Language and the body

postings on language and the body

postings on sex positions are in a separate Page:


4/26/11: XXX 30 Porn-Star Portraits:
men clothed vs. unclothed

5/2/11: Jason & Jeremy, Jeremy & Jason:
men clothed vs. unclothed

11/30/11: The body and its parts:
parts of the body, bodyparts

12/20/11: Concavities:
bodily concavities

2/9/12: SemFest 13:
abstract for “Parts of the Body”

3/13/12: Parts: vulva and vagina:
vulva, vagina

3/24/12: to oxter:
oxter ‘armpit’

4/22/12: Bookends:
men clothed vs. unclothed

9/21/12: Affliction:
hip terminology

12/6/12: Little popliteal moments:

12/21/12: Dude Wipes:

1/12/13: A matter of size:
penis size

1/14/13: A matter of size II: the sale:
big penises

3/8/13: More pairings:
more men clothed vs. unclothed

3/14/13: flaccid – erect:
illustrations for soft/hard

3/14/13: soft/hard:
soft vs. hard penises

3/20/13: Flowering pears and secretions:
lachrymal caruncle, ocular rheum, smegma

8/5/13: On AZBlogX: couples, rear views:
asscleft, intergluteal cleft, crena (intergluteal and intracrural frottage)

8/5/13: Rear views:

8/5/13: Assclefts:
illustrations for AZBlog posting

8/11/13: crouch, squat, hunker:
crouch, squat, hunker

8/21/13: Forearms:

8/28/13: Youthful balls:
scrotal lifts

8/30/13: cherry:

6/9/14: Parts of the body: the handout:
SemFest2012 handout

9/18/14: lady parts:
lady parts

10/6/14: More television hunks: NCIS: Los Angeles:

10/12/14: Clipped musculature:
abs, pecs, etc.

11/11/14: Calendar boys:
naked hunk charity calendars

12/27/14: Crick in the neck:
crick in the neck

12/27/4: Set of three:
#3: genital art by Courbet and Orlan

1/7/15: On the bunion watch:

1/12:15: tennis elbow:
tennis elbow

2/17/15: Veins are the new abs:
cephalic vein

3/10/15: Dance time:
dance belts

3/30/15: Still more news for penises:
penis transplant; Banana Bunker; groin gazing

4/5/15: Big and small:
penis size; body size

5/4/15: More naked calendars:
World Naked Gardening Day

6/8/15: Guys in Heat:
porn flick Guys in Heat; body types

6/11/15: Alternative to the dance belt:
hairy male dancer holding remarkable pose, covering crotch with his hands

6/16/15: Wrapped for June:
pornstar images for Pride

6/18/15: Briefly: a technical term:

6/25/15: nutmeg, the verb:
nutmegs ‘testicles’

6/25/15: The news for penises, including accidental ones:
tube steak and white gravy ‘ejaculating penis’

6/27/15: The news for penises, Norwegian edition:
man in penis suit

6/29/15: Milo Ventimiglia:
Italian eye pouches

7/4/15: Shirtless body types:

7/11/15: Outrageous art:
penises and vulvas

7/27/15: Primate testicle size:
northern giant mouse lemurs

8/16/15: Dance and the male body:
male ballet dancers (and some models) displaying their bodies

8/27/15: On the fashion front:
athletes (Rafael Nadal etc.) displaying their bodies

9/7/15: Roberto Bolle:
dancer Roberto Bolle displaying his body

9/8/15: Go for the nuts!:
testicles and synonyms for testicles

9/14/15: Alex Minsky and his underwear:
model Alex Minsky displaying his body (with prosthetic limb)

9/17/15: The steely cruise of the Voltron Blaster:
underwear models; Spandex clothing displaying the body

9/21/15: The angle of your erection:
penis variations: curvature, esp. angle of incidence

9/25/15: Boy in the sand:
widow’s peak

10/7/15: Taking the third:
pitsntits as variant of pits ‘n’ tits

10/9/15: Party in the back / rear:

10/10/15: Annals of phallicity: nozzles (and glycerin, lubes, and posing oils):
sex sweat, fake sweat, posing oil

10/13/15: Morning: the call of nature:
vocabulary for bodily functions

10/14/15: Angles and curves:
more on angle of incidence and curvature for erect penises, with links to two AZBlogX postings

10/25/15: Sunday penis notes: #2 the news for penises:
penis on trans woman; masturbation in public; penis size

11/3/15: Breasts and bras:
variations in breasts; bras and jockstraps

11/5/15: On the cellblock, in the dugout, at an ambush:
roles in man-man sex, harnesses

11/6/15: Clean underwear:

11/8/15: ExtenZe:
penis enhancement; longer, stronger, harder erections; dietary supplements, penis massage oils

11/12/15: Dance: Friedemann Vogel:
body of the ballet dancer

11/12/15: Annals of miniaturization: Fantastic Voyage:
Raquel Welch’s body

11/15/15: Les Danseurs:
Matthew Brookes book celebrating the bodies of male ballet dancers

11/17/15: Cockfest #2: jacking off together:
sickling, winging the foot (in ballet)

11/17/15: Alaskan-cod-pieces:

11/19/15: Rushing Sugar:
vulvas and anuses

11/23/15: The news for penises, Thanksgiving edition:
cock rings, penis piercings, curvature, poppers

11/23/15: Penis, poppers, and piercings, oh my!:
piercings, esp. male genital piercings; the Prince Albert

11/23/15: Nugenix:
testosterone-boosting supplement for sexual performance

11/28/15: Annals of curvature:

11/28/15: The revolution in men’s underwear:
underwear displaying the male package

12/2/15: I love my Jack Adams:
cock teasing

12/3/15: José Parra:
cock teasing, displays of the male body (armpit displays, etc.), homowear

12/5/15: Supernatural-medical in Toronto: three hunks:
actors Michael Shanks, Daniel Gillies, Kristopher Turner, of three different body types

12/6/15: Gay Porn Portal:
three body types: Christian Connor (slender twink), Petr Herman (athletic, male-model type), Billy Herrington (truly huge, massively muscular)

12/7/15: From the gay porn portal:
focus on Billy Herrington and other bodybuilers

12/9/15: A prevalence of left-handers:

12/10/15: The news for penises: thinner, stronger, and more pleasurable:
hydrogel condoms

12/10/15: On the shirtless watch: the Skarsgård Tarzan:

12/12/15: The strap snap:
snapping the jockstrap as sexual play; towel-snapping; asshole-fingering; locker room horseplay; the homoerotic world of premium underwear ads

12/14/15: Professional muscle hunks:
Ron Lloyd’s Body Image Productions, with hunky male models; body-workers

12/16/15: Go H+A+R+D:
the Strap Jock

12/19/15: Obviously Lumber:
the AnatoMAX pouch from Obviously Apparel

2/22/15: Bundling and the penile raphe:
the penile raphe

12/24/15: Unintended:
wood ‘erection’

12/25/15: One more harness:
rope harness

12/27/15: Darius Ferdynand:
preferences in sex acts (bottom, top, versatile)

12/29/15: boxboys and transitive bottoming:
euphemistic terms for the male genitals, incl. package and box; slang terms for the vagina and for the male anus as a sexual organ, incl. box

12/30/15: Today’s double entendre:
load ‘cumload’

12/31/15: Morning name: Baskit:
low-rise, pouch, boxcabulary

12/31/15: The Crew with packages and boxes:

1/1/16: On urinals and the conventions of the men’s room:
urine, urinals

1/2/16: The news for urinals:

1/3/16: testigraphmanteau:
testicles; terms for them; nutscapes

1/3/16: Misogynistic urinals and sinks:
urinals; women’s mouths, vaginas, buttocks

1/4/16: Urinating superheroes:
urine and urinals

1/5/16: The news for penises, issue #1 of 2016:
slang terms for the penis; urinary meatus (piss slit)

