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Double your pleasure

February 20, 2017

(This posting has no redeeming social value whatsoever, and hardly any linguistic interest, but it can afford some laughs. It is, however, about gay porn ads, describing hard-core mansex, so not for kids or the sexually modest.)

The hard-core evidence is on AZBlogX, in a posting titled “Sleazy Presidents Day with Michael Lucas” (Michael Lucas the gay porn honcho), with a holiday ad (#1) plus a still from a video the company has on sale (#2).


Stud Finder

February 18, 2017

(Discussion of men’s bodies and male-on-male sex in mostly very plain language, so not for kids or the sexually modest.)

Today’s playtime viewing began with a compilation video of scenes from porn flicks featuring Trenton Ducati, beginning with an especially nicely crafted scene from the 2012 TitanMen Stud Finder, involving Jed Athens, Ford Andrews, and Ducati. Well, yes, a bit of titular word play, combining carpentry / construction work and hot men.


The DVD cover, with Ducati in the middle


Sex and smiles for VDay

February 14, 2017

(Everyday mansex — just your ordinary fellatio — discussed in plain language, mostly analytically rather than enthusiastically, so maybe not enough to frighten the horses in the street. Use your judgment.)

The Michael Lucas studio ad for a Valentine’s Day offer, cropped here for the sake of modesty (the full image, of happy cocksucking, can be viewed on AZBlogX):

When the Old Porn Peddler comes on a holiday, he naturally turns to puns. For Valentine’s Day, it’s probably going to involve heart and hard-on, as here.

Commentary: on the heart/hard pun for VDay; on the figure of the Old Porn Peddler; on the smiles by both cocksman and cocksucker (even though the latter has his mouth filled by a big dick); and on what the men are doing with their hands.


VDay hands in pants

February 13, 2017

No redeeming linguistic or social value, just a model for AliExpress showing off the company’s Valentine’s Day kiss boxers (and his lean muscular body), accentuated by intensely sexual gazes. In three colors and three poses, but all with his hand in his pants.


Saint George, patron saint of parks at night

February 7, 2017

(Warnings. There will be talk of men’s bodies and sex between men, mostly in plain language, so this is not for kids or the sexually modest. And there will be comparisons of mansex to religious ritual, which some might find sacrilegious and therefore offensive.)

That would be the singer George Michael, as canonized by Australian artist Scott Marsh. The cover of the March-April 2017 Gay & Lesbian Review:


One allusion is to Michael’s enthusiasm for sex in public places — in mens rooms, in the hookup areas of parks, and so on — which eventually triggered his coming out as gay and led to his fashioning defiant celebrations of his sexuality and of these practices. Another allusion is to sexual acts, especially mansex, as analogues of religious rituals: a man sucking cock as worshiping the essence of maleness on his knees, a man getting fucked as offering his body to another man as sacrifice.

To come: the Scott Marsh mural; about George Michael’s music, with an appreciation of several of his songs; musings on sex in public, its organization as a social practce, and entrapment by police; and the rituals of mansex.



January 31, 2017

(It starts with tasty stuff, but eventually there will be some distasteful stuff. Be prepared.)

Yesterday it was Betty Crocker Fudge Brownies, which drew a giggle from me (because I have a dirty mind), So let’s start with fudge and brownies, the foodstuffs.


Joe Gage

January 28, 2017

(About video mansex, so not for kids or the sexually modest.)

On the 24th, “A day with Danny Vox in the ultimate fantasy t-room”, an appreciation of the actor Danny Vox in Joe Gage’s Titan porn video Mens Room Bakersfield Station (2004), a long and complex production set in a fantasy t-room in the Bakersfield CA bus station. Now some words on Gage and his career in filming mansex.


A kiss is just a kiss

January 27, 2017

(About men kissing and how people interpret such acts. There will be references to man-on-man sexual acts, so you should be prepared to exercise some judgment.)

A kiss is not just a kiss; it’s almost always something else as well. Sticking to the topic of men kissing men, we’ve got MSMs (“men who have sex with men” — but identify as straight) who sometimes won’t kiss men; and then we’ve got people who are offended and disgusted just at the sight of same-sex kisses, especially between men, and lash out in various ways, from having them banned from public view to verbally abusing the kissers to physically attacking them. These two reactions spring from two different views of same-sex kissing: for MSMs, who want “just sex”, kissing can be problematic because it isn’t sex, it’s affection and love, and emotional intimacy is not what they’re in the market for; while for enraged objectors, same-sex kissing is a sex act, and doing it in public is having sex in public, which is offensive, simply unacceptable.

Then there are people like me, for whom images like this —


— are deeply satisfying, because we see the kiss as embodying both loving affection and sexual connection, while not being in itself a sex act. Two responses, together: “Awww, so sweet!” and “Wow, that’s hot!”


A day with Danny Vox in the ultimate fantasy t-room

January 24, 2017

(A posting about a gay pornstar and his best video performance. About identities and personas; the negotiation of sex in public places; the structuring of gay porn flicks; with several linguistic notes. But there’s no getting around the fact that there’s a lot here about men’s bodies and man-on-man sex in very plain language, so this posting is not for kids or the sexually modest.)

Inspired by a recent re-viewing of Joe Gage’s Titan Media production Mens Room Bakersfield Station (2004), I’m posting about its star, Danny Vox (hereafter DV). I’ll lead with a startling photo that shows several of his salient characteristics:


DV in a Please Fuck Me pose, cropped to eliminate his junk and his asshole (which is what’s enthusiastically on offer in the full photo), so as to focus instead on his wonderful smile, projecting amiability and playfulness (two characteristics that are rarely far from the surface in his publicity photos).


Poppin’ Fresh in a pink dress

January 22, 2017

(It starts with dough and cross-dressing and eventually touches on several sexy topics. So: definitely racy, but probably not enough to frighten the horses in the street.)

Today’s Rhymes With Orange portrays the kinky side of the Pillsbury Doughboy, Poppin’ Fresh (the advertising icon and mascot of the Pillsbury Company):


The Doughboy cross-dressing in an adorable pink skirt — a fluted cupcake liner, from the set on the kitchen counter.

Now: some remarks on cupcakes; a note on sexual undercurrents in the Poppin’ Fresh ads; and extensive discussion of sentient, speaking figures (often anthropomorphic, as here) in advertising, cartoons, or fictions of other kinds, figures that are in fact foodstuffs.