Pornstar files

pornstars (named) on AZBlogX (and AZBlog)
this list goes back only to July 2010; AZBlogX started on 8/2/10

7/14/10: Dolls and action figures:

Dolls and action figures

Billy Herrington in Conquered (pictured), Body Shop, Playing with Fire 2, Tales from the Foxhole, Lords of the Lockerroom

7/19/10: The Truly Huge:

The Truly Huge

Blue Blake, Caesar, Ty Fox, Billy Herrington, Tom Katt, Matthew Rush.

8/2/10: Billy Herrington unsheathed:
Billy Herrington

8/14/10: Pits ’n’ Tits: five underwear models:
Aden Jaric

8/14/10: Pits ’n’ Tits: the captioned series
Adam Killian

8/19/10: Pits ’n’ Tits: the Jeremy Walker files:
Jeremy Walker

11/9/10: Lives of the pornstars:
Aden Jaric, Jordan Jaric, Steven Daigle

11/15/10: Pits ’n’ Tits: Dean Flynn:
Dean Flynn

11/30/10: Phallicity: Falcon SuperCocks:
Tom Chase, Ken Ryker, Eric Hanson, Jeremy Penn

12/17/10: Cocks and cum:
Logan’s Run: Logan Reed, Cutter West, Cole Tucker, Chris Rock, Wade Peters, Drew Andrews, Brad King

12/18/10: The Bombardier 1:
Jason Ridge, Breck Stewart, Nick Capra, Paul Johnson

12/18/10: The Bombardier 2:
(mention of The Idol)

12/18/10: The Bombardier 3:

12/18/10: The Bombardier 4: b/t:

12/19/10: b/t coding:
Ken Scott, Gil Cortez, Trey Rexx

12/20/10: Roles in Manifest:
Tom Wolfe, Junior Stellano, Steven Daigle

1/2/11: Group sex in gay porn:
More Than You Can Handle; Class Reunion; Bang!; Carnival in Rio; Members Only; Lukas’s Story; Bolt; World Splash Orgy 2005

1/2/11: Phallicity: Reese Rideout:

1/4/11: Mess:
Stag Party: Griff Thorson, Sandy Sloane
Arcade on Route 9

1/4/11: Cruisin’: Men on the Make: b/t:
Troy Mackenzie, Race Jensen, Jack Lofton, Robert Harris, Joe Cade, Jack Corbin, Jim Moore

1/4/11: Morning wood:
Morning Wood: Trent Davis, Adam Killian, Derrek Diamond

1/10/11: man up:
Man Up

1/13/11: Jack Wrangler:
A Night at the Adonis

1/14/11: Gay for pay:
Chris Rockway, Leo Giamani

2/5/11: T-room action:
Joey Stefano in More of a Man; Steven Daigle

3/9/11: Titanic exposure:
Aymeric DeVille

3/18/11: Dean Phoenix:
Dean Phoenix, Corey Summers

4/22/11: Another orgy:
Aspen VI, with Landon Conrad, Adam Killian, Tony Buff, Brandon Bangs, Shane Frost, Angelo Marconi, Gavin Waters

4/26/11: XXX 30 Porn-Star Portraits:
Lukas Ridgeston

4/28/11: Lukas and Johan (and Chance):
Lukas Ridgeston, Johan Paulik, Chance

5/1/11: Power bottoms: the illustrations:
Jeremy Jordan, Jason Hawke, Trent Atkins

5/1/11: Slutty wet twink:
Drew Cutler, Jake Lyons

5/2/11: Jason & Jeremy, Jeremy & Jason:
Jason Hawke, Jeremy Jordan

6/16/11: More holiday offers:
Logan McCree, Vinnie D’Angelo

7/3/11: BFF Tibor Wolfe:
Tibor Wolfe, Adam Russo

8/21/11: Fuckin’ in the Boys’ Room:
high school fuck porn

7/23/11: Eyes and mouths:
Tommy Defendi, Marcus Mojo; Michael Lucas, Rod Daily; Michael Lucas, Sebastian Ritz; Rafael Alencar, Sebastian Ritz

8/5/11: Eyes for the guys:
Parker Perry

8/7/11: Full frontal:
Leo Alarcon, Hunter Marx, and more

8/17/11: More Dick for your Dollar:
Lee Ryder

9/2/11: More dickholewear:
David Anthony

9/8/11: Athleticism:
Rafael Alencar, Philip Aubrey

9/22/11: Der Blaue Al:
Al Parker

9/27/11: The Falcon decades:
4 decades of Falcon films

10/8/11: Holidays in porn:
Thugmart sale

10/21/11: Calendars and compendia:
porn calendars; Inkless, with Dario Beck, David Anthony, Dean Flynn, Chris Steele

11/4/11: More athleticism:
Dario Beck (with writeup), Marco Blaze, Dean Flynn in Distraction

11/4/11: Distraction in detail:

12/23/11: Gangsuck:
Trent Atkins, Parker Perry

12/25/11: Titanic pornwear:
Aymeric Deville, Trenton Ducati, Jimmy Durano, Shay Michaels, Jessy Ares, Hunter Marx, Francois Sagat, Spencer Reed

… from the beginning of 2012

1/1/12: Tat for tat:
Will Helm, Damien Crosse

6/7/12: Body shop:
Chris Tyler

8/24/12: The cocksucker’s gaze:
Brandon Jones, Lorenzo Star, Adrian Long, Adam Killian

11/5/12: Fuckin’ facework:
in #1, the wonderful mutual Loving Buddy of Connor Patricks (hole) paired with Danny Palick (fucker); in #3 Rod Daily’s Ecstatic hole being drilled by Man At Work Michael Lucas; and in #8, a pairing of Ecstatics, Marcus Mojo as the hole and Tommy Defendi … as the fucker

12/6/12: Trent Reed:
Trent Reed, Ty Russell

12/7/12: Falcon models:
Trent Reed, Ty Russell, Nicholas Clay (plus Brad Davis), Jeff Palmer, Jeremy Penn

12/8/12: Standing for it:
Jeff Stryker and Jeff Quinn; Jim Pulver and Tom Brock; Keith Erickson, Kevin Wiles, Jeff Stryker

12/10/12: Billy Brandt:
Billy Brandt, mention of Jeff Stryker, Jeremy Jordan, Kevin Wiles, and Brandt’s co-stars in films

12/24/12: Hammond organs:
Steve Hammond, Jeff Hammond; mention of ubermanly gay pornstars — Mike Branson, Ken Ryker, Steve Hammond, Ryan Idol, Jeff Stryker, Rex Chandler – and frankly hungry bottoms like Joey Stefano, Kevin Williams, Kevin Wiles, Tag Adams

1/7/13: Falcons at Fallingwater:
Mike Branson, Kevin Williams, Karl Thomas, Brennan Foster, Jordan Young, Derek Cameron, Brad Hunt, Ty Russell

1/8/13: Six examples:
Adam Killian

1/9/13: Number 7:
Trenton Ducati, Jake Genesis

1/9/13: Cockature:
Jesse Jackman; mention of Dirk Caber, Hunter Marx, Jesse Ares, David Anthony

