Falcon trading cards: the faces

(Entertaining news for penises, from the past. Entertaining, but not for kids or the sexually modest.)

More unearthing: a set of pornstar trading cards from Falcon Studios in 1994. On one side, the faces. For each man, his face, name, and stats — this being a particularly hot and heavy neighorhood of Gayland, the stats are all about cocks and nothing else — plus a breezy writeup and some filmography. On the other side, the bodies, featuring, yes, those hard cocks. The face sides for nine pornstars are in an array below; the body sides are in a corresponding array on AZBlogX.

Nine men, of varying physical type, role preference in sex, sexuality, time in the business, etc.: Bo Summers, Danny Bliss, Chase Hunter, Aiden Shaw, Donny Russo, Kevin Wiles, Matt Gunther, Kristen Bjorn, Kip Noll:

(The cards are quite small, but the array can be hand-enlarged to make the writeups legible. The writeups aren’t great prose, but they project a certain fanboyish enthusiasm.)

The stats are: cock length and cock circumference (both in pornstar inches), plus foreskin state. Period. We’re here for the dick, buddy.

None of these guys are working the pornstar street anymore. Kristen Bjorn moved from pornstar to director very early, and is still making (high-quality) porn. Aiden Shaw quit the business in 1999, and has been a writer and male model since then, still on the job.

More unearthings to come.

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  1. zimpenfish Says:

    Would make an entertaining set of Top Trumps cards.


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