Original file (down to the second line of ellipsis dots) prepared by Kim Darnell.


9/23/09: Lifting shirts: Lifting shirts

The related synthetic compounds shirt-lifting and shirt-lifter have a straight sense — simple, sexy torso display, particularly for men with well-defined abdominal muscles — and two specifically gay senses —  an advertisement of being gay and (a solicitation for) gay sex. Includes a reference to a shirtlifting twink.

9/27/09: More sexual back-formations: More sexual back-formations

Following a discussion of the back-formed verb shirt lift, an exploration of some other sexual back-formations, such as cock suck, ass fuck, and ass lick. Includes an example with a twink as the subject.

7/15/10: Ken ‘n’ Joe: an item?: Ken ‘n’ Joe: an item?

An elaborate fantasy liaison between butch GI Joe and twink Ken (i.e., Barbie’s long-time boyfriend).

8/21/10: Return to rainbow flagwear: Return to rainbow flagwear

There are many ways to “fly the gay flag” and several versions of the gay rainbow, in rainbow flags and objects that allude to these flags. Includes multiple images of twink models.

10/31/10: Fear the beard: Fear the beard

When the San Francisco Giants played in the World Series against the Texas Rangers, Bay Area fans started a Fear the Beard campaign — complete with faux beards everywhere — inspired by the play of hirsute Giants Brian Wilson and Cody Ross. Includes a reference to the contrasting, well-manicured twink look.

3/20/11: Brads: Brads

The Vivid compilation A Bronco Named  Brad seems to promise hours of guys riding twink Brad Weber, but turns out to be something much more peculiar: hours of porn scenes involving different pornstars named Brad, plus a considerable assortment of non-Brad partners for them.

5/2/11: Racy photos on my X blog: Racy photos on my X blog

A summary of racy photos from Chris Ambidge that appear on AMZ’s X blog, including a selection of sexy twinks.

7/24/11: Dubious portmanteaus: Dubious portmanteaus

Some portmanteaus are unsatisfactory, such as innovatrium (innovate+ atrium), womance (woman+ romance; offered in contrast to bromance), twunk (twink +hunk).

12/1/11: 4G/fourgy: 4G/fourgy

The cellphone descriptor 4G is sometimes pronounced to rhyme with Fourgy, a linguistically playful alternative from gay port for a four-way or foursome. Includes an example of a fourgy involving Alex Waters and some twink neighbors.

3/6/12: The twinkmeister: The twinkmeister

In the world of male photography, there have been several specialists in young (especially boyish-looking) males, viewed homoerotically. Among these, Howard Roffman specializes in the type of young man known in gay slang as twinks.

3/6/12: And on bears…: And on bears…

A take-off one of Bill Keane’s The Family Circus cartoons, adapted for gay men by reference to bears. (Plus a use of the X magnet snowclonelet.) A gesture towards bear-twink equity.

6/17/12: For Dad: For Dad

For Father’s Day, a Rhymes With Orange cartoon, an Undergear ad, and a GameLink ad for gay porn featuring daddies and twinks.

10/21/12: Marc Bessange: Marc Bessange

On photographer Marc Bessange, who specializes in images of young, twink men.

1/13/13: Putting the man in the manicure: Putting the man in the manicure

Zits reanalyzes the word manicure via a deliberate eggcorn: The man of manicure is the Latin ‘hand’ root, which has nothing to do with the Germanic noun man.  There is also a suggestion that manicures are for women and “feminized” men (e.g., metrosexuals, twinks).

1/22/13: Porn/art: Porn/art

Is it porn or is it art? The answer depends on how the photographer views his subjects, how they view themselves, and how their audience sees them. Also, there might not be one single classification for any given image. References to Howard Roffman’s twink-centered work.

1/27/13: boys: boys

Photographer David Arnot refers to the male topics of his 2012 and 2013 calendars as boys next door,but they don’t have the twinkish look that might be expected from that description. A discussion of the extraordinary complexity of boy in modern English follows.

2/13/13: Ad hoc categorizations: Ad hoc categorizations

People use taxonomies to organize the world all the time (e.g., the types” of gay men: twinks, bears, leathermen, queens, etc.), and some are more complete than others. Temporary taxonomies — those that are created on the spot — are especially likely to be imperfect.

3/10/13: More sexual terminology: More sexual terminology

A discussion of the origins, meanings, and use of the terms creampiebareback, and bukkake in the context of gay porn. Includes links to examples featuring twink actors.

