Art postings

art (and design)/photography/architecture postings
art with a significant homoerotic component is labeled as MALE


5/31/10: Progress of a Soul:
Phoebe Anna Traquair

6/13/10: The Commencement pun crop:
Simon Drew’s pun art, inter alia

6/20/10: Puns in polyresin:
Marsha Tosk’s Figures in Speech

6/20/10: From the Simon Drew pun files:
Drew’s pun art

8/21/10: I Married My Dog:
photographer Robert Emery Smith – MALE

11/7/10: Concealing and revealing:
photographers Jack Pierson, Rick Day, Giovanni; Big Penis Book, Jewels – MALE

11/16/10: Concealing and revealing: Fred Goudon:
photography – MALE

11/23/10: Concealing and revealing: more Fred Goudon:
photography – MALE

12/5/10: But is it art?
Dinosaur Comics, with references to captioning of found images, Duchamp, Holzer, and Ruscha

12/6/10: Captioning: more is it art?:
Blunt Cards and Lichtenstein

12/8/10: More captioning as art:
Dante Shepherd

12/14/10: Phallicity: the 16th century:
Arcimboldo-style portraits – MALE

2/20/11: Conceptual art:
Luis Camnitzer

3/23/11: Uomini:
photographer Mariano Vivanco – MALE

3/31/11: George Tooker:
Tooker, Paul Cadmus, Reginald Marsh – MALE

4/12/11: Phallicity: George Condo’s Uncle Joe:

5/2/11: Stanley Stellar’s couch:
photography – MALE

5/4/11: Jack Balas – MALE:

5/4/11: Ed Ruscha:

5/8/11: More conceptual art:
Glen Ligon, Jenny Holzer

5/8/11: Caravaggio:
Caravaggio – MALE

5/10/11: Lari Pittman:

5/11/11: Mel Roberts boys:
photography – MALE

5/12/11: Caravaggio meets Seiwert:
Harald Seiwert – MALE

5/13/11: Cumrades:
Harald Seiwert – MALE

5/13/11: The Flandrin pose:
the Flandrin original, two variants – MALE

5/13/11: Sam Carson:
photography – MALE

5/14/11: Richard de Chazal:
photography – MALE

5/20/11: Saint Sebastian:
representations of Saint Sebastian: Andrea Mantegna, list of others, plus six with homoerotic content: Shinoyama photo, movie still from Derek Jarman, Keith Haring, Pierre et Gilles, Kevin Raye Larson, Isabel Samaras – MALE

5/20/11: Centurians and centaurians:
representations of Chiron – MALE

5/23/11: Another Flandrin pose:
the Flandrin original, plus a variant – MALE

5/27/11: Patti Smith Flandrin:
Robert Mapplethorpe – MALE

6/3/11: Mark Grotjahn:

6/3/11: The Wrestler:
Dudley Vaill Talcott (The Wrestler)

6/25/11: NY logos:
Milton Glaser (NY logo)

7/7/11: Cy Twombly:

7/16/11: Two deaths in the arts:
T. Lux Feininger

7/22/11: Saul Steinberg on activity and stativity:

7/23/11: Lucian Freud:
Lucian Freud, Francis Bacon

8/20/11: Munch up to date:
parodies of “The Scream”

11/16/11: X is the real Y:
A Softer World cartoon

11/17/11: Prairie Flandrins:
Prairie Flandrins – MALE

11/19/11: Rigo at SFMoma:
Rigo 23

11/19/11: Male nude by Rex Slinkard:
Rex Slinkard – MALE

11/19/11: Rex Slinkard:
Rex Slinkard – MALE

11/21/11: Saint Cecilia:
Saraceni, Blanchard

11/27/11: Pierre et Gilles and dicks at play:
P&G, James Bidgood, David LaChapelle – MALE

12/25/11: Poet among the painters:
Rembrandt, Duchamp, Marini, Cézanne

12/29/11: Helen Frankenthaler:
Helen Frankenthaler (and Frank O’Hara)

1/5/12: Three deaths:
Ronald Searle

1/8/12: From the urinal desk at AZBlog:
Clark Sorenson urinals – MALE

1/29/12: Cardinal sin:

1/31/12: Just barely not X:
models David Leif, Daniel Garofali – MALE

2/6/12: The cult of beauty:
British Aesthetic Movement, Stanhope, Burne-Jones

2/17/12: Howard Roffman boys:
photographer Howard Roffman – MALE

2/20/12: Antedating:
W.W. Story

2/26/12: Two photographers:
Walker Evans, Cindy Sherman

3/6/12: The twinkmeister:
photographer Howard Roffman – MALE

3/25/12: “structure” or “work of art”:
Larry Rivers’s “Legs”

3/29/12: Prepared for art:
Irene Harwicke Olivieri

4/1/12: Anita Steckel:

4/3/12: Aerosol art:

4/22/12: Chemistry, phallicity, and (anti-)Rockwellism:
Norman Rockwell, Shane Rodems, Eric Fischl – MALE

5/4/12: Aesthetic judgments:
Modernism, Brutalism

5/8/12: Swine Lake and Sendak:
Maurice Sendak

5/10/12: Alison Bechtel:

5/23/12: I am UndocuQueer!:
Julio Salgado

5/24/12: Arôme Saveur Penis:
Stéphane Bérard

5/29/12: Raymond Briggs
Briggs (illustrator of children’s books, graphic novelist)

7/7/12: Straight arrow:
EDZ: parking lot arrow (also notes on manhole covers)

7/19/12: Magritte:
Magritte (with parodies)

7/25/12: When English teachers snap:
Kathryn LeMieux

7/28/12: The Mrowr and the Whine:
Munch’s The Scream and parodies of it

7/29/12: More t-shirt art history:
van Gogh’s Starry Night and a parody

7/29/12: Cope & Guilbert:
Emmanuel Guibert

8/2/12: Pairings:
Lawrence Weschler “convergences”; Velazquez, Goya

8/22/12: Human furniture:
David Blazquez: human furniture – MALE

8/29/12: Food art:
food art, Arcimboldo

9/9/12: Nighthawks:
Hopper’s Nighthawks and parodies of it

9/15/12: Moroni:

10/4/12: Steadman’s Boids:
Ralph Steadman

10/12/12: Bob’s Big Boy:
Googie design

10/15/12: Ink on paper vs. paint on canvas:
drawings vs. paintings

10/15/12: Detroit Industry:
Diego Rivera

Paul Klee, Die Zwitscher-Maschine

10/21/12: Marc Bessange:

11/10/12: After the election:
another Roffman – MALE

11/10/12: Mary Azarian:

11/10/12: Joe McKendry:

11/24/12: Barbara Kruger:

12/1/12: Poetic intersection:
Laura Letinsky

12/31/12: David Arnot:

1/19/13: Sekigushi X:
Kino Sekigushi – MALE

1/19/13: Kino Sekigushi:

1/20/13: Dick aversion:
mostly Pierre & Gilles – MALE

1/21/13: Horror of the penis:
summary of “Dick aversion”, bibliography – MALE

1/22/13: Benno Thoma:
photographer – MALE

1/22/13: Another male photographer:
link to “Benno Thoma” – MALE

1/22/13: Benno Thoma 2:
photographer Benno Thoma – MALE

1/22/13: Porn / art
link to “Benno Thoma 2” – MALE

1/25/13: Bruce Weber:
phototographer Bruce Weber – MALE

1/25/13: Bruce Weber:
link to “Bruce Weber” – MALE

1/26/13: Ocho Loco Press:
Ocho Loco Press images

1/27/13: Antonio Fransconi:
woodcut artist Antonio Frasconi

2/12/13: Tony Duran:
photographer Tony Duran – MALE

2/12/13: Tony Duran:
link to “Tony Duran” – MALE

2/12/13: Dean Keefer:
photographer Dean Keefer – MALE

2/12/13: Dean Keefer:
link to “Dean Keefer” – MALE

2/13/13: Dan Throsby:
photographer Dan Throsby – MALE

2/13/13: Dan Throsby:
link to “Dan Throsby” – MALE

2/20/13: Michael Taubenheim:
photographer Michael Taubenheim – MALE

2/20/13: Michael Taubenheim:
link to “Michael Taubenheim” – MALE

2/24/13: Visual testosterone:
photographer Jim French / Rip Colt – MALE

2/24/13: Jim French / Rip Colt:
link to “Visual Testosterone” – MALE

2/26/13: Kristen Bjorn:
photography – MALE

3/7/13: Cock tease:
model Daniel Garofali – MALE

3/22/13: Surrealists:
works by: Francis Picabia, Salvador Dali, Roberto Matta, Bridget Tichenor, Paul Cadmus, Caravaggio, Jared French; mention of many others

3/25/13: David Vance
photographer David Vance – MALE

3/25/13: Carl Larsson:
Carl Larsson

3/26/13: noisette:
Urs Fischer

4/9/13: Man Ray:
Man Ray

4/12/13: Cubism:

4/15/13: Photography in San Francisco I: Gordon Parks:
photographer Gordon Parks

4/16/13: Photography in San Francisco II: Garry Winogrand:
photographer Garry Winogrand

4/18/13: The adventures of AZ:
awkward cover art (for Archibald Zwick)

4/22/13: Zao Wou-Ki:
painter Zao Wou-Ki

5/7/13: Mail art:
collagist Peter Kupás – MALE

5/7/13: The protean Colby Keller:
cartoonist J. Bone – MALE

5/14/13: Michael Reh:
photography – MALE

5/16/13: Paul Sietsema:
painter Paul Sietsema

5/17/13:Philip Taaffe:
painter Philip Taaffe

5/19/13: X or not?:
on X-rating for works of male art – MALE

6/4/13: Albert York:
painter Albert York

6/19/13: Wolfgang Tillmans:
photographer Wolfgang Tillmans – MALE

6/26/13: Claude Smith:
artist Claude Smith

7/1/31: Josh Duhamel posing:
photographer Greg Gorman – MALE

7/21/13: More Magritte:

7/27/13: Recruiting men:
recruiting posters; J.C. Leyendecker, McClelland Barclay

7/29/13: Marc Simont (and James Thurber):
illustrator Marc Simont

8/3/13: The city in scrapwood:
James McNabb, cityscape sculptures in scrapwood

8/4/13: Gang paintings:
Rick Chris paintings – MALE

8/6/13: Chokecherries and Ulmer:
Bonnat, Rembandt on Jacob and the angel

8/11/13: Naughty Little People:
humorous, often sexual, postcards

8/13/13: Manga matters:
manga instruction books; traditional Haida art; and Haida Manga

8/14/13: Ken Price:
ceramic artist Ken Price

8/17/13: Lee Lorenz, Matthew Barney, and more:
Matthew Barney, James Lee Byars, Hans Bellmer

8/29/13: Kissing the rose:
John William Waterhouse; Andy Warhol

9/13/13: Cupcake sledding:
photographer Christopher Boffoli

9/16/13: Sheepish notes:
painter Bouguereau, sculptor Thorvaldsen

9/16/13: Joe Boys:
illustrator Joe Phillips – MALE

9/17/13: Joe Phillips displays dick:
illustrationas – MALE

9/20/13: Fritz of Holland:
illustrations – MALE

9/27/13: Selfie:
photographic self-portraits

9/27/13: Magritte at MOMA:

10/2/13: Male nudes:
exhibition at the Musée d’Orsay in Paris

10/07/13: Yes we can:
J. Howard Miller poster

10/8/13: ¡Sí Se Puede!:
Robert Valadez poster

10/20/13: Al Hirschfeld:

10/20/13: Mark Strand collages:

10/24/13: The Czech finger:
sculptor David Cerny

10/25/13: Antaeus:
images of Hercules and Antaeus: Greek krater, Lucas Cranach the Elder, Hans Baldung

12/26/13: Santa art:
Ed Wheeler parodies

12/29/1 3: More art and porn:
Bertil Nilsson photography

12/29/13: Art and Craft:
Ruth Asawa

1/12/14: More miniatures:
Pierre Javelle and Akiko Ida food miniatures

3/13/14: Today’s hunk:
Jonathan Black male photography – MALE

4/5/14: Surreal Zippy:
Magritte-style surrealism

5/3/14: Balloon dogs and Mr. Met:
Vermeer, Picasso, Reginald Marsh

5/20/14: Alan Fletcher:
Alan Fletcher, John Heartfield

5/23/14: Piercing:
Paul Blanca photography – MALE

5/31/14: Anthony Gormley:
Gormley’s outdoor statuary, Another Place

6/3/14: Mel Bochner:
Bochner’s conceptual art

6/3/14: Plant life by public transport:

6/6/14: Anthony Friedkin:
Anthony Friedkin photography – MALE

6/6/14: Ralph Steadman:
cartoonist, illustrator, graphic designer, caricaturist

6/11/14: Josh Kline:
conceptual artist Josh Kline

6/21/14: Streamlined Koons:
Jeff Koons

6/26/14: paper cut
Chinese paper cuts

6/28/14: What’s art and what’s not on the High Line:
conceptual art

6/28/14: But is it art? More Jeff Koons:
Koons’s neo-pop

6/28/14: But is it art? At MoMA:
two exhibitions

6/29/14: But is it art? Abstraction:
Morris Louis

7/17/14: Things we doubt Louis XIV envisioned:
Jeff Koons, Puppy

7/21/14: Peter Mendelsund:
book cover art by Peter Mendelsund

8/3/14: Gerhard Marcks:
bronze sculptures by Marcks

8/14/14: Tumble Inn, Stan:
paintings of diners by John Baeder

8/15/14: Life among the artists:
Rembrandt, Gertrude Stein in a Zippy

8/28/14: Hybrid art:
Mari Kasurinen’s “My Little Tom of Finland” sculpture

8/29/14: Visual burlesque:
Costaldo and Huhn burlesques; Michael Huhn male photography (MALE)

8/30/14: Airing out the naughty bits:
photographer Keith Munyan – MALE

9/3/14: Jonathan Black:
photographer Jonathan Back – MALE

9/3/14: Jonathan Black, X-rated:
more from Jonathan Black – MALE

9/5/14: Greg Brown:
Palo Alto muralist Greg Brown

10/17/14: Plug anal gẻant on the Place Vendôme:
Paul McCarthy sculpture

10/19/14: Tove Jansson tomorrow:
novelist, painter, illustrator and comic strip author Tove Jansson

10/22/14: What was that word?:
Ingres, Grande Odalisque

11/2/14: A Xmas penguin, and Jane Austen:
#1: art by Yvonne Felix

11/8/14: Variations on a theme, with grapes:
still lifes: Severin Roesen, Caravaggio

11/24/14: Ciao, Carpaccio!:
Vittore Carpaccio

11/24/14: Phallic art:
drawing on AZBlogX

12/3/14: Clifford Baker:
photographer Clifford Baker – MALE

12/15/14: A painter of light and water:
J.M.W. Turner

12/16/14: Transitory art:

12/19/14: Calvin on art criticism:

12/21/27: Set of three:
#3: Courbet, Orlan

1/2/15: For the new year:
MALE: C1R photo; Roger Payne drawing

1/2/15: New Year’s specials:
MALE: on AZBlogX posting

1/8/15: Penguin chill:
photographer Tomasz Gudzowaty

1/12/15: More homoerotic magic realism:
painter Igor Sychev – MALE

1/13/15: Bernard Palin:
painter Bernard Palin – MALE

1/15/15: Norms:
Ed Ruscha painting

1/16/15: Robert Deyber:
Robert Deyber’s visual puns

1/16/15: Gio Black Peter:
queer works by Gio Black Peter – MALE

1/17/15: Tomi Ungerer:
works by Tomi Ungerer

1/18/15: The creatures of Fibonacci:
John Edmark kinetic statues

1/21/15: Food photography:
Sam Kaplan food photography, of soup stocks

1/27/15: Sol LeWitt:
3 works by LeWitt

2/8/15: Duane Michals:
photographer Michals

3/5/15: Surreal plus:
Zippy on Magritte

3/6/15: Cartoonization:
Zippy on Magritte

3/10/15: More cartoonization:
Zippy cartoonizations of Magritte paintings

3/11/15: The Spirit of Geometry:
Zippy and another Magritte

3/13/15: Today’s artistic pun:
Rodin’s The Thinker

3/29/15: This is not a Ding Dong:
another Zippy on Magritte

3/30/15: Jacob Lawrence:
artist Jacob Lawrence

4/28/15: Unconventional lives:
Lord Berners

5/12/15: Author, author!:
conceptual artist Chris Burden

5/27/15: Great beauties and unconventional lives:
John Singer Sargent, Zuleika

5/31/15: Sam Waterston:
surrealist illustrator Simón Prades

6/3/15: Morning name: Elagabolus:
Laurence Alma-Tadema, The Roses of Heliogabalus

6/6/15: Seasons by de Chazal:
Richard de Chazal Seasons series – MALE

6/15/15: Rivera in Detroit:
Diego Rivera, Detroit Industry

6/15/15: June’s L&G news:
Pascal Blondeau, Swimming Pool photographs – MALE

6/16/15: David Hockney:

6/20/15: Screaming for ice cream:
parodies of Munch’s “The Scream”

6/29/15: shippo:
ancient Egyptian hippopotamus figurine

7/3/15: More gratuitous shirtlessness:
3 MALE photos

7/4/15: Shark statues:
shark art

7/11/15: Outrageous art:
Giger poster Phallic Landscape; sculpture Birth Machine

7/15/15: Dead Tongues:
Dead Tongues logo by Stephanie Shih

7/15/15: Cymbalism:
works by conceptual artist Terry Adkins

7/16/15: More art criticism from Calvin:
Calvin and Hobbes: categorizing Calvin’s goofy sidewalk drawings

7/19/15: The Importance of Being Incomprehensible:
An artist’s statement from Calvin

7/26/15: Dave Blazek:
Alexander Calder mobiles

8/7/15: Morning name: Hilarion:
the temptation of St. Hilarion: paintings by Papety, Tassaert

8/13/15: Ice cream, roadside fiberglass, Caillebotte, and more:
painter Gustave Caillebotte

8/15/15: Stickwork:
outdoor art with natural materials: Patrick Daugherty, Robert Smithson, Andy Goldsworthy, Aviva Rahmani

8/21/15: Braldt Bralds:
poster and cartoon by the artist

9/3/15: Flintstone days:
Flintstone House in Hillsborough; Flintstone House in Malibu

9/7/15: Roberto Bolle:
MALE photography of dancer Roberto: 4 photos, including one by Bruce Weber

9/14/15: Alex Minsky and his underwear:
MALE photography by Michael Stokes

9/19/15: Muffins:
etching by Paul Sandby

9/23/15: Mark Mason, Matt Bauer, and Gay Porn Minus Gay Sex:
MALE photography by Matt Bauer, Jonathan Black

9/24/15: Another medieval penis monster:
from a medieval manuscript: painting of a dragon with a penis hat

9/30/15: Philip Bonneau:
MALE photography by Bonneau

10/7/15: Two recurrent themes:
gouache paintings / cartoons by Greg Stones

10/12/15: Our playful artists:
Marcel Duchamp, René Magritte

10/23/15: Airport penguin:
Leo Sewell installation in Atlanta airport

10/26/15: R(e)ubenesque:
Peter Paul Rubens and the Ruben(s)esque

11/2/15: David Hammons:

11/5/15: Pastiche:
Mikel Jaso parody of Magritte Trahison; two other illustrations

11/11/15: The water frog, the ground squirrel, and the little thrush:
Mark Catesby etchings of American flora and fauna from the 18th century

11/11/15: The story of Noodles Crumplewaste, Any-Size Woodtank, and Index Icecup:
Ben Katchor’s graphic short stories; Andy Warhol

11/12/15: Dance: Friedemann Vogel:
photography of Youn Sik Kim

11/13/15: The art of interjection:
Deborah Kass sculpture; Ed Ruscha word paintings

11/15/15: Les Danseurs:
Matthew Brookes photography of male ballet dancers

11/18/15: Fischli & Weiss:

11/21/15: Zipparchitecture:
architecture: Frank Gehry’s EMP Museum in Seattle

11/21/15: Kijé and Jimson:
movie The Horse’s Mouth, about artist Gulley Jimson

11/27/15: Canned cranjellyfish:
graphic designer Mark Pernice

12/2/15: I love my Jack Adams:
William Morris

12/3/15: José Parra:
photographer David Wagner – MALE

12/13/15: Ruin or architectural masterwork?:
Zippy: architects Frank Gehry, Rem Koolhaas

12/14/15: Professional muscle hunks:
Ron Lloyd’s male photography – MALE

12/17/15: manga/anime hair:
instructional materials for drawing manga/anime figures

12/22/15: Calendrical hunks:
Fred Goudon’s photography – MALE

12/26/15: From sadistic she-penguin convicts to wolves invading Britain:
artist and illustrator Edward Gorey

12/28/15: Joe Park:
oil paintings by Park turned into postcard miniatures

12/30/15: Five cartoons for the penultimate day:
Zippy: #2 on breaking into the art world

1/1/16: Holiday images:
Hrjoe superhero compositions; erotic art of Etienne

1/4/16: Urinating superheroes:
Hrjoe superhero compositions

1/9/16: Signage models:
international signs; artist’s models

1/10/16: The woolly whale:
2 art works with woolly whales

1/14/16: Pittman, Dickinson, and Goya:
Lari Pittman’s Nuevos Caprichos, Goya’s Los Caprichos

1/14/16: Kike Sorroche, ilustrador homoerótico:
illustrator, graphic artist, artist (and cartoonist) Sorrache – MALE

1/16/16: A piece of male art:
MALE – photograph(model, photographer not identified)

1/24/16: Morning name: John Varvatos:
MALE – homotographer Giovanni Squatriti, models Nick Rea, Jonas Kesseler

1/28/!6: Three Thursday cartoons:
#3 Zippy: Dada, Picasso

1/29/16: aussieBum, Shearing the Rams, and Slim Dusty:
Tom Roberts painting Shearing the Rams

2/2/16: A visit with Colby Keller:
Keller’s art porn; drawings of him by Sai Hendrij and Paul Rob Wright; artist Paul Thek; modeling as performance art; two pieces of video performance art in the Colby Does America project (Califoria and New York); Justin Jorgensen’s Obscene Interiors

2/2/16: Notes on male ballet dancers:
#1 photo of three dancers at the barre, by unknown photographer; photos of dancer Joseph Gatti

2/7/16: The news for, um, monkeys:
coin design, Zhang poster, Cheeky Monkeys logo

2/11/16: The news for testicles (and, oh yes, penises):
illuminated manuscript with genitaliac symbols, phallic folk art

2/14/16: Two books of male photography:
Sixty Nine: Joyful Gay Sex MALE, Obscene Interiors

