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Made for you

October 26, 2016

(Underwear ad, suggestive but not explicit text.)

From Daily Jocks yesterday, featuring Andrew Christian underwear. The image, the ad copy, my caption (inspired by the extraordinarily plastic-synthetic look of the model):


Raunchy, cheeky, and playful, Andrew Christian always pushes underwear styles to the limit. Andrew Christian has developed into a hugely popular underwear brand that’s not afraid to show off the male form with crazy designs, bright colours and attention seeking styles.

Crafted from
Cutting-edge materials,
Cristiano29 is the latest,
Most life-like
Model in the
Andrew Christian M4M
PerfoHunk line,
Guaranteed to perform all
Sexual functions to your

Enhanced model 29ST does
Pleasant small talk, 29DT
Dirty-talks to your


Bring in ‘da Boyz, Bring in ‘da Funk

October 13, 2016

(A men’s underwear posting, racy but not outrageous.)

The Daily Jocks offer from 6/24 (I have a huge underwear backlog), with the ad copy and my caption:


Funky Trunks are back with brand new underwear and swimwear! Australian brand Funky Trunks always provided bright, bold designs and their new collection is no different. You will want to be seen in these, check out full range now!

Hot Wash and
Trunked Up, the
Hard funk boys for
The Aussie Swim ‘n’ Sex
Experience, patrol the
Changing room


News for penises: NCOD, Portlandia

October 11, 2016

(Some plain talk about male bodies and man-man sex, but nothing extravagant. Use your judgment.)

Yes, I will make a connection, via my guy Jacques Transue: our anniversary is National Coming Out Day, that’s today. Marky Mark will be involved (because sexy underwear), and finger pointing (thanks to Portlandia) and Kyril Bonfiglioli and men’s ties.


Film fantasy

October 8, 2016

(Racy-gaysexy, but, I think, no more than that.)

Today’s Daily Jocks ad (for their Underwear Club, “Fresh underwear every month”), with my caption:


Sharp Suave
Stepped from the
Screening of
Rude Valentino at
Rough Flicks to
Saunter among the
Seats, giving
Himself to his
Hungry fans

The film meme is of the character who steps out of a film’s fantasy world and into the real world.


Naming his Essence

October 8, 2016

(Sexually suggestive, but not explicit.)

From Daily Jocks on 9/14, with its ad copy (which an Austraian friend found deeply embarrassing) and my caption:


Aussie Essence captures the spirit of living in the great land of Australia. From sweating it out on the land, to closing the big deal in the city and catching all the waves in between, we celebrate the diversity of backgrounds we all come from whilst being proud of the aussie culture.

Sweating on the station, he was known as
Ned (the Outlaw) — in the city, where he was
Made by tons of Aussies, they called him
AbsFab and PecMate — on Bondi Beach he was just
Salty Dog


Smuggle me budgie down, sport

October 6, 2016

In recent sporting news, from the Financial Times on the 4th, a story by Primrose Riordan on

a minor scandal in Malaysia, where Australians have been arrested for wearing Malaysian flag-themed budgie smugglers to the Formula One grand prix.

Nine Australians stripped down to their underwear at the event in Kuala Lumpur and drank alcohol out of shoes after Australian Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo, who won the race, drank champagne from his boot in celebration.


Caption: Nine Australian revellers at Malaysia’s Formula 1 racing circuit have been jailed after stripping down to reveal underpants themed on Malaysia’s national flag. Photo credit: New Straits Times Press/Osman Adnan


Jamie Dornan

August 21, 2016

The actor and model, on this blog yesterday because of his starring role (with Gillian Anderson) in the disturbing tv series The Fall. And now here as well for his uber-hunkiness as a fashion model.

A publicity head shot of Dornan, looking amiable:


(If you’ve seen The Fall, you might put a different interpretation on this photo — an observation about how our perceptions can be colored by our experience.)


Dress for success

August 15, 2016

Another item unearthed today: a collage of sorts (well, an altered poster) from 1998, amended by Chris Ambidge in 2000:

It’s all about clothing and displaying the body.


Lance the versatile

August 13, 2016

Today from Daily Jocks, Teamm8 Activ8s Our Lad Lance:


Lance leaps in his leggings,
Roguishly, ridiculously,
The Mustache Man of Manly Beach.


Put a jacket on him and he’s
Mush Man.


Dick’s rhyme

August 9, 2016

(Racy, but not, I think, officially dangerous to children and the sexually modest, unless the verb shag is over the line. Look, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me came out in 19 – bloody – 99, with a PG-13 rating in the U.S.)

From Daily Jocks on the 29th (with my captions):


Dick is a CHEEKY LAD,
Bit of fun, bit of bad,
Acts the monkey,
With his banana:


Fancied Davy in a trunk, Davy in a brief.
Davy came to my house, where ‘e shagged me beef,
‘E shagged me royally, right fine,
So I went to Davy’s house
And kissed him twenty time.