Sundance and Butch

Material from the story of Sundance and Butch

Sundance is an angel when he flies:

Sundance is an angel when he flies

5/31/10: background on Sundance and Butch; plus the full set of poems

Magic realism:
3/28/11: more background

Vergissmeinnicht (7/5/10):

Tumbling (3/15/11):

Sundance stays in to hunt (3/15/11):

The interview 3/15/11:

Names (4/4/11):

San Soni (4/5/11):

i am an angel when i fly (4/7/11):

1/1/19: He kissed me:
short story about my character Sundance and a t-room kiss

1/1/19: Fiction: He kissed me:
link to the previous; posting to soc.motss about the weekend the story was finished

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