1/9/16: Iron Man, Captain America, and antique slang:
the Joker on boners

1/10/16: Dance time:
various ballet steps; dancers’ bodies

1/16/16: Penis size in the steam room:
ambiguity of infant-size penis; macropenises

1/18/16: The undercut:
haircuts: undercut, mohawk, faux hawk

1/2/16: butt/booty, dial/call:
butt, booty
1/26/16: More Cristiano Ronaldo:
footballer’s extraordinarily developed body; lats, abs

1/26/16: Huge News For Men!:
piss slit, pencil dick; Penuma penis implant

1/27/16: Bruce Bruce Bruce:
swimmer-type build, furriness

1/28/16: Dean Phoenix, Dirk Yates, and curvature:
Dean Phoenix’s strongly downcurved cock

2/2/16: Notes on male ballet dancers:
#1 bodies of male dancers

2/18/16: Morning name: Colton Ford:
Ford displaying his well-developed body in two shots

2/19/16: The grief of ulnarism:
erection drugs and priapism

2/28/16: Paul Sixta and Marios and more:
photographer Paul Sixta’s images of the male body (in many of which the penis is a central feature)

3/1/16: News on the sexuality front: the Jocktion Marketplace:
body display aimed at gay male audience

3/4/16: Trent Atkins, a great bottom:
the uberbottom’s display of his body, especially his ass

3/10/16: The news for testicles:
the NutSac company, maker of man-bags

3/10/16: Male beauty:
beautiful male faces, pretty boys, twinks

3/13/16: Two very different male body types:
opera singer with muscle-hunk body; ballet dancer with excellent lean dancer’s body, very strong arms and legs, beautiful buttocks (and striking face)

3/18/16: Late for St. Patrick’s:
enormously big and muscular gay pornstar Harley Everett

3/20/16: Bulking up for Thor:
actor Chris Hemsworth, crafting a body to play the superhero Thor

3/21/16: Manganiello. The Huge. The Body-Proud.:
actor Joe Manganiello, crafting a body for True Blood on tv, the movie Magic Mike XXL

3/22/16: The dubious commercial names files:
removal of pubic hair, in whole or in part

3/24/16: Orifices for talk:
the vulgar slang talk out of one’s ass

3/26/16: Casey in a bunny suit:
model Casey L. displaying his body

4/13/16: nookie:

4/20/16: Jon Huertas:
Huertas’s body

5/1/16: Annals of public art:
urinating figures in sculpture

5/13/16: Two extravagant mani-corns:
two hunks dressed as unicorns

5/14/16: Ed Fisher across the Atlantic:

5/16/16: Morning name: zygomatic arch:
cheekbones, esp. high ones

5/17/16: Female parts:
lady parts, lady bits, girly parts, girly bits, girl parts

5/17/16: Joe Dallesandro:
JD’s beautiful face, beautiful body, beautiful penis

5/25/16: Ballad of beef:
body types, in particular beefy

6/11/16: More male dancers flying in mid-air:
Alvin Ailey dancers with extraordinary bodies

6/20/16: A quick sponge bath:
whore’s bath and a variety of synonyms

6/23/6: The lighthearted rooster:
play on gay cock

7/13/16: Bodily alignment:
in publicity shots for Bound Gods and ordinary gay porn

7/14/16: goose bumps:

7/18/16: The Insolence and the Ecstasy:
winged men

7/23/16: Cute pornstars:
evaluative judgments of men as cute, beautiful, handsome

8/1/16: Cereal mascots:
cereal as vaginal, phallic symbols

8/19/16: Pink motels, Cadillacs, etc. etc.:
phallic and vaginal symbols, pussy

8/20/16: Give me some men who are square-jawed men:
men with square jaws

10/4/16: Beefcake on screen:
body types; Hollywood Beefcake site

10/6/16: Smuggle me budgie down, sport:
display of men’s bodies in speedo-style swimwear

10/9/16: Masculine jaws of Wyoming:
square jaw, cleft chin

10/24/16: Naked boys playing at liberty:

10/29/16: Grab It While You Can:
uses of pussy

11/6/16: Vases for phallophiles:
urethra; sounding; dickhead; penis simulacra

11/9/16: Eliding the black penis:

11/11/16: Pump it up:
pump it up, pumped up

11/13/16: Lukas is back!:
alley, slang ‘vagina’ and ‘anus’; cross harness

11/16/16: Distant compounds: the headgear hair files:

12/2/16: Robert Arneson:
Arneson ceramics featuring female and male bodyparts

12/14/16: Crotch news bulletins:
the baculum / penis bone

12/22/16: Santatta is coming:

12/28/16: “an infamous pincher of ladies’ bottoms”:
bottom, butt, etc.

1/1/17: Asian male muscle in fantasyland:
body types

1/4/17: Jizzball:
devices for simulating ejaculation

1/13/17: It’s a miracle!:
Sp. culo and ass

1/19/17: Meaty matters:
meat ‘body’; meat ‘penis’; meat market, meat rack, meatmen

1/24/17: A day with Danny Vox in the ultimate fantasy t-room:

2/1/17: fudge II:
fudge ‘shit’; play on Uranus / your anus

2/3/17: Geometric Joe:

2/8/17: Another tv hunk:
body types

2/12/17: Chocolates for Valentine’s Day:
musclehunk, shaved armpits, tattoos

2/14/17: One more VDay posting:
penis types, including the fanciful Pretzel Penis

2/16/17: Flagrant figures:
anatomically correct figures; shaved vs. furred bodies

2/18/17: Stud Finder:
body types, face types

2/20/17: Double your pleasure:
very hairy bodies; genitals darker than the rest of the body

2/25/17: Displaying your nipples:
nipples, aka nips, displaying (or covering) them; nipple erections; nipple enlargement, pencil eraser nipples

3/3/17: Family names:
formidable upper body, thighs; scratching balls

3/3/17: Marco Marco teases:
seductive gestures and facial expressions

3/3/17: He’s dancing with a laser up his butt:
anal laser cartridge, projecting green light

3/3/17: stringers:

3/5/17: Body works:
animation of penises and testicles in motion

3/5/17: Body works, Part II: Mytilid Matters:
mussels as vaginal symbols

3/5/17: Body works, Part III: Axillary Delights:
armpits, crotches, armpit licking, personal odors

3/5/17: Body works, Part IV: Anal Art:
Keith Boadwee: squirting paint out the ass

3/6/17: Bruce Nauman:
Nauman’s phallic art

3/8/17: In the West Wing:
body types, contrasting Mark Feuerstein and Jimmy Smits

3/11/17: hyperbaton, hypermasturbation:
massively oversized cock and balls

3/14/17: Five tv hunks:
variety of body types, from slim twink to beefy muscle-hunk

3/16/17: Cavenips:

3/19/17: Sexting with emoji:
emoji for penis, buttocks/anus, vagina, testicles, breasts

3/22/17: The news for beavers:
vaginal vocabulary

3/27/17: JoBroButts, Hills Bros. coffee, and gaybros:
masculine butts

3/30/17: Billy Zane:
widow’s peak

4/2/17: Corey Saucier:
spread-lip smile; sexualized presentations of CS’s body; powerful muscularity; smooth body

4/3/17: On the road, a/some head:
give/get head, road head

4/8/17: snatch:
slang for the vagina

4/9/17: The trophy boys park the beef bus in tuches town:
beefy body type, beef ‘muscles’ and ‘penis’; tuches ‘buttocks’ and ‘anus’

4/10/17: Pronouncing the 59th Street Bridge:
the surnames Cock and Cocke

4/17/17: Chub and chums in the morning:
BrE bum; chubby, chub ‘erection’; chum ‘menstrual blood’

4/24/17: Alien signage and Arbus in Anaheim:
tattoos: Jack Dracula

4/24/17: Is that a Paschal Peep in your pouch?:
musclehunks; treasure trail; tail ‘ass’