1/10/13: The Ken Ryker files:
Ken Ryker

1/12/13: A matter of size:

A matter of size

Ken Ryker

1/22/13: Benno Thoma 2:
Tommy Hansen, Brandon Manilow

1/31/13: More Falcons at Fallingwater:
Karl Tenner, Colby Taylor, Roman Heart

2/15/13: Trenton Ducati:
Trenton Ducati, Dean Flynn

2/16/13: Maintaining the hard-on:
Spencer Fox

2/22/13: Dario Beck fucked four ways:
Dario Beck, Colby White, Hunter Marx [two shots of Marx fucking Beck]

2/25/13: Fetish/kink porn:
Hoodies; Shane Frost (and others: Leo Forte, Draven Torres, Jessie Colter, Angelo Marconi. Race Cooper, Brian Bonds, Alessio Romero); Cameron Adams

3/8/13: Cameron Adams:
Cameron Adams, Osian

3/12/13: Fuck shot:
Rafael Carreras, Marco Troper

3/15/13: Sexy St. Patrick’s:
James Jamesson

3/28/13: More on the Truly Huge:
Blue Blake, Gage Blake, Caesar, Ty Fox, Rhett O’Hara, Billy Herrington, Tom Katt, Matthew Rush, Dakota James

3/28/13: Toy With Me:
Adam Killian, Charlie Harding, Luke Milan, Tyler Wolf (illustrated); Rod Daily, Jessy Ares, Mathew Mason, Rafael Correras, Fernando Torres (mentioned)

3/30/13: Jesse/Jessy Ares:
Jesse/Jessy Ares, Hunter Marx, Aymeric Deville

3/31/13: Threesomes and more:
David Anthony (mostly); also Dario Beck, J.R. Matthews, Bryan Slater, Gio Forte, Alessio Romero, Will Parker

4/1/13: Easter threesomes:
Adam Killian, Derrek Diamond, Trent Davis, Colby Keller, Conner Habib, Girth Brooks

4/1/13: Beautiful penis:
Lukas Ridgeston, Dean Phoenix, Scott Styles, Mike Branson, Colby Taylor, Dean Flynn, Jesse/Jessy Ares

4/5/13: Close Up:
Trenton Ducati, Jessy Ares, Brian Davilla, Shay Michaels, Leo Forte, Mack Manus, Will Swagger

4/6/13: Manpiles:
Spencer Fox, Johnny Rapid (featured); Dario Beck, Marco Blaze, Dean Flynn, Rafael Alencar, Ricky Sinz, Tony Paradise, Sebastian Keys, Sebastian Young, the Rosso Twins

4/7/13: Two twinks:
Johnny Rapid, Hunter Page; mention of Jimmy Johnson, Tommy Defendi, Jack King, Spencer Reed

4/11/13: Pornstars at play, with their beetles:
TitanMen Dred Scott, Rik Jammer, Adriano Marquez, Jon Galt, Patrick Knight, Rob Collins, Jay Black, Gabriel Cortes, Bronn Douglas, Dirk Stahl, Mike Roberts, Keith Webb, Lance Gear, Eduardo, Cole Tucker

4/25/13: On the facial hair watch:
George Ce, Felix Barca, Marcus Isaacs, Anthony London, Adam Russo, Kieron Ryan

4/25/13: More toys:
Adam Killian, Rod Daily

4/25/13: Rafael Alencar:
Rafael Alencar, Max Schutler

4/26/13: Anthony, Saint, Stallone:
David Anthony, Christopher Saint, Fabio Stallone; plus Aymeric DeVille, Philippe Ferro, Scotch Inkom, Gio Forte, Jock Hudson, Ethan Hunter, Bryan Slater, Tony Buff, Trenton Ducati

4/26/13: Sex in suits:
Donato Reyes, Tomas Brand, Scott Hunter, Goran, Edji Da Silva, Will Helm, Damien Crosse, Davidenko Lopez, Paul Walker, Logan Rogue

5/3/13: Global porn:
Brendan Austen, François Sagat, Max Schutler, Huessein; and Rick Gonzales, Rafael Alencar, Joey Milano, Justin Christopher

5/3/13: The view from behind:
Pedro Andreas, Ashley Ryder, Marco Blaze (and mention of many others)

5/4/13: What do I look like when I’m getting fucked?:
Lowdown Dirty and More Than Ready: Alexander Garrett / Hugo Alexander, Christopher Daniels, Connor Patricks, Dale Cooper, Danny Palick, Jake Steel, Shawn Wolfe, Tommy Defendi, Johnny Parker, Tyler Alexander, Warrick Cade, James Ryder (brief writeups for all)

5/5/13: RSS Global, round 2:
Jonathan Collins, Micheal Torres, Logan McCree, Domenico Pacifico

5/7/13: Sex with Colby Keller:
Colby Keller, John Magnum, Zach Alexander, Brandon Bangs

5/7/13: The protean Colby Keller:

The protean Colby Keller

Colby Keller, James Jamesson

5/11/13: Titan Rough:
David Anthony, Jesse Jackman

5/21/13: Adam Killian:
Adam Killian; Jake Genesis, Jessy Ares, Jonathan Agassi, Lucas Young, Trenton Ducati; and many others

5/21/13: The Adam Killian scrapbook:
[re-plays from earlier postings] Adam Killian; Trent Davis, Derrek Diamond, Rod Daily

5/22/13: Dale Cooper:
Dale Cooper, Colby Keller, Hunter Page, JD Phoenix, Anthony Romero, Tommy Defendi; mention of Jake Genesis, Austin Wilde

5/22/13: Not your typical pornstar:

Not your typical pornstar

Dale Cooper

5/23/13: The four Bare Boys:
Sean Cody amateurs: Liev, Dennis, Jarek, Taylor

5/26/13: The four Bare Boys, captioned:

5/26/13: Throb:
featured: Angelo Marconi, Donnie Dean, Wolfie Blue, J.R. Bronson, Connor Maguire; (mentioned) Alex Marte, Johnny Venture, Jimmy Durano, Enrique Romo

5/28/13: Porne films:
featured: Brent Corrigan, Kaden Saylor, Devin Moss, Mason Wyler; (also) Thomas, Cash, Cody Cummings

5/31/13: One Thing Leads to Another:
featured: David Anthony, Hunter Marx, Jessie Colter, Brad Kalvo, Tate Ryder, Conner Habib, Colby White; (also) Dario Beck, Arpad Miklos, Rafael Alencar, Trey Turner, Adrian Long

6/3/13: The Guys Next Door go to an orgy:
featured: Cody Cummings, Paul Wagner, Anthony Romero, Johnny Torque, Landon Conrad, Marcus Mojo, Rod Daily; (also pictured) Connor Maguire, Dale Cooper; (mentioned) Adam Killian, Michael Lucas, Tommy Defendi

6/3/13: Mr. June:
Ty Colt

6/4/13: Kent Larson (and Barrett Long):

6/9/13: Big Dick Sale:
Brent Everett, Mike Roberts (the younger), Mike Roberts (the older), Dean Coulter [write-ups for all four]

