A new offer, of some male porno stuff unearthed in recent clearings-out. Plus a reminder about the DVD offers from the 10th, which expire on Friday the 19th. (You pay only the shipping.)

The old offers, announced here: a box of splendidly miscellaneous DVDs; two boxes of DVDs of lgbt interest (not porn). SEND ME E-MAIL ( if you want to take up either of these.

Then the new offer, Gay XXX Nostalgia: gay photographic porn from the 1990s, described in two recent postings on this blog (with links to AZBlogX):

on 8/15, “Falcon trading cards: the faces”: a pack of small (2.5 in. x 3.5 in.) cards of pornstars; 34 out of an original deck of 36 (two were ruined)

on 8/17, “Photo sets”: 10 Colt Studio sets, some partial, of 5.5 in. x 7.5 in. glossy shots of pornstars; one Marco Studio set; 7 similar photos of various sizes, mostly from sources not identified

Again, SEND ME E-MAIL (, wuth your postal address, if you want this package, and Kim Darnell ( will get in touch with you about shipping.

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