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An ideal male body

September 15, 2023

(16th-century public heroic statuary of male nudes, so there will be (small) penises, if that sort of thing worries you)

An ideal male body — or so Kenji Matsuoka pronounced it this morning:

(#1) Side view of [Italian] Oceano / [Latin] Oceanus by Giambologna (1576) at the Bargello National Museum, Florence: a simultaneous imagined depiction of Neptune, the Roman god of waters and oceans (whose Greek counterpart is Poseidon); and flattering tribute to the sculptor’s Medici patron — in a single beautiful male body

Giambologna’s largest marble; it once crowned a fountain in the Boboli Gardens in Florence, but in 1911 it was moved to the Bargello Museum.

KM no doubt chose this particular view of the statue because it shows Oceano’s / Neptune’s penis — a routine feature of public heroic statuary of male nudes (at some times in some places). This is the standard small penis of classical statuary, modestly situated in this work.

I’m assuming that the other elements of the sculpture (like Neptune’s signature creature, the dolphin) are assembled for their individual symbolic values, rather than (as in Michelangelo’s David) illustrating a larger story.


White does Black

August 19, 2023

(It’s Tom of Finland, with man-on-man sex, and — not shown, but plainly inferrable — penises of monumental size, all discussed in street language, so massively not suitable for kids or the sexually modest.)

Well, that’s the straightforward reading of the page for August in my 2023 Tom of Finland calendar. And certainly White Guy is sliding his absurdly thick cock deeply into Black Guy’s ass, but a look at BG’s posture and facial expression suggests that if he had enough control of himself to speak, he’d be proclaiming something like “Damn, that’s fiiiine!”

So maybe WG is doing BG, and enjoying it, but he’s not fucking BG harshly and pitilessly, like an eagle taking a rabbit. Maybe he’s mostly doing it for BG, giving BG the fuck that he wants, even serving him, out of brotherly affection. Doing him a solid.


Annals of error: the carptenters of Southwest Ohio

August 18, 2023

A typo in writing — CARPTENTER, with an anticipation of the T in CARPENTER — which was then not caught by a proofreader, so that it got published looking like CARP-TENTER ‘someone or something for tenting carp’, but written solid. Exposed by Michael Palmer on Facebook on 8/15. The published display, with the beginning of the accompanying news article:

US Senator Sherrod Brown August 15 at 11:09 AM: Today our Butch Lewis Act saved the pensions of 5,400 carpenters in Southwest Ohio, restoring full benefits with NO cuts. When work has dignity, workers can take comfort that the pensions they’ve earned over a lifetime will be there for them when they retire

And then, of course, the playful Facebook comments, starting with Michael Palmer’s initial salvo:


A cute and curly twink

August 7, 2023

(About a gay porn actor, with just barely WordPressable photos, and with the predictable talk about male genitals and man-on-man sex in street language, so entirely unsuitable for kids or for the sexually modest)


The football story

July 30, 2023

Following up on my 7/27/23 posting “Illusory penguins”, in which the illusory penguins were actually football tackle sleds, which I admitted to actually having crashed into, Ellen Kaisse wrote in e-mail:

I was a little surprised that you had [used football tackle sleds] — did you play middle school or high school football? Or do they have these at some gyms? They strike me as possibly falling into a similar category to those giant ropes you are supposed to fling up and down, which I have done a couple of times. Didn’t garner my allegiance as a training method.

(I have, just now, posted a short story of mine, a piece of fictobiography about those goddam climbing ropes: “Enough rope: A short story”.)

My response to EMK  on 7/27:

I think I’ve told this story on my blog, but it’s an embarrassing moment in my life.

But it seems that I haven’t, or at least that I’ve been unable to search it out. So here’s another piece of fictobiography, as told to EMK a few days ago (writing about events at this distance means the stories have been shaped and re-shaped in incalculable ways). Below the line:


Enough rope: a short story

July 30, 2023

Imported from my XBlog on Livejournal, to find a home here on my regular blog:

A short story, a piece of fictobiography, about kids and gyms and shower rooms. Nothing of linguistic interest. Nothing XXX-rated. Not even any jockstraps. Full text below the line. (Original version from 1991, posted to Livejournal on 8/17/2010.)


The male art of David Jester

July 28, 2023

(Naked men, most with visible penises — but this is fine art and also fantasy, so it falls under the Fine Art exemption for public display of the male body. But if you find such things objectionable, this posting is not for you.)

