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Lord, preserve us from the witches

April 30, 2023

🐅 🐅 🐅 tiger tiger tiger for ultimate April, also Walpurgis Night / Eve, the first of two days marking what we might think of as “high spring” (in the northern hemisphere), turning to the last of the spring months; tomorrow, May 1st, is the more famous (it’s  May Day and also the Celtic festival Beltane).

The capsule story, from Wikipedia:

Walpurgis Night, an abbreviation of Saint Walpurgis Night (from the German Sankt-Walpurgisnacht), also known as Saint Walpurga’s Eve (alternatively spelled Saint Walburga’s Eve), is the eve of the Christian feast day of Saint Walpurga, an 8th-century abbess in Francia, and is celebrated on the night of 30 April and the day of 1 May. This feast commemorates the canonization of Saint Walpurga and the movement of her relics to Eichstätt, both of which occurred on 1 May 870.

Saint Walpurga was hailed by the Christians of Germany for battling “pest [AZ: bubonic plague], rabies, and whooping cough, as well as against witchcraft”. Christians prayed to God through the intercession of Saint Walpurga in order to protect themselves from witchcraft, as Saint Walpurga was successful in converting the local populace to Christianity. In parts of Europe, people continue to light bonfires on Saint Walpurga’s Eve in order to ward off evil spirits and witches.


From the annals of naming: twins

April 28, 2023

(This is very much a not-dead-yet posting. I’m just barely hanging on through still more medical afflictions, but now think the little time I’m able to devote to posting is better spent on upbeat things rather than intimations of mortality.)

Discovered on my desktop, a three-part Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal from 12/19/18. Part 1, the teaser:



You Took the Last Bus Home

April 27, 2023

A bit of light verse that passed my eyes on Facebook and pleased me with its playful exploitation of ambiguity In English. (It went on to serve as the title of the poet’s first book):


POP Art Rock

April 25, 2023

(Today’s quickie not-dead-yet posting.)

The Bizarro from 3/9/21, with a POP (phrasal overlap portmanteau) that combines art — in the form of the painter Georgia O’Keeffe — with rock music — in the form of Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones:

(#1) Keith Richards rocking away, with a reproduction of an O’Keeffe on the back of his jacket (If you’re puzzled by the odd symbols in the cartoon — Dan Piraro says there are 3 in this strip — see this Page)

The POP is Georgia O’Keeffe + Keith Richards = Georgia O’Keeffe Richards. The overlapping materials — /kif/ and /kiθ/ — are nor perfect matches, but are very close phonologically, the voiceless fricatives /f/ and /θ/ differing only in point of articulation).


Kentucky country ham on offer

April 24, 2023

That’s the lede: I have about two pounds of KCH — from a shipment that supplied me with very satisfying nostalgia for Easter but is way more than I can use myself, especially since I’m supposed to be severely restricting my intake of salt and fats. So I’m giving away the KCH  to good (local) homes.

Now, a reprise of the KCH story. And then the details of the offer.



April 23, 2023

Let’s dive right in, with two disparate items: an old One Big Happy cartoon recently reprised in my comics feed; and Ta-Da!, a 2018 hardcover picture book by Kathy Ellen Davis (author) and Kaylani Juanita (illustrator):


The crocheted penis

April 22, 2023

(Today’s not-dead-yet posting; life has been very difficult, but I don’t think I’m up to providing details.)

In the penis art category — there’s even a Page on this blog about my postings on the subject — an entry in Susie Bright’s Journal (in her category “The Leisure Hours: Susie Bright’s Latest Food, Drink, Craft, Goof-Off”): “The Crocheted Penis: Jack Davis created a whole new world in fiber art” from earlier today.

Warning: this is going to be about (simulacra of) penises, so clearly not to everyone’s taste.


Stick figure drawing

April 21, 2023

— Wayno’s title for today’s (uncaptioned) Wayno / Piraro Bizarro cartoon, in which Popsicle, Creamsicle, etc. artists gather to draw a model popsicle stick:

(#1) (If you’re puzzled by the odd symbols in the cartoon — Dan Piraro says there are 2 in this strip — see this Page)

The cartoon juxtaposes two worlds:

— the world of (what I’ll call) -sicles, quiescently frozen snacks on a stick: ice pops and ice-coated ice cream on a stick (which is conventionally known as a popsicle stick, from its use in making Popsicle® ice pops)

— and the world of life classes, in which artists draw a human figure, traditionally nude, from observing a live model


Two winged men

April 20, 2023

Something of a present to me from Vadim Temkin: two of his recent digital artworks; he writes:

When I was doing these winged men, a warrior angel and Icarus, I was thinking of you.

Thinking of me because I have a thing for winged men (often posted about on this blog).

So here they are, cropped for WordPress modesty.


Just elected to the American Academy

April 19, 2023

… of Arts and Sciences, (at least) 7 scholars in linguistics and the language sciences — 6 women and one man:

— in Psychological Sciences, Leda Cosmides (UC Santa Barbara) and Virginia Valian (CUNY)

— in Education, Ofelia Garcia (CUNY)

— in Literature and Language Studies, Claire Bowern (Yale), Salikoko Mufwene (Chicago), Hazel Simmons-McDonald (Univ. of the West Indies), and Elizabeth Traugott (Stanford)