4/26/17: Saint Phalle:
anus as rose; giant vaginal sculpture

4/29/17: base(ly):

4/29/17: Appeal to base instinct:
buttocks vocabulary

5/2/17: Shelf Life:
vaginality in Luci Guttiérrez’s art work

5/19/17: Marco, Marco, Marco:
body types; long torso

5/20/17: Brainless Tales, with more news for penises:
the sexual noun pork

5/24/17: Dressing for June:
boys ‘testicles’

6/4/17: Pride Time #3: on the menswear watch:
clothing showing off men’s bodies; names for them

6/26/17: Put a sock on it in parade season:
NYC Body Pride parade

6/28/17: The Ballad of Clark and Bruce: SuperBat of Pink Steel Forever:
bat ‘penis’, pink steel ‘erect penis, woody’

6/30/17: The Treasure of the Singlet Padre:
treasure trail, happy trail, etc.

7/2/17: The patriotic fig leaf:
modesty shields of various sorts

7/4/17: POP go the pheromones:

7/7/17: What will become of me?:
effluvia: bodily fluids, accumulations / discharges, smells

7/19/17: On offer at Daily Jocks:
displays of pouch and buttocks; rosebud

7/23/17: Codpieces on Cellblock 13:

7/26/17: I sing the body elastic:

8/1/17: Capitulum in corpore magno:
traps (trapezius muscles); erections; bobybuilding; microcephaly

8/17/17: Skinless wieners:

8/19/17: lucanicophilia, peniphilia, and all that:

8/25/17: Unguinal genitalia:
unguinal ‘of a fingernail’

8/28/17: Solid Chet and lean Bo:
body types

9/1/17: On the food watch: iguanas:
lizard ‘penis’

9/10/17: The fan, the spathiphyllum, and the impressionist garden:
cataracts (AZ’s and Monet’s)

9/12/17: Further adventures in medicine:
calcified granuloma; atelectasis

9/17/17: Hot Lips:
beautiful lips; lipstick

9/19/17: freak shows:
the disorder phocomelia; freaks

9/19/17: I like pig butts and I cannot lie:
sexual senses of pig, pork, pull, butt; the butt as a culinary bodypart

9/27/17: Two lx profs and two psych profs walk into a surgery center:
cataract surgery, shortness of breath

10/9/17: Focus on dal:
lens of the eye; artificial lenses

10/16/17: Revisiting 8: Rod Canyon:
more on canyon as sexcavity slang

10/18/17: de poepende man:
open defecation

11/5/17: In a bun, in a bun!:
buns ‘buttocks’; hairstyles

11/6/17: Revisiting 11: news for wooden penises:
Finnish words for ‘penis’

11/8/17: From the great Anatomic War:
anatomical terms for the bones of the hand and foot

11/14/17: Igor®, the Siberian shape-shifter:
manikins from Sinthetics

11/24/17: BF pornopaloozas:
body types: swimmer, muscle-hunk

11/27/17: Again, the rowers of Warwick:
extremely fit college rowers in calendar

12/6/17: Revisiting 14: belly buttons:
omphalic symbols, for navels and sexcavities

12/11/17: Exercises in high-macho style:
tits up

12/11/17: Er is der Schönste in Berlin:
lateral muscles

12/12/17: The news for penises, St. Lucy’s Eve edition:

12/18/17: Adventures in buggery and beanbags:
cornhole ‘anus’

12/28/17: Bromance for Biffs:
body types (swimmer, muscle-hunk); male packages

1/4/18: A news bulletin for scrotums:
nut milk bag, evoking nut sac ‘scrotum’ and (nut) milk ‘semen’ and involving nut ‘testicle’

1/10/18: Yet another Xmas package:
genital package

2/3/18: Annas of innuendo:
body-part innuendo, including stick ‘penis’

2/25/18: Camo Traplat poses:
types of musclehunks; traps and lats; bodybuilders

3/6/18: Annals of advertising: Dollar Shave Club:
butter, cream ‘semen’; pussy ‘vagina’; shaving crotches; feces and language referring to it

