Plant postings

Plant postings on AZBlog

(Note: my practice on names that are both names of genera and common names is inconsistent with respect to capitalization and italicization)


8/26/10: Our Gardens, Our Selves:
plants in the Columbus garden

6/22/11: Agapanthus:


6/23/11: More plants of love :

More plants of love

philodendron, philadelphus, love-in-a-mist, lad’s love, love lies bleeding

books: 7/6/11: Flora:


Farm Weeds of Canada, Alpen-Flora

1/3/12: Data points: interpreting compounds:

Data points: interpreting compounds 1/3/12


3/1/12: Take a leek:

Take a leek

leeks, daffodils

3/17/12: St. Patrick:

St. Patrick

calla lilies, Victorian box

6/5/12: singletail and flowertail:

singletail (and flowertail)

eremurus, anthurium

6/11/12: La Victoria:

La Victoria

habaneros, jalapeños

6/26/12: Cole slaw:

Cole slaw


6/26/12: From South America:

From South America

jacaranda, alstroemeria

7/1/12: Two plants of the season:

Two plants of the season

golden marguerite, acanthus

7/15/12: lupines:


7/16/12: The buzz on Melissa:

The buzz on Melissa

melissa, monarda



7/29/12: crape myrtle:

Crape myrtle

crape myrtle, myrtle

8/19/12: gaillardia:


8/21/12: zinnias:


zinnias, Kalanchoe diagremontiana

8/21/12: Mystery plant:

Mystery plant

10/12/12: Gypsum weed etc.:

gypsum weed etc.

Jimson weed and its relatives

11/6/12: Inhabiture:


vertical gardens

3/6/13: Cymbidiums:


3/12/13: Cyclamens:


3/14/13: Wisteria:


3/15/13: Podocarpus:


3/20/13: Flowering pears and secretions:

Flowering pears and secretions

3/20/13: Stone fruits, nuts, and berries:

Stone fruits, nuts, and berries

3/27/13: Abutilon and its relatives:

Abutilon and its relatives

abutilon and many other members of the mallow family

3/29/13: Bell pepper sex:

Bell pepper sex

bell peppers; flower sex

4/11/13: Tree nuts:

tree nuts

4/21/13: Primroses:


primroses, evening primroses

4/21/13: Ranunculus:


ranunculus, creeping buttercup, lesser celandine, water crowfoot

4/22/13: Gay greens: the big two:

Gay greens: the Big Two

arugula, radicchio, and related plants (gay greens)

4/28/13: Digitalis / foxglove:

digitalis / foxglove

5/1/13: Gamma linolenic acid and borage:

Gamma linole(n)ic acid and borage


5/17/13: Vocabulary surprises:

Vocabulary surprises


6/17/13: Bacopa:


bacopa, centella, sutera

6/20/13: Poppies, lilacs, and lilies:

Poppies, lilacs, and lilies

poppies / California poppies, lilacs / California lilacs, lilies / daylilies

6/21/13: Forbs:


forbs, herbs (in the botanical sense)

more gay greens: watercress, mâche, fennel, parsley, basil, chervil:

More gay greens

nasturtiums, watercress, geraniums, cranesbills:

Springing into summer

Albizia julibrissin:


Tagetes, Calendula:



Chokecherries and Ulmer


This month’s miracle green

petunias, cinerarias:

Intense but opposite: petunias and cinerarias

quinoa, cereal, grain:


mile-a-minute, kudzu:

Vining menaces


Poisoned land

Indian pipes:

Indian pipes

Michaelmas daisies:

Michaelmas daisies

mountain ash trees:

Mountain ash





eglantine rose:

eglantine rose

more wild roses:

More wild roses

acorns, arums:

Genital plants


Plant phallicity


Mammoths and flowers

Bellis perennis:

Bellis perennis

Ornithogalum umbellatum:






Scilla siberica:



Blue-eyed grass





peonies (of three types):


sweet peas:

sweet peas

shrubs and trees that have gone out of fashion, esp. catalpas:

You’re Planting That Old Thing?

