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Fay Zwicky

July 4, 2017

From today’s issue of The Australian, “Acclaimed poet Fay Zwicky dies in Perth at 83” by Paige Taylor:



Six mothers

May 14, 2017

A Zwicky family photo (from 1945 or ’46) showing Bertha and Melchior Zwicky (my Swiss grandparents), their five children, four of the five spouses (only my uncle Theodore Severin is missing from the photo shoot), and ten of their twelve grand-children (only my cousin Ted Severin is missing from the photo shoot; his sister Eleanor was yet to be born):




May 9, 2017

I’ll start with Roz Chast’s cover art for the May 15th New Yorker, “Motherboard”, a droll celebration of Mothers Day in embroidery. With notes on uses of mother. From there to a sepia-toned mother and baby photo (more baby than mother) from 1965: mother Ann Daingerfield Zwicky, baby Elizabeth Daingerfield Zwicky. On the occasion of Ann’s birthday, today, May 9th; Ann would have been 80 today (but she died at 57). And then something celebratory: a lot of gorgeous foxgloves, a plant that Ann much liked; locally, they’re at their peak around the time of Ann’s birthday (and Mothers Day, which she detested; and Derby Day, which she loved).


Zwicky takes us to Ballarat 60 years ago

April 25, 2017

Now going through the Australian murder mystery series The Doctor Blake Mysteries; this morning the credits went by on S3 E6 “Women and Children” (first aired 3/20/15), and I was suddenly riveted by

Directed by Karl Zwicky

That would be the Zwicky of my 8/19/16 posting “A filmic Zwicky from Perth”.


Katharina Zwicky

March 10, 2017

Yet another Zwicky artist: Katharina, who signs herself as Katty. From her site:

I am pleased to announce the launch of my new Art & Photography portfolio web site showcasing Illustration, Maps, Paper, Stationary & Art for Children.

The site also charts my endeavours on the MA Artist Teachers (MAAT) at Goldsmiths.


Theo Zwicky

February 3, 2017

Another chapter in the great book of Zwickys. From The Guardian on 2/1/17, “Theo Zwicky obituary”, an affectionate reminiscence by Peter Vacher:

My friend Theo Zwicky, who has died aged 89, was Europe’s best-known collector of jazz films and photographs. His archive, Mr Jazz Photo Files, in Zurich, was consulted extensively by magazine editors and jazz writers, myself included, when it came to finding rare illustrations for their books and articles.


Mariano Hernán Mujica

December 18, 2016

Another Zwicky family posting — about my distant cousin Mariano, an Argentinean diplomat (I told you we were everywere), one of whose grandmothers was Margarita Zwicky, born in Mollis, Canton Glarus, Switzerland, the town where the Zwickys come from. (My grandfather was born there.) On his Facebook page, Mariano lists himself as Mariano Hernán Mujica (Gildea – Zwicky), giving family names beyond his father’s.

This is about Mariano, and Mollis, and especially Iguazu Falls (where he served in a consulate for a while), which is one of the most breath-taking pieces of scenery in the world. One view (from a site that gives a great many):


(You can take guided canoe trips on the lower falls.)


Eleanor Zwicky Justice

December 15, 2016

Another in a series of postings on the Zwicky family, this time a death notice, for my first cousin Eleanor Zwicky Justice, news that came to me from my other first cousin Eleanor, Eleanor Severin Houck (daughter of my aunt Bertha Zwicky Severin), who got it in snail mail from Eleanor Justice’s younger brother Henry A. (for Arnold) Zwicky in Greensboro NC. The cousinhood network works, but slowly: Eleanor Zwicky Justice died back in May. (more…)

Two Daniel Zwickys

December 9, 2016

Through the offices of Google Alert, I learn of Daniel Zwicky in Fort Lauderdale FL, where he has a well-reviewed studio/salon (“truly the best barber in South FL” … “a great personality”), serving women, men, and children — and, especially, providing the full range of traditional barber services to men (hot towels and all that). Here he is at work:


Definitely a candidate for the Cute Zwicky Prize (Male Division).


Swish Zwicky

November 25, 2016

A notification from Pinterest this morning of this pin by someone with the name “nelly zwicky”:


Yes, a toy tank, German WW II vintage, I think — a seriously phallic replica, a butch plaything (one among many) on nz’s board “pat”; nz’s other board is Endroits à visiter (‘Places to visit’). All of which conjures up, for me anyway, the image of a flamboyant, or even downright swishy, francophone Kiwi queer. But maybe nz’s a woman with a dykey bent to military personnel and heavy armaments. (I learn nothing on the net about who nz is, so I’m free to speculate wildly.)

This led me to an undoubtedly real Nelly Zwicky, a writer from — extravagant astonished gestures here! — the town of Mollis, canton Glarus, Switzerland. Where the Zwickys come from.

And it all made me wonder whether it was too late in life to take up a career as Swish Zwicky, the Divine Miss Z.