6/14/13: Face Fuckers:
Dominic Pacifico, Johnny Venture, Marco Sessions, Rafael Carreras, Vito Gallo, Trenton Ducati, Tony Axel, Edji Da Silva, Miles Racer, Adrian Long (writeups for all but Ducati and Da Silva)

6/15/13: Heretic sweat:
Heretic: Tommy Defendi, James Ryder, Jimmy Fanz (writeup), Alexander Garrett, Jessy Ares, Alex Marte (writeup), Ty Roderick (writeup), Tyler Wolf; (mentioned) David Avila

6/16/13: Morning Wood redux for Pride:
Morning Wood again: Derrek Diamond, Adam Killian, Trent Davis

6/18/13: Christian Wilde and Jessie Colter:
(writeup for Wilde)

7/6/13: At the X line with remarkably named pornstars:

At the X line with remarkably named pornstars

Wagner Vittoria penetrating Tiziano Fuentes in Lucas’s Lovers in Paradise; Vittoria and his boyfriend Diego Lauzen, together and sharing Fuentes

7/7/13: Eyes for the gang:
Hole 1: Trenton Ducati, Adam Killian, JR Bronson, Angel Rock (writeup), Tyler Wolf, Tommy Defendi, Jimmy Fanz, Josh West (writeup); mentioned: Donnie Dean, Landon Conrad

7/13/13: More group sex:
Erik Rhodes, Maxx Diesel, Derrick Vinyard, Alex Rossi, Joe Sport; mention of Mike Powers

7/14/13: Michael Hunt:
Mike Hunt (brief writeup), Robin Fanteria

7/14/13: Deaths of the pornhunks:
on Erik Rhodes, Arpad Miklos, Wilfried Knight; plus Michael Lucas

7/14/13: Three sex workers:

Three sex workers

on Erik Rhodes, Arpad Miklos, Wilfried Knight (with writeups)
Cross Country Part 2 – front cover, with Rhodes

7/15/13: Remarkable names:

Remarkable names

Mike Hunt

7/20/13: Jason Adonis and Race Cooper:

7/20/13: Josh Weston:

7/28/13: Mystery Date, How to Be a Gay Porn Star:
Rod Barry (writeup), Justin Wells; mention of Dean Phoenix; image of Rick Hollander

7/28/13: Leo Forte:
Leo Forte, Tony Buff (writeups); Tristan Jaxx

7/29/13: The tao of pain:

The tao of pain

Leo Forte

7/30/13: Collegiate Porn:
Alumni: Ryan Rose, Ray Diaz, Brandon Jones, Cooper Reed, and others (no writeups)

8/1/13: Two books on gay porn:

Two books on gay porn

Aiden Shaw

8/2/13: Aiden Shaw (and Dick Wolf):

8/18/13: Tats and dicks:
Logan McCree

9/23/13: Boomer Banks:
Boomer Banks, Aleks Budowcek, Jimmy Fanz, Shawn Wolfe, James Jamesson, Tommy Defendi, Marcus Isaacs, Adam Ramzi

3/13/14: Today’s hunk:

Today’s hunk

Ken Ryker (photo from Jonathan Black, Idols)

4/18/14: Startling image for Holy Week:

Startling image for Holy Week

Adam Ramzi

4/18/14: Adam Ramzi for Easter:
mostly Adam Ramzi; also Tommy Defendi, Aleks Buldocek / Budowcek

9/1/14: Blowout and sleaze:
Johnny Hazzard, Jason Phoenix, Shay Michaels (pictured); mention of Trenton Ducati and Angelo Marconi

9/1/14: Blowout, sleaze:

Blowout, sleaze

regular blog version of the previous, focused on the language (plus Hazzard and Phoenix)

9/3/14: Jonathan Black:

Jonathan Black

Hal Rockland, Max Grand, Jordan Scott

9/3/14, Jonathan Black, X-rated:
X-rated material to accompany the previous

9/7/14: Chris Champion:
Chris Champion (with writeup), Cort Stevens (with writeup)

9/11/14: The cast album:
Crave: featured: Paul Wagner, Sean Zevran, Shawn Wolfe, Boomer Bonds, Brian Bonds, David Benjamin, Brock Avery; also pictured (and named): Adam Ramzi, Trenton Ducati, Damien Moreau, Mitch Vaughn, casts of (Best of Joe Gage) Rednecks, Sucked Off in Weird Places

10/13/14: traps:


Ken Ryker

11/7/14: Holiday sale:
Everybody fucks, featuring Johnny Hazzard and Alexander Adams. Rest of cast: Alexander Greene, Armando De Armos, Dustin Steele, Nick Cross, and Valentin Petrov

12/14/14: A Lucas Xmas:
3 pornstars, including Dato Foland

12/14/14: Pornstars for Xmas:

Pornstars for Xmas

Dato Foland

12/24/14: C1R Xmas greetings:
Johnny Hazzard

1/2/15: For the new year:
#1: Sam Truitt in Sucked Off in Weird Places

4/6/15: Cumshots and cumfaces:
Colby Keller, Dirk Caber

4/6/15: Dirk Caber:

Dirk Caber

4/16/15: Titan faces:
Friends with Benefits, Men at Work. Featured actors: Hunter Marx, George Ce, Eric Nero, Nick Prescott. Plus Nero and Ricky Decker in Pacific Coast, Prescott and Justin King in Wide Awake.

6/6/15: Christopher Ash:
Christopher Ash, Max Grand; Guys in Heat

6/8/15: Guys in Heat:

Guys in Heat

Christoper Ash, Max Grand, Tyler Zane (mention of the rest of the case); Guys in Heat

6/21/15: Daddy It Hurts!:
featuring Spencer Reed, Cole Harvey in Daddy It Hurts!

7/1/15: Dressing for Independence:

Dressing for Independence

Landon Conrad

7/18/15: Porn sale 1:
“Xmas in July” sale from TitanMen; Impulse, with Adam Killian, Jessy Ares; R.E.M., with Dirk Lang, Carlos Marquez

7/18/15: Porn sale 2:
Devin Dixon, Jason Phoenix in It All Comes Down to Cock

8/9/15: Antton Harri:
Harri in Rapture Inn (2008) (mention of Jessie Balboa); in To The Last Man: The Gathering Storm (paired with Damien Crosse; and with Jake Deckard) 2008; To The Last Man: Guns Blazing (paired with Damien Crosse) 2009; Wild Ride (paired with Ricky Sinz) 2010; photo in sex scene with Matt Stevens; five shots from his RentMen site, displaying dick, asshole, butt

8/9/15: In the Basque diaspora:

In the Basque diaspora

Harri as Aitzol Azurtza, irl; 3 tease shots, 2 head shots

8/12/15: Tearoom time:
part 3 For Men Only of Huge 1 (Falcon, 1983); scene 4 of The Bigger the Better (Falcon, 1984)
FMO: Lee Ryder, Rick Jensen, Matt Stoker. TBtB: Brian Hawks (aka Shawn McIvan, Brian Hawkes), Doug Weston
Dirk Yates’s Glory Days about glory holes