3/12/18: Shirtlessness and more: Bouguereau and Sargent:
treatment of male nudity in art; focus on the penis and the buttocks; muscular thighs and calves in John Singer Sargent’s depictions of men

3/13/18: Mistakes in avian medicine:
crow’s feet wrinkles

3/16/18: The cartoon doctor:
testicular exam

3/20/18: Divine Bodies:
the hijras of Suth Asia; eunuchs

3/22/18: The Legend of Hercules:
Kellan Lutz bulking up in three stages

3/22/18: Labeling the world:
ostensive definitions of bodyparts

3/23/18: The grandeur of Versailles commodes:
specialization of items referring to things that are useful or necessary to things useful or necessary for performing bodily functions

3/23/18: Annals of underwear: the medical jock strap:
suspensory jock strap, offering support for testicles/scrotum

3/29/18: Secretive morning name
sebum, semen, smegman; prepuce

4/1/18: Easter Fool’s:
eggs ‘balls, testicles’

4/9/18: The gay world of Yvon Goulet:
Fr. arme ‘weapon, gun’

4/14/18: Tail caps:
tail ‘buttocks, ass’

4/25/18: polydactyly:

4/26/18: Unsavory moments on AZBlogX:
devices for piss play

4/27/18: Hugely muscular androgyny:
androgeny / gender-bending in presentations of the body

5/1/18: Treasure the asymmetry:
bodily asymmetries, esp. of the face; asymmetrical armpits

5/3/18: He said “prickles”:
prick, dick, prickle, prickly

5/4/18: Pickled pricks:
as in previous, plus peter, pecker, peepee and chili peppers and pickles as phallic symbols

5/4/18: Then, if ever, come lusty days:
peg ‘penis’

5/6/18: On the track of men’s deodorant:
deodorants and their brand names

5/12/18: Down and dirty underwear for Mothers Day:
harnesses, codpieces; idea that ejaculation uses up a fixed supply of semen

5/16/18: trigger finger:
aka tenosynovitis; ring finger; atrial fibrillation

5/17/18: Deshagged and pedicured:
shag, pedicate, pedicator, pedicant, beaver, tail; male anus considered as sexual organ

5/18/18: Balls on the N + N watch:
shrunken testicles

5/22/18: The cumless cake:
semen and seminophilia; cumcakes

5/24/18: Syntactic phrase, compound word, portmanteau:
male anus as sexual organ

6/1/18: Bathroom words:
words for room with facilities for urination and defecation

6/3/18: The rose and the flames:
tongues of flame

6/13/18: 24 Hours, 24 Kisses, and 24 Magazine Covers:

6/23/18: A pixelated morning:
pixelation of naughty bits

6/24/18: The musician, the mayor, his instrument, and their vermin:

7/1/18: Ethmoid morning:
ethmoid sinus

7/3/18: Annals of edibilia: Hissing Cockroad, Severed Genitals:
castration; feces

7/24/18: Scars:
scars; cicatrix, cicatricial, cicatricity; bedpost fracture

7/27/18: Are You My Bottom?:
bottom as bodypart and role in mansex

8/2/28: Male crop tops!:
midriff, abs, belly; men’s clothing displaying these

8/4/18: Creams:
ejaculatory verb and seminal noun

8/19/18: Another puzzle in cartoon understanding:
cold-stimulus headache (aka ice-cream headache, brain freeze)

8/21/18: Jo Flamingo:
pecs and (male) tits

8/22/18: volumptuous:
voluptuousness in women’s bodies

8/23/18: Dong Goodwin:
dong, ding-dong ‘penis’

8/29/17: Bruce Weber II: the photographer’s gaze:
homoerotic photography, men treated as pieces of meat

9/11/18: I gotta go:
vocabulary of elimination

9/11/18: The cartoon milkman:

9/18/18: La décolletagiste dans la cuisine:

9/23/18: Stormy compounds in English:
mushroom, beer can, needle dicks

9/24/18: Sleep on, harvest moon:
sleep apnea; masks and machines for treating it

10/17/18: PUMP!ing it up:
underwear ads focusing on buttocks and on abs

11/5/18: Mandala swimmer, Kali tat, Banksia stamp:
lotus flower as symbol of female genitals, male genitals also

11/6/18: Halloween detritus:
nasal mucus (boogers, snot); Mucinex medicine

11/7/18: Arousing the beast:
mooning gesture

11/18/18: Randy Blue purifies the air:
slang skittles for the female genitals (or a counterpart in gay men)

11/19/18: groins:
groins; thigh muscles; groin pulls; the groin as the crotch region

11/25/18: What do you have?:
names of diseases and conditions and their morphosyntax

12/17/18: Penguins and packages:
sexual bodypart noun package

12/26/18: Decorative:
Warwick Rowers displaying their bodies

12/27/18: Diminished with age:
physical changes with age, including loss of height

12/27/18: On the 8th day:
foreskins; circumcision

12/28/18: News for penises: Bourdain’s Bhutan:
phallus vs. penis

12/29/18: The side display:
presentations of the male body in various contexts

12/30/18 Offers: prone, supine, lateral:
sexual displays > offers (in various positions)

12/30/18: Sexual displays > offers: prone, supine, lateral:
regular blog version of the preceding

1/24/19: Being cardioverted:
an assortment of medical conditions; cardioversion and defibrillation

1/26/19: News for Aussie penises on their national day:
muscled torsos; display of packages / pouches

1/29/19: Greg Patton, dba Rod Phillips:
displays of Phillips’s body

1/30/19: Hugo Simberg:
bodies of prepubescent boys; naked boys and young men

2/6/19: Three Pearls:
testicular vocabulary; nut sac

2/19/19: Wading with Vladimir and Estragon:
death erection

3/5/19: carnitas:

3/6/19: Collagen days:
Peyronie’s Disease, congenital curvature (of the penis), Dupuytren’s Contracture, trigger finger, cellulite, cellulitis, collagen

3/8/19: Vasodilation:
blood pressure; vasodilation; morning wood; relaxation in receptive sex; poppers

3/10/19: News for penises, French Riviera edition:
adjectives callipygian, calliphallic, macrophallic, hippocephalic

3/14/19: Caribou with a pair:
balls, ballsy, pair (of balls)

3/17/19: Bidding farewell to /ǰæk/:ǰaek/
jack ‘penis’, ‘erection’ (and other sexual senses)

3/18/19: Cum, sweat, and broccoli:
semen, sweat, and their psychological values; scents

3/24/19: Pushing the boulder up the hill:
(well) endowed, endowment

3/30/19: News for carnivorous penises:
terms for external urethral opening; vagina dentata, anus dentatus, anal teeth in sea cucumbers

4/7/19: Control your johnson:
johnson ‘penis’ and other John-derived penis words

4/27/19: A standout in his shorts:
positions/postures of the body: kneel, squat, squat-kneel (squeel); uses of these postures, including in sex

5/1/19: Here we come a-frankerin’:
pocket weenie and similar compounds

6/6/19: What makes the world go ’round?:

7/1/19: O Canada baby, ripple my maple leaves!:
nudity; stripteases and strippers; male revue

7/4/19: Am I a bird?:
wingèd men

7/24/19: Conventional and creative metaphors:
testicular metaphors in English, Spanish, and German

8/8/19: Minimal pears:
small pairs (of testicles or breasts)

8/13/19: Contamination by association:
penis as a taboo object

8/14/19: Il Leopardo di Sparta:
harnesses and display of the male body

8/15/19: Blue and black at the Gamble Garden:
hair color (light yellow har, variously referred to)

9/14/19: Clavicular knobs:
clavicles, clavicular knobs

9/16/19: Revisiting 35: the protuberant acromion:
more on clavicular knobs, aka Ricardo’s acromia; shoulder separations; free and attached earlobes

9/18/19: The hollow:
the suprasternal / jugular notch, saltcellar, or neck hollow

