Underwear postings

postings on underwear and similar garments
(LLog, AZBlog, AZBlogX)


AZ, 3/19/05: Tidy-whiteys:

ML, 3/20/05: Raising and lowering those tighty whities:

AZ, 3/20/05: Tighty-whities: the semantics:

AZ, 3/27/05: Underwear sociolinguistics:

9/23/09: Lifting shirts:

11/27/09: Hybrid underwear:

4/29/10: What IS that garment?:
the “swim brief”


5/2/10: Wife beaters:

5/13/10: Short shot #47: Underwear models:

7/1/10: Golden State Rufskin tit:

7/27/10: Collage essays: from concealment to display:

8/2/10: Five from 2005: XXX-rated collages:
collage “Exposure” on shirt-lifting

8/14/10: Pits ’n’ Tits: five underwear models:
Aden Jaric, Marky Mark / Mark Wahlberg, Travis Fimmel, Taylor Kitsch, Rusty Joiner

8/15/10: From 10percent 8/15/10:

8/16/10: Hi-def:

8/16/10: The triad: jockstrap, locker room, shower room:

8/18/10: Hommage à Rusty:
Rusty Joiner

8/21/10: Return to rainbow flagwear:

Return to rainbow flagwear

9/17/10: Update: an endnote on shirt-lifting:

Update: an endnote on shirt-lifting

10/19/10: Underwear gods:

Underwear gods

with an inventory of underwear postings

11/8/10: The Gaze Downward:
10percent models, Marco Rossi

11/9/10: Lives of the pornstars:
Aden Jaric modeling underwear

12/7/10: Underwear gifting:

Underwear gifting

12/8/10: More trendy underwear:

More trendy underwear

12/15/10: The Xmas package:

The Xmas package

12/17/10: The Xmas package 2:

The Xmas package 2

12/19/10: The Xmas package 3:

The Xmas package 3

12/21/10: The Xmas package 4:

The Xmas package 4

12/23/10: The Xmas package 5:

The Xmas package 5

12/24/10: The men’s underwear book:

The men’s underwear book

12/25/10: More ridiculous underwear with zipper pulls:

More ridiculous underwear with zipper pulls

12/29/10: Remarkable underwear:

Remarkable underwear

1/2/11: Phallicity: Reese Rideout:

1/9/11: Showoff:
Undergear ad

1/21/11: Valentine gift:
Undergear ad

2/3/11: More underwear links:

More underwear links

second inventory of underwear postings

2/6/11: Basket case:

Basket case

Valentino in skin-tight swim trunks

2/10/11: A Swedish basket case:

A Swedish basket case

boxer shorts declared sexist

2/15/11: More lacing up:
laceup underwear

2/21/11: Slubwear:
Undergear slub texture underwear

3/9/11: Titanic exposure:
Aymeric DeVille on TitanMen calendar

3/16/11: Underwear puns:

Underwear puns

3/27/11: Underwear linguistics: shapewear:

Underwear linguistics: shapewear

3/29/11: Male vanity:

Male vanity

Andrew Christian Shock Jocks

4/7/11: Underwear models and superheroes:

Underwear models and superheroes

4/17/11: Bulges:



5/3/11: Moose-knuckle days at Undergear:

5/6/11: Seven from Jockstrap Central:

5/6/11: Jockstraps:


5/17/11: The lure of lace:
lace underwear for men

6/1/11: Pouchwear:

6/14/11: Today’s remarkable underwear:

6/18/11: Arts and crafts in the mail:

Arts and crafts in the mail

7/3/11: BFF Tibor Wolfe:

8/12/11: Extreme® Python wear:

9/2/11: More dickholewear:

11/30/11: Puma in pink:

Puma in pink

12/5/11: Rudy the Christmas elf:

Rudy the Christmas Elf

12/21/11: Christmas greetings:

Christmas greetings

12/25/11: Titanic pornwear:
from Titan Media

12/25/11: pornwear:


1/14/12: Mien men:
Mien magazine

1/14/12: Wrapping it up:

Wrapping it up

with a bow

1/29/12: Mario Lopez stripped:

Mario Lopez stripped

2/7/12: The big reveal:

The big reveal

nouning and underwear

2/13/12: ish and masculinity:

ish and masculinity

David Beckham

2/27/12: Ben Cohen:

Ben Cohen

3/17/12: St. Patrick:

St. Patrick


3/25/12: Jon Bon Jovi:

Jon Bon Jovi

4/13/12: Time to expose it all:

5/14/12: T-bars:


6/10/12: Piety:


Good Devil from DUGG

6/28/12: For Stonewall Day:

For Stonewall Day

puppy pile of boyz

7/21/12: Artists in underwear:

Artists in underwear

spray paint and briefs

7/21/12: More Alain Delon:

More Alain Delon

Delon in swim trunks

7/22/12: Sporno again:

Sporno again


7/23/12: Today’s entertaining underwear:

Today’s entertaining underwear

Andres Velasco Jungle Trunk

10/29/12: Halloween Giants:

Halloween Giants

Undergear for Halloween, Papi for the SF Giants

11/6/12: Ay papi!:

Ay papi!