9/23/15: Mark Mason:
9/23/15: Mark Mason, Matt Bauer, and Gay Porn Minus Gay Sex:

Mark Mason, Matt Bauer, and Gay Porn Minus Gay Sex

Mark Mason, Steve Hurley, and others in Tales From Two Cities; Mason and Peter Wilder in The Mentor; pornstars Cicero Scott, Jim Thorpe

9/25/15: Boy in the sand:

Boy in the sand

Boys in the Sand: Casey Donovan, Peter Fisk

10/9/15: Party in the back / rear:

Party in the back / rear

Party in the Rear: Ivan Andros

10/10/15: Annals of phallicity: nozzles (and glycerin, lubes, abs posing oils):

Annals of phallicity: nozzles (and glycerin, lubes, and posing oils)

Full Service: Brad Phillips, Butch Taylor

10/7/15: Angle and curvature, again:
Dred Scott and others in Titan Legion

10/13/15: More angle and curvature:
Splash (C1R): Brandon Wilde, Cameron Foster, Kyle Kash, Lucas Knight

11/17/15: Cockfest #4: penis-to-penis:
more on Splash: Cameron Foster, Brandon Wilde, Lucas Knight

11/17/15: Cockfest #5: cum guzzling:
The Cum Guzzler Club (C1R): Roman Chase, Sean Duran, Dimitri Kane, Mickey O’Brien; others in cast mentioned

12/1/15: The Titan Cyber Monday sale:
Like Father, Like Son: David Anthony, Casey Williams, Caleb King, Luke Adams; The Stepfather 2 (Caleb King, Matt Stevens); Muscles in Leather (Casey Williams, John Magnum); CockyBoys scenes (Caleb King, Brandon Jones, Gabriel Clark, Adam Russo, Sean Cross); various other videos (Luke Adams, Ray Han, Noah Jones, Colby Jansen, Tommy Defendi, Christian Wilde)

12/6/15: Gay Porn Portal:

Gay Porn Portal

#1 Christian Connor; #2 Petr Herman; #3 Billy Herrington

12/10/15: The black gangbang fantasy:

The black gangbang fantasy

Black Balled series of gay porn flicks (eight so far), in which a group (a gang, in one sense) of 8 to 10 black men gangbang a white guy (the target).
with covers for the series; targets: 1 Sean Diamond, 2 Luke Savage, 3 Jenny, 4 Rob Romoni, 5 Dean Monroe, 6 Dylan Saunders, 7 Cameron Adams, 8 Dylan Hauser

12/13/15: Sean Duran and Nick Cross:
Duran in The Cum Guzzler Club (see above); in Raw Latin Heat with Xavier Saldana; in Raw and Ready with Armond Rizzo and Rafael Lords; in Boyfriends 2 with his boyfriend Cross. Cross in a Falcon video release with Jimmie Slater.

12/13/15: Boyfriends:


more on Duran/Cross; link to Pornhub video of The Triathlete, with the couple, and synopsis of the video

12/14/15: Professional Muscle Hunks:

Professional muscle hunks

Ron Lloyd books, calendars, DVDs, videos, featuring Nathan Black, Von Diesel, Zeb Atlas, Max Wheeler, Braun Drek

12/23/15: X-rated Damien Crosse:
pornstars Damien Crosse, Francesco D’Macho. films/videos: (Men at Play) Glove Love (DC), (Men at Play) The Golden Paycheck (DC), (Stag Homme) Hunger Bang (DC), Bedside Stories 3 (DC, Dominique Hansson), (Lucas) Cock Riders (DC, Johnny Venture), (Falcon) Porn Stars in Love (DC, FD), unidentified flick (DC, FD, unidentified black actor)

12/25/15: The C1R Christmas Sale: Johnny Hazzard:

The C1R Christmas sale: Johnny Hazzard

on Hazzard as an actor and person

12/25/15: More Damien Crosse:

More Damien Crosse

on Crosse and his films and videos, as an actor and person; Francesco D’Macho

1/6/16: Wrestling match:
C1R’s Stuff It In The Hole (cover in #2, with Mickey O’Brien); first scene, about wrestlers, with Braxton Smith and Javier Cruz (in #1)

1/6/16: Wrestling with gay porn:

Wrestling with gay porn

on the genre of gay wrestling porn; the title of the C1R flick; and errors in the ad copy

1/14/16: Kike Sorroche, ilustrador homoerótico:

Kike Sorroche, ilustrador homoerótico

pornstars Jonan Wolff, Axel Brooks

1/26/16: Dean Phoenix in disguise:
in Dirk Yates’s God Was I Drunk (2013); and in Crew (2000) and with Tyler Scott in a 2011 video

1/28/16: Dean Phoenix, Dirk Yates, and curvature:

Dean Phoenix, Dirk Yates, and curvature

regular blog version of the previous, focused on the curvature of DP’s cock

1/31/16: X-rated Colby Keller:
5 shots; one a fuck scene with Duncan Black

2/2/16: A visit with Colby Keller:

A visit with Colby Keller

much about the man and, recently, his art porn (Colby Does America, in particular the Colby Does New York project with a number of CockyBoys porn actors); on CockyBoys and their porn DVDs

2/6/16: The Super Bowl looms:

The Super Bowl looms

C1R’s Gridiron Gang Bang (2008): Dayton O’Connor; later: actor Blue Bailey, actor and porn entrepreneur Paul Morris

2/8/16: Kevin Wiles:
ubercocksucker and uberbottom Kevin Wiles, displaying his body and having sex in gay porn flicks from the 80s: Bigger Than Life, Spring Break, Behind Closed Doors, Big Guns; Keith Ericson, Jeff Stryker, Chris Thompson, Jim Bentley, Chad Douglas

2/9/16: Morning names: wiles, Wiles:

Morning names: wiles, Wiles

more on Kevin Wiles, his films, and actors appearing with him

2/10/16: Jason Phoenix, Dirk Yates, and military mysteries:
Jason Phoenix in Dirk Yates’s Present Arms; Trenton Ducati; Daddy Chasers, Dirty Little Brother

2/12/16: Liam Riley, power bottom twink:
Liam Riley for Helix and CockyBoys; fucked by Dustin Gold and Dillon Rossi; mentions of Andy Taylor, Kody Stewart, Levi Karter, Ricky Roman, Tayte Hanson

2/13/16: Brandon Lewis:
Lewis in C1R ad; posing for display; fucked by Jeremy Bilding; fucking Johnny Rapid

2/18/16: Morning name: Colton Ford:

Morning name: Colton Ford

classic gay pornstar Ford; movies: Conquered, Gang Bang Cafe, Colton, Best of Colton Ford

2/27/16: X-rated Colton Ford:
displaying his body; displaying his ass while being sucked; fucking Blake Harper; getting fucked

3/3/16: Riding his ass:
Filip Cervenka, Dalibor Hlava in William Higgins’s Uncut & Raw for C1R; repeat of Dean Flynn, Dario Beck, Marco Blaze in Distraction