Emilio Tafani posters: wild rose, laburnum, lilacs, wild honeysuckle, meadowsweet:

Plant life by public transport

citronella oil, lemongrass, lemon balm:

Sunday jottings





Japanese knotweed (Fallopia japonica):

Japanese knotweed



Speed Devil cannabis

Farewell to the trees:

Farewell to the trees

(Chilean) potato vine (Solanum crispum}



Anemone blanda, coronaria, and hupehensis

I Never Promised You a Rose Garden:

Plant postings

rose, Christmas rose (hellebore), primrose, tuberose, rosemary, etc.

linguistic diversity among the nopalries:

Linguistic diversity among the nopalries

Opuntia cactuses

coneflowers and goldfinches:

Coneflowers and Goldfinches

coneflowers, black-eyed Susans



I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts:

I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts

coconut palm

sweetgum: and Liquidambar:


California peppertree:

California peppertree

Winter greenery:

Winter greenery

calla lilies, miner’s lettuce, spring beauty



purslane, moss-roses



bacopa Snowtopia

Perilla and company:

Perilla and company

Perilla frutescens



Signs of spring:

Signs of spring

California buckeye, Ohio buckeye

Morning name: calabash:

Morning name: calabash

calabaza, calabash gourd, calabash tree

Morning name: salsify (with Swiss chard as a bonus):

Morning name: salsify (with Swiss chard as a bonus)

Two more mornings:

Two more mornings




Morning names: Confrey, comfrey:

Morning names: Confrey, comfrey

comfrey (Symphytum)



5/4/15: Good and evil: Star Jasmine:

Good and evil: Star Jasmine

5/23/15: Fig time:

Fig time

several species of Ficus

5/23/15: California’s iconic food:

California’s iconic food


5/29/15: Rubber trees, rubber plants:

Rubber trees, rubber plants

Hevea brasiliensis, Ficus elastica

6/1/15: coriander/cilantro:


6/3/15: culantro:


6/3/15: The Counts Perovski:

The Counts Perovski


6/14/15: Russian-olive:


The Haddockian argot, and licorice:

The Haddockian argot, and licorice

the licorice plant

Coleus Jade:

Coleus Jade


7/23/15: Breakfast at the Gamble:

Breakfast at the Gamble

Gamble Garden in Palo Alto; alstroemeria, horsetail restio

7/30/15: Morning name: rajas:

Morning name: rajas

poblano peppers

8/1/15: Another breakfast at the Gamble:

Another breakfast at the Gamble

rhubarb, dahlia, scented Pelargoniums, tropical Hibiscus

8/8/15: Two in bloom:

Two in bloom

hairy golden aster, naked ladies

8/10/15: Food names, and plant names too:

Food names, and plant names too

different names for same plant, same name for different plants

8/13/11: Three blues and a yellow:

Three blues and a yellow

4 plants at the Gamble Garden

8/18/15: Stachys:


several Stachys species and related plants

8/19/15: Penstemon:


several Penstemon species ad related plants

8/19/15: Plant families:

Plant families

8/20/15: Cotoneaster:


8/21/15: More plant families:

More plant families

8/22/15: Seedy invasives:

Seedy invasives

invasive plants that spread by broadcasting their seed

8/26/15: Vining invasives:

Vining invasives

porcelainberry, grapevine, ivy (plus non-invasive Aralia, Cussonia), invasive vines from earlier postings

8/27/15: Two medicinal plants:

Two medicinal plants

yarrow (Achillea), scabious (Scabiosa)

8/29/15: Gerbera and other daisy-oid flowers:

Gerbera and other daisy-oid flowers

8/30/15: Cow parsnip:

Cow parsnip

cow parsnip, hemlocks, cow parsley, fool’s parsley, etc.

8/30/15: Two useful terms:

Two useful terms

ruderal, alleleopathic; 9 examples of allelopathy; cornflower

8/31/15: African daisies:

African daisies

Gazania, Osteospermum, Arctotis

8/31/15: Eat your weeds:

Eat your weeds

Euell Gibbons; lamb’s quarters, rose hips, dandelion shoots, stringing nettles, and cattails

9/4/15: Cotinus and the cousins of Cotinus:

Cotinus and the cousins of Cotinus

Cotinus, Anacardium, Mangifera, Rhus, Toxicodendron

9/5/15: Two more plant families:

Two more plant families

Crassulaceae, Plumbaginaceae

9/6/15: Birthday flowers:

Birthday flowers

Asparagaceae, Primulaceae; genera in both

9/7/15: Returning to your roots:

Returning to your roots

Ipomoea and the family Convolvulaceae

9/7/15: Shooting stars, hydrangeas, and lemongrass:

Shooting stars, hydrangeas, and lemongrass

genera Dodecatheon, Hydrangea, Cymbopogon; family Hydrangeaceae

9/9/15: More vining invasives:

More vining invasives

Campsis radicans, Bignonia capreolata, Celastrus orbiculatus; Alstroemeria

9/9/15: Plant family backlog:

Plant family backlog

olive family, violet family, and 7 others

9/11/15: Cochinita pibil:

Cochinita pibil

the dish and its name; achiote / annatto

9/11/15: Golden yellow for the end of summer:

Golden yellow for the end of summer

goldenrods (Solidago), ragweeds (Ambrosia)

9/12/15: Chaste trees and jumping spiders:

Chaste trees and jumping spiders

Chaste tree (Vitex); Verbenaceae; Verbena, Lantana

9/25/15: Monkey puzzle tree:

Monkey puzzle tree

9/30/15: Muhly grass:

Muhly grass

9/30/15: Roselle:


Hibiscus sabdariffa

10/5/15: Non-parallel gaps in Jackson Hole:

Non-parallel gaps in Jackson Hole

vertical garden

10/7/15: Arnoldia:

Adventures in Arnoldia

plant genera Arnoldia; Dimorphotheca

10/18/15: Mornings and mangelwurzels:

Mornings and mangelwurzels

the mangelwurzel (fodder beet, etc.)

