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Art of the penis

February 19, 2017

(Obviously, there will be a lot of dick talk here, but of the art-historical and art-critical variety, rather than the sexual-arousal variety.)

On Facebook, art historian Reuben Cordova writes:

I’m giving a lecture: “The Penis in Art. A Short History, From the Greeks to Today.” Any suggestions?

and offers as an example this ancient Greek vase with the image of a naked woman carrying a gigantic penis on it:


(Such images appear to fall under the Fine Art Exemption for body display on Facebook, and presumably Google+ and WordPress as well. The point presumably being that the penis images on display are not of actual human bodyparts, but are fantasy creations.)

Naked men are all over ancient Greek art, and ancient Roman art as well. A few more examples, then a pile of links on this blog and AZBlogX to phallic art, and a sampling of modern penis art not already covered in my blogs.


Felix d’Eon: on normalizing gay

February 17, 2017

On Wednesday, in “The news for penguins and, oh yes, penises” on this blog, image #5 has a “Love Rocket” image by the artist Felix d’Eon. Now on AZBlogX I’ve posted seven of d’Eon’s gay gay gay works. Here’s an eighth, which is penisless:

“The Little Death 4”, in a series showing men’s O-faces, their faces at the moment of ejaculation, of le petit mort.


Three exhibitions

February 12, 2017

… at the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford: back on January 26th, a viewing of Dutch masters of the 17th century; then this Thursday, two small exhibitions, Warhol works in connection with a Stanford course and a student-curated display of East Asian artworks featuring the lingzhi mushroom.


A kiss is just a kiss

January 27, 2017

(About men kissing and how people interpret such acts. There will be references to man-on-man sexual acts, so you should be prepared to exercise some judgment.)

A kiss is not just a kiss; it’s almost always something else as well. Sticking to the topic of men kissing men, we’ve got MSMs (“men who have sex with men” — but identify as straight) who sometimes won’t kiss men; and then we’ve got people who are offended and disgusted just at the sight of same-sex kisses, especially between men, and lash out in various ways, from having them banned from public view to verbally abusing the kissers to physically attacking them. These two reactions spring from two different views of same-sex kissing: for MSMs, who want “just sex”, kissing can be problematic because it isn’t sex, it’s affection and love, and emotional intimacy is not what they’re in the market for; while for enraged objectors, same-sex kissing is a sex act, and doing it in public is having sex in public, which is offensive, simply unacceptable.

Then there are people like me, for whom images like this —


— are deeply satisfying, because we see the kiss as embodying both loving affection and sexual connection, while not being in itself a sex act. Two responses, together: “Awww, so sweet!” and “Wow, that’s hot!”


Gay men on the new subway walls

January 5, 2017

Widely reported, in the middle of stories about the extension of the 2nd Avenue subway in NYC, a piece about Vik Muniz’s mural in the 96th St. station, with over three dozen mosaics of typical New Yorkers waiting for a train, including this gay male couple holding hands:

There’s a nice story about these men, “Meet the Gay Couple Holding Hands in That Groundbreaking NYC Subway Mural”, an interview with the men by Alexander Kacala on the (informatively named) Unicorn Booty site on the 3rd.


Surrealists, but especially Jess

December 31, 2016

On Thursday, back to the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford for the successor to the “California: The Art of Water” exhibition (posted on here): “The Conjured Life: The Legacy of Surrealism” (12/21/16 – 4/3/17). A lot of wonderful stuff, covering a wide range of material (artworks in several media, manifestos, poetry, and more) over a long time span, and a nice size (comprehensive but not at all overwhelming). And including one artist I had been dimly aware of but should have investigated more thoroughly long ago, the San Francisco collagist, painter, and comic-book parodist (also gay activist) Jess (Collins) — “the essential San Francisco artist” (according to Harry Parker, director of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco).


and the art horse you rode in on

December 23, 2016

… cursed Zippy, Swiftly. Yesterday’s Zippy strip:


The text commits three art-themed Tom Swifties in succession: the horse drawings are, in turn, clunky, awkward, and cubistic.


This week’s art news

December 14, 2016

An image of an exciting find:


The drawing of the martyred St. Sebastian, attributed to Leonardo (Tajan auction house)


More doodleages

December 7, 2016

On AZBlogX, three final sets of XXX-rated collages in which my doodles figure prominently:

from 12/5/16, “Doodling with the critters”: 8 XXX-rated collages with critter descriptions (of insects, spiders, scorpions, snakes) plus doodles

from 12/6/16, “Doodling with dinos”: 13 XXX-rated collages combining dinosaur descriptions with doodles

from 12/6/16, “Miscedoodles”: 10 XXX-rated collages with prominent doodles in them, on various themes — some with found captions, some with captions composed for the occasion

Almost all of these are relegated to AZBlogX because they have penises in them, but there are a few with merely racy images of men. Here’s #1 (But is it art?, Superman wondered, as the penguins surfed) from the last set, with a grim surprise in the caption:


Wayne Thiebaud

December 5, 2016

Posting on the artist Robert Arneson a few days ago reminded me that I had (unaccountably) not posted on his long-time UC Davis colleague Wayne Thiebaud. And that seeing the California: The Art of Water exhibition at Stanford (now over) not long ago should have reminded me of Thiebaud’s luminous paintings of the California Delta (the Sacramento – San Joaquin River Delta, to give it its full name), for instance Levee Farms (1998):