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Codpieces on Cellblock 13

July 23, 2017

(Men flaunting their junk, codpieces, prehistoric creatures, superheroes, language play, and more. Use your judgment.)

On the 21st, a posting on Cellblock / CellBlock / Cell Block 13 garments, featuring a young man in a commando harness (plus a jockstrap). Then in yesterday’s mail, a Daily Jocks ad with another remarkable CellBlock 13 costume (plus my caption):

(#1) X-Wing Harness and X-treme Hybrid Short, in red

Vic the Prick, cynosurus,
Caught every eye at the
Reptile Ball.


Getting into harness

July 21, 2017

(Men’s underwear, bodies, and fetishes, so not to everyone’s tastes.)

The Daily Jocks ad from the 19th displayed this vision from Cellblock 13 / CellBlock 13 / Cell Block 13 (plus my caption):

(#1) Commando jockstrap and neoprene harness, in camo/red

Over years, bit by bit, Butch
Stripped his clothing down to the
Bare minimum.


On offer at Daily Jocks

July 19, 2017

(Men’s bodies, underwear, snarky captions, and some slang.)

A recent offer from Daily Jocks, SUP BRO t-shirts from the Australian company Supawear:


That’s my shirt bro
It comes from A U
I’m Buster Brown
Look for me down there too


The company darling

July 16, 2017

(Another underwear ad, with my caption. Steamy topic, but not, I think, over the line.)

(#1) The company darling

Eddie found the company’s
Dress code peculiar, but he
Loved wearing the silky blue
Hooded lounge robe and
Scanty briefs at his desk.


Wonder Bears!

July 15, 2017

Passed on by Tim Pierce, this wonderful photo on Twitter from Coinneach MacLeòid‏, combining bear culture, drag, and the new Wonder Woman movie:


The tweet’s text:

When you’re in the queue for a drink behind four Wonder Women, you know you’ve made it to Provincetown Bear Week


Office Goofiosity cuisine

July 11, 2017

Yesterday’s Zippy:


Themes here: cooking, masculinity, cartoonishness / cartooniness, the Disney cartoon character Goofy, funny laughs, office supplies.


Chast, Haefeli, Kaplan

July 6, 2017

Three cartoons from the latest issue (July 10th and 17th) of the New Yorker, by Roz Chast (heirloom hot dogs), William Haefeli (gay couple with dog and baby), and Bruce Eric Kaplan (a visit from Dr. Seuss).


Coconuts and Trumpets

July 6, 2017

Notes from my (mostly unfabulous) gay life in Palo Alto CA: drinks yesterday with folks from QUEST (the Stanford LGBT staff group) at Coconuts, the Caribbean restaurant just up the street from my house (posted about here), wearing a notably gay t-shirt from Trumpets, a celebrated gay bar and restaurant in Washington DC in the 1990s. A shirt from 1995, a shirt not only past the age of consent, but one old enough to vote.

Coconuts is a pleasant unpretentious place, not at all gay-oriented — there are no such places in Palo Alto (for gay life, you travel 34 miles to San Francisco or 17 miles to San Jose) — and flourishing; Trumpets was a serious restaurant with an interesting menu, with a major gay bar in front, and it’s long gone, though for Pride month this year, there was a reunion celebration; a lot of people remembered it with great affection.


POP go the pheromones

July 4, 2017

Two recent cartoons in my feed that play with language: a POP (phrasal overlap portmanteau) in Rhymes With Orange, an outrageous pun in Bizarro (a replay from 2009, first posted here on 2/15/14).


Stuff your stuff in the flag

July 4, 2017

Everybody’s got a Fourth of July sale going. Here’s the Daily Jocks entry, with my caption:

Twinkdependence Day

Put the package in stars,
Wrap the rump in stripes,
Fly it all on a pole.