2/16/16: Loving couples:
photographs of Tom Daley + Dustin Lance Black for OUT magazine MALE; illustration for children’s picture book Worm Loves Worm

2/24/16: Annals of art and design: LC2 in Swiss concrete:
Swiss architect / interior architect Stefan Zwicky

2/24/16: Annals of art and design: Vivian Hornick:
paintings based on historical models, with women, animals, and very long titles that tell a story

2/28/16: Paul Sixta and Marios and more:
photographer Paul Sixta’s work MALE

3/14/16: Unnerving Chicano Art: Vincent Valdez
painters Valdez, Philip Ruston

3/16/16: Your money’s no good here:
grahic artist Alex Monopoly

3/17/16: Morning name: Botticelli, the game:
Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus

3/23/16: Klimt Eastwood:
painter Gustav Klimt; visual mashups of a Klimt painting and a Clint Eastwood character

3/28/16: Roland Topor:
underground artist Topor

4/15/16: Ganymede on the fly:
MALE art: photographer “Priapus Milet”, painter Rick Herold, photographer Aaron Holloway

5/1/16: The news for (big) penises:
MALE photography (unknown photographer)

5/1/16: Annals of public art:
sculptor Edgardo Carmona

5/2/16: Where is he now?:
Tiki Art by Brad Parker

5/3/16: Morning names: thistles!:
fan slash photos: Destiel (Dean/Castiel)

5/4/16: María Sol Escobar:
death notice for Marisol

5/8/16: The knotted gun:
sculptor Reutersward

5/8/16: Art or cartoon?:
Zippy with Picasso and Duchamp as cartoonists

5/9/16: Escorts, rentboys, male hustlers:
MALE David Vance photography in Escort

5/13/16: Two extravagant mani-corns:
MALE photography: one a complex composition, the other an unposed shot (by Frazer Harrison)

5/14/16: Pretty in pink: my homo pony:
MALE photography: Exterface Studio spread

5/17/16: Joe Dallesandro:
MALE 2 photos of JD on AZBlog, 2 on AZBlogX

5/19/16: The White Palace Cafe:
painting of the Gadsden AL cafe

5/21/16: Programmer paintings:
paintings by Bilibin (Russian) and Bey (Turkish)

5/22/16: Male art: two views:
Reed, Art and homosexuality, and Clarke, on porn from Warhol to X-Tube

5/27/16: Graduation Day:
R. Kikuo Johnson illustrations

5/28/16: On the public art patrol: giant chairs:
five giant chairs as public art, plus a Zippy

5/28/16: Male photography: Leo (and Mikele):
MALE photographs of Leo (and his partner Mikele)

5/31/16: Lili Darvas:
photography of Edith Baracovich

6/6/16: A Chomsky caricature:
caricatures considered as art

6/14/16: Crate labe;s:
commercial art on crate labels

6/19/16: Language at the art galleries:
Ed Ruscha, Jean-Michel Basquiat

7/1/16: Big and cool and tangentially surreal:

7/1/16: On the surreal train:
Zippy on its own surrealism; Duchamp

7/13/16: Bodily alignment:
paintings by Henry Scott Tuke, Georges Paul Le Roux, Thomas Eakins

7/17/16: A remarkable website:
Bob Mizer photos – MALE

7/18/15: The Insolence and the Ecstasy:
David Ligare paintings; Richard de Chazal art photography (MALE)

7/21/16: Michael Crawford:
#1 Monet haystacks, #2 Hopper

7/25/16: George Platt Lynes:
male nudes by the photographer – MALE

7/26/16: George Platt Lynes and Jared French:
photographs by the first, paintings by the second – both MALE

7/31/16: Form and function working together:
formal composition in ads for gay porn – MALE

8/9/16: The old curiosity shelf:
art, crafts, personal treasures

8/15/16: Gross and flying penguins, Barsotti and flying squirrels:

8/17/16: Photo sets:
from Colt Studio and Marco Studio – MALE

8/18/16: Six doodles:
AZ doodles arranged in a composition

8/22/16: A ewer in the morning:
5 ewers; on functionality and artistic merit

8/22/16: The Fine Art Exemption:
for Michelangelo’s David and its penis

8/23/16: More on the David:
continuation of previous

8/25/16: Four more Steinbergs:
drawings by Saul Steinberg

8/26/16: Two impressively eccentric artists:
Michael Heizer and Lynda Benglis; also Sylvia Sleigh – MALE

8/26/16: Sylvia Sleigh’s male art:

9/9/16: Herb Ritts:
photos by Herb Ritts – MALE

9/10/16: Return of the Sam Gross balloon dog:
Jeff Koons

9/22/16: Bare bear poets in ther youth:
photographer Richard Avedon – MALE

10/1/16: Penguin irises:
Ogata Kōrin iris screen

10/7/16: The sculpture garden:

10/8/16: Naming his Essence:
Paul Freeman photography – MALE

10/10/16: Collage days:
AZ collages (academic, gay, miscellaneous) – MALE

10/12/16: Annals of public art: bunnies in the lake:
works by Alex Podesta

10/16/16: On the Zwicky art watch: Calder Zwicky:
CZ and Adam Parker Smith

10/17/16: Nick Cave and the Soundsuits:

10/21/16: Harvest art:
fruits and vegetables in ceramic, blown glass, metal

10/24/16: Naked boys playing at liberty:
Andrew Kennedy photography – MALE

10/26/16: Wednesday odds and ends:
item (1): painted scroll by Kitagawa Sôsetsu

11/2/16: Giantess Jackie:
Marilyn Monroe statues as public art; fiberglass roadside figures as a kind of public art

11/4/16: Into the Cave world:
Nick Cave and his Soundsuits

11/7/16: Seward Johnson:
gigantic sculptures of human figures

11/18/16: The news for cigars:
photography by Stephen F. Dennstedt

11/23/16: Two Stanford adventures:
California and water exhibition at Stanford Museum; Albert Bierstadt; two other 19th-century landscape painters

11/30/16: Poet in Search of His Moose:
collages by Barry Kite

12/2/16: Robert Arneson:
“Johns” and self-ceramics by Arneson

12/4/16: Le calendrier des agriculteurs:
calendar photos by Fred Goudon – MALE

12/5/16: Wayne Thiebaud:
the artist

12/14/16: This week’s art news:
discovery of a St. Sebastian drawing by Leonardo – MALE

12/16/16: Gay Santas 2016:
photos #1-3, illustrations #4-5 – MALE

12/16/16: Two in the Bush:
2 cartoons / illustrations by Harry Bush – MALE

12/23/16: and the horse you rode in on:
Zippy with horse drawings

12/31/16: Surrealists, but especially Jess:
collages and paintings by Jess (#5 MALE); also Magritte, Nick Cave, Willie Cole, others

1/1/17: Asian male muscle in fantasyland:
fantasy photography – MALE

1/5/17: Gay men on the new subway walls:
Vik Muniz

1/27/17: A kiss is just a kiss:
four photographs of men kissing – MALE

2/8/17: More holiday food:
painting Maslenitsa by Boris Kustodiev

2/12/17: Three exhibitions:
at the Cantor Art Center: Dutch Golden Age prints, Andy Warhol, East Asian images of the lingzhi mushroom; printmaking techniques

2/15/17: The news for penguins and, oh yes, penises:
Felix d’Eon – MALE

2/16/17: Felix d’Eon:
7 artworks – MALE

2/17/17: Felix d’Eon: on normalizing gay:

2/19/17: Art of the penis:
penis images from a wide range of artists; inventory of my postings on penis art – MALE

2/22/17: Meathead:
Asier Sanz: collage in #1, Asier & Javier caricature in #2

2/24/17: Dash Manley:
Manley exhibition at the Cantor Arts Center

2/28/17: The little man with the laundry:
clothespin wall art; Claes Oldenburg clothespin sculpture