4/4/13: Calendars: Boy Next Door, Philip Fusco: Calendars: Boy Next Door, Philip Fusco

David Arnot’s Boy Next Door calendars are full of images depicting models who are very clearly not “boys,” nor are they twinks: Carefully sculpted bodies, handsome faces, shirt-lifting and armpit shots, and lots of focus on the men’s penises (although they are never actually shown).

4/7/13: The news from AZBlogX: twinks, Close Up, scruff cum: The news from AZBlogX: twinks, Close Up, scruff cum

Notes on four posts on the AZBlogX, including one onTwinkalicious porn” and one on Two twinks” who have come into the gay porn world recently: Johnny Rapid and Hunter Page. Other topics are also discussed.

4/16/13: Yet another synthetic compound / back-formation: Yet another synthetic compound / back-formation

About the verb spit-roast. N + V compounds like this are not particularly common — except as the end result of synthetic compounding followed by back-formation. Includes an example of a twink being spit roasted.

5/6/13: Tacolicious: Tacolicious

Regarding the Bay Area restaurant chain Tacolicious and the linguistic structure of the name. Connections are made to other -licious words, such as scruffalicious and twinkalicious.

5/9/13: Pin-up boys: Pin-up boys

Discussion of the playful website Men-Ups! by Rion Sabean, which offers images of men dressed to suggest traditionally masculine occupations but posed in the classic pin-up style historically used for women. References various types of male calendar subjects, including twinks.

5/22/13: Not your typical pornstar: Not your typical pornstar

About gay pornstar Dale Cooper, who also writes for the Huffington Post on (mostly) gay matters. Examples include a link to Cooper’s “gay male lexicon,” which includes the term twink.

5/27/13: raw sex: raw sex

About the term raw sex referring to sex without condoms and/or rough, unrestrained sex. References the gay porn film Twinks Swallow Anthology.

6/11/13: -licious sex: -licious sex

The word twinkalicious has two parts: the twink part, with a piece of sexuality slang, and the –licious part, related in some way to delicious).

6/14/13: Brief mention: telescoping: Brief mention: telescoping

Among linguistic errors (from both speech and writing) there are some of the telescoping, or jump ahead” variety. Recently, in writing about young men judged to be twinkalicious/ twinkilicious/ etc., AMZ found himself especially afflicted by this sort of error.

7/14/13: Three sex workers: Three sex workers

A discussion of the term sex worker as applied to men and its penumbra of reference to men who make a living from their bodies. Includes a link to an image of muscle bear Arpad Miklos being worshiped by an armpit-licking twink.

8/22/13: BK twink: BK twink

Regarding Brian Krause, who was a twink in his Return to the Blue Lagoon (1991) days, but transformed himself into a hunk before co-starring in Charmed( 1998-2006).

9/7/14: geosocial: geosocial

It starts with today’s Doonesbury and ends with shirtless lycanthropy. In between: Roland Hedley, III, the apps Tinder and Grindr, geosocial networking, and professional lycanthrope Tyler Posey. Includes reference to Grindr’s filters for male types” (e.g., Bear, Daddy, Twink).

9/10/14: Commercial playful morphology: Commercial playful morphology

From recent television commercials: yummify and wafflicious. Includes reference to a previous AMZ post on twinkalicious and its variants.

10/13/14: Traps: Traps

Regarding traps (i.e., trapezius or shoulder muscles), particularly for their appearance on the pornstar Ken Ryker. Includes a discussion of sociotypes, such as the various gay types — twinks, bears, and so on.

10/18/14: X bar: X bar

A discussion of the snowclonelet composite X bar, in which X characterizes (directly or indirectly) the patrons of the bar. Includes the example twink bar.

1/25/15: Exemplary twink: Exemplary twink

On pornstar Sam Truitt, a pretty much a perfect example of a twink.

4/13/15: AZBlogX: big dick twink: AZBlogX: big dick twink

On AZBlogX, a posting with an image of a big dick twink, with notes on beautiful penises, the phonology of the compound big dick twink, and its semantics.

6/8/15: Guys in Heat: Guys in Heat

About gay porn flicks, the actors in them, their bodies, and the sex acts the pornstars engage in. Includes a discussion of Christopher Ash, whose physical characteristics make him twink-like, although he subjectively seems more substantial and mature than your typical twink.

