Darius Ferdynand

(Very little about language. A ton of frank talk about men’s bodies and man-man sex, but no actually X-rated images. Still, definitely not for kids or the sexually modest.)

Yesterday’s morning name, but it was no surprise that the gay pornstar’s name was in my head yesterday morning, since I’d watched him perform the day before with Tomas Brand and Dirk Caber in Men At Play’s Boy Been Bad; Ferdynand is the bad boy, being taught a lesson by businessmen Brand and Caber in Caber’s office. (Men At Play features videos of guys in business suits having sex with other men, often at the office.)

Very nice contrasts in body types and role-playing in gay sex, and I find the oddly named Ferdynand (who was new to me) to be really cute and really hot.

In a posting “X-rated Darius Ferdynand” on AZBlogX, I supply two stills from the video, two shots of Ferdynand displaying his naked body, front and (with an offer of his asshole — the man is a total bottom) rear, and one of Brand in a full-frontal display of his naked body. (Caber has been featured previously both on my X blog and this one.)

Now some merely G-rated discussion.

First, those stills from Boy Been Bad. Here they are with the dicks cropped out, so I can focus on reading other content in them. First, from early on in the video: submissive Ferdynand has been stripped of all his clothes, while the two dominant men still have some vestiges of their business suits on:


Brand, Ferdynand, Caber.

Brand (hereafter, TB) and Caber (hereafter, DC) are substantially taller than Ferdynand (hereafter DF), and have substantially broader shoulders and more developed torsos than DF does; they are also significantly older than he is. So DF is playing the cute kid submitting to two powerful and successful men. TB is taller than DC, but DC has a generally bigger, more solid, body, so they contrast nicely. TB and DF have smooth bodies, while DC has a lightly furred chest, belly, and forearms; with his more solid body and substantial facial hair, DC reads as a muscle bear, while TB (with his scruffy facial fair) just reads as a muscle hunk, and the clean-shaven and slimmer DF reads as a muscle twink (see #3, to come a bit later in this posting).

The two dominants also contrast in the personas they project: TB, staring intensely in the photo, projects menacing coarseness, while DC, with his half-smile (and glasses) comes off as an agreeable elder. (TB is a total top, while DC is famously versatile; DF is a total bottom.) Both men fuck DF, but their behavior suggests that for TB’s character the act is one of crude humiliation, while DC’s demeanor suggests his character is helpfully giving DF what the boy needs and so much desires.

In the second still on my X blog (which I can’t reproduce here), everybody is stripped down fully (except that DC still has his tie on) and DF is standing, bent over the desk, on which TB is kneeling and thrusting his fat cock down DF’s throat, while DC reflectively fucks him from behind: a satisfying spitroast.

In the next cropped still here (which is not on my X blog), DF has gotten up onto the desk and lifted one leg, so that DC can fuck him from the side (while TB awaits his turn at the boy’s hole). The nice thing about this shot is that DF ihas a fleeting smile on his face.


At this point, DF levers himself onto his back and raises his knees, so that he can be fucked missionary-style (while hanging his head over the other edge of the desk to suck one man while the other is fucking him: more spitroasting).

You can find videos of DF getting fucked in pretty much every imaginable position, including what the Lucas website identifies as his great favorite, doggie-style.

(A further note on the three actors in the video: TB is Swedish; DF is Hungarian by birth but has been living in the UK for several years and has a distinctly British English accent on top of the Hungarian; and DC is American — grew up in Maine. Details about DC in a 4/6/15 posting on this blog.)

Here’s a G-rated shot of DF displaying his body, doing a cock tease in an Andrew Christian jockstrap:


A very handsome man with a carefully sculpted body, plus an astounding ass and a nice-sized uncut dick (in the 7-inch range) that fits the rest of his body well. He has striking blue eyes and a delightful smile, and comes across as a sweet young man in interviews.

[I’m now watching him in Men At Play’s Boytoy, where he’s put in a sling by top Dato Foland and then fucked in three different positions by Foland; #3 is doggie-style on the floor.  Now on to the sequel to Boy Been Bad, Boss Been Bad, with boss Paul Wagner topping FD. And then to DF’s remaining MAP video so far, The Morning After, with beefy, powerful, hairy top Adam Champ in (and then out of) a business suit.  (Each MAP video is about 20-25 minutes long, enough for an unhurried but satisfying jack-off session for the viewer.) DF really does adore getting fucked.]

Since TB hasn’t appeared on this blog before, here’s a technically G-rated photo of TB, taking over Scott Carter in Lucas’s Bangers & Ass, bumping cocks while they are still both in their Calvins:


(The name is a play on the British dish bangers and mash ‘sausages and mashed potatoes’).

Finally, about DF’s stage name. In an 5/18/14 interview for Manhunt, DF explains his names:

They’re both Polish names, and come from my Polish origins…. [But] I’m originally from Hungary, I was born in Budapest.


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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    A comment on an earlier version of this posting, which had Boy Behaving Badly instead of Boy Been Bad, and also Boss Behaving Badly instead of Boss Been Bad, thus alluding to the British tv sitcom Men Behaving Badly. All that has now been fixed.

    The glitch is the result of divided attention. I was working with a split screen, with the draft of this posting on DF in one window and, um, moving videos from Men At Play in the other. Apparently, sexual arousal messes with attention to detail.

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