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Clowns and their balloon animals

October 13, 2017

Yesterday’s Bizarro:

(If you’re puzzled by the odd symbols in the cartoon — Dan Piraro says there are 3 in this strip — see this Page.)

The old cartoon meme of the clown and his balloon animals, but now seen from the viewpoint of one of the animals, who experiences the clown’s manipulations of balloons as really creepy chiropractice.

Speaking, writing, bubbles

August 25, 2017

The Mother Goose and Grimm for the 23rd:

When Grimm speaks in a cartoon bubble, what he says appears in printed English — because, after all, a cartoon bubble (aka speech bubble) is piece of visual representation. Consequently, his speech is spelled, and is therefore subject to misspelling. Yes, this is all a bit dizzying.

Then there’s the bit of ironic silliness in Grimm’s misspelling misspelling.

August 21st: two cartoons

August 17, 2017

… in the New Yorker. By Tom Toro (cartoon meme and self-referential as well) and Sara Lautman (pun!):




Brewster Rockit to the rescue

July 15, 2017

[revised version]

From David Preston, yesterday’s Brewster Rockit comic strip, in a male character attempts to mansplain mansplaining to Pamela Mae Snap (aka Irritable Belle):

(#1) (Note strategic use of speech bubbles in the third panel.)


Vlad the Employer

July 14, 2017

A Jason Chatfield cartoon in the July 10&17 New Yorker:


The cartoon is amusing as the working out of the absurd pun in Employer vs. Impaler. But it also manages to allude simultaneously to the current Presidents of both Russia and the United States.


Toonies and their toons

July 12, 2017

Yesterday a Zippy posting took us to the cartoony district of Dingburg, where the Pinheads are flagrantly cartoonish rather than “normal”. Now two more strips have followed, showing us more about toonies, as the bulbous-nosed denizens of the district are called. Turns out they’re avid fans of superhero action comics.


Office Goofiosity cuisine

July 11, 2017

Yesterday’s Zippy:


Themes here: cooking, masculinity, cartoonishness / cartooniness, the Disney cartoon character Goofy, funny laughs, office supplies.


The Ballad of Clark and Bruce: SuperBat of Pink Steel Forever

June 28, 2017

Not a bit shy,
Their desire
Writes its name
In the sky.

Batman and Superman, locking together, man to man:


Madrid wall art by Ze Carrión


The terrible truth about bubble wrap

June 20, 2017

A Joe Dator cartoon in the June 19th New Yorker:


which will lead us to today’s Mother Goose and Grimm:


Along the way we’ll visit the naugas and their hides.


An old mammoth joke

June 9, 2017

From a Pinterest board, cavemen and their microscopes: