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One more VDay posting

February 14, 2017

Today’s Steam Room Stories is about “straight guys giving gay gifts”: what does a straight guy give as a Valentine’s Day gift to his best buddy, who happens to be gay? Two straight guys with this question talk together about it in the steam room, each explaining to the other what he proposes to say to his gay bro. You can watch the video here.


QaF and its men

February 2, 2017

Some reflections on coming to the end (a month ago) viewing the complete run of the U.S. Queer as Folk, concentrating on the male characters and the actors who portray them. Cause I’m a gay guy and that’s my territory — and, yes, there will be shirtless men — though I’m not disregarding the women.

The original central cast (five gay male characters and two lesbian characters), with the cast identified by the actors’ names:


Extended discussion to come, with material from the Wikipedia article on the tv show marked by the tag (Wik); other commentary is mine.



January 18, 2017

(This is a fantasy using a big set of Daily Jocks ads for men’s high-end underwear. A fantasy about male prostitution, entirely unsuitable for kids or the sexually modest. Discussion in very plain language of men’s bodies and man-on-man sex, plus sexual fetishes and paraphilias, some of them distasteful.) offers top-quality MeatMen at good prices. We supply a variety of types of meat, each piece with a catalog number and a nick (no real names are used in transactions). A few prime pieces of special interest, some on sale:


Gay men on the new subway walls

January 5, 2017

Widely reported, in the middle of stories about the extension of the 2nd Avenue subway in NYC, a piece about Vik Muniz’s mural in the 96th St. station, with over three dozen mosaics of typical New Yorkers waiting for a train, including this gay male couple holding hands:

There’s a nice story about these men, “Meet the Gay Couple Holding Hands in That Groundbreaking NYC Subway Mural”, an interview with the men by Alexander Kacala on the (informatively named) Unicorn Booty site on the 3rd.


Queens & Cowboys

January 2, 2017

A documentary I watched recently:

“Queens & Cowboys: A Straight [that is, ‘full, complete’] Year on the Gay Rodeo” chronicles a complete season of the International Gay Rodeo Association (IGRA). (site link)


cover: Wade Earp on horseback


Surrealists, but especially Jess

December 31, 2016

On Thursday, back to the Cantor Arts Center at Stanford for the successor to the “California: The Art of Water” exhibition (posted on here): “The Conjured Life: The Legacy of Surrealism” (12/21/16 – 4/3/17). A lot of wonderful stuff, covering a wide range of material (artworks in several media, manifestos, poetry, and more) over a long time span, and a nice size (comprehensive but not at all overwhelming). And including one artist I had been dimly aware of but should have investigated more thoroughly long ago, the San Francisco collagist, painter, and comic-book parodist (also gay activist) Jess (Collins) — “the essential San Francisco artist” (according to Harry Parker, director of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco).


Chocolate Santa, and more

December 26, 2016

For the Feast of Stephen: a heartwarming Christmas bulletin from NOLA, mixed reviews from the Mall of America, plus some genuine outrageousness.  Minority holiday time.


This year’s most puzzling Christmas card

December 24, 2016

Well, holiday card. It came to me electronically from ADS-Ler Wilson Gray, a friend for, oh, 50-some years now:


The message is in Spanish (‘happy holidays and a prosperous new year’). The main figure appears to be an oddly costumed Brobdingnagian Clone Santa (Clone as in the Castro Clone of the 1970s), complete with The Clone ‘Stache and the Cruise of Death gaze, plus a red Santa cap — and three miniature replicas of himself in various costumes (one in drag) but all with the ‘stache, plus what appears to be a shoe of some sort concealing his junk. Meanwhile, Santa is displaying his manly legs and a bit of his manly chest, while wearing what looks like a slinky patterned smoking jacket or robe (rather than the expected form-fitting t-shirt, leather jacket, or plaid shirt, worn with tight-fitting Levi’s).

There’s snow and evergreens — well, it’s Christmas — but also some imposing non-generic snowy mountains looming in the background.

It turns out that we’re in Catalonia, in the Pyrenees, but that doesn’t explain a lot of what we see in #1. On the other hand, we could do a lot worse than visit Barcelona for the holiday season.


Camping it up

December 3, 2016

The Steam Room Stories video of December 1st, “Camping It Up”, which came to me this morning, is all about performing effeminacy; you can watch it here. (Actors: Ray Tezanos, Evan Bonifant, Raif Derrazi.)

Two of the steam room guys are gaily camping it up — girl, bitch as affectionate address terms, campy repartee, sexual inuendo, gay voice, effeminate hand gestures and facial expressions — when a third regular (played by Derrazi) betrays his heterosexuality (Derrazi, the model/actor/bodybuilder, is in fact gay), which means to the others that they’re not in the gay space they had thought they were, so they switch to butch mode and turn on him angrily. Derrazi confesses he just wanted to be one of them, because straight men are so boring.



Falcon trading cards: the faces

August 15, 2016

(Entertaining news for penises, from the past. Entertaining, but not for kids or the sexually modest.)

More unearthing: a set of pornstar trading cards from Falcon Studios in 1994. On one side, the faces. For each man, his face, name, and stats — this being a particularly hot and heavy neighorhood of Gayland, the stats are all about cocks and nothing else — plus a breezy writeup and some filmography. On the other side, the bodies, featuring, yes, those hard cocks. The face sides for nine pornstars are in an array below; the body sides are in a corresponding array on AZBlogX.