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Postings on parodies, burlesques, and playful allusions



a parody of poetry anthologies

The Komodo dragon:

The Komodo Dragon

parodies by Bob and Ray



Wolcott Gibbs’s parody of Timespeak

Words and music:

Words and music

Zippy: plays on formulas

Golden State Rufskin tit:

Golden State Rufskin tit

AMZ riff on a Diane Wakoski poem

The figs of fear:

The figs of fear

on playful allusions vs. snowclones

Revolutionary music:

Revolutionary music

andStar-spangled banners and my country:

Star-spangled banners and my country

references to Louis Moreau Gottschalk’s “The Union” (Op. 48), a concert paraphrase (for the piano) “on the national airs Star Spangled Banner, Yankee Doodle, and Hail Columbia” and Henri Vieuxtemps’s “Souvenir d’Amérique — Variations burlesques sur Yankee Doodle” (Op. 17)

Varying formulas:

Varying formulas

Zippy: variations on formulas

The pig’s daughter:

The pig’s daughter

Zippy: beatnik poetry

Oh X the flowers of spring:

“Oh, X the flowers of spring!”

The Mikado: the people, setting, and language in Doyly Carte productions aren’t authentically Japanese, but fantastical burlesques of “Japanese”

More Zippy names and things:

More Zippy names (and things)

Basil Wolverton’s grotesque images of people

Somewhere over my poncho:

Somewhere over my poncho

Zippy: “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

Lady chow mein:

Lady chow mein

Zippy: “Lady of Spain”; Walt Kelly’s “Deck us all with Boston Charlie” (taking off on “Deck the halls with boughs of holly”)

Back to the 50s:

Back to the ’50s

Zippy: beatnik stuff

Defective, damaged, etc.:

Defective, damaged etc.

Zippy: echo of Isaiah 53:3, as we hear it in Handel’s Messiah

Riffing and ripping on poetry:

Riffing and ripping on poetry

Zippy: Ginsberg’s HOWL

Boldly going:

Boldly going

playful allusions (see “The Figs of Fear”)

American Gothic:

American Gothic

Walker Evans allusion to “American Gothic”

Critical thinking:

Critical thinking

The Flying Spaghetti Monster and other parodic creations

From the puns desk:

From the puns desk

on a large class of puns that play on fixed expressions (idioms, catchphrases, quotations, titles, names, etc.) as models

Munch up to date:

Munch up to date

parodies of Munch’s “The Scream” (and other artistic parodies)



Marisol’s Last Supper: translation, reinterpretation, burlesque?



with a parody limerick

My funny serpentine:

My funny serpentine

Zippy: “My Funny Valentine”

More Zippy burlesque:

More Zippy burlesque

Zippy: “Everything Happens to Me”

Allentown riff:

Allentown riff

Zippy: riffing on Billy Joel’s song “Allentown”

Product satire:

Product satire

Zippy: a festival of mangled product names

Christmas elves:

Christmas elves

Rhymes: burlesque of “You Ain’t Nothin’ But a Hound Dog”

My Favorite Things:

My Favorite Things

Zippy: a riff on “My Favorite Things”

Three deaths:

Three deaths

Ronald Searle parodies and caricatures

Disco Duck:

Burlesques, parodies, playful allusions

Zippy with “Disco Duck”: “Not a burlesque, but a genuine novelty hit from the heyday of disco”

Beatnik poetry. invented and found:

Beatnik poetry, invented and found

Zippy: two pieces of invented beatnik poetry (on tv in the 60s), plus found poetry from Herman Cain back in November 2012

Lunar matters:

Lunar matters

Multiverse: parody of “That’s Amore”

Burlesques, parodies, playful allusions:

Burlesques, parodies, playful allusions

inventory of AZBlog postings, mostly about poetry and song lyrics, but also music and visual art (included in inventory above)

The Pogo files:

The Pogo files

parodies of Christmas carols in Pogo

The Mrowr and The Whine:

The Mrowr and The Whine

art parodies: Munch’s “The Scream”

Captain Obvious:

Captain Obvious

comic-book parody Captain Obvious



Zippy with parody of the folksong “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?”



parodies of Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks




Moocher words:

mooch(er)- words

parody of “I am the very model of a modern Major General”

Nightmare stories:

Nightmare stories

Rudolph Friedmann from Dwight Macdonald’s Parodies

Verbing garbage:

Verbing garbage

film Never Too Young To Die as parody of James-Bond-style spy movies

The fourth wall:

The fourth wall

parody comic strips

On the Weiner watch:

On the Weiner watch

gay porn parody flick Anthony’s Weener

Share the rainbow:

Share the rainbow

#2: parody of Skittles ads

Zippy on comic books:

Zippy on comic books

#2: Wonder Wart-Hog, a parody of Superman

Santa art:

Santa art

Ed Wheeler parody of Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks



parody pulp comic Bibliobimbo

For National Cartoonists Day:

For National Cartoonists Day

#1: Rhymes cartoon with parody of The Cat in the Hat

Three more diverse:

Three more diverse

#2: Multiverse cartoon as parody of PBS children’s series Arthur



Zippy; parodies of HOWL

Ruthie misinterprets:

Ruthie (mis)interprets

#2 One Big Happy on Gilligan’s Island: mondegreens + eggcorns, or parody?

Visual burlesque:

Visual burlesque

Costaldo and Huhn burlesques

Porn parody cartoons:

Porn parody cartoons

Tristan Farnon’s Leisure Town, with parody of Dilbert

Don’t go changin’!:

Don’t go changin’!

Zippy parody of Billy Joel’s “Just the Way You Are”

Snowy lanes:

Snowy lanes

Zippy parody of Robert Frost’s “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”

Zippy Eve:

Zippy Eve

Zippy parody of “A Visit from St. Nicholas”

Set of three:

Set of three

Zippy burlesque of “Jingle Bells”

Ode to Almond Joy:

Ode to Almond Joy

Zippy burlesque of the Ode to Joy

Drag mashups:

Drag mashups

Ryan Landry burlesque drag shows

Earworms, snowmen, and parodies:

Earworms, snowmen, and parodies

Bob Eckstein parody of Nighthawks

6/20/15: Screaming for ice cream:

Screaming for ice cream

Mary Lawton parody of Munch’s “The Scream”

6/28/15: Claude Funston thought …:

Claude Funston thought …

Zippy parody of “The Walrus and the Carpenter”

9/21/15: Be upstanding:

9/21/15: The angle of your erection:

The angle of your erection

burlesque of “The Object of My Affection”

9/27/15: California squirrels:

California squirrels

Andy Singer parody of the Beach Boys’ “California Girls”

10/3/15: Stark morning names:

Stark morning names

Cold Comfort Farm as parody

10/4/15: Joseph Gordon-Levitt:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

G-L in “Magic Joe” parody of film Magic Mike

10/17/15: That’s a moray:

That’s a moray

parodies of “That’s Amore”

11/5/15: Pastiche:


pastiches of Sherlock Holms; parody of Magritte Trahison

11/17/15: The House of the Writhing Pun:

The House of the Writhing Pun

Zippy burlesque of “The House of the Rising Sun”

11/18/15: Somewhere, looking like Bozo:

Somewhere, looking like Bozo

Zippy burlesque of “Over the Rainbow”

12/13/15: The secret life of superheroes:

The secret life of superheroes

Kerry Callen superhero parody cartoons

12/15/15: The news for cartoons:

The news for cartoons

Mads Eriksen gay parody of The Phantom

1/5/16: The news for penises, issue #1 of 2016:

The news for penises, issue #1 of 2016

burlesque of “The Jumblies”

1/7/16: Bilkpoe (and fractured Stein):

Bilkpoe (and fractured Stein)

burlesques of Edgar Allan Poe and Gertrude Stein

1/9/16: More on the Bundy Bunch:

More on the Bundy Bunch

No Snack Mountain, “Let’s All Go to the Standoff”, Snacksden flag

1/11/16: Fractured Didion:

Fractured Didion

burlesques of Joan Didion quotations

1/13/16: Fractured Proust:

Fractured Proust

burlesques of Marcel Proust quotationa

1/13/16: Fractured Joyce:

Fractured Joyce

burlesques of passages from James Joyce’s Ulysses

1/14/16: Fractured Fitzgerald:

Fractured Fitzgerald

burlesques of passages from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s writings

1/24/16: More Ravening:

More Ravening

burlesque of Poe’s “The Raven”

1/25/16: In the burlesque boat with Zippy:

In the burlesque boat with Zippy

burlesque of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”

1/29/16: aussieBum, Shearing the Rams, and Slim Dusty:

aussieBum, Shearing the Rams, and Slim Dusty

aussieBum take-off of Tom Roberts painting Shearing the Rams

2/19/16: Mid-February news for penises:

Mid-February news for penises

“The Pickle Man” parody of “The Candy Man”

3/19/16: Cheese Barrel Polka:

Cheese Barrel Polka

Zippy burlesque of “Beer Barrel Polka”

4/10/16: Feckless, Gormless, and the bull, Lost Positive:

Feckless, Gormless, and the bull, Lost Positive

Cold Comfort Farm and a parody of the parody

4/10/16: Magnitude boys:

Magnitude boys

parody of “Rocky Raccoon”

4/29/16: Meatmen, 1989-2004:

Meatmen 1989-2004

Come Wars burlesque of Star Wars

5/14/16: Brill me tomorrow, Zippy:

Brill me tomorrow, Zippy

Zippy burlesque of “Will You Love Me Tomorrow”

5/26/16: Thurber the illustrator:

Thurber the illustrator

Thurber re-telling of “Little Red Riding Hood”

5/29/16: Kookie Zippy:

Kookie Zippy

unidentified parodies from Zippy

7/21/16: Michael Crawford:

Michael Crawford

parody of Hopper, homsge to Roz Chast

8/11/16: Sit right down:

Sit right down

Zippy parody of “I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter”

8/18/16: If you wanna be Zippy…:

If you wanna be Zippy

Zippy burlesque of Jimmy Soul’s “If You Wanna Be Happy”

9/1/16: Skinflints and Accidents:

Skinflints and Accidents

Zippy burlesque of the Strawberry Alarm Clock’s “Incense and Peppermint[s]”

9/9/16: Julian and Sandy:

Julian and Sandy

AZ Polari burlesque of the “Valse” / “Waltz” from Façade

9/16/16: Going all the way gay with the X-Men:

Going all the way gay with the X-Men gay porn parody of the X-Men movies

10/16/16: … and his fruit was sweet to my taste:

… and his fruit was sweet to my taste

burlesque of passage from the Song of Solomon; burlesque of “Lemon Tree”

11/7/16: November 7th, in the liminal zone:

November 7th, in the liminal zone

burlesque of 1st verse of Longfellow’s “The Children’s Hour”

11/7/16: Seward Johnson:

Seward Johnson

Johnson visual parody (“God Bless America”) of Grant Wood’s “American Gothic”

12/31/16: Surrealists, but especially Jess:

Surrealists, but especially Jess

parody as criticism, esp. in Jess’s Tricky Cad

1/12/17: Poplar Mechanics:

Poplar Mechanics

parody cover of Popular Mechanics (and Men’s Health)

3/22/17: An outrageous but colorful pun:

An outrageous but colorful pun

xkcd parody of “That’s Amore”

4/24/17: Is that a Paschal Peep in your pouch?:

Is that a Paschal Peep in your pouch?

Lewis Carroll parody of Isaac Watts; AMZ parody of both of these

6/3/17: This is not a President:

This is not a President

Annette Müllender parody of Magritte

6/11/17: Making fun of Batman:

Making fun of Batman

parodies of Batman comics and tv; Batman parodies of Grant Wood’s American Gothic

6/30/17: In the dunes, in the dunes:

In the dunes, in the dunes

AZ parody of “In the Pines”

7/18/17: POP with Poe:

POP with Poe

Rhymes With Orange parody of “The Raven”

7/26/17: I sing the body elastic:

I sing the body elastic

Mikey Bustos parodies

8/17/17: Two cartoonists take on Charlottesville:

Two cartoonists take on Charlottesville

#3 Jon Berkeley parody of Grant Wood’s American Gothic

8/25/17: Revisiting 2: Despacito:

Revisiting 2: Despacito

“Despacito” parody

9/24/17: Stuck in Folsom Prison:

Stuck in Folsom Prison

parody of “Folsom Prison Blues”

10/3/17: The Pink Fellowship:

The Pink Fellowship

parody of “Nights in White Satin”