One sample on Pinterest caught my eye yesterday, and that took me to the Singulart site on David Jester. The text:

« There in the painting was the pool I felt I belonged to: the pool of gay men, portrayed and honored, out in the open, not hidden or something to be ashamed of. »

David Jester is an exciting American painter who has exhibited his work in the US and Netherlands. His work centers around snapshots of the gay community as he has experienced it; themes include masculinity, discrimination, submission, love and joy. The distinctive painted pools act as metaphors for the pool of humanity, particularly within the community, and the characters that appear in the water represent lived and recognizable behaviors. Particularly focusing on the impact of online interactions between gay men, Jester ultimately asks questions about identity and belonging within the family he has chosen as his own.

The underwater setting allows the men — all totally naked and matter-of-factly drawn from a wide spectrum of physical types and racioethnic identities (their being gay is what unites them, the only thing that is truly important) — to float free of gravity and interact without the constraints their bodies might otherwise impose on them. They engage each other in an enormous number of ways: in a full range of acts of affection, dominance and submission, play, displays of support, exploration of one another, and self-discovery, and, yes. in frank sexual acts (fellatio and anal intercourse). Throughout, they are presented as persons, not as objects of sexual desire.

One huge painting depicts the advancement of AIDS in a series of men going deeper and deeper in the pool. Even with the fantasy context and the abstraction that Jester uses in presenting their otherwise beautiful bodies, it’s very hard to take, and I won’t reproduce it here.

Now four examples. And then a bit about Jester, who is open, articulate, and passionate about what he’s doing in his paintings.


The male photography of Joseph Barrett

July 26, 2023

It’s all about male faces and the great variety of masculinities — there will be six pictures —  as explored by photographer Joseph Barrett (who I was first alerted to by a 7/24 Pinterest posting).

JB’s incredibly chaotic description of what he’s about, untouched by my hand (but with some elucidating comments of mine), from his website:

Joseph Barrett Photography: See more ideas about barrett joseph pennsylvania impressionist [a completely different artist from this Joseph Barrett]. Changing the masculine portrait. Finding the essence of man in portraiture [and Redefining the male gaze]

Joseph barrett photography. Freelance photographer at self employed photography freelance photographer at self employed photography norwich university of the arts. [Norwich University of the Arts, a public university in Norwich, Norfolk, UK] Traditional notions of masculinity have been thrown out of the window. In this interview he talks about breaking preconceived notions of masculinity in the context of the gender spectrum. … [barrett:] i think it is necessary for people to see photographs without implications of gender and sexual orientation for new masculinity


Quick shot: the TitanMen Fourth of July sale ad for 2003

June 30, 2023

Just arrived in my e-mail, this entertaining Fourth of July sale ad for TitanMen gay porn:

An American flag + shirt-lifting, a biceps display, and a jutting crotch: patriotism plus a display of conventional signs of sexually desirable masculinity for guys who are into guys.

American Independence Day is what what I’ve called a masculine meat holiday (in my 6/17/22 posting “Be the Master of the Meat!”) — with the full weight of the double entendre on meat, so lending itself to exploitation in gay porn ads.

Hot Dad 4 U

June 13, 2023

(This posting manages to (barely) skirt male genitals and man-on-man sex, without (almost any) street speech or explicit images, but the topic is daddy fantasies in gay porn, so it will not be to everyone’s taste)

For Memorial Day (and other American patriotic holidays), ads for gay porn play to fantasies of military men, while for Fathers Day, coming up rapidly (this Sunday, 6/18), they play to daddy fantasies (see the Page on this blog about my postings on Daddy-Boy encounters and DILFs, on the sexualization and various ritualizations of the father-son roles). With luck, pretty much the same material can serve for both holidays, as in the case of Papi Kocic (with his heavily loaded porn name) in’s Norse Fuckers, who did ad duty on Memorial Day (in an ad for a porn emporium’s Memorial Day sale; see  my 5/29/23 posting “Hordes of Norsemen insert themselves into a national holiday”) playing a military leader; and now appears in a porn-sale ad for Fathers Day in his guise as a hot daddy:

(#1) The ad, with genitals concealed (for WordPress modesty) and ad copy suppressed (so we can focus on the image and the porn-purveyors’ sentiment “We ❤️ Hot Dads!”)