2/28/17: Edward Sorel:
Sorel’s “Met Break”, with figures from famous artworks

3/3/17: Abstraction and the Movies:
Mark Rothko, Richard Diebenkorn, Wayne Thiebaud, and others in an Anderson Collection exhibition at Stanford

3/3/17: He’s dancing with a laser up his butt:
Young Boy Dancing Group

3/4/17: At the art museum:
Stanford arts administrator Matthew Tiews; inventory of postings about the Stanford arts museums

3/5/17: Keith Boadwee’s body art:
4 photos / compositions

3/5/17: Body works, Part IV: Anal Art:
Keith Boadwee; Bruce Nauman

3/6/17: Bruce Nauman:
the multifaceted artist

3/6/17: No whey in hell:
Anne Taintor captioning

3/10/17: Katharina Zwicky:

3/22/17: An outrageous but colorful pun:
moiré pattern paintings by Faruquee

4/2/17: Corey Saucier:
photographs of CS – MALE

4/3/17: The pyramids as abstrctions:
abstract art

4/18/17: A pun with death, a dance on the beach:
Vettriano, Zhaang

4/19/17: Calla, calla, calla, California:
Georgia O’Keeffe calla lily paintings

4/21/17: Seahorse on a stick, GBF, and the Describe-A-Muffin Task:
drawings by Cannaday Chapman

4/24/17: Alien signage and Arbus in Anaheim:
photography by Diane Arbus; re-creation by John Malcovich

4/25/17: There’s always room for another penguin or two:
the ornithological illustrations of J. G. Keulemans

4/26/17: Saint Phalle:
Niki de Saint Phalle, Jean Tinguely, Moderna Museet in Stockholm

4/27/17: Faces:
painters Hope Gangloff, Giuseppe Arcimboldo; photographer Don Stahl; portrait show at Stanford’s Cantor Arts Center

4/28/17: Faces follow-up 1: Master Beckford:
painters Benjamin West, Thomas Gainsborough, Thomas Lawrence, George Romney, Joshua Reynolds; art collector and patron William Thomas Beckford

4/28/17: Faces follow-up 2: Augusta Savage:
painters Gwendolyn Knight (Lawrence) and Jacob Lawrence; sculptor Augusta Savage

5/2/17: Shelf Life:
cartoons / illustrations by Luci Guttiérrez

5/2/17: Semiotics of dress: the Age of High Gay:
Jim Wigler’s photographs of S.F. leather/bdsm scenes – MALE

5/26/17: Food art: still lifes:

6/2/17: Needlepoint X:
X-rated gay needlepoint art by Zach Nutman and Maria Piñeres – MALE

6/3/17: This is not a President:
Annette Müllender parody of Magritte

6/8/17: An old resultative joke:
Richard Prince “joke painting” of the Drink Canada Dry joke

6/9/17: Three cactuses:
botanical illustrations by Petr Liška

6/11/17: Making fun of Batman:
two parodies of Grant Wood’s American Gothic

6/16/17: News for penises: the Haring commemorative bathroom:
Keith Haring drawings – MALE

6/19/17: The thumbnail image, rainbows, and Pride:
#4 OEAZ rainbow art

6/22/17: The Three Delfts:
three paintings by Vermeer: The Geographer, The Astronomer, The Milk Maid

6/25/17: Superhero sex on Spanish streets:
street art by Ze Carrión – MALE

6/25/17: Animated cartoons, fan art, same-sex love:
fan art by Opal Armstrong Zwicky

6/28/17: More Magrittean disavowals:
inventory of postings on Magrittean disavowals

6/28/71: The Ballad of Clark and Bruce: SuperBat of Pink Steel Forever:
Superman/Batman wall paintings, conventional paintings, and digital art – MALE

7/7/17: Two artists: Land, Chast:
R. Land, Roz Chast (exhibit at Contemporary Jewish Museum)

7/7/17: What will become of me?:
Gilbert & George

7/9/17: Words on a wall:
John Tenniel illustrations for the Alice books

7/10/17: Taking the Magrittean Disavowal at face value:
Norman Rockwell illustration

8/2/17: Three names:
Gerry Hofstetter light art; Delacroix’sThe Prisoner of Chillon

8/4/17: A stay in medical Antarctica:
onion dome in architecture; illustration for Gulliver’s Travels; illustrations by Nishant Choksi

8/6/17: Words as weapons, images as ideas:
19 World War I posters, including several by J. C. Leyendecker, James Montgomergy Flagg, and Howard Chandler Christy; some MALE

8/11/17: Billy the Berlin Barboy:
conceptual artist Salem Beiruti – MALE

8/13/17: Four more Kite collages:
Barry Kite collages; artists Andrew Wyeth, Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera; photographer Gibson Gardner

8/14/17: Two European estates in America:
architecture of the two estates

8/15/17: July 24th, p. 9: two artists:
Sandy Skoglund, Lucas Michael

8/17/17: In camera:
Zippy with references to four American photographers; Darkroom camera shop in LA; programmatic / mimic architecture, novelty architecture

8/17/17: Two cartoonists take on Charlottesville:
illustrators (as well as cartoonists) John Berkeley and Peter Kuper

8/18/17: Two magazine covers:
illustrators (as well as cartoonists) David Plunkert and Edel Rodriguez

8/19/17: An urban jungle:
photographers Andy Yeung, Raphael Olivier

8/20/17: Pouring it on:
Zippy on Vik Muniz on Hans Namuth on Jackson Pollack

8/27/17: Revisiting 6: Fire Island Pines:
Tom Bianchi book of Polaroids from Fire Island Pines 1975-83 – MALE

8/30/17: The Fountain of Angels in America:
angel statue in Central Park; landscape architecture

8/31/17: In bronze and marble:
sculpture by Emma Stebbins

9/10/17: The fan, the spathiphyllum, and the impressionist garden:
Claude Monet

9/12/17: Cat on a silken thread:
Donald Brun posters

9/19/17: Disney meets Tom of Finland:
Silverjow’s muscle daddy drwarfs – MALE

9/20/17: Rewind the music, cover your bones with rainbow:
R.O. Blechman illustration

9/23/17: Boys with Plants:
young men + plants – MALE

9/30/17: The archangel Michael:
representations of St. Michael in art of several kinds; of Zeus and Ganymede

10/12/17: The pizza boy as cultural figure:
#1 pizza boy drawing by Allain de Leon – MALE

10/15/17: Lilyturf, bronze pin heads, and ungrammatical yucca:
sculpture by Albert Guibara

10/18/17: de poepende man:
sculptures by Anthony Gormley; (in comment) sculpture by Celeste Roberge

10/22/17: Que Seurat, Seurat:
EDZ photograph, Seurat and Signac, pointillism

10/25/17: Gendered moments in the comics:
#4, 5 Berthe Morisot; #6-8 Mary Cassatt

10/30/17: Zipparchitecture on two coasts:
Gillette Castle in Lyme CT; the Flintstones’ house; Parasol restaurants in SoCal; novelty architecture

10/30/17: Skeleton rainbow:

10/30/17: Herons in the garden:
garden ceramics by Brigitte Peglow

11/2/17: This machine kills fascists:
conceptual art by Stella Marrs

11/22/17: Superhero supper:
Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper; photo Lunch atop a Skyscraper

12/6/17: 100 years of independence:
Tove Jansson illustrations; Nina Khatchadourian; Tom of Finland (MALE)

12/10/17: Son of Snowman:
Rhymes With Orange parody of Magritte’s The Son of Man

12/11/17: Er is der Schönste in Berlin:
MALE – photos, paintings, drawings of the male body, mostly nude, emphasizing the lateral muscles