11/17/17: Singing in parts:

Singing in parts

Zippy parody of “I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire”

11/22/17: Superhero supper:

Superhero supper

2 parodies of the Last Supper; parody of Abbey Road cover; of the photo Lunch atop a Skyscraper

12/10/127: Son of Snowman:

poach egg

Rhymes With Orange parody of Magritte’s The Son of Man

1/2/18: Between Parody and Pastiche:

Between Parody and Pastiche

Zippy pastiche of Raymond Chandler and other hard-boiled detective writers

3/9/18: The further adventures of Dick Danger:

The further adventures of Dick Danger

playful allusion to comic-book private eyes; parody of Firesign Theatre’s Nick Danger, itself a parody of Sam Spade novels

3/21/18: Fifty shades and Justice League:

Fifty shades and the Justice League

gay parodies of Fifty Shades of Grey, Justice League

3/28/18: Deviant Last Suppers:

Deviant Last Suppers

9 queer parodies of Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper

4/14/18: Zombie animations in development:

Zombie animations in development

Zippy burlesque of “Fly Me to the Moon”

4/24/18: POP POP:


riff on Alexander Pope line, burlesque of Psalm 23:4-6

5/3/18: Green trunks in the desert:

Green trunks in the desert

parody of Edward Lea’s “The Jumblies”

5/24/18: Crude japery:

Crude japery

burlesques of ads and book covers

5/29/18: The things that a Dingburger needs:

The things that a Dingburger needs

Zippy burlesque of “My Favorite Things”

6/8/18: I love Moscow with chocolate syrup on top:

I love Moscow with chocolate syrup on top

Zippy burlesque of Bosco jingle

6/12/18: Another moment between Parody and Pastiche with Raymond Zippandler:

Another moment between Parody and Pastiche with Raymond Zippandler

Zippy parody / pastiche of Raymond Chandler

6/25/18: Midsummer cartoons:

Midsummer cartoons

#4 John Atkinson parodies of various artists’ styles

7/1/18: Photobombing Magritte:

Photobombing Magritte

#4 Apple Computer parody of “Son of Man”

8/1/18: Amazing grease:

Amazing grease

Scott Hilburn burlesque of “Amazing Grace”

8/18/18: Grammarian Magazine:

Grammarian Magazine

Grammar Girl parody of Cosmopolitan cover

11/19/18: Revisiting 22: now berries and cherries:

Revisiting 22: now with berries and cherries

AZ parody of refrain from Carroll’s “The Hunting of the Snark”

12/12/18: Song of the season:

Song of the season

Pogo parody/burlesque “Deck us all with Boston Charlie”

12/22/18: For the season: from fish to moose, penguin intervention:

For the season: from fish to moose, penguin intervention

Boynton burlesque of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”

12/25/18: Beat Noel:

Beat Noel

Zippy burlesque of “Silent Night”

12/29/18: Nighthawks in search of an artist:

Nighthawks in search of an artist

Whitehead cartoon parody of Nighthawks

1/2/19: Nighthawks on New Year’s:

Nighthawks on New Year’s

Owen Smith parody of Nighthawks

1/25/19: Blue roses:

Blue roses

AZ take-off on “Heaven Is a Place on Earth”

2/17/19: Eat it! The oral humiliation you deserve:

Eat it! The oral humiliation you deserve

“Weird Al” Yankovic parody of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”

2/19/19: Wading with Vladimir and Estragon:

Wading with Vladimir and Estragon

R. Sikoryak parody of Waiting for Godot

2/20/19: News for penises: notes on phallophilia:

News for penises: notes on phallophilia

burlesque of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Sonnets from the Portuguese; parody/burlesque of Monty Python Anne Elk sketch

2/21/19: For gay penguins, science, and Canada!:

For gay penguins, science and Canada!

parody of Johnson Smith Co. magazine ads; parodies of political language

3/8/19: Vasodilation:


gay parody of “A Spoonful of Sugar”

3/11/19: Roland B. McRiver:

Roland B. McRiver

One Big Happy with burlesque of Tina Turner’s cover of “Proud Mary”

3/26/19: Through a glass penis, darkly:

Through a glass penis, darkly

parody (“Glass Penis”) of the Beatles song “Glass Onion”

4/9/19: Athletica Sport Dick, how I admire thee:

