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Erective affinities

April 19, 2018

The Daily Jocks ad from yesterday, for a swimwear sale, with a caption of my own devising (below the fold). Not for kids or the sexually modest:



More 1970s underwear

April 4, 2018

From Aric Olnes a while back, a 5/31/17 piece from Hint Magazine, “Weird & Wonderful Men’s Underwear Ads”:

Hilarious and ridiculous, sure, but some of these vintage men’s underwear ads are downright hunky — they just take a little adjusting…


Pride Time #5: on Barceloneta beach

March 30, 2018

(From June 2017. Underwear men, Catalonia, gay life, Barcelona beaches, art and architecture, and, eventually, food. First, underwear with my captions.)

The saints of Catalunya
Pretty in purple and pink


Sant Jordi the savory in heat
Stretched out on rocks
Homage to Barceloneta
Between sail and fish


Sant Joan the sweet
Celebrant of gay pride
Summer solstice confection
Of fruit and nuts

It’s all about Barcelona, the beach, and swim briefs.


Annals of underwear: the medical jock strap

March 23, 2018

Just unearthed in my files, a follow-up to my 6/26/17 posting “Put a sock on it in parade season”, about cock socks: a 6/27 message from Aric Olnes:

I got this FB targeted ad for something called a Suspensory, which I had not heard of, that looks suspiciously like a cock sock or a ball sack with straps. I can only imagine typing dick sock or the content of [your] post is the connection. Now FB thinks I need a medical jock strap!



Perfectionist in pink sequin

March 20, 2018

(Underwear guys, gay male culture, lots of pink, but nothing pointedly carnal. Use your judgment.)

The spur is yesterday’s Daily Jocks ad, for a Marco Marco pink sequin jock-thong, here in two views, with my caption poem:

(#1) Perfectionist in pink sequin
(#2) Patrick’s pouch

Patrick dreamed he
Pranced at the Pansy Party in
Nothing but his
Pink sequin ballcap, his
Pink leather harness, and his
Pink sequin jock-thong

Still shopping for the
Pink sequin pumps


fresh underwear

March 9, 2018

Recent Daily Jocks ad:

A play on (at least) three senses of fresh.


In service to Erebus

February 27, 2018

(Men’s bodies and mansex, not for kids or the sexually modest.)

Yesterday’s Daily Jocks ad, for the Erebus line of underwear from the 2Eros company, an ad that spins out an fantasy of delicious dark sexiness. Two montages showing the new Nightmare color (dark violet) and the new Underworld color (dark blue) — earlier colors are Darkness (black) and Inferno (red) — with my perfervid caption below the fold:

(#1) Darko in Nightmare

(#2) Darko in Underworld


Camo Traplat poses

February 25, 2018

(Men showing off their bodies. Racy but not X-rated.)

The main image from yesterday’s Daily Jocks ad, for a sale on Code 22 clothing — with my caption:


Camo Traplat, the
Darling of the locker room,
Flexes for the boys, from
Pecs to glutes,
Sweats up his red-hot
Training tank top.


Butch homowear news for dogs

February 20, 2018

(Men in sexy underwear, primed for Hot Action Now, so not to everyone’s taste.)

A Daily Jocks ad to usher in the Year of the Dog:


The ad copy makes a nod to comfort, but mostly it’s all about pulling guys in to your dick and butt, you dog:

The All New Cellblock 13 Velocity Jock Brief  takes your sexy fetish look up a notch. It features a textured polyamide/spandex pouch that showcases your goods just right, and the softness on the inside will feel great against your package. Butt straps give your ass that perfect amount of lift, and contrast colour banding throughout provides accent.

(It comes in blue, red, and orange, and as a trunk as well as a jock brief.)


Putting the carnal in Carnival

February 18, 2018

(Much about men’s bodies and mansex, in plain language, so not for kids or the sexually modest.)

On Shrove Tuesday (the 13th), the season of Carnival — etymologically, the time for putting away the flesh (for the season of Lent) — reaches its height. From NOAD:

noun carnival: a period of public revelry at a regular time each year, typically during the week before Lent in Roman Catholic countries, involving processions, music, dancing, and the use of masquerade: the culmination of the week-long carnival | Mardi Gras is the last day of carnival … ORIGIN mid 16th century: from Italian carnevale, carnovale, from medieval Latin carnelevamen, carnelevarium ‘Shrovetide’, from Latin caro, carn– ‘flesh’ + levare ‘put away’.

In the gay precincts of the world, we strive to put the carnal —

adj. carnal: relating to physical, especially sexual, needs and activities: carnal desire. ORIGIN late Middle English: from Christian Latin carnalis, from caro, carn- ‘flesh’.

into Carnival, to flagrantly celebrate the sins of the flesh. Recent bulletins: two Daily Jocks ads that largely abandon the pretense of selling comfort, support, and style in favor of providing outright soft gay porn; and a look back at a gay hard porn classic, Kristen Bjorn’s Carnaval in Rio, with a fond recollection of Gilvan Couto manfully coping with Caio Amaral’s astonishing 14″ uncut black dick (with some notes on race relations in the postcolonial world).