6/21/15: My hard-on belongs to Daddy: My hard-on belongs to Daddy

Inspired by a Channel 1 Releasing (gay porn studio) ad for Fathers Day featuring daddy – boy films; the title is a play on the song My Heart Belongs to Daddy.” Includes an image of a bearish daddy top paired with a twinkish boy bottom.

7/18/15: Late summer porn sales: Late summer porn sales

Mostly about gay porn and the seasonal advertising for it, but there’s some language stuff in there. Includes a description and link to C1R (Channel 1 Releasing) ad copy, featuring an image of slim twink Devin Dixon.

7/28/15: 2pbfV examples: 2pbfV examples

A summary of examples of back-formation of verbs from two-word constructions, including the example “Twink gets to cock suck two hot guys” for case #56: cock-suck.

12/6/15: Gay Porn Portal: Gay Porn Portal

Regarding the term cocksucker and how it is used in gay porn advertising for its historically intermediate sense, ’gay man, queer.’ Includes an image of twink Christian Connor doing a cock-tease with his briefs

12/7/15: From the gay porn portal: From the gay porn portal

More thoughts on different male body types (e.g., the cute twink, the athletically fit male-model type, and the massively muscled bodybuilder) and what makes each attractive or unattractive to other men.

12/12/15: The strap snap: The strap snap

A Daily Jocks ad featuring a muscle twink toying suggestively and mysteriously with the side strap of his jock.

12/19/15: X queen: X queen

On the snowclonelet X queen and the different ways it is used for gay men, straight men, and women. Includes examples of compounds incorporating twink, such as muscle twink and twink queen.

12/27/15: Darius Ferdynand: Darius Ferdynand

Thoughts on pornstar and muscle twink Darius Ferdynand.

1/16/16: Yaoi goes to high school: Yaoi goes to high school

On yaoimanga (Japanese comic books/graphic novels) focused on gay male characters — and some of the stereotypes and tropes that are common therein. Includes a reference to Yoasobi News, a service that aggregates and advertises mostly twink porn.

1/20/16: From Yoasobi News: From Yoasobi News

On a recent advertisement for twink porn from the Japanese company Yoasobi (“night play”) News featuring allusions to having sex in a church confessional.

2/6/16: The Super Bowl looms: The Super Bowl looms

In honor of Super Bowl 50, a gay gangbang, language play in porn, and the careening career of gay pornstar (and cute twink) Dayton O’Connor; inspired by an ad from Channel 1 Releasing.

2/9/16: Morning names: wiles, Wiles: Morning names: wiles, Wiles

The morning name wiles leads to the proper name Wile E. Coyote and to people with the family name Wiles, including the mathematician Andrew Wiles and the twink pornstar Kevin Wiles.

2/12/16: Sex positions for gay men: Sex positions for gay men

An announcement and description of the new AMZ blog page Sex positions,” which was inspired by assembling a new AZBlogX posting onLiam Riley, power bottom twink.”

2/14/16: Two books of male photography: Two books of male photography

On two books of (sort of) male photography, where male photography is photography with a homoerotic slant: Sixty Nine: Joyful Gay Sex;  and Justin Jorgensen: Obscene Interiors: Hardcore Amateur Décor. Some images feature twink models.

3/4/16: Trent Atkins, a great bottom: Trent Atkins, a great bottom

About the presentation of a sexual self, the structuring of gay porn, and the vocabulary for talking about these things, accompanied by pictures and discussion of muscle twink Trent Atkins.

3/10/16: Male beauty: Male beauty

On men with handsome faces, gorgeous eyes, and hot bodies, including images and discussion of several twinks.

4/15/16: Ganymede on the fly: Ganymede on the fly

Regarding the youth Ganymede’s encounter with the God Zeus, told as an elaborate story in photographic images. The actor/model portraying Ganymede is a youthful twink.

4/28/16: Gay comics in the 21st century: Gay comics in the 21st century

About the 2009 volume Stripped: A Story of Gay Comics, by Markus Pfalzgraf, with 13 cartoonists featured, plus a series of essays on aspects of gay cartooning. Includes discussion of the Side by Side series by Mioki, which features two twinks in love.

7/23/16: Cute pornstars: Cute pornstars

About a number of gay pornstars, including Tommy Defendi, Dean Flynn, Danny Vox, Christopher Ash, and Dario Beck. Ash is described and boyish and “close to twinkhood.”