3/4/16: X-rated Trent Atkins:
Alessio Romero fucks Atkins; Dirty Tony gang bang with Atkins as focus; gang bang from Addiction, Part 1, with Atkins as focus, plus bangers Danny Vox, Maxx Diesel, and two others

3/10/16: Male beauty:

Male beauty

Bel Ami studios, Johan Paulik, Lukas Ridgeston, Mating Season (Bel Ami, 2006)

3/18/16: Late for St. Patrick’s:

Late for St. Patrick’s

pornstar Harley Everett

4/17/16: Another winged man:

Another winged man

TitanMen’s Fallen Angel series; Steve Cannon as the winged man

5/12/16: Soaping it up with Jason Phoenix:
C1R ad featuring Jason Phoenix; JP and J.D. Phoenix in Dirty Lil’ Brother

5/30/16: Memorial Day military porn:
C1R/Dirk Yates ad featuring DJ Carlton (and many others) in Duty Weekend (2008)

6/21/16: The T-formation blowjob:
7/13/16: Bodily alignment:

Bodily alignment

Bound Gods ads: Jonah Marx and Seamus O’Reilly; Derek Pain and Christian Wilde
William Higgins C1R flick Packed Raw with large cast of new Czech actors (alphabetically by whole name: Alan Carly, Arny Donan, Danek Gyor, Dima Lauren, Felix Ryha, Hugo Antonin, Jan Sadecky, Lukas Pribyl, Mate More, Mirek Hodbod, Paul Belonek, Radan Flex, Rado Zuska, Steve Peryoux, Tibor Rysavy, Tono Milos, Vladimir Kruty, Zdenek Berdak, and Zdenek Bodbaba)

7/23/16: Cute pornstars:

Cute pornstars

#1 Tommy Defendi, #2 Dean Flynn, #3 and #4 Danny Vox, #5 Christopher Ash, #6 Dario Beck

7/26/16: X-rated Jeff Quinn:
with Jeff Stryker in Bigger Than Life; with Jim Pulver in Inch By Inch; with Chad Douglas in Giant Splash Shots II

7/28/16: Lives of the pornstars: Jeff Quinn:

Lives of the pornstars: Jeff Quinn

6 JQ films; JQ fucked by Jeff Stryker, Chad Douglas, Jim Pulver

7/30/16: Rocco Steele’s famous tool:

7/30/16: Extraction and insertion:

Extraction and insertion

pornstars Micah Brandt and Rocco Steele on display

7/31/16: Fitting formal organization to sociocultural function:
2 scenes from C1R’s Packed Raw with cast of 5

8/14/16L An orgy in 1982:
Christopher Rage’s Orgy
with: Bosch Wagner, Colon Topor, Scorpio, Leslie Williams, Daniel Holt, Jim Davies, Dwan, Jay Richards, Lorenzo Vidal

8/15/16: Falcon trading cards: the bodies:
(from 1994) Bo Summers, Danny Bliss, Chase Hunter, Aiden Shaw, Donny Russo, Kevin Wiles, Matt Gunther, Kristen Bjorn, Kip Noll

8/15/16: Falcon trading cards: the faces:

Falcon trading cards: the faces

matched to AZBlogX array

8/17/16: Colt and Marco:
photo sets from Colt Studio and Marco Studio; pictured: Steve Kelso, John Pruitt, Wade Neff, unidentified Brazilian models, Rafael Alencar

9/6/16: Another visit to the glory hole
Dirk Yates’s Shore Leave; Fred[d]erick

9/16/16: Going all the way gay wth the X-Men:

Going all the way gay with the X-Men

X-Men: A Gay XXX Parody, with Colby Keller as Wolverine, Paddy O’Brian as Magneto, Landon Mycles as Colossus, Brennan Bolton as Cyclops, Paul Canon as Pyro, Mike de Marko as Iceman

9/27/16: Take one by mouth as needed:
Brandon / Brendan Patrick sucking Tex Davidson’s substantial cock in a scene from C1R’s Buff & Scruff

10/7/16: Michael Lucas
Lucas’s Barebackula; actors Damon Heart, Jonathan Harder, Dylan James, Mario Domenech, Alex Kof

10/7/16: Barebackula:


Michael Lucas films: Barebackula, La Dolce Vita, Dangerous Liaisons, Vengeance, Gigolos, Kings of New York

10/29/16: A fucktage:
ad flyer for a Falcon Studios sale; montage of fuck scenes from Wild Weekend 1, Hung Country, Doc’s Orders, Wild Weekend 2; facial expressions

11/6/16: Vases for phallophiles:

Vases for phallophiles

#1 Chance in An American in Prague

11/14/16: Watching the BuckleBoys:
7 shots from BuckleRoos: Dean Phoenix, Marcus Iron, Owen Hawk, Jason Kennedy, Timmy Thomas, Sammy Case (also Zak Spears, but not pictured)

11/14/16: Trisyllabic feet in tetrametrical orgy:

Trisyllabic feet in tetrametrical orgy

more on pornstars in BuckleRoos: list above, plus Arpad Miklos and Ricky Martinez

11/19/16: Montalvo morning:

Montalvo morning

Eric Hanson

11/22/16: Poised to prong, psyched to suck:
Pigs, Players & Navy Feet (Pacific Sun, 2000): Ethan Starr, Dave Dickens
Echoes (Men of Odyssey, 2000): Max Grand, Dillon Pierce, Casey Williams, Patrick Allen, Michael Lance, Tony Donovan, Nick Yeager
Strangers in the Forest (C1R 2000); Eduardo, Sebastian, Nathan Hamilton, Rand Hawlke, Dean Maxwell, Lucas Rally

12/22/16: Santatta and his elf:
Dylan James, Ace Era in a Lucas XXXmas scene

12/22/16: Santatta is coming:

Santatta is coming

link to the AZBlogX posting

1/3/17: Johnny Rapid at the jizz ball:
scene from Jizz Orgy: Winning Ball; Johnny Rapid, Rafael Alencar

1/19/17: Meaty matters:

Meaty matters

Choice Cuts, J.W. King

1/20/17: X-rated Danny Vox:
Mens Room Bakersfield Station; Danny Vox, Justin Dragon, Trevor Knight, Matt Majors

1/24/17: A day with Danny Vox in the ultimate fantasy t-room:

A day with Danny Vox in the ultimate fantasy t-room

Mens Room Bakersfield Station: 13 actors, including Danny Vox, Matt Majors, Abram Rodriguez, Kent Larson, Joey Russo, Nick Capra
Carny, with DV and Dred Scott
Beyond Malibu, with DV and Jason Ridge

1/28/17: Locke and cock:
Richard Locke in Joe Gage’s Kansas City Trucking Co.

