Illusions postings

Postings on the various illusions about linguistic variation; especially important postings are marked with an asterisk

ML, 3/28/04: And yet:

ML, 10/2/04: What “a hundred times” means:

*AZ, 11/9/04: The curious grammar of Ohio: The Local Color Illusion:

*AZ, 8/7/05: Just between Dr. Language and I:
Recency Illusion, Frequency Illusion

*AZ, 8/17/05: More illusions:
Adolescent Illusion, Out-group Illusion

*AZ, 10/24/05: In terms of recency,…:

BZ, 10/28/05: The longue duree is not our forte:

BZ, 11/1/05: Literally: a history:

AZ, 1/31/06: The vocabulary of toadying:

AZ, 2/11/06: Whatever is not prohibited is permitted – not!:

BZ, 2/13/06: Feeling all Olympic-y:

BZ, 2/15/07: Odium against “podium”:

GP, 2/18/06: The infrequency illusion: A linguist’s prayer:

*AZ, 2/21/06: The Antiquity Illusion:

ML, 3/22/06: The Affect: Sociolinguistic speculation at the NYO:

BZ, 4/2/06: “Thinking specifically about the F-word…”:

BZ, 5/1/06: Oxford English Corpus: Infested with eggcorns:

ML, 5/8/06: Deep in the Hookergate weeds:

BZ, 5/15/06: Pulling (to) within: The paper trail:

BZ, 6/18/06: Feeling hitterish with Diz and the Babe:

**AZ, abstract of September 2006 for “Why are we so illuded?, on misperceptions about variation in language:

Click to access LSA07illude.abst.pdf

ML, 10/25/07: Dickens, Browning and Follett:

ML, 10/26/07: Cold comfort for whomever:

AZ, 11/22/07: Fellows:

BZ, 6/21/07: Great moments in antedating:

2/24/14: More Recency Illusion:

12/28/14: The curious morphology of Canada:
Local Color Illusion

11/20/15: stat:
Recency Illusion

12/9/15: The prevalence of left-handers:
Frequency Illusion

12/7/16: Interview with a supremo:
Frequency Illusion (and confirmation bias)

8/30/18: On the journalism watch:
cognitive biases

9/20/19: A small moment of lexicographic fame:
Frequency Illusion

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