Sex in public

On t-rooms, glory holes, etc.

2/5/11: T-room action:

7/31/12: glory hole:

8/12/15: Tearoom time:

8/12/15: Tearooms and their features:

1/4/16: Urinating superhoes:
tearoom sex

1/20/16: From Yoasobi News:
tearoom sex, glory holes

2/9/16: Morning names: wiles, Wiles:
section on photographer and porn entrepreneur Paul Morris and on his model gay pornstar Marcus Iron, both ubercocksuckers and devoted to worship at glory holes

4/28/16: Gay Comics in thr 21st century:
t-room sequence in Mioki’s Side by Side

9/6/16: Another visit to the glory hole:
Dirk Yates’s Shore Leave, with glory hole section

12/21/16: The advancing horde of shelf elves:
glory holes

1/24/17: A day with Danny Vox in the ultimate fantasy t-room:
t-rooms in real life and in gay porn

1/28/17: Joe Gage:
sex clubs, gay bars, video arcades, glory holes, t-rooms, truck stops

2/7/17: Saint George, patron saint of parks at night:
sex in public in general, esp. t-room sex

3/11/17: Ejaculatory pop:
L.A. Tool & Die scene in sex club

4/21/17: rest stop:
rest stop t-rooms; Conner Habib on rest stop sex; gay porn video

6/25/17: The feast day of Saint George of the Beverly Tearoom:
t-room where Gerge Michael was busted

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