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Three occasions

May 10, 2022

Three occasions, the first deprecable in intent, though with some charms in the local execution of it; the second earnest in aim, but distressing in its commercialization and its substitution of a day’s dose of sentimentality for any lasting celebration of mothers (plus, it interferes with Ann Daingerfield’s birthday):

May 7-9: Palo Alto’s celebration of Cinco de Mayo on 5/7  (it has to be on a Saturday)

Mother’s Day on 5/8 (the punctuation of the name is merely the one I fancy; don’t get all riled up about it)

Ann Daingerfield Zwicky’s 85th birthday — she died in 1985 — on 5/9 (this is Arnold Zwicky’s Blog, so you get my occasions)

And then three sub-occasions:

family breakfast (a weekly event, this week a three-generation affair for me, Elizabeth Daingerfield Zwicky, and Opal Armstrong Zwicky) on 5/7

Masturbation Day on 5/7 (a major celebration in my one-person household) (I put the responsibility for the choice of date on Good Vibrations in San Francisco, and specifically on Susie Bright, though she will probably demur)

AMZ’s return to Sacred Harp singing on 5/8 (only via Zoom, but still)


The Z of death

March 12, 2022

From Andras Kornai on Facebook today:

AK: As they say on Sesame Street: brought to you by the letter Z!

(#1) A tank (Andras says it’s a Pantsir missile system) with the glyph Z on it — not a letter in the Cyrillic alphabet (in which both Ukrainian and Russian are written) and now symbolizing the Russian iron fist of death

Livia Polanyi [pursuing the Sesame Street theme]: Zombie zombie zombie starts with Z

AZ > LP: The letter Z long ago became part of my identity, a symbol of who I was. Now it’s become the equivalent of a swastika, and I feel that I have personally been assaulted, dirtied, and shamed. (I manage to surmount Z is for Zombie as just a piece of cultural silliness. But the Z on the tanks is, literally, dead serious.)


The artist known as Zack Zwicky, and three Zachs

November 6, 2021

From Google Alerts this morning, a link to the site ( of artist Zack Zwicky in Houston TX. A (small) photo of him from LiveJournal, and his earnest and good-hearted, but not very informative,”About” statement on his site:

(#1) Zachary “Zack” Zwicky: ZZwicky!

[About:] Aspiring to educate and influence students has been my focus for nearly two decades. Listening, understanding, and crafting a plan for their success is the best way to guide them. This is my personal endeavor: to inspire the diverse student body and community in my care with a passion for art – helping them to make sense of the world around them and exceed their wildest dreams.

He’s now an art teacher in the Alief Independent School District  in southwest Houston, teaching primary / secondary students who are predominantly “economically disadvantaged”. (The moral taint of poor has become so grievous that many people are reluctant to use it at all, opting to use the ponderous economically disadvantaged instead.)

Before Alief, Zack Z was an Associate Professor at the Art Institute of Houston for nearly 10 years. And he’s done a lot of commercial work of one kind or another, so that we find on LiveJournal:

[About:] Results-oriented Marketing Communications professional with a passion for crafting compelling messages. Extensive project management skills, expert knowledge of print and digital marketing, and a history of teaching others to become creative problem solvers.


Jordan Zwicky of Glow City Candles

November 4, 2021

Thanks to Google Alerts at the Halloween season, the Insider posting “Carving wax reveals monster candles” (in its entirety) by Kiki Sideris on 11/3, with this seasonal news (plus a YouTube video of the making of a Halloween candle):

Wax artist Jordan Zwicky of Glow City Candles and her apprentice, Clerisca Ribourg, create handmade Halloween candles. They dip each candle to create 30 to 50 layers of wax and carve them by hand. The candles take the form of eyeballs, zombies, skeletons, jack-o’-lanterns, and more. They are made to last forever and glow from the inside out when the wick is lit.


True or false in Mushroomland

January 29, 2021

Yesterday on Gina Zwicky’s Twitter account (@GinaGoesOutside):

(#1) Gina Z: I thought this was a death cap and excitedly sent pictures to my friends. it is a false death cap. I have been juked by a mushroom and now I must go

Three things: Gina Z; true and false death caps; the informal, slangy verb juke‘deceive, outmaneuver’.


Warren Zwicky, pianist

September 30, 2020

Thanks again to Google Alerts, I learned of the pianist Warren Zwicky,  half of the team of Harlie Sponaugle (soprano) and Warren Z (piano), on their album Longing: American Art Songs (released 1/1/08):

(#1) From the Musicstax site

The program of art songs looks intriguing, but I haven’t been able to sample it (without buying the album, and I don’t have a budget that allows me just to buy things to check them out).

Vexingly, I’ve been unable to find out anything about Warren Zwicky. He’s clearly American, but I can’t find out what age he is (except that he was alive in 2008) or anything at all about his life history. So he’s a Mystery Zwicky.


The Kentucky lawyer

September 21, 2020

Adding to the roster of accomplished Zwickys (thanks to Google Alerts): Louisville lawyer Anna C. Zwicky.

From the website of the firm she works for:

Anna C. Zwicky is an associate attorney at Blackburn Domene & Burchett [in Louisville KY].  Her main practice focus has been the defense of long-term care providers in medical malpractice matters. She also has experience with bankruptcy, financial regulations, copyright and general insurance defense. Anna has advocated for clients in courts throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Her education: Georgia College & State University (in Millidgeville GA), B.A. in Political Science (minor in Economics), 2013;  University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law; J.D., 2016

(I note that she’s two generations (about 50 years) younger than me.)

Urs on drums

May 14, 2020

So I’ve got a rock musician, a drummer, and his name is Urs. What else can you say about him? Well, he’s almost surely Swiss German, or of Swiss German descent; almost every guy named Urs is. If I tell you that his full name is Urs Zwicky, well, it’s pretty much a sure thing. And here he is, drumstick in hand, in a photo of the Swiss band he’s been in for years, Daytona (now, that’s a surprise):

(#1) A Zwicky who can rock you

Now in the music news because of a new mix of their old standard “We Stand Together” (apparently from 1993), reviewed a few days ago in World Front News.



April 9, 2020

Today, my calendar tells me, is the 141st anniversary of the birth of my Swiss grandfather, Melchior Arnold Zwicky (I am Arnold Melchior Zwicky, Jr.). Born 4/9 in 1879 (and died in 1965 at the age of 86, an age I’m unlikely to achieve). So I muse on 1879, first on others who were born that year, and after that on two notable wars that were waged then.


Socka Hitsch

February 14, 2020

… otherwise known as Christian Zwicky, which is why I note the death of an old eccentric rural Swiss roadside sock vendor. The big picture:

(#1) On the Archyde news website on 2/12