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A funny dirty book

September 18, 2023

A book of  XXX-rated comic collages. On offer for free (offer details later in this posting). Here’s the cover page for the book:

A book of 48 collages (8.5 x 12 inch copies on good stock, titled and signed by the artist), in pockets in the book; note all three descriptors — XXX-rated, homoerotic, comic (they’re all significant)


Kentucky country ham on offer

April 24, 2023

That’s the lede: I have about two pounds of KCH — from a shipment that supplied me with very satisfying nostalgia for Easter but is way more than I can use myself, especially since I’m supposed to be severely restricting my intake of salt and fats. So I’m giving away the KCH  to good (local) homes.

Now, a reprise of the KCH story. And then the details of the offer.


An offer: Orba 1

December 14, 2022

This is really about my daily life, but it’s also an offer of a sweet little — fits in the palm of your hand, just 3 inches in diameter — musical device, to go to a good home. The device is an Orba (specifically, the Orba 1) sold by Artiphon (link here):

[from the Artiphon site:] Orba is a handheld synth, looper, and MIDI controller that lets anyone make music immediately. With Orba’s integrated looper you can layer Drum, Bass, Chord, and Lead parts to create beats and songs on the fly. Play through the built-in speaker or use the ⅛” jack to connect headphones or amplifiers. Pair wirelessly to the Orba app to customize your instrument and share your creations with friends.



August 17, 2016

A new offer, of some male porno stuff unearthed in recent clearings-out. Plus a reminder about the DVD offers from the 10th, which expire on Friday the 19th. (You pay only the shipping.)


Final DVD offers, #5 and #6

August 10, 2016

(I think)

Offers of DVDs, asking only for the mailing cost. To request an offer, E-MAIL ME at specifying what you are asking for and giving your postal address (Kim Darnell — — will then get in touch with you to make arrangements).

Offer #5: splendid miscellany. 16 discs, with comedy, documentaries, and a bunch of dramatic films

Offer #6: general films (comedy and drama both) on lgbt subjects. Two boxes, about 18 discs each.

#6A: Adventures of Felix and Bear City to Just Say Love and Locked Up

#6B: The Man I Love and Mulligans to Wedding Banquet and When Love Comes

You can ask for as many of these as you want. The offers will stand for about 10 ten days.

DVD offers: second announcement, plus a new one

July 26, 2016

Offers of DVDs, asking only for the mailing cost. To request an offer, E-MAIL ME at specifying what you are asking for and giving your postal address (Kim Darnell — — will then get in touch with you to make arrangements).

I begin with the most pressing set of offers, XXX-rated gay porn DVDs. We have no other outlet for these, so the unclaimed ones will be junked. (The others can be donated to local agencies.)


DVD offers #2 and #3: XXX gay porn

July 20, 2016

Two offers of gay porn DVDs (details below): a set of 12 thematic compilations of scenes from gay porn; and 8 boxes of assorted gay porn, 18-20 discs per box. Yours for mailing costs only.

You’re welcome to ask for as many boxes as you’d like. In fact, we (Kim Darnell and I) encourage people to ask for more than one box, since unclaiimed DVDs will be destroyed (local agencies will not take X-rated material).

To ask for any of this material — you can ask for N boxes, we choose which ones, or you can request specific boxes — SEND E-MAIL TO ME at (Kim — — will then send you mail about shipping arrangements).

Warning: porn DVDs are notorious for being shoddily made; a fair number of them are seriously flawed. Enchanting as the idea is that I should play all of the hundreds of discs to make sure they’re in good shape, the task is beyond me, so there are no guarantees about the physical quality of the discs.


DVD offer #1

July 20, 2016

Now available, for mailing expenses only, a set of about a dozen animated DVDs for children (some tv, plus animated penguins and Finding Nemo.

If you would like this collection, SEND E-MAIL TO ME at, and Kim Darnell ( ) will mail you about shipping arrangements.

If there are no takers, the discs will go to a local agency.

There will be more DVD offers. Coming soon: XXX gay items.


Last call: gay music, mix CDs, X-rated collages

July 6, 2016

Three offers still out that have had no takers and will go away on Monday the 11th (the first to a local donation site, the other two to the trash heap):

#8 gay music (here)

#4 mix CDs (here, described in detail below), now in a special offer

#1 X-rated gay collages, mounted for hanging (here), also in a special offer described below

I’m giving special offers on the last two because they’re the work of my own hand and I hate to just throw them away.

You pay only shipping expenses. To request an offer, SEND E-MAIL to me (, with your mailing address, and Kim Darnell ( will get in touch with you about mailing and payment.


Conversations in music: offer #21, the last of the CDs

July 5, 2016

The last of the CD offers, five boxes (of 30-40 discs per box) of conversations between musical voices: chamber music, of many kinds (plus a few odd surprises, of discs that have turned up since earlier offers were put together).

Filtering out chamber music involving a piano — most, but not all, of these items went into offer #20, of keyboard music — these collections are heavy on string quartets, from many hands.