes

9/30/09: Phrase repetition disorder:

Phrase repetition disorder

10/24/09: Zippy humor:

Zippy humor

11/5/09: The effects of speech rate:

The effects of speech rate

AZ, 11/10/09: Zippyosity:


12/4/09: Weekend comics 2: Googie:

Weekend comics 2: Googie

AZ, 12/17/09: Griffy and Zippy on sex role programming:

Griffy and Zippy on sex role programming

AZ, 12/24/09: Memories of media past:

Memories of media past

1/1/10: Observing, note-taking, analyzing:

Observing, note-taking, analyzing

1/21/10: Einstein said it:

Einstein said it?

2/12/10: Love of books in Dingburg:

Love of books in Dingburg

2/13/10: Zippy’s lust for the literary life:

Zippy’s lust for the literary life

2/6/10: Lame rap:

Lame rap

2/20/10: Zippylicious geographical names:

Zippylicious geographical names

3/3/10: Mantra of the moment:

Mantra of the moment

3/5/10: Fun X 3:

Fun X 3

3/7/10: I have seen th’ best minds of my generation:

I saw th’ best minds of my generation

3/10/10: Welcome to Dingburg:

Welcome to Dingburg

3/16/10: Dative delights:

Dative delights

3/27/10: The Saturday cartoon crop:

The Saturday cartoon crop


4/3/10: Texting is th’ Anti-Christ!:

Texting is th’ Anti-Christ!

4/4/10: Zippy’s Gagacabulary:

Zippy’s Gagacabulary

4/10/10: The embattled pen:

The embattled pen

4/15/10: Palinian evolution:

Palinian evolution

4/22/10: Pinhead speechlessness:

Pinhead speechlessness

4/23/10: PuncSpeak:


4/26/10: Ah-ooga:


4/27/10: Up from speechlessness:

Up from speechlessness

5/3/10: Savoring words:

Savoring words

5/4/10: What, me worry?:

What, me worry?

5/9/10: Analogies I: Zippy and Lewis Carroll:

Analogies I: Zippy and Lewis Carroll

inscrutable analogies, analogical riddles

5/9/10: Zippy noises:

Zippy noises

5/17/10: Famous first words:

Famous first words

5/30/10: The Two Z’s and innovation:

The Two Z’s and innovation

5/30/10: The attributes of god, repeated three times:

The attributes of god, repeated three times

5/30/10: Disney creepitude:

Disney creepitude

6/13/10: creepitude:


6/25/10: Cartoons for the weekend:

Cartoons for the weekend


7/4/10: Fippy the Finhead:

Fippy the Finhead

7/8/10: Varying formulas:

Varying formulas

7/22/10: Zippy goes zip-lining:

Zippy goes zip-lining

8/1/10: Zippylicious names:

Zippylicious names

8/5/10: Zippy physics:

Zippy physics

8/6/10: Zippy taken over by Valley Girl:

Zippy taken over by Valley Girl

8/7/10: Names and occupations:

Names and occupations

8/26/10: More Zippy names and things:

More Zippy names (and things)

8/31/10: Dingburgers having fun:

Dingburgers having fun

9/11/10: GenX so in the funnies:

GenX so in the funnies

9/12/10: Classic cartoons and two contests:

Classic cartoons; and two contests

9/4/10: Guns and fountain pens:

Guns and fountain pens

10/31/10: Somewhere over my poncho:

Somewhere over my poncho

11/12/10: Zippy’s placenames:

Zippy’s placenames

12/2/10: +of EDM in the comics:

+of EDM in the comics

12/7/10: Don and doff:

Don and doff

12/8/10: The idea of reality:

The idea of reality

12/24/10: Zippy Christmas:

Zippy Christmas

12/28/10: A trial in Dingburg:

A trial in Dingburg

1/1/11: pinhead:


1/7/11: Pancake Circus:

Pancake Circus

1/8/11: Zippy and Schlitzie:

Zippy and Schlitzie

1/8/11: Hucking at huckfests:

Hucking at huckfests

1/22/11: Paper magazines:

Paper magazines

1/28/11: Poetry slam:

Poetry slam

2/3/11: Nonverbal communication:

Nonverbal communication

2/18/11: Dingburg portmanteau:

Dingburg portmanteau


2/20/11: Actual vs. virtual:

Actual vs. virtual

3/7/11: Two Dingburg memes:

Two Dingburg memes

3/14/11: NPR names:

NPR names

3/17/11: The coming triumph of popular culture:

The coming triumph of popular culture

3/18/11: Thingy words:

Thingy words

3/24/11: Grammar and the Postal Service:

Grammar and the Postal Service

4/8/11: Paper preservation:

Paper preservation

4/11/11: Myrontology:


4/16/11: Back to the 50s:

Back to the ’50s

5/12/11: Defective, damaged, etc.:

Defective, damaged etc.