Beemer Boy in briefs

11/8/12: Slutty loungewear:

11/8/12: Toga toga toga!:

Toga toga toga!

11/12/12: Velasco strikes again, trochaically:

Velasco strikes again, trochaically

12/9/12: The underwear elves of 2012:

The underwear elves of 2012

12/16/12: The gay underwear anthem:

The gay underwear anthem

Pansy Division, “Groovy Underwear”

12/21/12: Vestigial design elements:

Vestigial design elements

on functional and vestigial flies

1/16/13: The H fly:

The H-fly

1/17/13: Accent on Santa Skivvies:

Accent on Santa Skivvies

Santa Skivvies run for charity

1/25/13: Bruce Weber:

1/30/13: Male models as jocks:

Male models as jocks

3/3/13: Going against nature:

Going against nature

2 Styx ads

3/15/13: Sexy St. Patrick’s:
Undergear ad

3/15/13: Underwear poses:

3/15/13: Remarkable underwear update:

3/15/13: Three underwear postings:

Three underwear postings

links to three postings on AZBlogX

3/21/13: NuttyBuddies and Nutty Buddies:

NuttyBuddies and Nutty Buddies

NuttyBuddy protective cups

3/22/13: Dance belts:

Dance belts

dance belts, ballet tights

4/4/13: Calendars: Boy Next Door, Philip Fusco:

Calendars: Boy Next Door, Philip Fusco

Boy Next Door calendars, underwear model Philip Fusco

4/5/13: Maximum exposure: Good Devil:

4/5/13: Maximum exposure: Male Power:

4/9/13: pinnies:


5/5/13: The UnderGear sale:

5/19/13: X or not?:

X or not?

X-rated or not?

6/23/13: Zesty Anderson Davis:

Zesty Anderson Davis

(with third inventory of underwear postings)

6/27/13: Good Devil strikes again:

6/29/13: Rainbow pizza, rainbow underwear:

Rainbow pizza, rainbow underwear

6/30/13: Shirtless on the Great Plains:

Shirtless on the Great Plains

Kellan Lutz

7/7/13: Moose Knuckles Canada:

Moose Knuckles Canada

sportswear firm

7/11/13: Steve Grand, DNA, Timoteo:

Steve Grand, DNA, Timoteo

Steve Grand modeling under various names

7/22/13: Hot in black lace:
Extreme lace underwear

8/7/13: Jockstrap Man, Hutspah shirts, and Nudie Cohn:

Jockstrap Man, Hutspah shirts, and Nudie Cohn


8/10/13: Not your grandfather’s Sears catalogue:

Not your grandfather’s Sears catalogue

harnesses, pouches, collars from Sears

10/3/13: Alan Ritchson and Justin Hartley:

Alan Ritchson (and Justin Hartley)

Ritchson modeling underwear

12/17/13: This year’s Santa Skivvies:

This year’s Santa skivvies

Santa Skivvies

6/16/14: Lateral flash thong:

Lateral flash thong

10/4/14: Homage to Marky / Mark:

Homage to Marky / Mark

Nick Jonas in his underwear

11/1/14: Mad Bum:

Mad Bum

Mad Bum underwear

2/23/15: From the Oscar watch:

From the Oscar watch

Neil Patrick Harris in his underwear

2/27/15: Color and advertising your preferences:

Color and advertising your preferences

Andrew Christian and Curbwear underwear

4/6/15: Dirk Caber:

Dirk Caber

#4: jockstrap

5/25/15: The abs/junk buddies:

The abs/junk buddies

6/3/15: The Diamond Sweat Short, with caption:

The Diamond Sweat Short, with caption

6/11/15: Get ready for an ambush…:

Get ready for an ambush…

singlet with dual zippers, front and back

6/23/15: It just got bigger:

It just got bigger

Daily Jocks briefs ad

6/26/15: Happy Ending:

Happy Ending

Daily Jocks briefs ad

7/5/15: Surprise!:


Daily Jocks briefs ad

7/12/15: Waterside trio:
Daily Jocks swimsuit ad

7/21/15: Scott Bakula:

Scott Bakula

S.B. in underwear

7/24/15: Three on the prowl:

Three on the prowl

Daily Jocks jockstrap ad

7/25/15: A dash of ornamental hunkiness:

A dash of ornamental hunkiness

Antonio Sabàto, Jr. modeling underwear

8/11/15: The Monthly Underwear Club:

The Monthly Underwear Club

Daily Jocks ads

8/27/15: On the fashion front:

On the fashion front

athletes as underwear models: Rafael Nadal, Cristiano Ronaldo

8/28/15: To exist:

To exist

Daily Jocks ad

9/2/15: Flaunting it:

Flaunting it

Pump! underwear and steamy models

9/7/15: The power of shorts:

The power of shorts

Daily Jocks ad

9/8/15: Marxuse:


Daily Jocks ad

9/14/15: Alex Minsky and his underwear:

Alex Minsky and his underwear

Daily Jocks ad plus more

9/17/15: The steely cruise of the Voltron Blaster:

The steely cruise of the Voltron Blaster

Daily Jocks ad plus more

9/25/15: Boy in the sand:

Boy in the sand

Daily Jocks ad

9/28/15: On display:

On display

2 Daily Jocks ads

10/3/15: JockMan Admires MooseBriefBoy:

JockMan Admires MooseBriefBoy

Daily Jocks ad, model in Andrew Christian briefs

10/7/15: Taking the third:

Taking the third

Daily Jocks ad

10/11/15: The Exotic of the North Country:

The Exotic of the North Country

Daily Jocks ad

10/15/15: Lightning strike:

Lightning strike

Daily Jocks ad

10/19/15: Rafe on display:

Rafe on display

Daily Jocks ad

10/23/15: Depilation Row:

Depilation Row

Daily Jocks ad: Neon brand

10/29/15: The liquor of your laughter / And the lacquer of uour limbs:

To the liquor of your laughter / And the lacquer of your limbs

Daily Jocks ad: Spectra brand

10/31/15: The Halloween sale:

The Halloween sale

Daily Jocks sale ad; Team8 clothing

11/3/15: Breasts and bras:

Breasts and bras

11/5/15: On the cellblock, in the dugout, at an ambush:

On the cellblock, in the dugout, at an ambush

Daily Jocks ad; CellBlock 13 garments

11/6/15: Clean underwear:

Clean underwear

functions of underwear

11/9/15: PUMP! Boys and Trojans:

PUMP! Boys and Trojans

Daily Jocks ad; PUMP! garments

11/19/15: Rushing Sugar:

Rushing Sugar

Daily Jocks ad; more PUMP! items

11/25/15: An underwear Thanksgiving:

An underwear Thanksgiving

Daily Jocks ad; Marcuse and BCNU items

11/28/15: The revolution in men’s underwear:

The revolution in men’s underwear

Daily Jocks ad (for 2(X)IST sale); NYT story on luxury underwear

12/2/15: I love my Jack Adams:

I love my Jack Adams

Daily Jocks ad for Jack Adams; underwear models Alex Minsky, Jesse Jordan, Dylan Austin Scott, John Strand; the H fly; pouches

12/3/15: José Parra:

José Parra

the underwear model, his work for N2N, Andrew Christian, PetitQ, Rufskin

12/4/15: Perplexed:


Daily Jocks ad for 2(X)IST

12/11/15: BCNÜ:


Daily Jocks ad for BCNÜ

12/12/15: The strap snap:

The strap snap

Daily Jocks ad for an offer

12/16/15: Go H+A+R+D:

Go H+A+R+D

Daily Jocks ad for C-IN2

12/17/15: Jockstrap with a rainbow pouch:

Jockstrap with a rainbow pouch

7 examples, from various companies; scoop pouch

12/19/15: Obiously Lumber:

Obviously Lumber

Daily Jocks ad for Obviously Apparel

12/22/15: Calendrical hunks:

Calendrical hunks

Fred Goudon underwear photography; Meet the Bern calendar page with a male model in minimal underwear

12/25/15: Pockets in his trunks:

Pockets in his trunks

Daily Jocks ad for Neon line

12/28/15: Extreme underwear, some in rainbow:

Extreme underwear, some in rainbow

two items from StevenEven’s Pikante line

1/8/16: Two teases:

Two teases

display of underwear in #1 and in underwear carwash videos; Andrew Christian

1/10/16: Get Sporty:

Get Sporty

Daily Jocks ad; model Christian Hogue

1/13/16: Head scratcher:

Head scratcher

Daily Jocks ad for Diesel

1/17/16: Classless but far from sexless:

Classless but far from sexless

Daily Jocks ad for Marcuse

1/18/16: The undercut:

The undercut

underwear model John Halls

1/19/16: Silver mammoth:

Silver mammoth

Colombian footballer James Rodriguez modeling an item in his own underwear line

1/24/16: Morning name: John Varvatos:

Morning name: John Varvatos

#3: three male models in their underwear

1/24/16: Sporty pro:

Sporty pro

Daily Jocks ad with TeamM8 briefs

1/26/16: More Cristiano Ronaldo:

More Cristiano Ronaldo

2 shots of footballer Ronaldo in trunks from his CR7 company

1/27/16: Bruce Bruce Bruce:

Bruce Bruce Bruce

Daily Jocks ad with AUS underwear

1/31/16: Cruise Jogger:

Cruise Jogger

Daily Jocks ad with PUMP! underwear

2/2/16: Notes on male ballet dancers:

Notes on male ballet dancers

dance belts

2/8/16: Mardi Bras (and Boxers):

Mardi Bras (and Boxers)

with one bra example and one boxer example

2/10/16: Underwear sex:

Underwear Sex

2 Daily Jocks ads

2/13/16: Mandrake:


Daily Jocks ad for BCNÜ

2/18/16: Ben, advertising:

Ben, advertising

Daily Jocks ad for Curbwear

2/20/16: The fearful exhibitionist:

The fearful exhibitionist

Daily Jocks ad for Supawear

2/25/16: A family thing:

A family thing

Daily Jocks ad for Marcuse

3/5/16: Tinging the scalene triangle:

Tinging the scalene triangle

Daily Jocks ads for 2eros

3/5/16: Spinoff: PigSkin underwear:

Spinoff: PigSkin underwear

3/6/16: Sex in the shadows:

Sex in the shadows

Daily Jocks ad with TeamM8

3/10/16: Male beauty:

Male beauty

Ben Riches for Curbwear

3/11/10: Boxer in shorts:

Boxer in shorts

Daily Jocks ad with Helsinki Athletica

3/17/16: Boxer:


Daily Jocks ad with Pump!

3/19/16: Smooth operator:

Smooth operator

Daily Jocks ad for BCNÜ

4/2/16: Color scheme:

Color scheme

Daily Jocks ads for Supawear

4/10/16: Magnitude boys:

Magnitude boys

Daily Jocks ad for Timoteo

4/14/16: The knitwear news for penises:

The knitwear news for penises

phallic knit underwear

5/1/16: Mint, Flint, Slate, Brick:

Mint, Flint, Slate, Brick

Daily Jocks ad for Obviously AnatoMAX

5/15/16: A fine commercial portmanteau:

A fine commercial portmanteau

underwear from Duluth Trading Company

5/25/16: Ballad of beef:

Ballad of beef

underwear from Daily Jocks COUNTRY line

6/18/16: At the Head of the Wolf:

At the Head of the Wolf

underwear from 2(X)IST Electric line

7/7/16: Celebrations:


underwear from Daily Jocks COUNTRY line

7/18/16: The Insolence and the Ecstasy:

The Insolence and the Ecstasy

underwear from the 2eros Black Belt line

8/9/16: Dick’s rhyme:

Dick’s rhyme

underwear from the Curbwear IDENTITY line

8/13/16: Lance the versatile:

Lance the versatile

tights, jacket from Teamm8

8/15/16: Dress for success:

Dress for success

cock-and-ass-wear from Koala Swim

8/21/16: Jamie Dornan:

Jamie Dornan

Dornan modeling Calvin Klein

10/6/16: Smuggle me budgie down, sport:

Smuggle me budgie down, sport

Budgy Smugglers swimwear, Speedos

10/8/16: Naming his Essence:

Naming his Essence

Aussie Essence underwear

10/8/16: Film fantasy:

Film fantasy

Daily Jocks ad with BCNÜ underwear

10/11/16: News for penises: NCOD, Portlandia:

News for penises: NCOD, Portlandia

Marky Mark in CKs

10/13/16: Bring in ‘da Boyz, Bring in ‘da Funk

Bring in ‘da Boyz, Bring in ‘da Funk

Daily Jocks ad with Funky Trunks underwear

10/26/16: Made for you:

Made for you

Daily Jocks ad with Andrew Christian underwear

10/29/16: Domain-relative labeling:

Domain-relative labeling

Daily Jocks ad with C-IN2 underwear

11/6/16: True Confessions Ripped from the Tabloids:

True Confessions Ripped from the Tabloids

Daily Jocks ad with Timoteo jockstraps

11/6/16: Wearing the 1970s:

Wearing the 1970s

several remarkable underwear ads from the 1970s

11/11/16: Pump it up:

Pump it up

Daily Jocks ad with Pump! underwear

11/13/16: Lukas is back!:

Lukas is back!

Daily Jocks ad with Helsinki Athletica sport shorts; Cellblock13 jock and harness

11/17/16: The superb object of his affection:

The superb object of his attention

Daily Jocks ad with PUMP! briefs

12/5/16: Ex ūnō plūrēs:

Ex ūnō plūrēs

Daily Jocks ad for N2N briefs

12/14/16: Crotch news bulletins:

Crotch news bulletins

Eletrunks boxer shorts

1/11/17: Mink jock strap:

Genuine mink jock

1/17/17: Eschew the muu-muu:

Eschew the muu-muu

Unico short boxers

1/18/17: From MeatMarket.com:

From MeatMarket.com

11 Daily Jocks ads

2/3/17: Geometric Joe:

Geometric Joe

Pump! ads

2/9/17: ReFo and K-Man:

ReFo and K-Man

TeamM8 ad

2/12/17: Chocolates for Valentine’s Day:

Chocolates for Valentine’s Day

#2 and #3: model La Maravilla in his underwear

2/13/17: VDay hands in pants:

VDay hands in pants

Valentine’s Day kiss boxers

2/16/17: Flagrant figures:

Flagrant figures

DJ ad

2/23/17: Coded!:


DJ ad and two shots of CODE 22 underwear

2/23/17: Beautiful immortal:

The beautiful immortal

DJ ad for C-IN2 underwear

2/24/17: Demented p.r. pitches, absurd ads:

Demented p.r. pitches, absurd ad copy

absurd underwear ads

2/27/17: CK basks in Moonlight:

CK basks in Moonlight

Moonlight cast in Calvin Klein underwear

3/3/17: Family names:

Family names

DJ ads with formidably upper-bodied model

3/3/17: Marco Marco tease:

Marco Marco teases

4 underwear ads; information on Marco Marco

4/8/17: The Bronzed Horseman:

The Bronzed Horseman

3 underwear ads

4/9/17: The trophy boys park the beef bus in tuches town:

The trophy boys park the beef bus in tuches town

Andrew Christian Trophy Boy underwear

4/17/17: Chub and chums in the morning:

Chub and chums in the morning

Bum Chums underwear

4/24/17: Is that a Paschal Peep in your pouch?:

Is that a Paschal Peep in your pouch?

Aronik swimwear

4/29/17: Appeal to base instinct:

Appeal to base instinct

Teamm8 Base Collection

5/19/17: Marco, Marco, Marco:

Marco, Marco, Marco

Marco Marco underwear

5/30/17: Flagging America:

Flagging America

N2N underwear

6/26/17: Put a sock on it in parade season:

Put a sock on it in parade season

cock socks of many sorts

6/30/17: In the dunes, in the dunes:

In the dunes, in the dunes

Daily Jocks ad

7/2/17: The patriotic fig leaf:

The patriotic fig leaf

minimally junk-concealing underwear

7/4/17: Stuff your stuff in the flag:

Stuff your stuff in the flag

DJ Fourth of July sale

7/16/17: The company darling:

The company darling

DJ sale of N2N Bodywear

7/19/17: On offer at Daily Jocks:

On offer at Daily Jocks

clothes from Supawear, Code 22, PUMP!

7/21/17: Getting into harness:

Getting into harness

CellBlock 13 jockstraps and harnesses; Maidenform bras

7/23/17: Codpieces on Cellblock 13:

Codpieces on Cellblock 13

CellBlock 13 harness and sport short

7/26/17: I sing the body elastic:

I sing the body elastic


7/27/17: Musical synchronicity:

Musical synchronicity

Ricky Martin in a Speedo

8/1/17: Capitulum in corpore magno:

Capitulum in corpore magno

Marcuse shorts

8/11/17:Billy the Berlin Barboy:

Billy the Berlin Barboy

Barcode Berlin underwear and fetish-wear

8/23/17: Bluto says: join or else:

Bluto says: join or else

4 underwear ads from DJ

8/28/17: The cop and the gunner’s mate:

The cop and the gunner’s mate

Nasty Pig underwear ad from DJ

8/28/17: Solid Chet and lean Bo:

Solid Chet and lean Bo

underwear and swim trunks from Marcuse

9/15/17: The many and the one:

The many and the one

underwear from Marco Marco

10/3/17: Doorman of the underworld:

Doorman of the underworld

PUMP! underwear ad from DJ

10/4/17: Z is for zip:

Z is for zip

#6 secret pocket briefs

10/12/17: Pizza Boy outtakes:

Pizza Boy outtakes

non-standard syntax for the N underwear

10/14/17: Angel Eagle’s knights:

Angel Eagle’s knights

#2 underwear club ad from DJ

10/21/17: Gift postcards:

Gift postcards

women’s underwear (and stockings, high heels, etc.) for men

11/3/17: The Pink Fellowship:

The Pink Fellowship

7 pieces of pink men’s underwear, in various styles

11/14/17: Igor®, the Siberian shape-shifter:

Igor®, the Siberian shape-shifter

Maskulo fetishwear

11/17/17: Obviously:


Obviously underwear

11/24/17: BF pornopaloozas:

BF pornopaloozas

rise heights (lo, mid, hi)

12/6/17: gruggerwear:


#1 Pump! underwear

12/17/17: Xmas follies: the shirtless men of the season

Xmas follies 2017: the shirtless men of the season

shirtless Santas and elves, many in their underwear; CHULO and Asthetix Era underwear

12/21/17: And for your Xmas viewing pleasure…:

And for your Xmas viewing pleasure…

pornstars Tomas Brand and Klim Grimov showing off underwear

12/22/17: Another crop of homoXmas ads:

Another crop of homoXmas ads

DJ sale ad for Xmas

12/31/17: El Bruto commands:

El Bruto commands

DJ ad for Pump!

