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A quick sponge-bath

June 20, 2016

… especially of the armpits and crotch / privates / genitals: a whore’s bath. I first noticed the usage in an episode of the tv series Supernatural (S9 E13 “The Purge”, first aired 2/6/14):


The character Dean Winchester (played by Jensen Ackles), called to quick action on a case. Dean goes on, “I’ll be ready in five.”


Pleasures of patriotic penetration

June 17, 2016

(Well, dildos and vibrators, so not for everybody.)

Passed on by Jeff Shaumeyer on Facebook, a startling sex toy, from the BlogRebellen website yesterday:


Fühl den Nationalstolz tief in dir mit dem Deutschland-Dildo ‘Feel national pride deep within you with the Deutschland Dildo’

Black, red, and gold (the colors of the German national flag, in order, here from the black Eichel, or dickhead,  to the gold Hoden, or balls), in silicone, with natural-looking veining and a suction-cup base. Be a penis patriot: fuck yourself the bold Teutonic way!


Rainbows and b8r bait

June 13, 2016

It’s Pride month, time for rainbow everything (as symbols of solidarity and resistance to oppression) and also time for defiant celebrations of same-sex desire, same-sex sexual acts, and social and personal motss-identification. All especially important in the face of explicit attempts to exterminate our community, like the monstrous wickedness in Orlando the night before last. As usual, I’ve sequestered the images of sexual body parts on AZBlogX (“The dick days of summer”, here, with three stirring photos for gay men), but I won’t be shy about talking about men’s bodies and the excellent sexual practice of masturbation, so this isn’t for kids or the sexually modest.


Morning spunk: same word, different word

May 27, 2016

In a sense, a re-play of an earlier posting, “spunk” of 3/16/11, which was about spunk ‘spirit, mettle, courage, pluck’ vs. spunk ‘semen, seminal fluid’. Now spunk appeared as a morning name for me a few days ago, along with the ‘pluck’ context of the interview between Mary Richards (played by Mary Tyler Moore) and Lou Grant (played by Ed Asner) in the first episode of the Mary Tyler Moore Show: Grant: “You’ve got spunk … I hate spunk.”

That led me to NOAD2, where I found a single noun entry with three subentries:

1 informal courage and determination.
2 tinder; touchwood.
3 Brit. vulgar slang semen.

(Note: seminal spunk might be more common in BrE than AmE, but it is scarcely unknown in AmE, as a search will readily confirm.)

Speaking informally, this dictionary presents these three as a single word with three different uses (all of which ae available in my speech), while I would have thought these were three different words which just happened to be identical in spelling and pronunciation. What could possibly unite them?


Monday language comics

May 16, 2016

Two Monday comics on linguistic topics: a Calvin and Hobbes with an unfortunate ambiguity (pitch the tent), and a Zits with a portmanteau for a combo sport (dodgebowl):




Ed Fisher across the Atlantic

May 14, 2016

The cartoonist Ed Fisher (who now has his own Page on this blog) is most closely identified with the New Yorker (which published over 700 of his cartoons), but he drew for other publications as well, including the British weekly Punch. William Cole’s 1969 anthology The Punch Line: Presenting Today’s Top Twenty-five Cartoon Artists from England’s Famous Humo(u)r Magazine has a section devoted to him, in fact. From this volume, three cartoons of linguistic interest.



May 13, 2016

(About masturbation and its accompanying vocabulary, so probably not for kids or the sexually modest.)

The news for penises: the occasion is (International) Masturbation Month (the merry month of May), the news is the sexual verb stroke ‘masturbate, wank, jack off’ (both intransitive and transitive) — a specialization of the tactile verb — and the impetus for this posting is a Kink Store ad touting masturbation sleeves (aka cocksleeves) under the names stroking toys, cock strokers, and auto strokers. In particular the ONYX device, vividly illustrated in action in an image on AZBlogX.


Escorts, rentboys, male hustlers

May 9, 2016

(Only a bit about language, and given the topic, not for kids or the sexually modest.)

The subject of the 2009 book:

Escort: 40 Profiles with Photographs of Men Who Sell Sex (text by David Leddick and Heriberto Sanchez, photographs by David Vance)


(cover model: Stefan Pinto)

Leddick has a significant career writing about male nudes and male photography, and Vance is a well-known male photographer (though almost always modest in his work, concealing genitals in one way or another, as in the cover photo).


paying for it

May 6, 2016

A graphic memoir by a veteran cartoonist:

A painfully honest accounting of Brown’s hiring women for sex (yes, not all the sex on this blog is gay sex — though there is a Page here for postings about male prostitution) and, separately (in a set of appendices, pp. 229-80), a case for the decriminalization of sex work.


Where is he now?

May 2, 2016

(Mostly about tiki stuff, but with some initial talk of hot-hot man-man sex, which you should skip over if you’re modest about such things.)

A week ago, in “Sex comics: Brad Parker / Ace Moorcock”, I wrote about gay cartoonist Brad Parker (who also worked under the jokey name Ace Moorcock), especially in his 1988 book Oh Boy! — but without posting any X-rated images, an omission I’ve now remedied with a posting (about three strips from his series “Bigdicked Cocksucking Surfers”) on AZBlogX (more on this below).

But then readers of my earlier posting wondered what had happened to Brad Parker. Where was he now? The answer is: on the Big Island of Hawaii, creating Tiki Art — a genre of pop art, though Parker prefers the label Low Brow Art (for works that might be categorized as folk or outsider art, except that it’s created knowingly) — under the professional name Tiki Shark. More on the Tiki phenomenon and Tiki Shark below, but for a taste, here’s Parker’s Red Tiki Lounge:




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