5/13/11: Riffing and ripping on poetry:

Riffing and ripping on poetry

5/14/11: Zippy goes over to pixels:

Zippy goes over to pixels

5/16/11: On the slur patrol:

On the slur patrol

5/22/11: Words for laziness:

Words for laziness

5/28/11: Zippy Zombie:

Zippy Zombie

6/4/11: The name game:

The name game

6/15/11: Space aliens:

Space aliens

6/15/11: Cave painting:

Cave painting

6/18/11: Information overload:

Information overload

6/25/11: The Dingburg book districts:

The Dingburg book districts

6/25/11: Cave painting:

Cave painting

7/3/11: Telephonoscopy:


7/13/11: Clichéfest:


7/19/11: Weaseling and wheedling:

Weaseling and wheedling

7/22/11: Inexplicated:


7/25/11: We are everywhere:

We are everywhere

7/31/11: fantastication:


7/31/11: The icon hunt:

The icon hunt

8/3/11: From the puns desk:

From the puns desk

8/18/11: Creations and control:

Creations and control

8/22/11: Facial expressions:

Facial expressions

8/22/11: Zippy makes a sandwich:

Zippy makes a sandwich

8/24/11: Zippy subs, take 2:

Zippy subs, take 2

8/31/11: Disjunctive syllogism:

Disjunctive syllogism

9/2/11: News of the World:

News of the World

9/8/11: What are pockets for?:

What are pockets for?

9/9/11: -uzzle:


9/23/11: My funny serpentine:

My funny serpentine

9/26/11: More Zippy burlesque:

More Zippy burlesque

9/30/11: The velocitized Toad:

The velocitized Toad

10/9/11: Supercharged Sno Balls:

Supercharged Sno Balls

11/11/11: The rumor mill:

The rumor mill

11/15/11: Taking notes:

Taking notes

11/22/11: Allentown riff:

Allentown riff

11/23/11: The Seidlitz Elf:

The Seidlitz elf

11/24/11: Product satire:

Product satire

11/26/11: The end of books, or maybe grammar:

The end of books, or maybe grammar

12/21/11: The Dingburg Daily Dose:

The Dingburg Daily Dose

1/1/12: My Favorite Things:

My Favorite Things

1/9/12: Zippy bops:

Zippy bops

1/11/12: More Zippy bop:

More Zippy bop

1/14/12: Art, politics, and music:

Art, politics, and music

1/15/12: Electronic life:

Electronic life

1/16/12: Disco Duck:

Disco Duck

1/20/12: Beatnik poetry, invented and found:

Beatnik poetry, invented and found

1/22/12: nauseous:


2/12/12: Hot comics:

Hot comics

2/24/12: Nerf Vortex Nitron Blaster:

Nerf Vortex Nitron Blaster

2/25/12: face compounds:

face compounds

3/5/12: Zippy names:

Zippy names

3/14/12: Liverpool to Dingburg:

Liverpool to Dingburg

3/27/12: Zippy and Zerbina were pinheads:

Zippy and Zerbina were pinheads

4/10/12: Body language:

Body language

5/8/12: Swine Lake and Sendak:

Swine Lake and Sendak

5/12/12: Gag cartoons:

Gag cartoons

5/19/12: Taste in film:

Taste in film

5/20/12: That’s WH!:

That’s WH!

6/1/12: Surfer lingo:

Surfer lingo

6/6/12: Zippy art:

Zippy art

6/17/12: Comic decline:

Comic decline

6/11/12: La Victoria:

La Victoria

6/21/12: The New Y for Zippy:

The New Y for Zippy

6/23/12: Meta-Zippy:


6/28/12: Adam and Pingu in the Garden of Eden:

Adam and Pingu in the Garden of Eden

7/1/12: The Cartoon Characters Assisted Living Facility:

The Cartoon Characters Assisted Living Facility

7/4/12: Extreme bibliophilia:

Extreme bibliophilia

7/6/12: The passage of time in the comics world:

The passage of time in the comics world

7/29/12: Sunday puns:

Sunday puns


7/30/12: Comics creation:

Comics creation

8/5/12: Fascinated with the history of English:

Fascinated with the history of English

8/6/12: Space cadet:

Space cadet

8/8/12: The caped psychopath gets flown to Ashtabula:

The caped psychopath gets flown to Ashtabula

8/12/12: Zippyized:


8/13/12: Breakfast at Zippy’s:

Breakfast at Zippy’s

8/14/12: Zippy’s movie career:

Zippy’s movie career

8/16/12: Possessed by film noir:

Possessed by film noir

8/18/12: French dip:

French dip

8/22/12: Rhetorical questions as openers:

Rhetorical questions as openers

8/24/12: Dialect adventures:

Dialect adventures

8/25/12: Two portmanteaus:

Two portmanteaus


8/25/12: Repurposed comics:

Repurposed comics

8/31/12: Bicycle cards:

Bicycle cards

9/5/12: Noodo:


10/4/12: stud muffin:

stud muffin

10/11/12: Syncretism:


10/15/12: Posting tweets:

Posting tweets

10/22/12: The lexicon of art supplies:

The lexicon of art supplies

10/23/12: The sad tale of Higgs Boson:

The sad tale of Higgs Bison

11/22/12: Decline of the comics:

Decline of the comics

11/25/12: Dr. Zippy:

Dr. Zippy

11/29/12: More threats to the body politic:

More threats to the body politic

11/30/12: Nightmare stories:

Nightmare stories

12/15/12: The meta-Zippy:

The meta-Zippy

12/25/12: A Dingburg Christmas:

A Dingburg Christmas

12/31/12: The Dingburger bar bat or barbat:

The Dingburger bar bat, or barbat

1/3/13: Tiptoe:


1/10/13: Bob & Edith’s:

Bob & Edith’s

1/11/13: Realism plus:

Realism plus

1/23/13: Spain Rodriguez:

Spain Rodriguez

2/1/13: The vocabulary of blight:

The vocabulary of blight

2/5/13: Dingburger faces and gestures:

Dingburger faces and gestures

3 strips

2/14/13: Fenwick:


3/3/13: Sunday funnies:

Sunday funnies

3/5/13: The Telephone game:

The Telephone game

3/8/13: Zippialliterate:


3/14/13: Zippy absurdity:

Zippy absurdity

3/20/13: Men’s and women’s brains in Dingburg:

Men’s and women’s brains in Dingburg

3/23/13: Snowboard Zippy:

Snowboard Zippy

3/28/13: More alliteration:

More alliteration

3/29/13: Vocabulated:


3/30/13: Vampire Manga Dog condo:

Vampire Manga Dog condo

4/4/13: Taco sauce:

Taco sauce

4/11/13: Zippy’s commercial names:

Zippy’s commercial names

4/12/13: Body language and Lithuanians:

Body language and Lithuanians

4/13/13: Manliness and money:

Manliness and money

4/16/13: Dream weirdness:

Dream weirdness

4/25/13: Legitimacy of comics:

Legitimacy of comics

4/30/13: Zippymorphs:


4/30/13: A multiplicity of uses:

A multiplicity of uses

5/6/13: Clueless:


5/12/13: How ‘bout them Cubbies?:

How ’bout them Cubbies?

5/14/13: Grocery store semantics:

Grocery store semiotics

6/1/13: Cartoony:


6/5/13: Extreme Twinkies:

Extreme Twinkies

6/22/13: On the comics page:

On the comics page

6/25/13: Stella Dallas:

Stella Dallas

6/26/13: Meet cute:

meet cute

7/1/13: Screwball comedy:

Screwball comedy

7/2/13: Onomatopoeia in the comics:

Onomatopoeia in the comics

7/16/13: Saturday comics:

Saturday comics


7/10/13: Cartoon stubble:

Cartoon stubble

7/12/13: A name puzzle:

A name puzzle

7/18/13: namesake:


7/21/13: More Magritte:

More Magritte

7/25/13: Being someone else:

Being someone else

7/30/13: Groovin’ on the Glocken:

Groovin’ on the Glocken

8/2/13: Zippyrefs:


8/4/13: The queen of South Jersey diner haiku:

The queen of South Jersey diner haiku

8/7/13: Schlitzie again:

Schlitzie again

8/8/13: Are we at Pirate’s Cove yet?:

Are we at Pirate’s Cove yet?

8/9/13: Don’t bother to knock:

Don’t Bother to Knock

8/12/13: Lavender and dill:

Lavender and dill

8/15/13: The Nauga:

The Nauga

8/16/13: Harsh sentences:

Harsh sentences

8/17/13: The Astro Motel:

The Astro Motel

8/18/13: Schlitzie one more time:

Schlitzie one more time

8/21/13: A clown puzzle:

A clown puzzle

10/8/13: Speech balloons in Dingburg:

Speech balloons in Dingburg

10/10/13: Traditional Czech triplecoat:

traditional Czech triplecoat

10/14/13: Zippifixation:


4 strips

10/15/13: Zippy: fun with names:

Zippy: fun with names

10/16/13: Zippy on comic books:

Zippy on comic books

10/17/13: Zippy on comic food (plus fudge):

Zippy on comic art (plus fudge)

10/18/13: non sequitur:

non sequitur

10/19/13: In the comics world:

In the comics world

10/22/13: Zippy on the brain:

Zippy on the brain

10/31/13: Doubtful regress:

Doubtful regress

11/4/13: 11/4/13: Three cartoons:

Three cartoons


11/7/13: White manna:

White Man(n)a

11/9/13: Modern Diner:

Modern Diner

11/13/13: Town Diner:

Town Diner

11/15/13: The Zippy diner watch:

The Zippy diner watch

11/16/13: Macho nachos:

macho nachos

11/25/13: Two from Zippy:

Two from Zippy

11/28/13: Architectural notes:

Architectural notes

11/30/13: At Peg’s Diner:

At Peg’s Diner

12/6/13: Zippy’s rhymes:

Zippy’s rhymes

12/7/13: Cartoon retirement:

Cartoon retirement

12/19/13: Cartoon omnibus:

Cartoon omnibus


12/22/13: Zippirony:


1/14/14: dive bar?:

dive bar?

1/28/14: Fun is bowling:

Fun Is Bowling

2/7/14: Zippy nonsense:

Zippy nonsense

2/26/14: Two Wednesday cartoons:

Two Wednesday cartoons


3/5/14: Eleganza:


3/8/14: Three cartoons for Saturday:

Three cartoons for Saturday


3/10/14: Burger semiotics:

Burger semiotics

3/12/14: More Dingburger bar bat:

More Dingburger bar bat

3/15/14: Labeling:


3/17/14: A sweep of five:

A sweep of five


3/19/14: Another crop of cartoons:

Another crop of cartoons

#4, #6

3/21/14: Three more:

Three more


3/22/14: Another three for the weekend:

Another three for the weekend


3/27/14: A Zippy and a Pearls:

A Zippy and a Pearls


3/28/14: A diner and taco sauce:

A diner and taco sauce

3/30/14: Jarry at the diner:

Jarry at the diner

3/31/14: The diner and the definite article:

The diner and the definite article

4/2/14: A Zippy portmanteau:

A Zippy portmanteau

4/4/14: Two more cartoons:

Two more cartoons


4/5/14: Surreal Zippy:

Surreal Zippy

4/7/14: Zippy on figures of speech:

Zippy on figures of speech

4/8/14: Repurposing:


4/13/14: On the lam at Lim’s:

On the lam at Lim’s

4/17/14: Paper vs. shiny rectangles:

Paper vs. shiny rectangles

4/20/14: Three for the day (Easter):

Three for the day (Easter)


4/22/14: Eating and nothingness:

Eating and nothingness

4/25/14: hip:


4/28/14: Zippy, and more:

Zippy on sleep, and more

4/29/14: Dingburg bubbles:

Dingburg bubbles

4/30/14: The St. Francis:

The St. Francis

5/1/14: Schadenfreudian slip:

Schadenfreudian slip

5/3/14: Balloon dogs and Mr. Met:

Balloon dogs and Mr. Met

5/4/14: Formulaic: Zippy, OBH:

Formulaic: Zippy, OBH


5/6/14: For National Cartoonists Day:

For National Cartoonists Day


5/10/14: Party of five:

Party of five


5/18/14: Five for Friday:

Five for Friday


5/18/14: Plus four:

… plus four


5/21/14: Three diverse:

Three diverse


5/26/14: Two more on Memorial Day:

Two more on Memorial Day?


5/29/14: Self-awareness and a milestone:

Self-awareness and a milestone

6/1/14: May-June turnover:

May-June turnover


6/5/14: Four for the Fourth:

Four for the fourth


6/7/14: Assorted cartoons:

Assorted cartoons


6/10/14: whoa!:



6/13/14: Architectural notes:

Architectural notes

6/14/15: Noir 1949:

Noir 1949

6/15/14: Fathers day five:

Fathers Day Five


6/21/14: Streamlined Koons:

Streamlined Koons

7/6/14: Cartooning at the diner:

Cartooning at the diner

2 strips

7/14/14: A Sunday quartet:

A Sunday quartet


7/18/14: Elephants:


7/25/14: Willy-Nilly:


7/30/14: More Zippy playful morphology:

More Zippy playful morphology

8/2/14: Keep on Truckee:

Keep on Truckee

8/5/14: Thesaurus play:

Thesaurus play

8/7/14: Power dogs:

Power Dogs

8/9/14: Neon Vegas:

Neon Vegas

8/14/14: Tumble Inn, Stan:

Tumble Inn, Stan

8/15/14: Life among the artists:

Life among the artists

8/16/14: Mashup:


9/12/14: Zippy at the Alamo:

Zippy at the Alamo

9/23/14: Puns and their allies:

Puns and their allies

9/26/14: Roost Lake Trout:

Roost Lake Trout

9/30/14: Ling wars in Dingburg:

Ling wars in Dingburg

10/3/14: Morphology Friday 1: the portmanteau unicar:

Morphology Friday 1: the portmanteau unicar

10/7/14: On the portmanteau beat:

On the portmanteau beat

10/8/14: Little Zippy and Gabby Goose:

Little Zippy and Gabby Goose

10/9/14: Plato — or Woody Woodpecker?

Plato — or Woody Woodpecker?

10/10/14: Once more on background information in the comics:

Once more on background knowledge in the comics


10/14/14: Nash Mewtropolitan:

The 1958 Nash Metropolitan

10/16/14: Extinction:


10/23/14: Miss Florence and the Paleo Diet:

Miss Florence and the Paleo Diet

10/25/14: Mel Blanc:

Mel Blanc

10/29/14: Cartoonists at language play:

Cartoonists at language play


11/10/14: Monday quartet:

Monday quartet


12/4/14: Don’t go changin’:

Don’t go changin’!

12/9/14: Rhyme time at Zippy’s:

Rhyme time at Zippy’s

12/10/14: Cartoon continuations:

Cartoon continuations


12/14/14: The portal:

The portal

12/16/14: Telezippic communication:

Telezippic communication

12/19/14: The Zip-man:

The Zip-man

12/21/14: Snowy lanes:

Snowy lanes

12/25/14: Snowtopia:


12/26/14: Zippy Eve:

Zippy Eve

12/27/14: Set of three:

Set of three


1/2/15: Giving signals:

Giving signals

1/3/15: Miss Portland:

Miss Portland

1/6/15: Dingburg noir:

Dingburg noir

1/9/15: Advice from Weenie Beenie:

1/12/15: Happy Chef:

Happy Chef

1/13/15: Zippy in two moods:

Zippy in two moods

2 cartoons

1/15/15: Norms:


1/20/15: Cartoonosity:


1/23/15: Catchphrases:


1/28/15: Zippy’s in Kansas anymore:

Zippy’s in Kansas anymore

2/2/15: Artistic freedom:

Artistic freedom

2/6/15: Another kind of nose job:

Another kind of nose job

2/14/15: Two Zippys:

Two Zippys

2 cartoons

2/21/15: The Zippyclone again:

The Zippyclone again

2/24/15: Ode to Almond Joy:

Ode to Almond Joy

2/26/15: Comic conventions:

Comic conventions

2/27/15: Antisocial:


3/5/15: Surreal plus:

Surreal plus

3/6/15: Cartoonization:


