9/23/09: Lifting shirts: ad showing various degrees of shirt-lifting; shirt-lifting, shirt-lifter(and to shirt-lift) in two senses (torso display, male homosexuality)

9/27/09: Swish Exhibitionism:

11/9/09: Pants-lower:
as a parallel to shirt-lift

another ad with shirt-lifting

7/1/10: Golden State Rufskin tit:
shirt-lifting in Rufskin ad

8/2/10: Who is this message intended for?:
Tom of Finland shirt-lifting display

8/2/10: Five from 2005: XXX-rated collages:
1 “Exposure”, a riff on shirt-lifting, with a Collage Essay on the subject

9/17/10: Update: an endnote on shirt-lifting:
a teasing example of rear, rather than frontal, shirt-lifting, from the fashion model Romulo Arantes

10/19/10: Underwear gods:

11/15/10: Annals of anatomical vocabulary:
inguinal ligament, with shirt-lifting thrown in

2/16/12: Homactu:
shirt-lifting shot from Homactu magazine

10/21/12: Marc Bessange:
shirt-lifting shot by photographer Bessange

4/4/13: Calendars: Boy Next Door, Philip Fusco:
shirt-lifting in the Boy Next Door calendar

9/2/15: Flaunting it:
shirt-lifting and pants-lowering in PUMP! ads

10/20/15: Shirtless Mondays:
#3 actor Seann William Scott shirt-lifting

12/3/15: José Parra:
#14 model Parra shirt-lifting

1/31/16: Cruise Jogger:
#3 and #4 shirt-lifting in PUMP! ads

11/25/17: Pillowtalk:
Barry Humphries’s character Sir Leslie Colin “Les” Patterson: “Australia is swarming with raving shirt-lifters and pillow-biters.”

3/19/18: I Was a Cock-Teaser for Roosterama!:
#3 p.r. shot of Mitchell Rock for the gay porn flick Cock Tease, with shirt-lifting

10/17/18: PUMP!ing it up:
#6 shirt-lifting in an ad for Code 22 sportswear

7/22/19: The boys of Boris Beauville:
#5 shirt-lifting a tank top as a homo sign

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