Buttocks display

ass, arse, butt, buttocks (with milder slang and euphemistic alternatives, like kiester and derriere), featured in gay contexts because of its central sexual feature, the anus (asshole, fuckhole, man-pussy, etc.)

postings listed here are from AZBlog; postings on the LiveJournal blog AZBlogX — [http://arnold-x-zwicky.livejournal.com] — routinely show buttocks as objects of sexual desire, in displays of the body and in depictions of mansex

this Page is a work in progress; the first draft listed postings only from 8/11/17; earlier postings are added from time to time

11/9/15: PUMP! Boys and Trojans:
#3 “Jockstrap exhibitionist” offering his ass

8/11/17: Billy the Berlin Barboy:
#7 CAN YOU HOST? t-shirt

The shirt’s slogan has a sexual specialization of the verb host ‘to receive or entertain people as guests’: ‘to host for sex’. Usually, this conveys ‘to host for sex at one’s own place’ — an escort who advertises I hostservices clients at the escort’s place, one who advertises you hostservices clients at the client’s place. In combination with the extended fuck-finger and the placement of the image on the front of the shirt (the side of the body with the wearer’s penis) rather than the rear (the side of the body with the wearer’s buttocks), the slogan uses host to convey ‘to host for sex (in particular, anal sex) in one’s own body’, that is, ‘to bottom, to get fucked’.

3/12/18: Shirtlessness and more: Bourgeureau and Sargent: [https://arnoldzwicky.org/2018/03/12/shirtlessness-and-more-bouguereau-and-sargent/]
John Singer Sargent’s buttocks art

7/27/18: I am your bottom:
#1 and #3 hot Helsinki Athletica model’s buttocks on dispay

9/16/18: Waving your flag:

Speedo-style swimsuts for men are designed to do two things: to put as much as possible of the wearer’s naked body on display, as an object of admiration and/or desire; and to highlight as much as possible of the remainder, to call attention to the two sexual foci of the male body, his genitals and his buttocks — but without actually exposing them. The swimsuit in #6 performs these functions admirably, while simultaneously flagging GAY in bright colors.

10/17/18: PUMP!ing it up:
PUMP! Access line of men’s underwear, with the naked buttocks displayed

11/7/18: Arousing the beast:
mooning as an aggressive display of the buttocks

12/29/18: The side display:
Richard Vytniorgu offering his buttocks for sex

12/30/18: Sexual displays > offers: prone, supine, lateral:
men offering their buttocks for sex

2/13/19: Mesh Man: Always open for business:
underwear model I called Mesh Man, with his “seductively exposed buttocks, offered sexually”

4/27/19: A standout in his shorts:
underwear model I called Mesh Man displaying his buttocks

5/24/19: The ballet of Mango Meshman:
underwear model I dubbed Mango Meshman, displaying “The beauty of his buttocks / And the juicy sweetness / Of his secret parts”

7/6/19: 4th of July displays:

The DJX Trough line: jockstrap and socks, in the colors of the holiday, framing desirable, fuckable, male buttocks

7/22/19: The boys of Boris Beauville:

from GDoS:

noun bum boy [also bum-boy, bumboy] [> BrE slang bum ‘the posterior, buttocks, anus, rectum’ + boy] ‘male homosexual’ [attested from at least the mid-20th century, probably in use for a century before that]

… Like sodomite, bumboy in principle can refer to either partner in anal intercourse between men — the sodomizer (insertive), who desires to penetrate a man’s bum, or the sodomized (receptive), who desires to have his bum penetrated — but in the absence of context, there’s a strong tendency to take it to refer specifically to the bottom in such encounters: metonymically, the boy is his bum. (Contributing pieces of (misconceived) folk sexology: the notion that in anal intercourse, only the bottom is truly queer — well, any man might get a kick out of fucking another man, the theory goes, but only a faggot likes to get fucked — and the belief that all queer guys like to get fucked.)

10/16/19: Adventures in homomasculinity: the pink jock: [https://arnoldzwicky.org/2019/10/16/adventures-in-homomasculinity-the-pink-jock/]

Meanwhile, from the rear view, [jockstraps] frame and display the male buttocks, which have characteristically masculine forms, but also serve (metonymically again, by the association of the buttocks with the anus) as symbols of receptive sexuality.

12/16/19: More pin-up boys:
on the pin-up push; #9 a Paul Richmond explicit buttocks display

12/17/19: All I want for XXXmas:

[#4]The company’s ads tend to focus on the phallic rather than the pygian endowments of their models, but then we have a Matti — an instance of the type SeksiMatti, embodying Finnish male hunkiness — with his amazingly muscular glutes (as well as impressive back muscles).

4/2/20: Astride the jockstrap trail:

advertisements for premium men’s underwear that treat men’s bodies simultaneously as the engines of vigorous athletic pursuits and as the loci of hot sex between men. And, correspondingly, that view the underwear — especially the quintessentially masculine undergarment, the jockstrap — as simultaneously a piece of sports gear and a vehicle for sexual advertisement, displaying a man’s package prominently in front and his bare buttocks behind.

[#1 a world-class bubble butt, in a jockstrap, doing pushups:] Many gay men, responding to their predilections and desires, would look upon these butts and find them arousing, would be inclined to view them as implicit offers; but they’re just posed bodies. Sometimes, however, the offer is explicit: the subject spreads his legs and humps up his ass, making his asshole available (and his cock and balls visible), as here

[#2 Richard Vytniorgu, prone, offering hs body for fucking]

6/1/20: Aradesque?:
#2 model “Aradesque” in bottomless boxer briefs, displaying his ass

7/9/20: Midnight Tropics:

A handsome pattern, including the pink flowers (pink is a subtheme in Elia swimwear for men), and clearly designed to highlight the sexual desirability of the wearer’s buttocks (which, in this case, seem eminently pregnable already).
… In street talk, #1 frames the model as having a really hot ass, eminently fuckable. Language familiar to me from my days in the sexual marketplace, decades ago, where my really hot, fuckable ass — arse, butt, whatever — was my big draw.

7/17/20: Buttocks display:
announcement of this Page, with an illustration

7/17/20: The art of the buttocks:
displays of the buttocks by male nudes in art; William Etty’s male nudes

7/17/20: Buttocks III: (mainstream) art, male art, porn:
Steven Vaschon’s Rear View books

7/18/20: Buttocks IV: cake(s) and tail:

some recently fashionable slang for ‘buttocks’: the M(ass) noun cake, as used by (straight) pornstar Johnny Stone (who has a famously fine ass, and is proud of it, even though it’s not an especially relevant feature in his porn work); and by DC Comics on its Twitter site, showing a photo of the superhero Nightwing (the former Robin / Dick Grayson), played by Brenton Thwaites, who’s also famous for his fine ass, which is much featured on the series.

8/15/20: Let them eat cake:
on cakes ‘buttocks’

8/29/20: Take me, please:

A beautifully (but not extravagantly) muscled male body, lying prone on the silky sheets of a bed — simultaneously tough and high-masculine and also sumptuously queer — with his knees drawn up to offer his very muscular male buttocks for sex

9/3/20: Take me, please (supine version):

What’s for sale here is some brightly colored festishwear, what could fairly be described as hot garments (harnesses, jockstraps, socks) to get fucked in)

9/16/20: Waiting for my man:

7/18/21: Between the glutes:
ass / butt / bum cleft / crack / cleavage; (inter) gluteal cleft

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