3/10/15: More cartoonization:

More cartoonization

3/11/15: Magritte goes on:

Magritte goes on

3/12/15: The Spirit of Geometry:

The Spirit of Geometry

3/13/15: Diner at the summit:

Diner at the summit

3/14/15: From cute to creepy:

From cute to creepy

3./29/15: This is not a Ding Dong:

This is not a Ding Dong

4/2/15: At the diner in Prosaic:

At the diner in Prosaic

4/12/15: Becoming a surrealistic cartoonist:

Becoming a surrealistic cartoonist

4/18/15: Artificial elephants and X Must Die! movies:

Artificial elephants and X Must Die! movies

4/19/15: More Freaks:

More Freaks

4/20/15: Laughter and forgetting:

Laughter and forgetting

4/23/15: Conversation with the Muffman:

Conversation with the Muffman

5/7/15: Return to Norms:

Return to Norms

5/10/15: Hatch NM:

Hatch NM

5/14/15: Judge Judy: the early days:

Judge Judy: the early days

5/17/15: Adj + N + N:

Adj + N + N

5/25/15: Portmanteau pop music:

Portmanteau pop music

5/26/15: Take the train:

Take the train!

5/29/15: Pun in the field:

Pun in the field

5/29/15: Another round with Schlitzie:

Another round with Schlitzie

5/31/15: Hubert’s:


6/5/15: Zippy’s character actor:

Zippy’s character actor

6/9/15: Nook and Crannich:

Nook and Crannich

2 cartoons

6/10/15: Identities:


6/13/15: Ant-Man:


6/14/15: Zip the Pinhead:

Zip the Pinhead

6/22/15: King Copper:

King Copper

6/28/15: Claude Funston thought …:

Claude Funston thought …

6/28/15: Auditioning to be Zippy:

Auditioning to be Zippy

6 cartoons

6/29/15: The Crannich chronicles:

The Crannich chronicles

7 cartoons

6/30/15: The return of Lazlo?:

The return of Lazlo?

2 cartoons

7/4/15: Shark statues:

Shark statues

7/6/15: Zippy in Holyoke:

Zippy in Holyoke

7/13/15: Soothing boxes: or the pleasures of corrugation:

Soothing boxes: or the pleasures of corrugation

7/16/15: Zippy and the Icon at the Bluebonnet:

Zippy and the Icon at the Bluebonnet

7/17/15: Zippy’s Diary:

Zippy’s diary

7/31/15: Dingburg names:

Dingburg names

8/8/15: Diner aesthetics:

Diner aesthetics

8/11/15: So …?:


8/13/15: Ice cream, roadside fiberglass, Caillebotte, and more:

Ice cream, roadside fiberglass, Caillebotte, and more

8/15/15: Stickwork:


8/17/15: Donood Twump:

Donood Twump

3 cartoons

8/28/15: Antacid or online tv?:

Antacid or online tv?

8/29/15: Freaks, then and now:

Freaks, then and now

9/2/15: TV series circuit party animal:

TV series circuit party animals

9/8/15: Latvianity:


9/10/15: Let’s twist again!:

Let’s twist again

9/14/15: The speech of signs:

The speech of signs

10/16/15: Meatless and brainless:

Meatless and brainless

10/27/15: Flintstone and Formstone:

Flintstone and Foamstone

11/11/15: The story of Noodles Crumplewaste, Any-Size Woodtank, and Index Icecup:

The story of Noodles Crumplewaste, Any-Size Woodtank, and Index Icecup

11/17/15: The House of the Writhing Pun:

The House of the Writhing Pun

11/18/15: Somewhere, Looking like Bozo:

Somewhere, looking like Bozo

11/21/15: Zipparchitecture:


11/27/15: Zippiedile tears:

Zippiedile tears

12/3/15: Olneyville New York System:

Olneyville New York System

12/13/15: Ruin or architectural masterwork?:

Ruin or architectural masterwork?

12/15/15: The news for cartoons:

The news for cartoons

2 cartoons

12/17/15: manga/anime hair:

manga/anime hair

12/30/15: Five cartoons for the penultimate day:

Five cartoons for the penultimate day

#2, #3

12/31/15: Zippy’s Eve:

Zippy’s Eve

1/1/16: Two for New Year’s Day:

Two for New Year’s Day


1/4/16: For Sainte Geneviève, who saved Paris from the Huns:

For Sainte Geneviève, who saved Paris from the Huns


1/7/16: Bilkpoe (and fractured Stein):

Bilkpoe (and fractured Stein)

2 cartoons

1/11/16: Fractured Didion:

Fractured Didion

1/13/16: Fractured Proust:

Fractured Proust

1/13/16: Fractured Joyce:

Fractured Joyce

1/14/16: Fractured Fitzgerald:

Fractured Fitzgerald

1/18/16: The Dingburg Diaries:

The Dingburg Diaries

1/21/16: The Elm City Diner:

The Elm City Diner

1/24/16: More Ravening:

More Ravening

1/25/16: In the burlesque boat with Zippy:

In the burlesque boat with Zippy

1/28/16: Three Thursday cartoons:

Three Thursday cartoons


1/30/16: Raiding the thesaurus:

Raiding the thesaurus

2/17/16: Carl Barks on Easter Island:

Carl Barks on Easter Island

3 cartoons

2/18/16: The Dog People of Easter Island:

The Dog People of Easter Island

3/1/16: Two Z language cartoons:

Two Z language cartoons


3/5/16: Cartoon evolution:

Cartoon evolution


3/8/16: Plastic Fantastic Pinhead:

Plastic Fantastic Pinhead

3/17/16: Two Thursday cartoons:

Two Thursday cartoons


3/19/16: Cheese Barrel Polka:

Cheese Barrel Polka

3/22/16: Annals of naming (and lexical semantics and libfixes):

Annals of naming (and lexical semantics and libfixes)

3/27/16: Belchertown:


3/28/16: Rendezvous at Zip’s:

Rendezvous at Zip’s

7 cartoons with Zip’s Diner

3/29/16: From a Maine diner to Southern squirrel stew:

From a Maine diner to Southern squirrel stew

4/9/16: Zip-O-Rama:


4/14/16: Surreal mud in CT:

Surreal mud in CT

4/24/16: The gigantic metaphor:

The gigantic metaphor

4/27/16: Ding Dong Deli:

Ding Dong Deli

5/2/16: Raining subjunctives:

Raining subjunctives

5/6/16: More tiki!:

More tiki!

5/14/16: Brill me tomorrow, Zippy:

Brill me tomorrow, Zippy

5/19/16: The White Palace Cafe:

The White Palace Cafe

5/20/16: Old fashioned Super Duck:

Old fashioned Super Duck

5/22/16: Urban gardening in Dingburg:

Urban gardening in Dingburg

5/24/16: On the Hi-Lo:

On the Hi-Lo

5/28/16: On the public art patrol: giant chairs:

On the public art patrol: giant chairs

5/29/16: Kookie Zippy:

Kookie Zippy

6/2/16: Cartoony days:

Cartoony days

6/4/16: Geek compounds:

Geek compounds

6/16/16: The Harvey train:

On the Harvey train

6/28/16: Gang of five:

Gang of five


7/5/16: The 31-room elephant in the room:

The 31-room elephant in the room

7/6/16: The fallen V:

The fallen V

7/16/16: Zippy on a cross-comic run:

Zippy on a cross-comic run

7/23/16: The giant lava lamp of Soap Lake:

The giant lava lamp of Soap Lake

7/26/16: Comicat:


7/27/16: Arthur Godfrey and friends:

Arthur Godfrey and friends

b/4/16: Zippy and the Edsels:

Zippy and the Edsels

8/5/16: Ziplinguists:


8/11/16: Sit right down:

Sit right down

8/17/16: Balls!:


8/18/16: If you wanna be Zippy”

If you wanna be Zippy

8/19/16: Pink motels, Cadillacs, etc. etc.:

Pink motels, Cadillacs, etc. etc.

8/24/16: Associating with Zippy:

Associating with Zippy

8/30/16: Annals of public art:

Annals of public art

9/1/16: Skinflints and Accidents:

Skinflints and Accidents

9/25/16: Muffled:


9/26/16: Hipsters, beats, and raconteurs:

Hipsters, beats, and raconteurs

5 strips

10/15/16: Zippy goes out to catch a bite:

Zippy goes out to catch a bite

2 strips

10/27/16: Two poignant cartoons:

Two poignant cartoons


10/31/16: Two cartoons for month’s end:

Two cartoons for month’s end


11/1/16: Mad skills:

Mad skills

11/2/16: Giantess Jackie:

Giantess Jackie

11/11/16: Tubby in Peekskill:

Tubby in Peekskill

11/19/16: Gluten log at the Bluebird Diner in Brooklyn:

Gluten log at the Bluebird Diner in Brooklyn

12/3/16: The shop of many things:

The shop of many things

12/12/16: Language Sunday in the comics:

Language Sunday in the comics


12/22/16: A show about nothingness:

A show about nothingness

12/23/16: and the art horse you rode in om:

and the art horse you rode in on

12/29/16: Wally Cox:

Wally Cox

1/17/17: Eschew the muu-muu:

Eschew the muu-muu

1/21/17: Word balloons:

Word balloons

2/1/17: At the Zippy Mart:

At the Zippy Mart

2/7/17: Punk piano:

Punk piano

2/8/17: On the road from Frog Rock:

On the road from Frog Rock

2/9/17: toonmanteaus:



2/11/17: The terror of Disney:

The terror of Disney

2 cartoons

2/17/18: dying:


2/20/17: ON in the comics:

ON in the comics

2/24/17: Arbitrary donuts:

Arbitrary donuts

7 stips

2/27/17: Two Ztoons on language use:

Two Ztoons on language use


4/14/17: Mindlessness:


4/24/17: Alien signage and Arbus in Anaheim:

Alien signage and Arbus in Anaheim

5/7/17: Words, words, words:

Words. words, words

2 cartoons and links to others

5/20/17: X with some X on the side and some X poured on top:

X with some X on the side and some X poured on top

5/23/17: “Farley”, the dog said, “get me a slice”:

“Farley”, the dog said, “get me a slice”


5/27/17: Dreams and nightmares:

Dreams and nightmares

6/2/17: Macho Muffler Man vs. the elite geek:

Macho Muffler Man vs. the elite geek

6/6/17: Griffy Dimwit:

Griffy Dimwit

6/22/17: The Three Delfts:

The three Delfts

6/28/17: More Magrittean disavowals:

More Magrittean disavowals

7/5/17: Fedora days

Fedora days

7/11/17: Office Goofiosity cuisine:

Office Goofiosity cuisine

7/12/17: Toonies and their toons:

Toonies and their toons

2 cartoons

7/21/17: Taking a dark ride:

Taking a dark ride

8/1/17: Zippy and Griffy on the Hanna-Barbera diner tour:

Zippy and Griffy on the Hanna-Barbera diner tour

8/1/17: Capitulum in corpore magno:

Capitulum in corpore magno


8/2/17: Self-referential cartooning:

Self-referential cartooning

8/8/17: Who was that masked Pinhead?:

Who was that masked Pinhead?