10/3/19: Pat-SU fuck: new visions:
uses of sexual fuck for a variety of sexual acts

10/5/19: A man, his hands, his pants:
hand positions in poses for the camera

11/1/19: Bears in the woods:

11/21/19: Muscle Milk:
slang for penis (incl. muscle) and semen (incl. milk); on semen

12/16/19: More pin-up boys:
poses in pin-up art: getting dressed, wardrobe malfunction, knees up

12/17/19: All I want for XXXmas:
body types (lean and fit vs. muscle hunks); buttocks display

12/19/19: Zeitgeisty:
styles in hair and facial hair

12/23/19: Pareidolia, they control ya:
noses (Karl Malden and AMZ)

12/24/19: Hung with care:
body types and penis types

12/26/19: The first two days of Christmas:
muscle hunk; package and box

1/17/20: Amado Spears and his husband, fulfilled by Peter:
phallic slang peter

1/19/20: Meat on the Beach:
sexual slang uses of meat

1/22/20: Three little digits:
hugging from behind, spooning (as well as 66-stye fucking)

1/30/20: Medical news not for penises:

1/31/20: Early February herbivores:

2/10/20: Basil Ratburn:

2/13/20: Lincoln Darwin Valentine Day:
representation of men’s bodies and mansex in gay porn

2/18/20: Saluting the presidents:
bodies as presentations of self

2/19/20: Briefly noted: sconge:
terms for erect and half-erect penises

2/20/20: love nest:
terms for penis, vagina, and (by transfer) anus (English and Spanish)

2/21/20: Magical Mystery Crotch Rocketman:
crotch rocket

3/3/20: Morning tum:
tumid, tumescent; morning wood and related vocabulary

3/7/20: Tragedies of the pandemic:
corona of the penis

3/15/20: Higashi Day cartoon 5: hoods and newts:
hood: clitoral hood, foreskin of the penis

3/16/20: Corónsyphùs: Strength Through Biochemistry:
leg and arm muscles; muscle-building regimens

3/25/20: Three men:
penis types: kielbasa/fireplug

4/2/20: Astride the Jockstrap Trail:
positions for pushups, for getting fucked

4/7/20: Alex’s Locker Room:
nipple erections

4/8/20: Messin’ with words:
booty ‘buttocks’, high five

4/10/20: Easter eggs 2020.2: The homoerotic egg hunt:
metaphors for testicles; butt offer

5/9/20: Annals of advertising: The new normal for noses:
nasal lavage; sinusitis

5/10/20: Conceptually artistic dicks:
pipe ‘penis’

5/18/20: The things they touched:
scent of the body

5/20/20: Minimalist, and sometimes anti-bacterial:
scent of the body; dick displays

5/21/20: Bro Buddies:
body parts with lives of their own

6/1/20: Aradesque?:
model Arad Winwin and his look-alike: bodies compared in detail

6/13/20: Roll my log for Pride:
log and pole as slang synonyms for penis

6/17/20: Smearing and taunting:
pussy, cunt, fuckhole

6/20/20: Duolingo’s Latin cheese:
sweat and its smells

6/29/20: Spilled his seed on the ground:
anti-masturbation rhetoric and devices

7/1/20: A hose in your pocket:
hose and nozzle as synonyms for penis

7/9/20: Midnight tropics:
buttocks talk

7/13/20: Turkish turquoise:
body types, hairiness

7/17/20: Buttocks display:
male buttocks as objects of sexual desire

7/17/20: The art of the buttocks:
buttocks as art objects

7/18/20: Buttocks IV: cake(s) and tail:
cake, cakes (and tail) as buttocks references

7/25/20: Eat me:

7/27/20: Call it by its name:
referential terms and proper names for bodyparts: fingers and sexual parts

7/30/20: The measure of a man: HTC:
head – torso – crotch presentations of the male body, with a focus on the crotch

7/31/20: In Pouchland, where body size is irrelevant:

8/8/20: Thighland:
massive thighs

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