12/13/17: A decent woolly mammoth and a nice bit of shirtless cowboy:
“Shirtless Cowboy Mounted on Woolly Mammoth” by costume designer Magda Guichard

12/16/17: A tale of a bed: from removal to revival:
#12 Edward Hopper, Western Motel

12/25/17: Easter Island holiday:
primitive sculptures on Easter Island

12/25/17: The power of the pen:
two pieces of public art by Larry Kirkland; decorative miniature sculpture from Design Toscano; Monument to Party Founding in Pyongyang

12/29/17: News for penises: Artwatch:
Carolina Falkholt paintings

12/29/17: George Booth at 90: elephants and holidays:
#7 Banksy installation

12/31/17: News for penguins, penises, and Totoro:
modern art at Museum Kampa in Prague

1/7/18: Epiphany morning with Joey Tribbiani:
#2 Mowbray painting of the Three Magi

1/9/18: The clowns of death and the frogs of Wellsboro:
#2 commercial folk-art: thew frog of the Frog Hut

1/20/18: Large Interior Form:
Zippy with Henry Moore’s Large Interior Form

1/29/18: Art news from my neighborhood:
Kohei Nawa exhibition at the Pace Gallery Palo Alto

2/19/18: In the sculpture garden:
Henry Moore sculptures

2/28/18: POP on the half shell:
paintings by Botticelli: Birth of Venus, Primavera

3/1/18: Call me by your name:
Patti Smith’s Just Kids, on Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe

3/11/18: Annals of shirtlessness: French neo-Classicism:
William-Adolphe Bouguereau, Dante and Virgil, Equality Before Death, The Birth of Venus

3/12/18: Shirtlessness and more: Bouguereau and Sargent:
Orestes paintings by both artists; John Singer Sargent’s male nudes (MALE)

3/18/18: Adam Hillman: rainbows and food:
Hillman’s assemblage art

3/20/18: Evacuation Day, Removal Day:
J. Godfrey engraving of Lord Howe’s evacuation frm Boston

3/20/18: Divine Bodies:
exhibition at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

3/21/18: nameless sodomites:
Ines Doujak’s art

3/25/18: Art objects and utilitarian objects:
utilitarian objecs with various degrees of aesthetic content: pipe vents, parking lot arrows, manhole covers, urinals, storm sewer grates, downspout nozzles and extensions

3/28/18: Deviant Last Suppers:
9 parodies of Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper

3/30/18: Pride Time #5: On Barceloneta beach:
architect Ricardo Bofil, artist Rebecca Horn, architect and artist Frank Gehry

3/31/18: Easter Anthem: the text:
illustrations by William Blake

4/3/18: Watercolor journeys:
Tony Foster’s wilderness watercolors

4/9/18: The gay world of Yvon Goulet:
Montreal artist Goulet

4/12/18: Moments of color:
EDZ composition

4/19/18: Erective affinities:
Magritte painting Elective Affinities

4/20/18: The world out my front door:
photography by Ruth Orkin

4/29/18: All the dessert world is not either cake or pie:
the art of Magrittean disavowal

5/2/18: He’s got the moves:
Schutzengell (“Guardian Angel”) by Bernhard Plockhorst

5/4/1 8: Pickled pricks:
artist Mary Ellen Croteau

5/6/18: Said the rapper to the geek:
M.C. Escher

5/12/18: For Mothers Day:
#3 Black Mask group

5/16/18: Surreal beer:
Magritte’s “Son of Man”

5/19/18: The 6-fold way:
EDZ design

5/21/18: bunny ears:
engraving of Pan, Midas, and Apollo

5/28/18: The Zippyphone game:
#4 Norman Rockwell drawing

5/29/18: It’s alive!:
art of Frankenstein show at Stanford; Beth Van Hoesen; Victor Arnautoff; Frederik Sommer

6/3/18: The rose and the flames:
2 EDZ designs; rose windows; painting by Jean Il Restout; David Wojnarowicz works

6/19/18: A Swiss thread:
posters by Brun, Bamberger, and two unknown artists for Zwicky thread company; 3 other Bambergers

6/25/18: Midsummer cartoons:
#4 art parodies
#6 Joseph Noel Paton painting – MALE

6/27/18: Three Züricher Peter Zwickys:
#2 another Zwicky silk-thread poster

6/27/18: More Pride events:
Casa Batlló in Barcelona, designed by Antoni Gaudí

6/29/18: Paul Octavious:
photography by Paul Octavious – some MALE; photography by Tanya Chalkin (#2)

7/1/18: Photobombing Magritte:
Magritte’s “Son of Man”

Swiss artist Christine Zwicky-Lehmann

7/10/18: What did the Cretan bull say to Hercules when the hero tamed him?:
August Kriesmann sculpture of Hercules taming the Cretan bull; Schwerin Castle

7/15/18: On the black cat patrol:
Donald Brun posters

7/16/18: 19th-century Swiss steak:
public sculpture: the Fork of Vevey, Switzerland

7/17/18: Chard semantics, chard art, and chard food:
Swiss chard as a subject of art and photography

7/20/18: Jurassic Jeff:
#1 statue of Jeff Goldblum in London

7/28/18: Hockney paints Daley:
Hockney exhibition of portraits at LACMA; nude painting of diver Tom Daley – MALE

8/1/18: Men for men, and perilous translation:
drawings by Francisco Hurtz – MALE

8/8/18: The Gay Village, Swiss Chalet, poutine:
Swiss Chalet architectural style

8/9/18: Dix-huit nuances de gai:
landscape architect Claude Cormier; Montreal’s 18 Shades of Gay installation; Toronto urban beach

8/14/18: Head in hands:
sculpture of Epicurus; Henri Vidal sculpture; Jean-Charles Ferrand sculpture; anonymous male nude figure in polyresin – MALE; Joy Brown bronze; Kim Michael construction of scrap metal; Tom Otterness bronzes

8/16/18: Rainbow. Sharks. Rainbow sharks.:
#1 public art in Stockholm underground; #5 Dulski digital artwork Rainbow Shark

8/21/18: More bedevilment:
2 illustrations by John Tenniel

8/26/18: The penis art of David the Robot:

8/29/18: Bruce Weber II: the photographer’s gaze:
Bruce Weber photography MALE; Dawoud Bey photography; criticism by Teju Cole

8/31/18: Swiss art supplies in the morning:
art supplies from Caran d’Ache

9/27/18: Mike Lynch:
illustration by John Tenniel

10/7/18: Ancient of Days:
Blake’s “The Ancient of Days”

10/11/18: Contractualism, the sitcom!:
Giorgio Morandi

10/21/18: Dark magic:
magic realist Ivan Albright; inventory of postings on magic(al) realism in art

10/29/18: 63 years of green beans, mushroom soup, and fried onions
#4 Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans (1962)

11/3/18: News for pumpkins: art and science:
#1 painted pumpkin

11/5/18: Mandala swimmer, Kali tat, Banksia stamp:
mandalas, elaborate tattoos, Banksia art by Celia Rosser

11/27/18: On the Swiss poster patrol:
Romantic art and vistas; Caspar David Friedrich, Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog

11/29/18: A grotesque word:

11/29/18: Swiss Tasmania:
#1 Harry Kelly poster of Mt. Ida and Lake St Clair; W.C. Piguenit watercolor of the scene

11/29/18: He came from the sea … and can love only me:
MALE photography in ads for Marcuse swim brief

11/30/18: Green flowers:
flower arrangement as an art; fine arts vs. decorative and useful arts; EDZ design

12/2/18: A morning in the Blue Period:
Picasso paintings

12/4/18: Santa Barbara: smite him with lightning:
architectural sculptor Corrado Parducci

12/5/18: News for bears: St. Corbinian:
more on Parducci’s bears; 3 depictions of St. Corbinian

