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Billy the Berlin Barboy

August 11, 2017

(The underwear and men’s bodies thing again, plus gaydolls and some homoerotic art. Outrageous enough that it won’t be to everyone’s taste.)

Daily Jocks sale on the 8th offering the Barcode Berlin Thermo Brief in white (it also comes in black), with a caption of mine:

(#1) 83% Cotton 17% Polyester. US$25. Model not included.

Billy the Berlin
Works the room in his
Barcode Berlin


Young love

August 7, 2017

The moment of complication:


Young Sherwin — secretly, painfully, caught up in first love — is betrayed by his own heart, which, alarmingly, leaps from his body to pursue his beloved.

The crisis: the two tussle over the heart, leaving it, literally, broken.

And the resolution: in the end the halves of the heart are reunited, the now-healed heart returns to Sherwin’s body, and then two hearts beat as one.


The queer quilt

July 30, 2017

Saturday’s gift: a 12-panel queer quilt (roughly 6 x 3 ft), made mostly of old queer t-shirts of mine (some political, some playful, some artistic), assembled into a quilt by Janet Salsman, with the collaboration of Elizabeth Daingerfield Zwicky and Kim Darnell:

(#1) Eleven t-shirts, plus a homoerotic shirtless cowboy panel


Musical synchronicity

July 27, 2017

I spent much of Tuesday putting together material for my posting on Mikey Bustos and his parody “I Wear Speedos” of the hit song “Despacito”, by Puerto Rican pop stars Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee. That led me of course to the great Puerto Rican pop star Ricky Martin, who’s been steadily on public view ever since he joined the boy band Menudo back in the 1980s.

So I had a day experiencing several versions of “Despacito”, many times over, and also returning to the pleasures of Ricky Martin’s performances, starting with “Livin’ La Vida Loca” and going on from there through his oeuvre (with digressions to Enrique Iglesias and Shakira).

Then yesterday to lunch at the Mexican restaurant Reposado, where they play pop music in Spanish as background. As I sat down, I recognized RM’s “Livin’ La Vida Loca”. Which was followed immediately by Fonsi & DY’s “Despacito”. How unlikely was that?

Synchronicity at work.

Wonder Bears!

July 15, 2017

Passed on by Tim Pierce, this wonderful photo on Twitter from Coinneach MacLeòid‏, combining bear culture, drag, and the new Wonder Woman movie:


The tweet’s text:

When you’re in the queue for a drink behind four Wonder Women, you know you’ve made it to Provincetown Bear Week


Chast, Haefeli, Kaplan

July 6, 2017

Three cartoons from the latest issue (July 10th and 17th) of the New Yorker, by Roz Chast (heirloom hot dogs), William Haefeli (gay couple with dog and baby), and Bruce Eric Kaplan (a visit from Dr. Seuss).


Coconuts and Trumpets

July 6, 2017

Notes from my (mostly unfabulous) gay life in Palo Alto CA: drinks yesterday with folks from QUEST (the Stanford LGBT staff group) at Coconuts, the Caribbean restaurant just up the street from my house (posted about here), wearing a notably gay t-shirt from Trumpets, a celebrated gay bar and restaurant in Washington DC in the 1990s. A shirt from 1995, a shirt not only past the age of consent, but one old enough to vote.

Coconuts is a pleasant unpretentious place, not at all gay-oriented — there are no such places in Palo Alto (for gay life, you travel 34 miles to San Francisco or 17 miles to San Jose) — and flourishing; Trumpets was a serious restaurant with an interesting menu, with a major gay bar in front, and it’s long gone, though for Pride month this year, there was a reunion celebration; a lot of people remembered it with great affection.


Animated cartoons, fan art, same-sex love

June 25, 2017

… and Pride time … also Opal Armstrong Zwicky, who yesterday posted this:

Fan art of Opal from Steven Universe! She’s one of my favorite characters (and no, not just because her name is also Opal):


(Yes, the animated Opal has four arms; she’s also an archer.)


The thumbnail image, rainbows, and Pride

June 19, 2017

The thumbnail image:


which is the image I’m currently using as my identifying portrait on my WordPress blog, on Facebook, and on Google+. It’s my alter ego Alex, now a graybeard, but still flaunting his gayness symbolically (rainbow flag, lavender triangle), and gesturing one or more of the following: “Yo!” – “Yay!” – “Fuck yeah!” – “Hi, Honey!”.

The image came to me in a set of Facebook rainbow Pride stickers, and yes, Alex Gaybeard is a B guy, black or brown, so what?

More on the race/ethnicity theme, on the stickers, on a bit of familial rainbow art, and some notes on Pride marches over the years, leading to the amazing vision of 500,000 of Us on the streets of Columbus OH recently.


On the fierce femininity of drag queens

June 12, 2017

Linguistics news from Stanford: the public portion of a PhD oral exam, next Monday, 6/19/17, 3-4:15: Jeremy Calder, Handsome Women: A semiotics of non-normative gender in SoMa, San Francisco.

Drag queens in the 2015 SoMa “Oasis Follies” drag night