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Andrea Zwicky

January 30, 2018

From Google Alerts, a brief mention of the actor Andrea Zwicky, from her extremely brief entry in IMDb:

Andrea Zwicky is an actress, known for Scotchend (2016).

That’s it. No age, nationality, picture, whatever. But there’s the link to Scotchend. And there’s the net. From which we discover that she’s yet another Germanophone Swiss Zwicky.


A mystery cookie Zwicky

January 3, 2018

Google Alerts brought me yesterday to someone going by the name Zwicky, who joined the Cookie Connection community on 1/1/18. Brief information on the Cookie Connection site:

birthday: 9/9; location: Anchorage AK; primary occupation: waiter; bio: I have been baking for over forty years and consider myself skilled. I am trying to branch out to decorating cookies for fun and entertainment, although I  am not very artistic. I also love to share my baked goods with all.

And that’s all I’ve been able to find out.


Revisiting 15: Salome, Conrad, and more Zs

December 9, 2017

(For the purposes of this posting, the letter Z standing on its own is an abbreviation for the surname Zwicky.)

More family bulletins from Switzerland, starting with the musicians Salome Z, Conrad Z, Peter Z, Stefan Z, and Benjamin Z, from my 11/27 posting “The two Salome Zwickys of Zürich”. These will take us to Spain and, incidentally, to linguistics. With, of course, the obligatory trip to Mollis, in canton Glarus.


Another Arnold Zwicky, and several Arnold near-Zwickys

December 9, 2017

Yesterday, a posting “The other Elizabeth Zwicky”, about a Facebook counterpart (in Chicago) to my daughter, Elizabeth Daingerfield Zwicky. Well, it turns out that I have a Facebook counterpart too (now in Romanshorn CH).

Also yesterday, a posting

From the continuing annals of near-Zwickys, a contrasting pair of Zwickes, one of them named Arnold.

And a posting “Zwick, maybe from Zwickau”, on still more near-Zwickys, traced to the Saxony region of German, close to the Slavic lands of what are now Czechia and Poland, supplying a probable Slavic source for the surname Zwick.

Now: two Arnold Zwicks, and several Arnold Zwickers, in Germany and in Nova Scotia.


Zwick, maybe from Zwickau

December 8, 2017

Still more on near-Zwickys.

My previous posting looked at two Zwickes, one of them named Arnold Zwicke (a close call, but I still think it’s the case that there have only ever been two Arnold Zwickys in the US, and the other one is my father). The short surname Zwick (which in college I sometimes got called as a nickname) seems pretty clearly to be of Slavic, rather than Swiss, origin; is probably related to the German placename Zwickau; and is shared by two (unrelated) Americans in the film industry.



December 8, 2017

From the continuing annals of near-Zwickys, a contrasting pair of Zwickes, one of them named Arnold.


The other Elizabeth Zwicky

December 8, 2017

In tech, even, but she’s not my daughter, Elizabeth Daingerfield Zwicky (EDZ):

(#1) Elizabeth not-Daingerfield Zwicky’s Twitter photo

I’ll call her E¬DZ for short.


The two Salome Zwickys of Zürich

November 27, 2017

Yesterday Google Alert led me to information about two women named Salome Zwicky in Zürich: the first to turn up was a soprano, performing in concerts in the Zürich area and on several recordings; the second was (Frau) Dr. med. Salome Zwicky (or Zwicky-Beck), Leiterin des SingStimmZentrums  Zürich und Spezialärztin für Hals-, Nasen-, Ohren- Heilkunde und Phoniatrie (Stimm- und Sprachstörungen) — a specialist in disorders of speech and the (singing) voice, with a clinic in Schlieren (a few miles west of Zürich).

Zwicky is a very common surname in Switzerland, especially German-speaking Switzerland, but Salome is an unusual personal name, and the chances that there are two different Salome Zwickys in Zürich, one a singer and one a doctor specializing in (among other things) disorders of the singing voice, would be minuscule.

So: only one Salome Zwicky, who has managed to combine her musical and medical lives.


A Zwicky of flavour physics

November 2, 2017

Thanks to Google Alerts, yesterday I learned about the theoretical physicist Roman Zwicky — someone to add to the great book of Zwickys on this blog. His webpage photo:

His Edinburgh webpage lists his research areas as: Collider Physics, Flavour Physics, Fundamental Theory. Yes, forbiddingly technical, but then his pages are clearly intended for fellow physicists, not for random people, even those with scientific interests.


The Zwicky engine of Harringay

October 27, 2017

Late-breaking news from 110 years ago…

Via Google Alerts, this posting yesterday by contributor Hugh to the Harringay Online community website (in North London):


Swiss Engineer Jean Zwicky designed and hand-built this bleeding edge fire engine at the Tottenham Council works department in 1907. It cost, what was for the time an eye-watering £3,200.

Zwicky lived at 66 Chester Road in West Green [a neighborhood within Harringay].