On captioning

This inventory of postings on captioning has material only from December 2010 on.

12/5/10: But is it art?:
Dinosaur Comics, with references to captioning of found images, Duchamp, Holzer, and Ruscha.

12/6/10: Captioning: more is it art?:
Blunt Cards and Lichtenstein

12/8/10: More captioning as art:
Dante Shephard

12/18/11: LOLcats and captions:

11/24/12: Barbara Kruger:
Here we have: captioning (especially in cartoons) as an art form, slogans as high art (Holzer, Kruger, Ruscha), slogans as pop art (Blunt Cards, posters, bumper stickers, buttons, and so on), and illustrated puns as a popular art form on their own. From there we move to illustration and caricature

1/21/13: Horror of the penis:
In cataloguing art books in my library, I’ve simply abandoned most category discriminations, beyond setting aside cartooning and illustration from other drawing, painting, and photography. (The fluid lines between cartooning, illustration, captioning, sloganeering, and “art proper” are a repeated topic on this blog; the sociology of the art world has a lot to do with how these and related categorizations are made.)

4/24/13: Blue pun:
[ecards:] It’s a funny genre, somewhere between gag cartoons (if cartooning can take in captioning) and slogans / aphorisms.

5/30/14: What are they?:
Two recent items that challenge the borders of categories in the world of art, literature, and humor: [a Jane Austen quote, an ecard / e-card / eCard]
[plus words-only cartoons]
[plus other creations that think of themselves as webcomics but can be thought of as very long captions for minimal images]
[plus Jack Handey Deep Thoughts, a large body of surrealistic one-liner jokes, with background illustrations that are irrelevant to the jokes]

6/21/15: It’s not hoarding:
slogan in chalk on a sidewalk

10/13/15: Yoda on active and passive clauses:
DIY LOL site

12/15/16: Penguins a hundred years ago, and the niceties of captioning:

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