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1/23/10: Libfixes:
[on] the “liberation” of parts of words [like –tard, –flation, and –naut], to yield word-forming elements that are semantically like the elements of compounds but are affix-like in that they are typically bound.
… Quinion’s “combining forms” include both liberated elements and elements from complex learnèd forms, as in thermometer. It would be nice to have a term for the liberated elements that is both more memorable than “combining forms” and also signals the origin of these elements in the reanalysis of existing words (whether the source words are ordinary words, as with –tacular, or portmanteaus, as with –dar). I suggest libfix

5/5/11: idiocracy:

6/11/11: Inventory of libfix postings:
organized by libfix, rather than by date

6/21/11: More libfix inventory:

9/2/11: A little libfixfest:

12/18/11: Latkepalooza:

9/20/12: mooch(er)- words

mooch(er)- words

mooch(er) + –ocracy, –palooza, –mania, –ville; in comments, –gate and –land

11/29/12: Libfix tech disasters
the disaster libfixes: -(po)calypse, -(ma)geddon

1/14/13: The news for libfixes
more on disaster libfixes

Neal Whitman in The Week, 9/17/13: A linguistic tour of the best libfixes, from –ana to –zilla:

1/20/15 Once -tastic, now -astic:
inventory of –tastic examples

4/17/15: Annals of (possible) libfixes: -abelia:
compare -(i)ana

5/22/15: A panderthon:

5/26/15: -(a)ganza:

6/20/15: -valanche:

3/14/16: Ignorance:
political -mentum

3/22/16: Annals of naming (and lexical semantics and libfixes):
N stem plus libfix -nap ‘to steal (sth.) for the purpose of obtaining ransom’

4/9/16: Zip-O-Rama:
-orama and its variants

4/19/16: Think of the Xs:

11/20/16: Early libfixology:
two American Speech mentions in the 1940s

1/5/17: The carniguin:
-ocalpypse as a variant of -pocalypse

3/1/17: stans:
the libfix -(i/y)stan

3/2/15: New Yorkistan:

8/5/17: The clean-gasm:
the playful libfix –gasm

8/14/17: Two European estates in America:
Pollinator Palooza

8/15/17: More Zippy-O-Rama:
the playful libfix –orama

11/17/17: Singing in parts:
the animated film Logorama

1/30/18: Zippy returns to Cranston RI:

2/1/18: The penguins are coming, the penguins are coming:

3/30/18: Deviant Passover rites:

4/27/18: The shateria:
washateria ‘laundromat’

5/22/18: brotastic:

10/17/18: PUMP!ing it up:

12/22/18: Santa Jaws
Snowmageddon, Icetastrophe

2/21/19: For gay penguins, science, and Canada!:
tard of retard, libtard

4/10/19: Crunching the festive rabbits:
Dinopocalypse, Godzillapocalypse

9/6/19: The news from Nadoland:
nado from Sharknado, in dumbnado (and more)

1/3/20: The penguinocalypse:

7/19/20: Zipfixation>/strong>:
orama words

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