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More Magrittean disavowals

June 28, 2017

Today’s Zippy:


One in a long series of Zippy strips about Tod Browning’s film Freaks, the characters in it, and the actors who played them (only some of them posted about here). Also one in a long series of strips referring to the Magrittean disavowal, a contradiction between text and image: in this case, the title of this comic strip, This is not a comic strip.


The feast day of Saint George of the Beverly Tearoom

June 25, 2017

This is not only Pride day in many major cities, San Francisco included, but it’s also the birthday of Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou, known professionally as George Michael, born 6/25/63 — Saint George of the Beverly Tearoom, the patron saint of parks at night. Saint George of the BT (as he has become familiarly known) is also celebrated on his Day of Erection, April 7th, commemorating April 7th, 1998, when he was arrested and publicly shamed for his sexual activities in public places, but then, through his defiant music, rose from the dirt to become a King of the Queers.

Today we sing to Saint George, who went down on his knees for all of us and offered his body to all of us.


G.I. Joe goes ‘mo

June 22, 2017

(The subject will lead to plain-language discussions of mansex, so not for kids or the sexually modest.)

From the Huffington Post on the 14th, gay news from the superhero world: “‘G.I. Joe’ Just Got A Homoerotic Makeover: Is it hot in here — or is it just all of these flexing furry muscles?” by Noah Michelson”



Anniversaries: 50, 55, and more

June 12, 2017

Today, June 12th, is Loving Day (the anniversary — the 50th — of the court decision in Loving v. Virginia) and also Pulse Day (the anniversary — the first — of the murders at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando FL), plus the anniversary — the 55th — of my graduation from Princeton. In four days, more anniversaries: Bloomsday (the anniversary — the 113th — of the day during which the events of James Joyce’s Ulysses unfolded and also my step-son Kit Transue’s birthday — a solid square number — and the anniversary — unbelievably, the 55th — of the day when Ann Daingerfield and I were married.


Distracting moments in gay male erotica

June 6, 2017

(Warning: kinky mansex territory, so NSFW and not for kids or the sexually modest.)

The header on a Facebook posting by Michael Palmer, which took me to the BareTwinks site and scenes like ths one:



Pride Time #1: the pink and the purple

June 2, 2017

Now that we’re into Pride Month, I’m overwhelmed with offers of relevant postings. I’ll start with some plants with flowers in the gay colors pink and purple, mostly purple today (with lavender for another day), including the wild pansy, aka Johnny-jump-up and tickle-my-fancy.


The eve of Pride Month

May 31, 2017

… brings gay porn sales for the occasion. (Warning: this will be about gay porn, with frank discussion of men’s bodies and mansex, so it’s not for kids or the sexually modest.) The cover photo (technically not X-rated) for the C1R sale:


#1 focuses on one theme of the sale offerings: daddy-boy relationships. Then there’s a trio of Cocky Boys videos (featuring  young, impertinent, highly sexed characters) depicted in an AZBlogX posting, “Cocky Boys for Pride”. And finally, an ad section offering Brawn sex toys in the O-M-GLOW line: soft touch silicone that glows blue or orange in the dark.


Rodeos and sword dances

May 27, 2017

(Warning: there will be talk of penises and mansex.)

On The Hill site on 5/21, “Tillerson: ‘Not my first sword dance’ in Saudi Arabia”, by Jill Manchester:

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Sunday that his sword dance the previous night in Saudi Arabia was not his first.

“I hadn’t been practicing, Chris, but it was not my first sword dance,” Tillerson told Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace.

Tillerson and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross linked arms during the dance with Saudi performers on Saturday night. [REDACTED] also took part, swaying to the music, and appeared to enjoy the ceremonial dance. The event took place on [REDACTED]’s first day visiting Saudi Arabia, his first stop on his first foreign trip as president.


Ross and Tillerson sword-dancing among Saudis


Non-standard sex talk

May 26, 2017

I’ll start with the steamy gay sex talk from an on-line messaging site — sensitive readers are hereby warned about this content — and then go on to focus on a non-standard syntactic construction in this exchange, what the YGDP (the Yale University Grammatical Diversity Project: English in North America) calls the Needs Washed construction (using as a label an instance of the instruction), involving a PSP complement of a head V.


Brainless Tales, with more news for penises

May 20, 2017

#4 in my “Squid Pro Quo” posting is from Marcus Connor’s Brainless Tales, a new webcomic for me, but one largely devoted to language play. And immediately I came across this cartoon, with a portmanteau noun denoting a hybrid, doubly phallic, foodstuff:


baniener = banana + wiener, denoting a decidedly louche anthromorphized banana-wiener. Hey, baby, wanna dance?