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A Zwicky of flavour physics

November 2, 2017

Thanks to Google Alerts, yesterday I learned about the theoretical physicist Roman Zwicky — someone to add to the great book of Zwickys on this blog. His webpage photo:

His Edinburgh webpage lists his research areas as: Collider Physics, Flavour Physics, Fundamental Theory. Yes, forbiddingly technical, but then his pages are clearly intended for fellow physicists, not for random people, even those with scientific interests.


The Zwicky engine of Harringay

October 27, 2017

Late-breaking news from 110 years ago…

Via Google Alerts, this posting yesterday by contributor Hugh to the Harringay Online community website (in North London):


Swiss Engineer Jean Zwicky designed and hand-built this bleeding edge fire engine at the Tottenham Council works department in 1907. It cost, what was for the time an eye-watering £3,200.

Zwicky lived at 66 Chester Road in West Green [a neighborhood within Harringay].


Cat on a silken thread

September 12, 2017

My Swiss friend Guido Seiler (now professing linguistics in the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München) just sent me the latest news from the Zwicky thread company, a firm I’ve posted about several times on this blog, partly because it’s a Zwicky company and partly because of this famous 1950 ad poster by Donald Brun:



Zwicky Avenue

August 18, 2017

Google Alerts tell me about houses for sale on Zwicky Avenue on Staten Island in NYC. The short red line in the middle of this map:


Just one block, from Hylan Blvd. (which has some of NYC’s most dangerous traffic) to Boundary Ave. Named after some Zwicky, I haven’t found out which one or why.


Three names

August 2, 2017

The names for yesterday: Uri, Schwyz, Unterwalden. The Urkantonen, or original cantons, of Switzerland:


Yesterday, August 1st, was Swiss National Day.


Fay Zwicky

July 4, 2017

From today’s issue of The Australian, “Acclaimed poet Fay Zwicky dies in Perth at 83” by Paige Taylor:



Six mothers

May 14, 2017

A Zwicky family photo (from 1945 or ’46) showing Bertha and Melchior Zwicky (my Swiss grandparents), their five children, four of the five spouses (only my uncle Theodore Severin is missing from the photo shoot), and ten of their twelve grand-children (only my cousin Ted Severin is missing from the photo shoot; his sister Eleanor was yet to be born):




May 9, 2017

I’ll start with Roz Chast’s cover art for the May 15th New Yorker, “Motherboard”, a droll celebration of Mothers Day in embroidery. With notes on uses of mother. From there to a sepia-toned mother and baby photo (more baby than mother) from 1965: mother Ann Daingerfield Zwicky, baby Elizabeth Daingerfield Zwicky. On the occasion of Ann’s birthday, today, May 9th; Ann would have been 80 today (but she died at 57). And then something celebratory: a lot of gorgeous foxgloves, a plant that Ann much liked; locally, they’re at their peak around the time of Ann’s birthday (and Mothers Day, which she detested; and Derby Day, which she loved).


Zwicky takes us to Ballarat 60 years ago

April 25, 2017

Now going through the Australian murder mystery series The Doctor Blake Mysteries; this morning the credits went by on S3 E6 “Women and Children” (first aired 3/20/15), and I was suddenly riveted by

Directed by Karl Zwicky

That would be the Zwicky of my 8/19/16 posting “A filmic Zwicky from Perth”.


Katharina Zwicky

March 10, 2017

Yet another Zwicky artist: Katharina, who signs herself as Katty. From her site:

I am pleased to announce the launch of my new Art & Photography portfolio web site showcasing Illustration, Maps, Paper, Stationary & Art for Children.

The site also charts my endeavours on the MA Artist Teachers (MAAT) at Goldsmiths.