Dress for success

Another item unearthed today: a collage of sorts (well, an altered poster) from 1998, amended by Chris Ambidge in 2000:

It’s all about clothing and displaying the body.

Two ingredients here. One is the poster from the 1998 exhibition at the Royal Ontario Museum (then on tour elsewhere), turned into a (very expensive) paperback book that year:

Diana’s Dresses: Dresses for Humanity: An Exhibition of the Dresses of Diana, Princess of Wales Acquired From the 1997 Christie’s Auction for Charity by Joseph F. Healey

The amazon.com writeup:

A dress collection featuring 20 internationally recognized designer dresses worn by the late Diana, Princess of Wales displayed individually in full page along with the history behind each one. They were part of the charity auction held by Christie’s in 1997.

The second ingredient is images of C&A-wear (cock-and-ass-wear) from a premier supplier of such items (and cock rings, fetish toys, and all that good stuff): Koala Swim in L.A. From their site (copy untouched by me):

Exciting Men’s Swimwear Line. 
This guide will give you a nice overview of Koala extreme men’s swimwear. There are many styles of swimwear for men including racing suits, Board shorts and regular length shorts. This guide will deal with Koala Men’s bikinis, Koala micro bikinis, Koala thongs,  Koala g-strings and Koala pouch only designs along with some other more extreme Koala Lycra products.



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