1/11/18: Electric underwear:

Electric underwear

DJ and other ads for Breedwell LED harnesses, jockstraps, armbands, etc.

1/16/18: Reindeer and lynx — and wolves and bears, oh my!:

Reindeer and lynx — and wolves and bears, oh my!

DJ ad for Helsinki Athletica line of underwear with Finnish native animals; the Lukas line

1/20/18: Objects of carnal desire:

Objects of carnal desire

DJ ads for Pump! underwear

1/22/18: An infestation of rodentiphobia:

An infestation of rodentiphobia

DJ ad for Jack Adams

2/8/18: The Sex Games:

The Sex Games

DJ ad for Garçon Model; three other GM images

2/14/18: Days of sensual pleasure:

Days of sensual pleasure

#1 DJ Valentine ad; #4-7 pornstars in tighty-whiteys

2/18/18: God is in the detaiing:

Putting the carnal in Carnival

DJ ads for Helsinki Athletica and Code 22, offering soft gay porn

2/20/18: Butch homowear news for dogs:

Butch homowear news for dogs

DJ ad for Velocity line of CellBlock13 underwear

2/25/18: Camo Traplat poses:

Camo Traplat poses

Code 22 camp training tank

2/27/18: In service to Erebus:

In service to Erebus

Erebus line of 2Eros underwear

3/9/18: fresh underwear:

fresh underwear

Daily Jock ad

3/20/18: Perfectionist in pink sequin:

Perfectionist in pink sequin

Daily Jock ad for Marco Marco

3/23/18: Annals of underwear: the medical jock strap

Annals of underwear: the medical jock strap

suspensory jock (for medical purposes); penis hole jock for display

3/30/18: Pride Time #5: On Barceloneta beach:

Pride Time #5: on Barceloneta beach

NIT and Collection ES underwear

4/4/18: More 1970s underwear:

More 1970s underwear

4 1970s underwear ads

4/19/18: Erective affinities:

Erective affinities

DJ sale on swimwear

4/27/18: Hugely muscular androgyny:

Hugely muscular androgyny

DJ sale photo

5/2/18: He’s got the moves:

He’s got the moves

DJ Underwear Club photo

5/8/18: My skivvies are my lifestyle:

My skivvies are my lifestyle

DJ Modus Vivendi photo

5/10/18: slide in(to) (y)our DM’s:

slide in(to) (y)our DM’s

spread of DJ “influencers” in their underwear; underwear from D.M., Don Moris, and DannyMiami

5/12/18: Down and dirty underwear for Mothers Day:

Down and dirty underwear for Mothers Day

DJ Cellblock13 photo

5/20/18: Blue light special:

Blue light special

DJ Breedwell photo

5/30/18: Punks


#5 Vitor Melo in his underwear

6/6/18: Now We Are Nine, a Journey to the East:

Now We Are Nine, a Journey to the East

DJ 2eros and Supawear photos

6/13/18: The Calvin Klein pentachromatic neon rainbow:

The Calvin Klein pentachromatic neon rainbow

CK Pride Trunks in 5 neon colors

6/21/18: Up in the air, sky-high, sky-high:

Up in the air, sky-high, sky-high

DJ 2eros photos

6/23/18: Four things for Prode:

Four things for Pride

DJ sale; Tomboy X; LOBBO



DJ sale on Jor clothing; Jor Pride Swim Trunks

7/19/18: Get your cruise face on:

Get your cruise face on

DJ ad for CellBlock13 underwear; Varsity brand underwear

7/27/18: I Am Your Bottom:

I Am Your Bottom

DJ ad for Helsinki Athletica

8/6/18: Two occasions, four cartoons:

Two occasions, four cartoons

DJ ads for Garçon Model and Pump! underwear

8/14/18: Butch fagginess:

Butch fagginess

DJ ad for Barcode Berlin; other underwear and swimwear shots

8/21/18: Jo Flamingo:

Jo Flamingo

DJ ad for Marco Marco; other underwear shots

8/27/18: The Three Marcos, The Three Marcusites:

The Three Marcos, the Three Marcusites

3 ads for Marcuse underwear

9/3/18: Union strong!:

Union strong!