9/9/16: Name time: Name time

On singer and actor Chord Overstreet, who portrayed the blond twink Sam Evans on the television show Glee.

11/14/16: Trisyllabic feet in tetrametrical orgy: Trisyllabic feet in tetrametrical orgy

A lot of stuff about the gay porn flick BuckleRoos (2004). One of the principal actors, Dean Phoenix, is a muscular, well-known top who enjoys hot twink bottoms.

1/24/17: A day with Danny Vox in the ultimate fantasy t-room: A day with Danny Vox in the ultimate fantasy t-room

About gay pornstar Danny Vox, his identities and personas, the negotiation of sex in public places, and the structuring of gay porn flicks. Includes a quoted review of the film Mens Room Bakersfield Station describing “hot daddies and cute twinks” having sex.

2/17/17: Felix d’Eon: on normalizing gay: Felix d’Eon: on normalizing gay

Commentary on Mexican artist Felix d’Eon and his works, which serve as pointed critiques of men’s attitudes about masculinity and also as incursions of gay men, male-male affection, and mansex into public view. Includes a note that twink has been borrowed into Spanish as tüinc.

2/24/17: Demented p.r. pitches, absurd ad copy: Demented p.r. pitches, absurd ad copy

From high end real estate opportunities to prestige underwear and gay porn, advertisers generate some absurd copy when trying to sell their products. Includes a note about gay porn catering to particular interests, such as sex involving twinks.

3/14/17: Five tv hunks: Five tv hunks

Five tv hunks of very different body types, including Sage Brocklebank (Psych), Jordan Gavaris and Dylan Bruce (Orphan Black), and John Wesley Shipp and Grant Gustin (The Flash). Gavaris’ character, Felix, is a flamboyant leather twink.

3/20/17: Save a horse, ride a cowboy: Save a horse, ride a cowboy

On the saying Save a horse, ride a cowboy, its syntax, its semantics, and of course its allusion to positions for sexual intercourse.Includes a reference to an AZBlogX post on Liam Riley, power bottom twink.”

3/22/17: Fun with categories: Fun with categories is primarily a gay porn bundling site, offering theaters” mostly from specific porn studios or featuring particular pornstars, as well as bonus theaters of stuff that doesn’t fit into their main categories (e.g., Tribal Twinks, Teens & Twinks).

3/26/17: On the boulevard of broken dreams with Kip Noll: On the boulevard of broken dreams with Kip Noll

Regarding Sepulveda Boulevard, part of which is a piece of the Pacific Coast Highway, as well the locus of William Higgins’s 1981 gay porn flick Pacific Coast Highway, starring sultry sextwink Kip Noll.

4/1/17: Hitchhiking: Hitchhiking

On hitchhiking as a popular theme in Gayland film, photography, and writing, with some focus on the work of porn director William Higgins. Includes references to the stereotypical hitchhiking SoCal twink and Higgins’ purported favorite twink actor, Leo Ford.

5/31/17: The eve of Pride Month: The eve of Pride Month

On seasonal sales of gay porn with particular themes (e.g., Daddy-boy relationships) and sexual paraphernalia. References to films featuring twink top Seth Stark and twinkish power bottom Liam Riley.

6/6/17: Distracting moments in gay male erotica: Distracting moments in gay male erotica

From A Rewarding Day of Hunting to PokeTwink Bedroom,very sleek, young looking men wearing Pokemon paraphernalia get it on in a genre of gay porn that is decidedly not to everyone’s taste.

7/4/17: Stuff your stuff in the flag: Stuff your stuff in the flag

A seasonal Daily Jocks ad featuring men’s underwear with stars and stripes patterns modeled by muscle twinks.

10/12/17: The pizza boy as a cultural figure: The pizza boy as a cultural figure

On the pizza delivery man/boy as a popular subject in pornographic films, with particular focus on his Gayland adventures. Includes images of and commentary on 80s twink David Ashfield from Pizza Boy, He Delivers.

12/21/17: And for your Xmas viewing pleasure…: And for your Xmas viewing pleasure…

Red Santa (muscle hunk Tomas Sand) and Green Elf (twink Klim Grimov) go at it like reindeer in rut in an ad for the Lucas Studios Xmas video Bareback Christmas.