12/8/18: News for bears: cities of bears:
bear statue in Los Osos CA

12/12/18: Three artists:
Franz Marc, Odilon Redon, Dale Chihuly

12/13/18: The corten zoo of Fernando Suárez Reguera:
folk art vs. fine art; the Spanish sculptor; the material corten; Chicago Picasso; Deborah Butterfield’s horses

12/13/18: Taboo book notice:
cover art: aboriginal rock art

12/14/18: Apearances:
#1 physique magazine photography MALE

12/17/18: Penguins and packages:
#1 Nicky Boehme cosy print

12/18/18: The Swiss diaspora: Steinlen in Montmartre:
Swiss French artist Steinlen

12/24/18: Seasonal thanks:
#4 portrait of Lady Ottoline Morrell

12/26/18: Four presents:
#4 otter drawing by rubyetc

12/28/18: News for penises: Bourdain’s Bhutan:
the penis as an element in the folk art of Bhutan

12/29/18: Nighthawks in search of an artist:
cartoon parody of the Hopper painting

1/2/19: Nighthawks on New Year’s:
Owen Smith parody of the Hopper

1/5/19: Three kings from 1900:
J.C. Leyendecker magazine cover of the Magi – MALE

1/22/19: Uri and Avi:
#1 and #3 photography – MALE; #4 Edward Hicks Peaceable Kingdom painting

1/25/19: Nolde to de l’Écluse to Busbecq:
flower paintings by Emil Nolde

1/30/19: Hugo Simberg:
works by the Finnish artist, especially The Wounded Angel and The Garland Bearers

2/1/19: Gleaning:
Millet and Breton Gleaners

2/4/19: Mandolin Orange:
John Trumbull’s The Death of General Warren at the Battle of Bunker Hill

2/9/19: Displaced icons of art:
the Blue Boy, the Mona Lisa; prints by Michael Breyette

2/11/19: Age cannot wither them:
Ivan Albright and The Portrait of Dorian Gray

2/23/19: An omission:
Richard Taddei’s “Morning in America – The death of Matthew Shepard”

2/23/19: A walk up Emerson St.:
Adriana Varella’s statue Digital DNA

3/3/19: My darling clematis:
Emil Nolde clematis watercolor

3/10/19: News for penises, French Riviera edition:
Fontaine du Soleil statuary in Nice

3/13/19: The lives of the French artists:
Puvis de Chavannes, Susan Valadon, and their artistic circles

3/17/19: V me, I’m Irish:
Rheam cover art

3/26/19: Through a glass penis, darkly:
stained glass; ceramic sculpture by Katia Fogliaro; glass penis sculpture by Dale Chihuly

3/26/19: They might be herons:
more glass sculptures by Chihuly

3/28/19: Revisiting 28: van Gogh and Redon:
flower paintings

4/5/19: Science, charity, and adverbial ambiguity:
early Picasso painting

4/6/19: The trail mixer:
conceptual artist Benedetto Bufalino and his disco ball cement mixer

4/9/19: Athletica Sport Dick, how I admire thee:
statues of athletes in repose: a Roman marble, Rodin bronze, Charles Despiau

4/10/19: Crunching the festive rabbits:
Godzilla compositions by Sherry; Dinopocalypse drawing by MaxRomanchak on DeviantArt

4/11/19: An art of leaves and rocks:
land artist James Brunt; the Colossal website and its resources; land/earth art on this blog

4/17/19: The last Peepshow:
Munch, The Scream, Rue Lafayette; Hopper, Nighthawks, Rooms for Tourists, The Night Office, Notre Dame de Paris; parody magnets; Peeps parody dioramas

4/22/19: The Easter egg in the salt mine:
looted art; restitution of such art; Manet, Wintergarden

4/24/19: A Ceci disavowal:

4/27/19: A standout in his shorts:
Mapplethorpe photos – MALE

4/30/19: Where are you going with that?:
illustrator Garth Williams

5/1/19: The May flower:
Toulouse-Lautrec poster of Jane Avril

5/2/19: Revisiting 30: Fragonard at Neuschwanstein:
Fragonard painting retrieved in 1945; other Fragonard paintings

5/3/19: The hand that cradles the tree:
outdoor art in Switzerland: “The Caring Hand” in Glarus; “Sihl-Ghüür” in Zürich

5/5/19: Wooden arches:
arches as artworks; design of everyday objects

5/11/19: The dragons of Homoland:
rainbow dragon design by Ross Sanger; other rainbow dragon designs; D&D logo

5/16/19: Pooh’s honey pot:
Shepard illustrations for the Winnie-the-Pooh books

5/19/19: Great twerks of the 19th century:
Bay Area artist Judy Aoki

5/20/19: Stravinsky’s 1970 Firebird and the Ghoulliard Quartet:
#5 by illustrator Ivan Bilibin

5/22/19: The videographer:
wedding, commercial, and art videographer Denis Zwicky

5/28/19: Learnèd cowboy joshing on the dusty plains:
engraving of the beheading of Robespierre

6/4/19: Annals of misreading: CEAUSESCU:
Brumidi fresco in the US Capitol

6/6/19: On the art patrol: Alice Neel, Larry Rivers:
Alice Neel painting of Joe Gould; Larry Rivers painting of Frank O’Hara

6/6/19: What makes the world go ’round?:
Alice Neel’s portraits

6/11/19: Come frolic and cavort in the water:
photography and painting by Keith Vaughan – MALE

6/18/19: Portraits of Frank O’Hara:
Larry Rivers artworks; Frank O’Hara as a subject of art; artworks in O’Hara’s poetry – MALE

6/20/19: Two comics explained:
#3 Magritte, Trahison

6/24/19: On your knees for St. George Michael:
#1 Scott March graphic; #5 Julian Voss-Andreae sculpture

6/25/19: Torus! Torus! Torus!:
Charging Bull sculpture in NYC

6/27/19: The Desert Island Reaper:
#7 Gustave Doré illustration; #8 Alexander Litovchenko painting

6/28/19: Today’s art quiz: Skylunch III:
photograph by Ebbets; metallic sculpture by Furnari; drawing by Avenell; conceptual-art composition by unknown artist

6/29/19: A bit more reaping:
Banksy’s Grin Reaper

7/2/19: The fiberglass men of Skylunchland:
versions of Lunch Atop a Skyscraper in various media

7/4/19: Am I a bird?:
art by Priapus of Milet – MALE

7/11/19: Three Pride moments:
#1 Gay Pride composition by Alvaro Limon Lopez; Iwo Jima photograph

7/14/19: The Skylunch of the American economy:
version of Skylunch by Andrea Ucini for an Economist cover; two other covers by Ucini

7/20/19: The artist Tove Jansson:
what is an artist; Jansson’s portraiture and her illustrations

7/30/19: Ralph at the Port Authority:
statue of Ralph Kramden at the bus terminal

8/1/19: Understanding the bull:
Robt. Lawson illustration for Ferdinand the Bull

8/4/19: Two diversions:
marble lions in Monza, Italy, and at the New York Public Library

8/4/19: Briefly noted: the disavowal drill:
Giacomo Gambineri illustration in the NYT Magazine

8/10/19: Cheeseburger mouse:
fiberglass cheese mice and cheeseburgers as commercial icons and pop art

8/15/19: Blue and black at the Gamble Garden:
Norman Rockwell magazine cover

8/18/19: Pedaltecture:
architecture: house in the shape of a shoe

8/23/19: Penguins meet and greet:
Gaudí’s mosaic art; Barcino Designs mosaic figures of animals in the style of Gaudí

8/29/19: 79:
Martin painting of Vesuvius eruption

9/1/19: Annals of error: water canons:
painting By the Waters of Babylon by Thomas Bowman Garvie

