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A remarkable website

July 17, 2016

A site I stumbled on — FU(UU)CKING YOUNG! (sometimes one U, sometimes three), F.Y! for short — which combines a passion for edgy men’s fashion (with great attention to the shows and the models), young men, and queertopia (my word, not theirs). The logo:


Gaudy rainbow colors (though not in canonical order), the shock of fucking (the expletive intended here as a degree modifier), and absolutely no hint as to what the site, and now its companion print magazine, are actually about. But eye-catching, really eye-catching.

And the whipped cream on top: a frothy statement of purpose.showing signs of both postmodern rhetoric and translation from Spanish.

Still, the site is entertaining, and it has some fascinating feature pieces — recently one about Bob Mizer’s Athletic Model Guild, on the occasion of a two-volume summary of Mizer’s physique photography, which was fairly crude at first but eventually developed into a genre of extravagant homoerotic art, both earnest and extravagantly playful in a way that reminds me most of Pierre et Gilles.


Time to refuel

July 15, 2016

Low? Need some? Hook up with Zwicky and let us fill you up.

A neatly designed ad from 1936:


And then a cruder number from the next year:


Feast your eyes on that giant high-performance tank! That only a Zwicky can supply.


Wolverine eats a weenie

July 14, 2016

From the queerty site on the 11th, “37 Unintentionally Gay Moments in Comic Book History”, this Fleer trading card from 1995 (in a series of X-Men trading cards from the period):

Wolverine is here using his three retractable claws as skewers for grilling a frankfurter for eating as food, but (if you’re inclined to seeing such things) the drawing is also open to the interpretation that rather than literally eating a weenie ‘hot dog’, Wolverine is metaphorically eating (that is, fellating) a weenie ‘penis’.



July 7, 2016

The Daily Jocks ad for the 4th, featuring their very own patriotic underwear, worn by a decidely worried-looking model (with my caption):

Hank was always
Up for the
Hot-dog eating
Contest, but he was
Anxious about exploding
Fireworks in his pants


The 31-room elephant in the room

July 5, 2016

Today’s Zippy, with 19th-century novelty architecture:



Fireworks, hot dogs, and, yes, gun sales

July 4, 2016

Three phallic things for (U.S.) Independence Day, the Fourth of July, today: fireworks, one of the classic audio-visual symbols of sexual climax; hot dogs (so common that there’s a whole Page on this blog on wurstlich phallicity); and guns, those icons of American independence and power. In order, from Jack Handey humor in the most recent New Yorker (July 4th, cover by Barry Blitt showing John Cleese doing a Brexit Silly Walk off the edge of a cliff); an assessment of hot dog brands by bon appétit magazine writers; and a Fourth of July gun sale from Cabela’s, featuring a  semiautomatic rifle similar to the one used in the Orlando Pulse massacre.

Unlike a panda, which famously eats, shoots, and leaves, a Real American eats, shoots, and gets off.


Michael DiMotta

June 28, 2016

(Graphics on gay male subjects, probaby not for kids or the sexually modest, and with little linguistic interest.)

A follow-up to my “Kinsey strip-tease” posting yesterday. I was unable to identify the artist for the graphic there, but (once again) Chuk Craig has done the detective work: illustrator Michael J. DiMotta, who free-lances lots of stuff, but has a special attachment to hunky, barely clad men and other gay male subjects.


Constructing a Voice of Authority through Persona

June 19, 2016

A highlight of Stanford’s graduation last Sunday for me was Andrea Lawson Kortenhoven’s “walking through” our departmental ceremony for her PhD in Linguistics, tentative title above. Something personal for me, since I had the pleasure of encouraging Angi when she was a BA student in Spanish at Ohio State (graduating 1995), before coming to Stanford. Her husband Matthew and their four kids were there to cheer her on; I wasn’t able to make it, but I was cheering.

First, a photo (courtesy of Lelia Glass) of Angi with her immediate academic family — her thesis advisers, sociolinguists Penny Eckert and John Rickford — then Penny’s summary of the dissertation, and then some remarks on Angi’s academic regalia in the photo (in black, green, gold, and red).



Pleasures of patriotic penetration

June 17, 2016

(Well, dildos and vibrators, so not for everybody.)

Passed on by Jeff Shaumeyer on Facebook, a startling sex toy, from the BlogRebellen website yesterday:


Fühl den Nationalstolz tief in dir mit dem Deutschland-Dildo ‘Feel national pride deep within you with the Deutschland Dildo’

Black, red, and gold (the colors of the German national flag, in order, here from the black Eichel, or dickhead,  to the gold Hoden, or balls), in silicone, with natural-looking veining and a suction-cup base. Be a penis patriot: fuck yourself the bold Teutonic way!


Crate labels

June 14, 2016

Continuing the story of commercial art forms in popular culture that started with tie art this morning (“Most unusual ties”, here): the art of crate labels, for shipping fruit, vegetables, and other foodstuffs in wooden crates, on the railroad, from where they were produced to where they are consumed. Along with the long-distance distribution system (with its major hub in Chicago) made possible by the railroads came schemes of brand-naming and long-distance advertising for the products. most notably in the colorful labels (designed largely by unknown artists) on the crates (the labels are now collectors’ items); the heyday of the labels was in the early 20th century.

Two satisfying products from Louisiana (in #2, you should focus on the left side, with the Tabasco sauce bottle and its flanking shrimp):





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