1/28/17: Joe Gage:

Joe Gage

Joe Gage videos, esp. the Working Man Trilogy and Arcade on Route 9; Richard Locke, Clay Russell; Alex Brawley, Cole Ryan, Brett Anderson, Matthew Matters, and others

2/18/17: Beefier and beefiest:
scene from TitanMen video Stud Finder; Trenton Ducati, Jed Athens, Ford Andrews

3/11/17: Ejaculatory pop:

Ejaculatory pop

L.A. Tool & Die scene with Michael Kearns, Richard Locke

3/24/17: Hand jobs:
shots of hand jobs and mutual masturbation from gay porn; pornstar Josh Milk

3/25/17: Kip Noll:
6 shots of Noll, from his ca. 9 years making gay porn movies; notably, in William Higgins’s Pacifc Coast Highway (1981)

3/26/17: On the boulevard of broken dreams with Kip Noll:

On the boulevard of broken dreams with Kip Noll

Kip Noll, Pacific Coast Highway

3/27/17: Members Only: two moments:

Members Only: two moments

Members Only

3/29/17: Paul Morris’s dick frenzy:
SDSTW (front and back), SDSTW2 (front), SDSTW3 (front and back), SDSTW5 (front and back), SDSTW6 (front and back), DOC (front), DOC6 (front)

3/29/17: Three:


Lucas Kazan film The Love Triangle

4/1/17: Hitchhiking:


Higgins Pacific Coast Highway, The Young and the Hung; Kip Noll, Leo Ford, Chris Lance; Gage, Stopover in Bonds Corners; Luke Adams, Dallas Steele

4/21/17: rest stop:

rest stop

pornstar Conner Habib; Str8 to Gay video with Owen Michaels and Dustin Tyler

5/31/17: Cocky Boys for Pride:
videos: Missed Connections; Take It to the Bank (Boomer, Calvin, Beaux Banks), Mad About the Boy (muscle top Arad Winwin and power bottom Liam Riley)

5/31/17: The eve of Pride Month:

The eve of Pride Month

three videos in previous entry, plus Daddy, We’ve Been Bad, with: Rocco Steele, Taylor Reign, Kyler Ash, Zader Cole, Vinnie Stefano, Seth Stark, Luke Ewing

6/6/17: Distracting moments in gale male erotica:

Distracting moments in gay male erotica

BareTwink videos: A Rewarding Day of Hunting, Poketwink Bedroom; actors Kyle Rhodes, Cameron Hilander, Michael Klein

6/9/17: Earthbound:
Falcon’s Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2: Trelino, Andrew Stark, Dean Monroe, Sean Zevran, Arad Winwin, Gabriel Alanzo, Armond Rizzo, JJ Knight, Blake Riley, Johnny V, Andre Donovan, Brent Corrigan, Skyy Knox; about Brent Corrigan, fucking Knox and fucked by Zevran and Theo Ford; and a display of Knox’s body

6/14/17: Pride Time 4: gay porn and gay bioflicks:

Pride Time #4: gay porn and gay bioflicks


6/30/17: In the dunes, in the dunes:

In the dunes, in the dunes

Michael Lucas, Fire Island Cruising 6

7/1/17: O Canada! Au Canada: le huard!:

O Canada! Au Canada: le huard!

Song of the Loon

8/31/17: Work it, Sean!:
Lucas scene with Sean Xavier and Shawn Reeve

9/1/17: BBC for Labor Day:

BBC for Labor Day

Lucas scene with Sean Xavier and Shawn Reeve

9/3/17: Cole Ryan:
in Lucas’s La Dolce Vita; with Alex Chandler and Anton Harri; with Troy Moore in TitanMen’s Closed Set: Titan Stage One

9/3/17: Sex puppies for the holidays:

Sex puppies for the holidays

pornstars in the AZBlogX posting, plus Sebastian Kross

10/12/17: The pizza boy as cultural figure:

The pizza boy as cultural figure

directors William Higgins, Joe Gage; Pizza Boy: He Delivers with David Ashfield, Grant Fagan, Steve Henson, Troy Ramsey; Pizza Boy #2-4, with listing of scenes and 6 actors for #4, Slice of Pie; Campus Pizza Boy with Dean Flynn, Damien Crosse, Andrew Justice; five other pizza boy flicks

10/16/17: Revisiting 8: Rod Canyon:

Revisiting 8: Rod Canyon

directors William Higgins, Tom DeSimone; Rod Canyon in Rear Deliveries, also The Dirty Picture Show, Wet Shorts; also Lee Marlin, Kip Noll, Derrick Stanton

11/24/17: Black Friday 2017:
porn sale ads; Bennett Anthony and Micah Brandt for TitanMen; two deals from Falcon (with out-facing sit-fucks); Jock Pussy site, with f2m pornstar Luke Hudson

12/21/17: Merry Jizzmas:
Lucas “Merry Jizzmas” ad featuring Tomas Brand as Santa and Klim Grimov as an elf

12/21/17: And for your Xmas viewing pleasure:

And for your Xmas viewing pleasure…

Brand and Grimov in “Bareback Christmas”

12/22/17: More Xmas porn:
2017 TitanMen Xmas sale with David Anthony; 2016 12 Gage of Xmas (with Joe Gage scenes)

12/22/17: Another crop of homoXmas ads:

Another crop of homoXmas ads

David Anthony, Dallas Steele, Taylor Bishop

1/7/18: News from the Mormon territories:

News from the Mormon territories

Lucas specialty site, with LDS mansex (mostly kissing)

2/14/18: Lucas Valentines for 2018:
Diego Lauzen, Beau Reed, and Wagner Vittoia

2/14/18: Days of sensual pleasure:

Days of sensual pleasure

more on Lauzen, Reed, and Vittoria, with notes about Reed

2/17/18: Caio Amaral’s 14 inches:
Amaral and Gilvan Couto in Kristen Bjorn’s Carnaval in Rio

2/18/18: Putting the carnal in Carnival:

Putting the carnal in Carnival

more on Carnaval in Rio

2/28/18: Ballet Down the Highway:

Ballet Down the Highway

on Jack Deveau and his films, esp. Ballet Down the Highway

3/9/18: The further adventures of Dick Danger:

The further adventures of Dick Danger

Dick Danger, Dick Danger 2 and their casts

3/13/18: Carlton and Capra:
DJ Carlton and Nick Capra in the Dirk Yates film Duty Weekend

3/15/18: Nick Capra:

Nick Capra

Nick Capra’s career in porn

3/15/18: Cumshots from muscle daddies:

Cumshots from muscle daddies

films Cumshots Vol. 1, Muscle Daddies; actors Jesse Jackman, Luke Adams, Dallas Steele

3/16/18: On the fetsh patrol: FamilyDick:
Lucas line of inter-family gay sex porn

3/17/18: Josman’s family:
interfamilial gay sex in Josman comics

3/17/18: Titan St. Patrick:
TitanMen’s L.A. Cruising (2017); Bruce Beckham, Micah Brandt; TitanMen Piss Off sextoy in chocolate, vanilla, and caramel

3/17/18: Manly St. Patrick:

Manly St. Patrick

regular blog version of the preceding

3/18/18: The family fetish:

The family fetish

FamilyDick and Josman on regular blog

3/19/18: Raging Stallion’s Cock Tease:
Cock Tease (2013), directed by Adam Killian; with Killian, Brayden Forrester, Caleb Colton, Mitchell Rock, and others

3/19/18: I was a cock-teaser for Roosterama!:

I Was a Cock-Teaser for Roosterama!

