Edward Gorey

illustrations/cartoons by Edward Gorey

8/19/11: From Edward Gorey:

From Edward Gorey

“the title of his story The Epiplectic Bicycle, and the second line in the deathly abecedarian book The Gashleycrumb Tinies

9/8/11: What are pockets for?:
AZ academic collage based on Gorey

10/23/11: The Twelve Terrors of Christmas:
Gorey illustrations for John Updike’s Twelve Terrors

8/7/12: Comic machines:
classification of Gorey “as a “writer and artist”, rather than an illustrator or cartoonist, presumably on the basis of his adult audience and his publishing books rather than in magazines”

12/26/15: From sadistic she-penguin convicts to wolves invading Britain:
about Gorey; his illustrations for the PBS Mystery! series and Joan Aiken’s books

8/24/16: Gorey on evil:

8/31/16: Gorey the illustrator:
book covers

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