9/11/19: Giovanni in Ferragamo:
photography presenting Giovanni’s Room as an interracial gay love story – MALE

9/28/19: Gender notes: the pinup push:
pinup art; jokey queer send-ups of it (MALE); Sylvia Sleigh gaze-reversal art

10/21/19: 11k little bears, done in by the Huns:
Memling, Carpaccio, and the story of St. Ursula

10/24/19: Grammar and gardening:
“Allegory of Grammar” by Laurent de La Hyre; Seven Liberal Arts sculptures at Chartres Cathedral

10/25/19: High steel Escher:
M.C. Escher works

10/29/19: News at the Miss Albany:
painter Ralph Goings; photorealism; painter

11/13/19: The chimera of Faneuil Hall:
Mickey Mouse statue in Boston

11/26/19: Annals of art: Thiebaud’s Thanksgiving turkey:
this year’s New Yorker Thanksgiving cover, by Wayne Thiebaud; interview with WT; 1950 cartoon, 1988 Mickey Mouse painting

11/26/19: Annals of art: statues of the iron prince:
statues of Popeye in Alma AR

11/28/19: Thanksgiving sacks of cement:
Matt Reedy cartoon art: Thanksgiving in Cincinnati

11/28/19: All thanks to HomoEros:
J. C. Leyendecker 1928 cover of Saturday Evening Post

11/30/19: Kind Hearts and Coronets:
art and artifice

12/15/19: The images quilt:
R1C2 public art; R2C2 Roy Lichtenstein; R4C2 Gaea Leinhardt sketch

12/16/19: More pin-up boys:
David Talaski-Brown’s male superhero pin-up art; other pin-up boys – MALE

12/21/19: Surprise! Vadim’s gay alphabet:
Vadim Temkin’s sexy gay alphabet images (also in surprise cubes) – MALE

12/24/19: Hung with care:
Vadim’s alphabet on AZBlog – MALE

1/2/20: Zwicky with a beat:
album cover art for an André Zwicky release

1/6/20: Yo Day 1: King/Saint Melchior:
two portraits of the Three Kings: Giromalo da Santacroce, J.C. Leyendecker

1/6/20: Yo Day 2: OY/YO at Stanford:
Deborah Kass interjectional statue

1/9/20: Boy oh Boyu!:
plaster bust of David Bowie, cover art for Aladdin Sane

1/16/20: At the rim of the Mournful Valley, singing:
Dante Gabriel Rossetti portrait of his sister Christina Rossetti

1/28/20: Humongous tops Adonis:
Bertil Thorvaldsen sculpture of Adonis

1/31/20: Identify that potato:
(forensic) sketch artists

1/31/20: Early February herbivores:
Henry Schreiber’s marmot art

2/13/20: Lincoln Darwin Valentine Day:
gayporn as (functional popular) art

2/22/20: While you’re up:
Alberto Vargas pinups

2/26/20: A priest, a rabbit, and a minister:
Omar Rayyan fantasist painting “Bunny with Beer”

3/15/20: Higashi Day cartoon 5: hoods and newts:
J.W. Smith illustration for “Little Red Riding Hood”

3/16/20: Corónsyphùs: Strength Through Biochemistry:
Vadim Temkin CGI art, coronavirus vs. Sisyphus

3/21/20: Golcorona:
Vadim Temkin CGI art: take-off of Magritte’s Golconda

3/23/20: Mourning Son:
Vadim Temkin CGI art: take-off of Edward Hopper’s Morning Son

3/28/20: Reading faces:
#1 Michael Haddad illustration

3/29/30: St. Martin des Poires:
commercial art: crate labels

4/10/20: Martin Van Buren, feeding nachos to a hyperactive squirrel:
Leutze, Washington Crossing the Delaware; Rembrandt, Aristotle Contemplating a Bust of Homer

4/10/20: Easter egg 2020.1: Mussorgsky chicken with crocuses:
Jacquie Lawson animated ecard; Viktor Hartmann works

4/16/20: Quick shot: the SGT penguin doodle:
artful doodles by Sarah Grey Thomason, including two penguins

4/23/20: The wolves of Rome (and Venice):
Romulus and Remus and their wolf, in an antique statue, and in a Rubens painting

4/25/20: The rainbow penguin of regard:
penguin by Anna M. Thornton

4/27/20: News for penguins: hop on lovepop:
laser-cut kirigami art

4/28/20: Crochet me a word:
crochet artworks

4/29/20: Magritte by Banksy:
Banksy takeoff on Magritte’s Trahison…

5/1/20: Trois lapins pour le premier mai:
Melinda Copper Animal Masterpieces

5/2/20: This is a pipe:
the Magritte painting

5/6/20: With sword, shield, robe, and wreath:
poster of Helvetia, the official personificaton of Switzerland

5/10/20: VT’s Banksy’s Magritte:
two Vadim Temkin take-offs on a Banksy take-off on a Magritte — one, in the negative, like the Magritte original; the other, in the positive, as in the Banksy take-off

5/10/20: Conceptually artistic dicks:
regular blog version of the preceding

5/14/20: Urs on drums:
statue of St. Ursus of Solothurn and its fountain

5/16/20: Bridge troll:
Zippy cartoon celebrating the Fremont Troll, a piece of gigantic public art in Seattle WA

5/20/20: Balloon quotes:
the balloon-quote photography of blcksmth (Michael James Schneider) and his other photography; postings about what counts as art

5/23/20: The ceramic grocery story:
the ceramic art of Stephanie H. Shih

5/25/20: Pandemic gifts:
artwork of Sean Christopher Ward (and Rick Schmidt)

6/1/20: Aradesque?:

6/3/20: Gender presentations in Oz:
Mermazing note card, photograph of Patience Hodgson in performance, Grande Odalisque by Ingres

6/3/20: I see London, I see France, I see Batman’s underpants:
Nick Veasey’s x-ray artworks

6/6/20: murals:
mural used for artwork on a roadway; ceiling murals (Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam); Coit Tower murals, including work by Victor Arnautoff

6/16/20: Using poetry in a street fight:
Johan Deckmann’s language art framed as book covers

6/19/20: Flowers and a watch:
Abraham Mignon’s 17-century still lifes; still lifes in general

6/20/20: Ephebe with a big package:
The Ephebe of Marathon (school of Praxiteles)

7/2/20: Learn to drawl:
Art Instruction Schools; illustration and cartooning

7/3/20: Nighthawks in a time of coronavirus:
Hopper’s Nighthawks in service of commentary about the pandemic

7/10/20: Hiding homosexuality: JCL:
J.C. Leyendecker’s homoerotic illustrations – MALE

7/17/20: The art of the buttocks:
buttocks art in museums; William Etty and his nudes

7/17/20: Buttocks III: (mainstram) art, male art, porn:
Steven Vaschon Rear View photo books – MALE

7/19/20: Birdland:
clay penguin exhibition

7/21/20: But is it art? two cartoon takes

7/24/20: A Byzantine bulge and Byzantine buttocks:
Byzantine mosaics; the architecture of Hagia Sophia

7/31/20: Chaka Khan and post-Freudian psychoanalytic thought:
#4 Will Bullas painting Pink Freud

8/3/20: The art of everyday objects:
Claes Oldenburg; everyday objects as art objects

8/10/20: Double scoop in the heat of summer:
Wayne Thiebaud New Yorker cover

8/20/20: Hard cruisin’ Daddy:
MALE photography

8/21/20: New Yorker 8/24/20:
Goya painting

9/13/20: Mid-autumn memento mori for the times:
digital still life by Stephanie Shih combining traditions from West and East

9/15/20: Modern still lifes: Darren Jones:

9/17/20: Caillebotte’s garden:
on Gustave Caillebotte

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