Tom Gauld cartoons

3/9/15: The bookish cartoonist:

The bookish cartoonist

5 cartoons

4/16/15: More quantum cat:

More quantum cat

7/5/15: I Can’t Even:

I Can’t Even

2 cartoons

7/27/15: Bacteriological picture books:

Bacteriological picture books

11/15/15: Title generator, Pavlov:

Title generator, Pavlov

2 Gauld cartoons in New Scientist

3/1/17: Dystopic and anomic:

Dystopic and anomic

graphic novel Mooncop

4/7/18: water source of questionable information:

Water source of questionable information

New Scientist cartoon

4/12/18: The sounds of spring:

The sounds of spring

New Yorker cover

4/23/18: Samuel Beckett’s sitcoms:

Samuel Beckett’s sitcoms

8/21/18: Hazard signage:

Hazard signage

9/20/18: Two bookish Tom Gaulds:

Two bookish Tom Gaulds

1/28/19: Winter gardens:

Winter gardens

New Yorker cover; New Scientist cartoon; Guardian cartoon

3/4/20: Write about what you know:

Write about what you know

3 Gaulds on murder mysteries

10/19/20: The Gauld scientific method:

The Gauld scientific method

New Scientist cartoon

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