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Every picture tells a story

October 28, 2020

(This posting starts with a homoerotic Daily Jocks ad — nothing close to the line visually or textually, but you might still want to exercise your judgment — moves through Doan’s pills and ends with musician Rod Stewart.)

… but what story? They’re just pictures, after all, subject to many interpretations. Even when the creator’s intentions are clear, there are often two (or more) intended stories for the same picture — typically, one literal and one allusive (consider still lifes with moral messages). In any case, other viewers are free to see stories the creator did not. And sometimes the pictures have no clear interpretation.

Which brings me to the Daily Jocks mailing of 10/26:

(#1) At the gym, two hunks eye each other’s crotches with facial expressions that would be heavy sexual cruises if exchanged face to face

Well, it’s a menswear ad, and comes with no explicit clues as to how it’s to be interpreted — maybe just as a generic homoerotic encounter (certainly homoerotic). But still you wonder: what’s their story? Are they an established couple, shown here appreciating each other’s bodies for the camera? Or did they just come across one another in the gym and are now setting up a trick? Or maybe merely complimenting each other through their gaze and facial expressions, each conveying that he thinks the other is really hot? (Nice body, buddy.)



October 22, 2020

(Largely about men’s genitals and sex between men, in very direct street language, so entirely inappropriate for kids or the sexually modest.)

On AZBlogX, a 10/7 posting “Humongous Cocks”, with two images from a porn video ad. I’ll quote that posting at length, but shift the visual focus on this blog to the facial expressions and body types in those images.


One more Magritte homage

October 16, 2020

From Vadim Temkin on Facebook on the 14th:

One more homage to Magritte: Lovers II [now with naked men]. I think for now I have enough Magritte for a while



Homage to Magritte

October 14, 2020

On Facebook today, a Vadim Temkin gay male homage to the Belgian artist René Magritte and his 1937 painting La Reproduction Interdite (Not to be Reproduced):



An offer of the body

September 30, 2020

(References to sex between men in plain language, so not suitable for kids or the sexually modest.)

The image from a steamy Daily Jocks ad on 9/28, with (under the fold) my caption.



From the dominance/submission files

September 26, 2020

(About men’s bodies and sex between men, in very plain language — not suitable for kids or the sexually modest.)

On AZBlogX yesterday, a posting “Raunchy Dirty Uncut Fucking”, about Raw Alpha Males gay porn, specializing in  dominance and submission.


Feeling more one-headed

September 23, 2020

The Zippy from 1/30/20, which I’ve been saving for the appropriate occasion, which has now materialized, as a follow-up to a note in my posting earlier today “Great progress, grave threat”:

Zippy’s crucial observation, in the first panel:

Sometimes, the two-headed dog makes me feel more one-headed!

Roughly, if you are far from (what counts as) normal, then someone who is further out than you are can make you feel almost normal.


Great progress, grave threat

September 23, 2020

Two recent items about great progress in the acceptance of lgbt people in my country, with an alarm bell in the second about grave threats to us. First, a posting about a piece in Out magazine. Second, a comment on the Queer Linguist(ic)s Network (QLN) on Facebook.


A visit with Skyy Knox

September 21, 2020

(An appreciation of gay pornstar Skyy Knox, so there’s plain talk about men’s bodies and sex between men — not suitable for kids or the sexually modest.)

The hard-core visual is off in my posting yesterday to AZBlogX, “Skyy Knox”, where it’s #1. That posting was motivated by Knox (who turned up in Falcon Studios Hunt ezine Issue 237 on 9/18) having a body type that’s especially pleasing to me, because it was my man Jacques’s: nicely muscled but lean, with a long torso — a “swimmer’s build”.  Knox, with his dick cropped from the image (I’ll get to the dick in a moment):


But then it turned out that there was a remarkable bonus, in a wonderful shot — deeply affectionate and extraordinarily sexy — from Falcon’s Head Play, with Knox paired with JJ Knight (also below). (Yes, I understand that this is all performance, not real life — intended to provide a fantasy that will be sexually satisfying to the viewer — but this is an admirable performance.)


The penis-anus nexus

September 20, 2020

(Already you can tell that this posting is going to be about anatomical features and sex between men and is entirely inappropriate for kids or the sexually modest.)

Over on AZBlogX, a posting from earlier today, “Cocks and assholes”, about two different presentations of the engagement between a cock and an asshole: submissive receptivity in a Say Uncle ad; active enthusiasm in a Hot House Studio ad (featuring Marc Dylan in the video Pack Attack 6)

There are three images from these ads on AZBlogX, but there’s absolutely no way I could fuzz them out or crop them for this blog; the ads are crucially, and vividly, about cocks and assholes. All is not lost, however; I can at least show you the cover for Pack Attack 6, since it’s innocent of raunchy bodyparts:


A man and his gangbangers

And I can take you through the discussion from AZBlogX, because merely verbal offensiveness gets a pass (otherwise I couldn’t be reminding you every so often how much I used to enjoy getting fucked up the ass).