Athletica Sport Dick, how I admire thee

parodies of Donovan’s “I Love My Shirt”; of Stephen Foster’s “Beautiful Dreamer”

4/14/19: The TaXXXman will come for you:

The taXXXman will come for you

parody of Beatles’ “Taxman”

4/17/17: The last Peepshow:

The last Peepshow

Peeps parody dioramas of The Scream, Nighthawks

4/27/19: A standout in his shorts:

A standout in his shorts

play on “Very Soft Shoes” (as “Varsity Mesh Shorts”)

5/1/19: Here we come a-frankerin’:
Cris Shapan burlesques of ads and book jackets; AZ plays on “Here We Come A-Wassailing” and “Why Don’t We Do It in the Road?”

7/2/19: The fiberglass men of Skylunchland:

The fiberglass men of Skylunchland

reworkings of Lunch Atop a Skyscraper photo

7/11/19: Three Pride moments:

Three Pride moments

#1 reworking of Iwo Jima photograph as a Pride composition

7/14/19: The Skylunch of the American economy:

The Skylunch of the American economy

Andrea Ucini reworking of Skylunch for an Economist cover

7/22/19: The boys of Boris Beauville:

The boys of Boris Beauville

take-off on Boris Johnson rant and on “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds”

8/20/19: Theophilus:


parody of the Eagles’ “Hotel California”

8/27/19: Greek eggs and lamb:

Greek eggs and lamb

parody of Dr. Seuss’s “Green Eggs and Ham”

12/14/19: Xmas beefcake for a god cause:

Xmas beefcake for a good cause

ad parody of “Let It Snow”: “Get Enrolled” (in Obamacare)

1/19/20: Rent Spikes / Stoke Dread / By the Sea:

Rent Spikes / Stoke Dread / By the Sea

AZ travesty of “By the Beautiful Sea”

1/22/20: Three little digits:

Three little digits

AZ parody of Ogden Nash’s “The Lama”

2/19/20: Trough Pride:

Trough Pride

AZ parody of “Piggies”

3/4/20: In purple hexadecimal:

In purple hexadecimal

AZ burlesque of Lewis Carroll’s “Father William”

4/3/20: Keep lettin’ him snooze:

Keep lettin’ him snooze

One Big Happy burlesque of “New York, New York”

5/10/20: VT’s Banksy’s Magritte:
two Vadim Temkin take-offs on a Banksy take-off on a Magritte — one, in the negative, like the Magritte original; the other, in the positive, as in the Banksy take-off

5/10/20: Conceptually artistic dicks:

Conceptually artistic dicks

regular blog version of the preceding

5/31/20: The death of images:

The death of images

burlesque of Sine Nomine (“For all the saints”)

6/4/20: Gender presentations in Oz:

Gender presentations in Oz

#1: visual parody “Mermazing” of the Grande Odalisque by Ingres

6/12/20: Bad Chico:

Bad Chico

AZ parody of “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown”

6/21/20: Gay hedgehog:

Gay hedgehog

parodies of Tom Lehrer’s “We Are the Folk Song Army”

7/3/20: Nighthawks in a time of coronavirus:

Nighthawks in a time of coronavirus

parodies of Hopper’s Nighthawks

7/5/20: Budgies on the radside:

Budgies on the roadside

#2 Zippy burlesque of Kerouac’s On the Road

7/12/20: Hot wings on a paper plate:

Hot wings on a paper plate

OBH burlesque of Joyce Kilmer’s “Trees”; Ogden Nash’s famous parody

7/14/20: His banana Ana and his avocados Arnold:

His banana Ana and his avocados Arnold

AZ riff on “Three-Five-Zero-Zero” from the musical Hair

8/8/20: Thighland:


parodies of “Toyland, Toyland” and “Nights in Bangkok”

9/15/20: Cocktail music:

Cocktail music

Bernard DeVoto’s “Cocktail Hour” parody of Longfellow’s “Children’s Hour”

10/14/20: Homage to Magritte:

Homage to Magritte

Temkin parody of Magritte 1937 painting

10/16/20: One more Magritte homage:

One more Magritte homage

Temkin parody of The Lovers

12/28/20: Hornydays:


AZ raunchy parody of “Home for the Holidays”

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