Houcks at WHS

… as some of the AMZ Fan Club (as Eleanor put it), in, omigod, October 2021, how could I have failed to post about this for almost two years? (note that everyone has a mask, temporarily off for the photo):

(#1) My cousin Eleanor (the youngest of my first-cousin cohort: Eleanor Severin Houck, daughter of Bertha Zwicky Severin); my cousin-in-law Dick Houck; and their son, my first cousin once removed Rich Houck — at Wilson High School in West Lawn PA

They are standing in front of my Distinguished Alumni plaque in the WHS Hall of Academic Fame — from, oh dear, almost 20 years ago; I gave a little talk then at the National Honor Society induction, a talk that included a brief encomium to my dad and how he coped with having such a “different” kid.

Eleanor’s photo of the plaque (marred by glare):


Rich Houck. From my 1/28/14 posting “More Reading PA”, artwork by Rich, who has a studio in downtown Reading PA: the Penn St. Bridge (over the Schuylkill River):


Then from Rich’s website:

Recognized as an inventive and versatile artist for his expressive paintings of nature and cityscapes, theater set designs and mixed media sculpture. Exhibited in solo and group shows throughout the Northeast US and in Rome, Italy.

(#4) The Pagoda atop Mt. Penn in Reading

On this feature of the Reading landscape, see my 2/28/21 posting “An uncanny object at an elevation”, with this photo of the actual structure, complete with genuine tourists:


(Insert vast waves of nostalgia here.)


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