DJ ad for Labor Day jockstrap sale

9/16/18: Waving your flag:

Waving your flag

DJ ad for JOR underwear and swimwear; Cover Male underwear and swimwear

10/17/18: PUMP!ing it up:

PUMP!ing it up

DJ ads for PUMP! and Code22 underwear

10/27/18: The holidays of our lives:

The holidays of our lives

2eros orange-pouched jockstrap for Halloween

11/4/18: Annals of word retrieval: in promiscuous positions:

Annals of word retrieval: in promiscuous positions

Andrew Christian FUKR Provocative brief

11/5/18: Mandala swimmer, Kali tat, Bansia stamp:

Mandala swimmer, Kali tat, Banksia stamp

2eros Mandala swimwear

11/18/18: Randy Blue purifies the air:

Randy Blue purifies the air

Randy Blue actor dancing in his Calvins

11/29/18: He came from the sea … and can love only me:

He came from the sea … And can only love me

Marcuse Arrest Me swim briefs, on two different models

12/25/18: The 12 days of Christmas:

The 12 days of Christmas

DJ sale ad

1/25/19: Blue roses:

Blue roses

DJ sale for Australia Day: 2eros swimwear

1/26/19: News for Aussie penises on their national day:

News for Aussie penises on their national day

2004 aussieBum sale for Australia Day

2/13/19: Captain of our fairy band:

Captain of our fairy band

DJ Marco Marco Luv U briefs for Valentine’s Day

2/13/19: Mesh Man: Always Open for Business®:

Mesh Man: Always Open for Business®

DJ Varsity Mesh underwear

2/20/19: News for penises: notes on phallophilia:

News for penises: notes on phallophilia

3/31/19: Moon shorts 1: the Moons:

Moon shorts 1: the Moons

DJ Berlin Barcode Moon Shorts

4/9/19: Athletica Sport Dick, how I admire thee:

Athletica Sport Dick, how I admire thee

DJ Helsinki Athletica Sport jockstraps

4/21/19: Let’s have a kiki … in me:

Let’s have a kiki … in me

DJ Berlin Barcode crop tops

4/27/19: A standout in his shorts:

A standout in his shorts

DJ Varsity Mesh shorts, jock

5/15/19: News for Fenis:

News for Fenis

penis bag (with drawstring)

5/22/19: The videographer:

The videographer

#7 2(X)IST underwear ad

5/24/19: The ballet of Mango Meshman:

The ballet of Mango Meshman

ads for Trough line of DJX underwear

6/19/19: The Magnificent WaterSports:

The Magnificent WaterSports

ads for PUMP! swimwear in the WaterShorts line, underwear in the Creamsicle line

7/6/19: 4th of July displays:

4th of July displays

more Trough DJX underwear, in blue, white, and red

7/22/19: The boys of Boris Beauville:

The boys of Boris Beauville

three racy underwear ads (2 for Supawear, one for Marco Marco)

7/27/19: Wary:


magenta bikini briefs on a pornstar

8/14/19: Il Leopardo di Sparta:

Il Leopardo di Sparta

harnesses from the Sparta’s company

8/31/19: Come lay your carnal weapons by:

Come lay your carnal weapons by

Daily Jocks mystery underwear ad

9/12/19: BOY Party!:

BOY Party!

Fire Island underwear party

9/17/19: The amazing talking pirate:

The amazing talking pirate

#3 two gayboys in black piratical underwear

9/24/19: In the cowboys’ locker room:

In the cowboys’ locker room

#3 DJ Locker Gear jockstrap ad

10/1/19: Skirting the lines:
concealing/revealing underwear ads

10/1/19: Up to the line, and sometimes over:

Up to the line, and sometimes over

DJ Varsity mesh harness/trunk ad, with a series of other underwear ads

10/5/19: A man, his hands, his pants:

A man, his hands, his pants

another DJ Varsity mesh harness ad, with model’s hand in his pants

10/6/19: Aerodynamic penguins:

Penguin aerodynamics

underwear from Sock It To Me

10/12/19: Butch fagginess, take3:

Butch fagginess, take 3

DJ Varsity mesh top + neon pink harness underneath

10/14/19: Space candy:

Space Candy

DJ ad for PUMP! Space Candy underwear

10/16/19: Adventures in homomasculinity: the pink jock:

Adventures in homomasculinity: the pink jock

pink jockstraps

11/18/19: HardSoft:


CellBlock 13 Covert jockstrap, with hard skin on the pouch but soft luxurious lining

11/20/19: A regular festival of ambiguity:

A regular festival of ambiguity

“regular guy” underwear ads of the 20th century; Underwear Gods; pornesque ads for Supawear and for Breedwell Cumpdump jocks; recent Macy’s “regular guy” underwear ad

12/14/19: Xmas beefcake for a good cause:

Xmas beefcake for a good cause

4 models in pouch-protruding Xmas underwear

12/17/19: All I want for XXXmas:

All I want for XXXmas

Cellblock 13 and Helsinki Athletica underwear

12/26/19: The first two days of Christmas

The first two days of Christmas

DJ Boxing Day sale with beefy model in thong

1/6/20: Yo Day 3: side-eye at the circuit party:

Yo Day 3: Side-eye at the circuit party

DJX model in harnesses and jockstraps

1/11/20: Beach bare:

Beach bare

transparent plastic beach shorts

2/13/20: Lincoln Darwin Valentine Day:

Lincoln Darwin Valentine Day

#6 heart-pattern brief with peek-a-boo cutouts; #7 DJX Trough jock, harness, and socks

2/19/20: Trough Pride:

Trough Pride

2 shots of model in DJX Trough Pride wear

2/21/20: Magical Mystery Crotch Rocketman:

Magical Mystery Crotch Rocketman

DJ’s Mystery Underwear man

3/5/20: Avant l’orgie:

Avant l’orgie

DJ Helsinki Athletica ad

3/10/20: Spanish fetish all over the guy:

Spanish fetish all over the guy

Locker Gear jockstraps

3/16/20: Bearfly boy:

Bearfly boy

underwear with printed belts and printed jokey flies

4/2/20: Astride the Jockstrap Trail:

Astride the Jockstrap Trail

two lines of Supawear jockstraps

4/10/20: Easter eggs 2020.2: The homoerotic egg hunt:

Easter eggs 2020.2: The homoerotic egg hunt

remarkably homoerotic DJ underwear ads for Easter

4/16/20: The Grim Mouser:

The Grim Mouser

#3 DJ Modus Vivendi ad

5/5/20: Play me, Sam:

Play me, Sam

DJ Sparta’s ad

5/20/20: Minimalist, and sometimes anti-bacterial:

Minimalist, and sometimes anti-bacterial

an assortment of extravagant underwear ads, plus John Cena’s pink thong

5/27/20: Happy Memorial Day:

Happy Memorial Day

American flag briefs for Memorial Day

5/31/20: The death of images:

The death of images

underwear model Arad Winwin for Andrew Christian

6/1/20: Aradesque?:


Arad Winwin look-alike modeling underwear for PUMP!

6/3/20: I see London, I see France, I see Batman’s underpants:

I see London, I see France, I see Batman’s underpants

ghostly underwear in Nick Veasey’s x-ray artworks

6/12/20: Bad Chico:

Bad Chico

flagrantly gay underwear from the Bad Chico company

6/20/20: Ephebe with big package:

Ephebe with a big package

stretch joggers from Helsinki Athletica (with notable moose-knuckle)

7/4/20: Pretty, and sometimes, protuberant, in pink:

Pretty, and sometimes protuberant, in pink

Elia Kos Enhancing swimwear (with pouches)

7/7/20: Navy famingos and roseate spoonbills:

Navy flamingos and roseate spoonbills

more Elia pouchwear

7/9/20: Midnight Tropics:

Midnight Tropics

more Elia pouchwear, now focused on the buttocks

7/13/20: Turkish turquoise:

Turkish turquoise

yet more Elia pouchwear and Turkish Tile pattern

7/16/20: quiescent and deliquescent:
PUMP! Axess Trunks

7/20/20: Gay couple in Pouchland:
Modus Vivendi Peace line (on a gay couple)

7/21/20: Further adventures in Pouchland:
Aktiv NRG; DJX Amplify

7/24/20: A Byzantine bulge and Byzantine buttocks:
Byzantine boxer briefs

7/31/20: In Pouchland, where body size is irrelevant:
Hanes ad advertising underwear for men of all sizes, while emphasizing puches

8/4/20: Towards the high end of the hardness scale:
Breedwell Cumdump underwear

9/1/20: The brokini:

9/3/20: Take me, please (supine version):
Daily Jocks fetishwear for getting fucked in

9/8/20: Forget the fly, go for the hole:
innovative men’s underwear from the 60s from Regency Square

9/16/20: Waiting for my man:
another Daily Jocks underwear ad that flirts with anal intercourse

9/30/20: An offer of the body:
Daily Jocks ad for Helsinki Athletica, with the model apparently offering himself for sex

10/28/20: Every picture tells a story:
homoerotic Daily Jocks ad for Helsinki Athletica

10/29/20: Cruisy contempolence
contemptuous insolent presentations of the body in underwear ads

11/2/20: A diversion at the beginning of election week:
Daily Jocks DJX ad

1/9/21: Work up a sweat with Franky
Daily Jocks ad

1/13/21: Fun jocks and their models:
Daily Jocks PUMP ad

1/19/21: pair of jockstrap:
TBô company and its underwear

1/22/21: Another monument of butch fagginess:
a Daily Jocks sale ad featuring a pink and playful jockstrap

1/29/21: The sexual essence of a jockstrap:
a Daily Jocks sale ad focused on the jockstrap / thong as a sexual object

2/6/21: Is that an American flag in your crotch?:
flag-themed underwear for Presidents Day

2/16/21: Hello, Sailor:
nautical-striped underwear

2/27/21: Golden Boy does a cock tease:
DJX Liquid Shorts in gold, from the Circuit collection

3/1/21: Fired up for the grand finale:
DJX black jockstrap from the Circuit collection

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