Final DVD offers, #5 and #6

(I think)

Offers of DVDs, asking only for the mailing cost. To request an offer, E-MAIL ME at specifying what you are asking for and giving your postal address (Kim Darnell — — will then get in touch with you to make arrangements).

Offer #5: splendid miscellany. 16 discs, with comedy, documentaries, and a bunch of dramatic films

Offer #6: general films (comedy and drama both) on lgbt subjects. Two boxes, about 18 discs each.

#6A: Adventures of Felix and Bear City to Just Say Love and Locked Up

#6B: The Man I Love and Mulligans to Wedding Banquet and When Love Comes

You can ask for as many of these as you want. The offers will stand for about 10 ten days.

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