Cock Tease: pornstars listed above, plus Jesse Santana, Trenton Ducati, Jake Genesis

3/21/18: Fifty shades and the Justice League:

Fifty shades and the Justice League

gay Thai BDSM video Fifty Shades of Gay; BDSM Fifty Shades of Twink; foot fetishism and humiliation in Fifty Shades of Tyler; gay parody of Justice League with Johnny Rapid, Ryan Bones, Brandon Cody, François Sagat, Colby Keller

3/21/18: Superheroes having sex: gay parodies — Justice League: Johnny Rapid, Ryan Bones, François Sagat, Colby Keller, Brandon Cody; Batman V Superman: Paddy O’Brian, Trenton Ducati

3/31/18: Marketing Rico Marlon:
LucasFilm pornstar Marlon

3/31/18: Israeli porn:
Lucas’s Men of Israel, Inside Israel; “Israeli dancer Yoav Bosidan being fucked”; Jonathan Agassi, Avi Dar, Matan Shalev, Naor Tal

4/1/18: Jewish gay men:

Jewish gay men

regular bog version of the preceding

4/1/18: For Easter Fool’s Day:
TitanMen ad for Dick Danger 2; Gay Room video with Casey Everett, Lex Ryan

4/1/18: Retouching Rico Marlon:

Retouching Rico Marlon

regular blog version of AZBlogX posting on Marlon

5/5/18: Muscle Bears and Lusty Lads:
2008 film from U.S. Male: Josh West, David West, Dak Ramsey, Lance Bennett

5/5/18: Lusty days:

Lusty days

regular blog version of material from Muscle Bears and Lusty Lads

5/12/18: Mothers / Muthuhs Day 218:
TitanMen: New Rules – Dirk Caber, Dakota Rivers, Julian Knowles, Daymin Voss; Big Brother – Knowles, Jesse Jackman

5/12/18: For Mothers Day:

For Mothers Day

regular blog version of this material

5/28/18: More Memorial mansex:
TitanMen ad featuring Liam Knox; Dirk Yates ad featuring Rod Peterson (in American Made); Knox and Julian Knowles in Beef; Peterson and Ryan Reed in Urban Spokes; Peterson in a video

5/28/18: More porn for the holidays:

More porn for the holidays

regular blog version of this material

6/2/18: Cumdumps:
Treasure Isand video So You Wanna Be a Cumdump (2014), Hot Desert Knights video Buckets of Cum (2007), featuring Jarod Steele

6/16/18: Muscle Daddies Day:
TitanMen sale for Fathers Day, featuring Liam Knox and Luke Adams in Muscle Daddies

6/19/18: End of season:

End of season

TitanMen back to school ad: Daymin Voss and Dirk Caber in New Rules

7/4/18: Liam Knox for the 4th:
LK (and Micah Brandt) in Dick Danger 2: Return of the Dick; LK (and Luke Adams) in Muscle Daddies; LK (and Julian Knowles) in Beef; LK (and Dakota Rivers) in Dick Danger 2

10/1/18: Fall facework:
pornstar Luke Adams; also Jesse Jackman, Anthony London, Liam Knox, Diego Sans, Christian Wilde

10/1/18: Sexual faces:

Sexual faces

AZBlog version of the preceding

10/4/18: Levi and Liam:
CockyBoys pornstars Levi Karter and Liam Riley; video “Meeting Liam” (Karter, Riley, Tayte Hanson, Ricky Roman); Karter and Riley together; Karter with Arad WinWin; Riley with Dillon Rossi

10/5/18: Another ubertwink:

Another ubertwink

AZBlog version of the preceding, on Liam Riley

11/3/18: In costume for Halloween 2018:
3 images from gay porn: TitanMen ad; The Sword posting on gay Halloween; gay vampires

11/24/18: November facework:
Justin Matthews and Arad Winwin in Cocky Boys’ Break Him In 2; Matthews displaying himself in 2011, 2014, 2018; Swingin’ Balls ad; Michael Lucas ad

12/1/18: Bobby Pyron:

Bobby Pyron

pornstar Lee Ryder in a variety of gay porn flicks

12/4/18: Nob Hill:
NakedSword’s gay porn flick Nob Hill, set at the closing of the theatre; Woody Fox, Alam Wernick, Timarrie Baker, Max Adonis, Jessie Colter, Adam Killian

12/29/18: The side display:

The side display

Dean Phoenix, Owen Michaels, Rod Phillips, Brandon Jones, Aymeric DeVille

1/17/19: Happy New Year’s Muscle Daddies:
from Titan’s New Rules: Dirk Caber, Dakota Rivers

1/29/19: Greg Patton, dba Rod Phillips:

Greg Patton, dba Rod Phillips

Rod Phillips filmography, gallery of photos, one with Lee Ryder

1/30/19: Manly Beach:
Kristen Bjorn porn flick set on this Sydney-area beach: Sean Davis, Dex Brown, Ian Layman, Root Calahan

2/8/19: Fucking cowboys, spitroasting, and Eiffel Towers
BuckleRoos, Liam Riley

2/15/19: Sweetly Blissful VDay Muscle Daddy:
Dirk Caber (and Daymin Voss, in New Rules) for Titan’s Valentine’s Day sale

2/15/19: From the files of facial expressions in gay porn:

From the files of facial expressions in gay porn

regular-blog version of the preceding

3/5/19: carnitas:


Kristen Bjorn’s Carnaval in Rio

3/17/19: V me, I’m Irish:

V me, I’m Irish

Dakota Rivers, Liam Knox in TitanMen’s Dick Danger 2

4/11/19: TaXXXing moments:
TitanMen’s 2017 Taxxx and 2016 The Taxman Cumeth: Alex Mecum, Matthew Bosch, Liam Knox, Adam Ramzi, David Benjamin

4/14/19: The TaXXXman will come for you:

The taXXXman will come for you

as in the 4/11 X Blog posting, plus: Bennett Anthony, Eddy Cee Tee

5/1/19: Here we come a-frankerin’:

Here we come a-frankerin’

Austin Wilde

5/25/19: High 5 from a bison:

High 5 from a bison

Marcus Iron

6/16/19: On this day in 2019:

On this day in 2019

David Anthony in Like Father Like Son; Arpad Miklos and Viktor Banda in Daddy Meat

6/22/19: Over the edge with formulaic language:

Over the edge with formulaic language

Cocked and Loaded videos

7/6/19: Matthew Bosch for President:
Bosch and Nick Prescott in Titan’s Cauke for President; Bosch and Dirk Caber in Package; Bosch and Liam Knox in Boom

7/6/19: 4th of July displays:

4th of July displays

as in the AZBlogX posting, but with comparisons of Bosch with the actual Aaron Schock

7/27/19: Wary:


unidentified male couple in ad for Lucas Studio porn

8/30/19: Dream time: back to school:

Dream time: back to school

shot of Daymin Voss and Dirk Caber in Titan’s New Rules; No. 5 “Back to School” in the French Connection series “18 Today”; German SKU series “Back to School”

