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Three remarkably named men’s fragrances

February 20, 2021

First, to announce a new Page on this blog listing my postings about men’s fragrance. Then, to continue some recent postings on notable names for men’s fragrances, a look at Fucking Fabulous and two nomenclatural celebrations of testosterone, Testosterone Original Fragrance Paris and Testostérone (from Zurich).


Bert and Ernie’s 51st anniversary

January 30, 2021

Artist Tom Taylor’s portrait of B&E on the occasion:


As puppets on the tv show Sesame Street, B&E haven’t aged at all in 51 years; but the characters B&E are human, so of course they have changed and developed over time. They were kids in 1969 (when Sesame Street started, 51 years before 2020, when Taylor drew this portrait); became a (closeted) gay couple about 15 years later (when writer Mark Saltzman, a partnered gay man, joined the show’s staff); and then came out and explored a new life as macho queers  — there are many varieties of homomasculinity — with Ernie taking a more dominant role in the relationship (the t role, in my writing on role differentiation in couples; see the Page on b/t roles on my blog); note Ernie’s proprietary hand on Bert’s shoulder when they pose as a couple.


Another monument of butch fagginess

January 22, 2021

Today’s mailing from the Daily Jocks company (wth a “VIP sale”, offering $25 off when you spend $75) has a model projecting a strongly macho, and highly sexualized, identity while wearing a PUMP! pink space candy underwear: faggy light pink in color, with a cute “space candy” patch on the pouch:


A slim-waisted muscle-hunk, with a hairy chest, notable abs, macho facial hair and haircut, and a ton of tats. Situated in his workshop. Meanwhile, he’s staring intently at the viewer, challenging them with a cock tease — the jock pulled down just to the top of his public hair — and a penis clearly outlined in that jock. He’s hot, and he’s sexually on offer.

(Note: this is the character the model is performing; many underwear models are adept at assuming a character that will appeal to men who have sex with men or fantasize about doing so. Of the model himself, I know nothing, beyond that he’s chosen to wear a wedding ring, though he might be married to someone of either sex.)


Leyendecker’s jockey

January 21, 2021

In a recent Pinterest mailing, another homoerotic ad from American illustrator J.C. Leyendecker (famous for his depictions of American masculinity in ads for Arrow shirts and collars; and then for Kuppenheimer’s men’s clothes, as here; and in his many covers for the Saturday Evening Post magazine, which considerably influenced the illustrator Norman Rockwell):


Elegant masculinity on the left (perhaps the owner of a racehourse), athletic masculinity on the right (a jockey). As in many of JCL’s illustrations, this one strikingly features male buttocks — in this case, the jockey’s.

Two themes here: manly brand icons; and JCL’s homoeroticism.


Fun jocks and their models

January 13, 2021

(This posting starts with a charming jockstrap ad, but works into the world of sex between men, so its not suitable for kids or the sexually modest.)

Today’s Daily Jocks ad brings us the very hunky, super-cute, and grinning models Aaron Scott and Adam Scott — yes, they’re twin brothers, and I don’t know which is which — in some PUMP jockstraps from the company’s Play collection:

(#1) Yes, they are wearing fun jocks

(As twins frequently do, they always use their full names in coordination — Aaron Scott and Adam Scott — rather than a reduced coordination — Aaron and Adam Scott — so as to maintain their separate identities.)

Images of very attractive near-naked men always allow a viewer who’s so inclined to project his sexual desires onto the men, but the guys in #1 aren’t adding any fuel of their own to this fire.

It turns out that Adam Scott and Aaron Scott are perfectly happy to present themselves homoerotically (Daily Jocks ads usually have a homoerotic kick to them; #1 is unusual in its sexual innocence.)


Another 1966 Superbowl moment

January 6, 2021

(Warning: sex between men, described in vivid detail, so entirely unsuitable for kids and the sexually modest.)

Earlier in the day I described in my 1/5/21 posting “Superbowl Sunday” — a report from the San Jose gay baths on Superbowl Sunday 1996 — there was a brief interlude in which a group of buddies turned up to get off together (well, in each other’s presence) before the game. The event was a form of male bonding for the guys, and also (since they were guys) a form of friendly competition, about who could get hard first and who would come first. (Apparently, such celebrations are, or at least were, not uncommon before big football games. Since I was, and am, both a sports idiot and also signally un-straight, it was all a surprise to me.)


Australian firefighters, the calendars

December 27, 2020

From Ann Burlingam for Christmas, an Australian firefighters 2021 calendar, pairing engagingly smiling shirtless hunks with adorable animals, many of them native Australian wildlife. The images — both the faces and the naked torsos — are celebrations of rock-solid masculinity (firefighters are, by necessity, in extraordinary shape physically) which is, however, entirely sexually innocent — an effect managed via the open, welcoming smiles and, especially, via the presentation of the men as companions and protectors of those adorable creatures (plus the neutral appearance and backgrounding of such crotches as do appear in the images).

From Ann: “May 2021 be filled with sweet, smiling men cuddling cute critters!”


A diversion at the beginning of election week

November 2, 2020

This morning’s little entertainment from the Daily Jocks site:

(#1) A bit of word play on mask and masc(uline), underwear models being chosen for their projection of high masculinity (as here)


Louis Mandylor

October 25, 2020

Observed on the (regrettably short-lived) tv show Martial Law in recent reruns, the hard-working actor Louis Mandylor, playing a Los Angeles police detective Louis Malone, paired with the title character Sammo Law, a Chinese detective and martial artist (played by Sammo Hung). Notable as a prime member of what I’ve called the Acting Corps and also as an exemplar of amiable high masculinity.

Mandylor in a stock p.r. photo:




October 22, 2020

(Largely about men’s genitals and sex between men, in very direct street language, so entirely inappropriate for kids or the sexually modest.)

On AZBlogX, a 10/7 posting “Humongous Cocks”, with two images from a porn video ad. I’ll quote that posting at length, but shift the visual focus on this blog to the facial expressions and body types in those images.