8/15/17: More Zippy-O-Rama:

More Zippy-O-Rama

8/17/17: In camera:

In camera

8/20/17: Pouring it on:

Pouring it on

8/25/17: Sago palms:

Revisiting 4: Luna Park

9/16/17: Steak bombs:

Steak bombs

9/17/17: Tower viewers:

Tower viewers

9/19/17: freak shows:

freak shows

9/22/17: Three rocks:

Three rocks

9/23/17: Bear chairs:

Bear chairs

9/28/17: From marbles and barbats to challah:

From marbles and barbats to challah

10/2/17: One-hit grinders:

One-hit grinders

10/3/17: Repetitive phrase disorder:

Repetitive phrase disorder

10/13/17: Traveling around with Zippy:

Traveling around with Zippy

10/18/17: de poepende man:

de poepende man

10/30/17: Zipparchitecture on two coasts:

Zipparchitecture on two coasts

2 strips

11/9/17: Comics about comics:

Comics about comics

3 strips

11/11/17: At the Little Tavern in Laurel:

At the Little Tavern in Laurel

11/11/17: Rice pudding in the land of quilted steel:

Rice pudding in the land of quilted steel

11/17/17: Singing in parts:

Singing in parts


12/3/17: Arnold Stang:

Arnold Stang

12/16/17: Xmas, Zippy, Sartre, the Big Duck, and Nedwig, too:

Xmas, Zippy, Sartre, the Big Duck, and Nedwig, too

4 cartoons

12/19/17: Is that all there is? Just platypi and clichés:

Is that all there is? Just platypi and clichés?

12/21/17: The flying bucket on Sepulveda:

The flying bucket on Sepulveda

12/22/17: Memory and the power of diner food:

Memory and the power of diner food

12/24/17: Salisbury NC 60, 70 years ago:

Salisbury NC 60, 70 years ago

12/25/17: The power of the pen:

The power of the pen

12/31/17: A Zippy query:

A Zippy query

1/1/18: No vacancy:

No vacancy

1/2/18: Between Parody and Pastiche:

Between Parody and Pastiche

1/3/18: Chandleresqueness to Mittyesqueness:

Chandleresqueness to Mittyesqueness

1/9/18: The clowns of death and the frogs of Wellsboro:

The clowns of death and the frogs of Wellsboro

2 cartoons

1/15/18: Attack of the custardy torus:

Attack of the custardy torus

1/18/18: Out of the Inkwell:

Out of the Inkwell

1/20/18: Large Interior Form:

Large Interior Form

1/28/18: Four more recent cartoons:

Four more recent cartoons


1/30/18: Zippy returns to Cranston RI:

Zippy returns to Cranston RI

2/3/18: The BP amputee:

The BP amputee

2/9/18: With an ax(e):

With an ax(e)

2/18/18:God is in the detailing:

God is in the detailing

2/19/18: In the sculture garden:

In the sculpture garden

2/27/18: Retro chic:

Retro chic

3/4/18: Two memic cartoons:

Two memic cartoons


3/14/18: Bibliomania:


3/15/18: The town that time forgot:

The town that time forgot

3/18/19: Return to Dover DE:

Return to Dover DE

3/20/18: without a care in the world:

without a care in the world

3/24/18: Three Saturday lingtoons:

Three Saturday lingtoons


3/25/18: Art objects and utilitarian objects:

Art objects and utilitarian objects

4/14/18: Zombie animations in development:

Zombie animations in development

4/18/18: Cartoons on SF earthquake day:

Cartoons on SF earthquake day


4/23/18: A war of initialism:

A war of initialism

4/24/18: POP POP:


4/27/18: Cold Comfort Brooklyn:

Cold Comfort Brooklyn

4/29/18: Return to Austin TX:

Return to Austin TX

5/14/18: Psychiatrist Meme Day:

Psychiatrist Meme Day


5/14/18: Fenwick the semi-generic:

Fenwick the semi-generic

4 strips

5/21/18: Everything under comptrol:

Everything under comptrol

5/27/18: Non sequiturs meet associative thinking:

Non sequiturs meet associative thinking

3 strips

5/28/18: Fenwich, come here, I want you:

Fenwich, come here, I need you

9 strips

5/28/18: The Zippyphone game:

The Zippyphone game

3 strips

5/29/18: The things that a Dingburger needs:

The things that a Dingburger needs

6/1/18: Typewriter poets:

Typewriter poets

6/4/18: Again with the nose job:

Again with the nose job

2 strips

6/8/18: I love Moscow with chocolate syrup on top:

I love Moscow with chocolate syrup on top

6/12/18: Another moment between Parody and Pastiche with Raymond Zippandler:

Another moment between Parody and Pastiche with Raymond Zippandler

6/23/18: Return ton the Amherst Diner in Winchester VA:

Return to the Amherst Diner in Winchester VA

6/28/18: Mix and match:

Mix and match

7/3/18: Foswelch in Formstone:

Foswelch in Formstone

7/6/18: Food and sex for the 4th:

Food and sex for the 4th

references to Zippy re #10-12

7/11/18: grill(e):


2 Zippy strips

7/22/18: Aspectual distinctions in the comics:

Aspectual distinctions in the comics

8/11/18: P-alliterative and tetrametric lines:

P-alliterative and tetrametric lines


8/14/18: Head in hands:

Head in hands

9/2/18: Uneasily cute:

Uneasily cute

10/6/18: Twisting in the wind:

Twisting in the wind

10/13/18: Two word confusion cartoons:

Two word confusion cartoons


10/21/18: Dark magic:

Dark magic

10/24/18: Three exercises in cartoon understanding:

Three exercises in cartoon understanding


11/15/18: Bite me, Count Bendix!:

Bite me, Count Bendix!

11/29/18: A grotesque word:

A grotesque word

2 strips

12/25/18: Beat Noel:

Beat Noel

12/27/18: The family of Word Inclusion snowclones:

The family of Word Inclusion snowclones

2/11/19: Age cannot wither them:

Age cannot wither them

4/4/19: Ed (the) Ped:

Ed (the) Ped

4/28/19: All ˈlaundry ˈis a ˈblur of ˈstatic ˈcling:

All ˈlaundry ˈis a ˈblur of ˈstatic ˈcling

6/3/19: The dog of ivy:

The dog of ivy

6/5/19: The Chinese diner:

The Chinese diner

6/9/19: Lemon is the vanilla of Italian ices:

Lemon is the vanilla of Italian ices

6/11/19: Come frolic and cavort in the water:

Come frolic and cavort in the water

6/22/19: You shouldn’t have done that:

You shouldn’t have done that

7/5/19: Death, first as tragedy, then as farce:

Death, first as tragedy, then as farce

7/21/19: Penguins at the sushi bar:

Penguins at the sushi bar


7/30/19: Ralph at the Port Authority:

8/2/19: Never go out without a speech balloon:

Never go out without a speech balloon

8/4/19: “as cleverer than people as people are than plants”:

“as cleverer than people as people are than plants”

8/10/19: Cheeseburger mouse:

Cheeseburger mouse

8/18/19: Pedaltecture:


9/18/19: The outrage of a new menu:

The outrage of a new menu

9/21/19: Chocolate-covered amidst the statuary:

Chocolate-covered amidst the statuary

9/29/19: Musclemen from Mars:

Musclemen from Mars

10/11/19: The existential question:

The existential question

(plus earlier strips)

10/19/19: Another Griffithian mantra:

Another Griffithian mantra

(plus earlier strips)

10/28/19: Fried pickles with ranch:

Fried pickles with ranch

10/29/19: News at the Miss Albany:

News at the Miss Albany

11/13/19: The chimera of Faneuil Hall:

The chimera of Faneuil Hall

11/16/19: Toadsuck catfish:

Toadsuck catfish

11/24/19: Annals of art: statues of the iron prince:

Annals of art: statues of the iron prince

11/27/19: At the onomatomania dinette:

At the onomatomania dinette

12/23/19: Pareidolia, they control ya:

Pareidolia, they control ya

1/12/20: The lure of Zip’s:

The lure of Zip’s

2/24/20: Ho, ho, the three of clubs:

Ho, ho, the three of clubs

#1 and #2

4/10/20: Martin Van Buren, feeding nachos to a hyperactive squirrel:

Martin Van Buren, feeding nachos to a hyperactive squirrel

4/19/20: Quick shot: return to 24th St.:

Quick shot: return to 24th St.

5/9/20: The Book of Norman:

The Book of Norman

5/16/20: Bridge troll:

Bridge troll

5/19/20: The toroids of York:

The toroids of York

5/24/20: Zippy for President:

Zippy for President

6/2/20: Cereal adjectives:

Cereal adjectives

6/13/20: Milk Duds with duck sauce chez Zippy:

Milk Duds with duck sauce chez Zippy

7/5/20: Budgies on the roadside:

Budgies on the roadside


7/8/20: That 70s style:

That 70s style

2 strips

7/19/20: Zipfixation:


7/21/20: But is it art? two cartoon takes:

But is it art? Two cartoon takes


7/30/20: Donut alliteration:

Donut alliteration

8/1/20: Nuancy Nancy:

Nuancy Nancy

Zippy cartoons celebrating Ernie Bushmiller

8/3/20: The art of everyday objects:

The art of everyday objects


8/9/20: August flora and fauna:

August flora and fauna

8/27/20: The Connecticut mystery structure:

The Connecticut mystery structure

9/23/20: Feeling more one-headed:

Feeling more one-headed

9/27/20: Film blanc:

Film blanc

9/29/20: Sliced bread:

Sliced bread

10/14/20: More onomatomania:

More onomatomania

10/16/20: One more Magritte homage:

One more Magritte homage

two Zippys on Magritte

10/18/20: Flesh Gordon:

Flesh Gordon

old Zippy on superhero comics

11/6/20: past pluperfect:

past pluperfect

Zippy with a spurious grammatical term

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