postings on Language Log and this blog about English constructions with the definite article (arthrous) or without it (anarthrous)

☛ AZ, 3/12/04, SemFest handout on “Isolated NPs”:

Click to access isolated.hnd.pdf

related to anarthrousness, but mostly distinct from it

GP, 11/7/04: Renowned author Dan Brown staggered through his formulaic opening sentence:
anarthrous occupation + personal name

GP, 3/12/06: Pretty girl visiting your town:
anarthrousness in non-native English

☛ Lynne Murphy on University of X versus X University:

GP, 8/7/06: Dan Brown news update:
see #1628

AZ, 9/2/06: What’s the name of your university?:
university names; prepositional names are generally arthrous, though that isn’t explicitly discussed here

AZ, 9/3/06: University name bulletins:
university names

AZ, 9/5/06: The the in The Ohio State University:

AZ, 9/5/06: Manchester mouse born from mountain:
university names

GP, 2/15/07: In (the) future:

☛ Lynne Murphy on ‘the’ in front of ‘hospital’ and some medical conditions:

GP, 8/28/07: Syntax under pressure:
arthrousness in country names

GP, 9/16/07: Language Log is strong:
proper names

AZ, 9/17/07: (an)arthrous abbreviations:

ML, 9/23/07: Bagatelling around:
anarthrous mere bagatelle

AZ, 9/30/07: Language Log only pretty strong:

AZ, 11/8/07: The Google:

GP, 12/13/07: Antarctic WTF:
anarthrous ship in Abandon ship!

3/1/09: Singular humanities (round 2):
arthrous the humanities, resembles arthrous proper names like the Fugs

5/12/09: Swine!:
alternation in types of influenza: (the) swine flu

ML, 1/22/10: Ask Language Log: “On point”:

Ask Language Log: “On point”

ML, 3/10/10: Around the water cooler:

Around the water cooler

anarthrous variants internet

3/14/11: Arthrousness:


inventory of postings

3/14/11: Anarthrous U.S.:

Anarthrous U.S.

9/20/12: mooch(er)- words:
arthrous common-noun construction (the windy city) turned into a proper name (the Windy City); anarthrous proper nouns like Fat City

1/26/14: Band names in the:
Neal Whitman on arthrous vs. arthrous band names

8/6/14: The definite article of fame:
anarthrous and arthrous identifications, both conveying uniqueness

12/19/14: The Zip-man:
arthrous jocular monikers

1/31/15: Type names and individual names:
cars: arthrous type names and anarthrous individual names

7/15/15: Dead Tongues:
Stanford Linguistics rock band: anarthrous Dead Tongues

10/4/15: (the) Batman:

10/15/15: Morning name: Carla Ventresca: anarthrous kinterm as modifier: husband Henry

11/25/18: What do you have?:
arthrousness in disease names

1/23/19: The penguin who would be king:
anarthrous role or position, as in “The Man Who Would Be King”

7/9/19: My industry:
anarthrous industry, arthrous the steel industry