9/7/19: The boys of the end of summer:
Lucas Entertainment end-of-summer sale; barebacking flick All-Star Orgy; Edji Da Silva, Rafael Alencar, Arad Winwin

9/7/19: Big sexy prime birthday gay ice cream:

Big sexy prime birthday gay ice cream

regular blog version of the above

9/21/19: Costume fantasy porn:
2019 Dominic Pacifico production Sands of Time; Zario Travezz, Julian Grey, Taylor Reign, Casey Everett

10/20/19: Sexual adventure beyond space and time:

Sexual adventure beyond space and time

regular blog version of the above

10/22/19: The Jeff Stryker shredded-clothing massive-peen-display shot:
Stryker shot from Powertool

11/28/19: All thanks to HomoEros:

All thanks to HomoEros

Lucas’s Barebacking in Public: Dan Saxon and Gabriel Phoenix

12/3/19: Edward Winter:

Edward Winter

Kevin Wiles and his porn persona

12/26/19: The first two days of Christmas:

The first two days of Christmas

1995 Dirk Yates porn flick Boxer Shorts

1/17/20: Amado Spears and his husband, fulfilled by Peter:

Amado Spears and his husband, fulfilled by Peter

Zak Spears, young LatinBoyz pornstar Amado, young CollegeDudes pornstar Tony Amado

1/27/20: Humongous fucks Adonis:
Falcon’s 1984 The Bigger the Better; Rick Donovan, Matt Ramsey / Peter North, Brian Hawks

1/28/20: Humongous tops Adonis:

Humongous tops Adonis

regular blog version of the previous

2/2/02: Jocks, Socks & Cocks:
Todd Winters in Take One For The Team (full cast: Todd Winters, Eddie Stone, Cody Scott, Andel, Toby O’Connor, Sean West, Justin Wells, Jason Ridge) and Jocks, Socks & Cocks (full cast: Todd Winters, Nelson Troy, Toby O’Connor, Jan Fischer, Benjamin Bradley, Nick Marino, Justin Wells, Trent Atkins, Joe Foster)

2/2/20: Another Super Bowl Sunday:

Another Super Bowl Sunday

posting incorporating the material from the previous, plus earlier football-themed porn

2/12/20: Big dicks, sex roses, and Angel Rock:
Falcon big dicks compilation (Tate Ryder), sex-rose encounter between Angel Rock and Aaron Shepard

2/13/20: Lincoln Darwin Valentine Day:

Lincoln Darwin Valentine Day

Angel Rock and Aaron Shepard in “Valentine’s Day Fuck” scene

2/16/20: News for big penises: well, it seemed like a good idea at the time:
ad for the studio Bareback Cum Pigs’s That Secret We Kept

2/17/20: Hail to the chief:
Presidents Day sale ads; pornstars Paddy O’Brian, Sebastian Kross, Rex Cameron

2/18/20: Saluting the presidents:

Saluting the presidents

regular blog version of this posting

2/20/20: love nest:

love nest

Logan’s Journey; Logan Reed; Damien Crosse and his films

2/21/20: Magical Mystery Crotch Rocketman:

Magical Mystery Crotch Rocketman

Trenton Ducati and his compendium DVD Crotch Rocket

3/3/20: Morning tum:

Morning tum

Landon Conrad and Morning Wood

3/8/20: Where is the fishmonger?:

Where is the fishmonger?

Next Door Studios; Alex Tanner, Dakota Payne

3/14/20: A diverse holiday:

A diverse holiday

Peter Fever sale: Duncan Ku, Caged Jock (CJ), Tyler Slater

3/18/20: Jazzing goes to college:

Jazzing Goes to College

Corbin Fisher gay porn site

3/25/20: Vidra Fornea Clark:
Jack Vidra, Seth Fornea, Hayden Clark

3/25/20: Three men:

Three men

regular-blog version of the above

3/28/20: Reading faces:

Reading faces

facial expressions in gay prn: two examples

4/5/20: In the fantasy locker room:
Falcon: Tales From the Locker Room (2020); Jesse Zeppelin

4/7/20: Alex’s Locker Room:

Alex’s Locker Room

regular-blog version of the above; plus more on Mens Room Bakersfield Station

5/21/20: Cock run amok:
Falcon Studio’s Bro Buddies

5/27/20: Happy Memorial Day:

Happy Memorial Day

assorted porn for Memorial Day; American Military Grade Bukkake (Joe Gage Private Stock) from Dragon Media (2015)

5/29/20: Josh Rider bakes raw:
NakedSword’s Naked Baking

5/29/20: Masturbation May finale: the naked brownies:

Masturbation May finale: the naked brownies

regular-blog version of the preceding

5/31/20: The death of images:

The death of images

pornstar (and underwear model) Arad Winwin

6/7/20: Pride faces:

Pride faces

pornstars Justin Matthews and Nic Sahara

8/11/20: Spitroast chronicles:
spitroastings (of several types) illustrated in a variety of gay porn images

8/11/28: Mansex positions: spitroasting:

Mansex positions: spitroasting

regular blog version of the preceding

8/14/20: Cake Shop:
Raging Stallion porn Cake Shop: Devin Trez, Jake Nicola, Wade Wolfgar, Beaux Banks, Donnie Argento

8/15/20: Let them eat cake:

Let them eat cake

regular blog version of the preceding

8/23/20: Devin Franco:
in Falcon’s video I Spy

8/24/20: A desirable body:

A desirable body

regular-blog version of the preceding

9/4/20: Labor Day 2020:
ad with two smiling affectionate men (playing construction workers)

9/5/20: Working men 2020:

Working men 2020

regula-blog version of the preceding

9/20/20: Cocks and assholes:
two different presentations of the engagement between a cock and an asshole: submissive receptivity in a Say Uncle ad; active enthusiasm in a Hot House Studio ad (featuring Marc Dylan in the video Pack Attack 6)

9/20/20: The penis-anus nexus:

The penis-anus nexus

regular-blog version of the preceding

9/20/20: Skyy Knox:
Skyy Knox, JJ Knight, Falcon’s Head Play

9/21/20: A visit with Skyy Knox:

A visit with Skyy Knox

regular-blog version of the preceding

9/25/20: Raunchy Dirty Uncut Fucking:
Raw Alpha Males gay porn; dominance and submission

9/26/20: From the dominance/submission files:

From the dominance/submission files

regular-blog version of the preceding

9/27/20: The No Tell Motel
porn video of this name; Drew Sebastian, Kirk Cummings

10/7/20: Humongous Cocks:
with two images from a porn video ad

10/22/20: humongous:


regular-blog version of the preceding

1/8/21: Who put the fuckin’ in Califuckinfornia?:

Who put the fuckin’ in Califuckinfornia?

the Falcon porn DVD Califuckinfornia; directr, full cast, brief description

1/10/21: Callipygian in his Levis:

Callipygian in his Levis

the Cocky Boys porn DVD Rough & Ready; drector, cast, brief description

2/19/21: Two pornstar smiles:

Two pornstar smiles

The Lucas video Brutalizing Some Butt, with Sir Peter and Allen King

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