2/28/18: Ballet Down the Highway: Ballet Down the Highway

There is no genre of gay porn focused on male dancers, but there is at least one example of ballet-based gay porn: Jack Deveau’s 1975 Ballet Down the Highway — straight trucker falls for gay male ballet dancer, lots of mansex ensues. Includes a note regarding the traditional casting of twinks to play hitchhikers in gay porn films.

3/1/18: Call me by your name: Call me by your name

Thoughts on the Academy Award winning film Call Me by Your Name, which is a gay love story, a coming-of-age story, a coming-out story, and a story about a relationship between a younger and an older person. Includes a reference to twinkish gay pornstar Christopher Ash.

3/21/18: Fifty shades and the Justice League: Fifty shades and the Justice League

On gay porn in several media, some featuring BDSM and other fetishes. Includes discussion of the twink bondage film Fifty Shades of Twink.

5/5/18: Lusty days: Lusty days

About the word lusty and how its different meanings — ‘vigorous’, ’strong sexual desire’ — are applied in music and film. Includes discussion of the film Muscle Bears and Lusty Lads, featuring several lusty twinks.

5/7/18: The profane domain: The profane domain

An overview of the linguistics of the profane (i.e., language related to taboos, slurs, and otherwise “bad” or “inappropriate” topics) as previously addressed in this blog. A mention of twinks as a common category for gay men.

5/12/18: Beat Me, Daddy, Eight to the Bar: Beat Me, Daddy, Eight to the Bar

On the social and sexual lives of gay men, particularly daddy-boy pairs, with photos. Several mentions of of the different roles some gay men play during their lives, such as twink and daddy.

5/18/18: What have you done with your life? The LGBT department: What have you done with your life? The LGBT department

The third part of AMZ’s response to a request from the Daily Beast for an interview, this time with a focus on his contributions to the LGBT community. A reference to twinks as a gay male subculture.

6/6/18: Now We Are Nine, a Journey to the East: Now We Are Nine, a Journey to the East

Most sexunderwear firms are very light on black models, Latino models, and Asian models. A few campaigns from 2eros and Spewer, however, prominently featured well-muscled Asian models. Includes a reference to Asian men as stereotypes of the twink ideal.

7/26/18: Hi-g pun for Xmas in July: Hi-g pun for Xmas in July

A number of items on the theme “Christmas in July,” including a Bizarro cartoon, Bing Crosby’s White Christmas album, a poster for the movie classic, a travel poster from Florida, and a selection of gay porn advertisements. Includes a reference to twink Devin Dixon.

8/2/18: Male crop tops!: Male crop tops!

A variety of images of men wearing crop tops for comfort, sport, and fashion, along with some discussion of this style. Includes a video of twink fashionista Brando Moon about how to wear crop tops.

8/14/18: Butch fagginess:Butch fagginess

Some premium men’s underwear firms advertise to men in general, though with a special pitch to gay men, but a few aim themselves directly at a queer clientele. Includes discussion of one model with a muscle hunk face and body, but a twinkish belly.

8/21/18: Jo Flamingo: Jo Flamingo

From Daily Jocks, continuing a mini-series with models who aren’t your standard high-butch Euro hunks, this time featuring a muscle twink AMZ calls Jo Flamingo.

9/4/18: Brush away the blue-tailed skink: Brush away the blue-tailed skink

A colorful photo of a blue-tailed skink, followed by some notes on skinks and a hijacking of theBlue Tail Fly” song as Blue Tailed Skink” (with skink as a portmanteau, skank + twink).


Material above was prepared by Kim Darnell. Additions below are by AMZ.

10/4/18: Levi and Liam: Levi and Liam
CockyBoys pornstars Levi Karter and (ubertwink) Liam Riley

10/5/18: Another ubertwink: Another ubertwink
AZBlog version of the preceding

12/24/18: Seasonal thanks: Seasonal thanks
#3 the literary scholar Richard Vytniorgu as twink

1/30/19: Hugo Simberg: Hugo Simberg
paintings and photographs of boys and young men; Simberg, Tuke, Roffman, and more

8/10/20: The pleasures of role reversal: Role reversal
Twink Top website

3/13/21: Pornstars do this so you don’t have to: Pornstars do this
Johnny Rapid, Jesse Bolton

3/20/21: Johnny Rapid evolves: Johnny Rapid evolves
Johnny Rapid, Kevin Wiles; twinkmeister Howard Roffman

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