11/2/15: The New Yorker food issue:

The New Yorker food issue

farming kelp for food

11/8/15: ExtenZe:


many plant ingredients in the male enhancement product

11/11/15: The water frog, the ground squirrel, and the little thrush:
purple pitcher plant, dogwood, holly

11/23/15: Nugenix:


fenugreek plant

11/30/15: Morning name: penumbra:

Morning name: penumbra

carrot (Daucus carota), umbels

12/5/15: Morning names: Norfolk Island Pine, ruach:

Morning names: Norfolk Island Pine, ruach

12/9/15: sweet olive:

sweet olive

Osmanthus fragrans

12/26/15: Morning name: camellia:

Morning name: camellia

C. sasanqua, C. japonica, C. sinensis

12/27/15: Name your florist:

Name your florist

names of florist shops

12/29/15: tomatillos:


tomatillo plant, potato vine

1/27/16: Bruce Bruce Bruce:

Bruce Bruce Bruce

Queensland silver wattle

1/28/16: Yesteday:


flowers and food plants at the Gamble Garden in Palo Alto; hellebores and agave featured

2/13/16: Mandrake:



3/20/16: Morning name: catarrh:

Morning name: catarrh

a variety of plants used in remedies for catarrh

3/24/16: The invasive starling:

The invasive starling

invasive plants

3/25/16: Morning name: scuppernong:

Morning name: scuppernong

scuppernong grapes

3/25/16: Jeepers creepers:

Jeepers creepers

creeping plants

3/26/16: Monsters of vegetative spread: dragon’s teeth:

Monsters of vegetative spread: dragon’s teeth

Japanese knotweed dragon-toothing

4/3/16: Common names that are also descriptions:

Common names that are also descriptions

Bottle-brush plants, Callistemon and Melaleuca

5/5/16: Down on the farm::

Down on the farm

favorite weed (goldenrod) and leaat favorite weed (dodder)

5/5/16: The weed annals I:

The weed annals I

5/7/16: The weed annals II:

The weed annals II

5/7/16: The weed annals III:

The weed annals III

5/12/16: Morning name: nemesia:

Morning name: nemesia

nemesia (and star jasmine)

5/24/16: Three natives:

Three natives

golden blue-eyed grass, purple sage, sticky monkey-flower

5/29/16: Memorial pun:

Memorial pun


6/1/16: From late winter:

From late winter

7 plants at the Gamble Garden

6/3/16: It was 13 years ago today:

It was 13 years ago today…

Mister Lincoln rose

7/7/16: Name that succulent:

Name that succulent

artichoke agave

7/15/16: Garden moments:

Garden moments

cymbidiums, geraniums, coleus, and other container plants

7/21/16: The kangaroo’s paw:

The kangaroo’s paw


8/10/16: Violet-blue, white, and deep purple:

Violet-blue, white, and deep purple

Catanache caerulea, Angelica archangelica, Angelica stricta

8/12/16: Trapped in the morning duff:

Trapped in the morning duff

duff ‘decaying vegetable matter’

8/19/16: Pink motels, Cadillacs, etc. etc.:

Pink motels, Cadillacs, etc. etc.

pink pussytoes, pink pussytails

8/29/16: Osmunda, Königin des Waldes:

Osmunda, Königin des Waldes

the fern genus Osmunda

9/1/16: On foot patrol, part 2:

On foot patrol, part 2

the mangosteen plant and its fruit

9/7/16: How sweet the daphne smells:

How sweet the daphne smells

Daphne mezereum (and oleander)

9/11/16: The Mystery Man of Crotch Beach:

The Mystery Man of Crotch Beach

Prunella vulgaris, Orchis mascula

9/12/16: The durian:

The durian

the tree and its fruit

10/1/16: Penguin irises:

Penguin irises

Japanese irises

10/19/16: Triple-play pun:

Triple-play pun

asparagus plants

10/21/16: Pingu watches over the gay boys:

Pingu watches over the gay boys

genus Pinguicula

10/21/16: Two flowering trees in Kyoto:

Two flowering trees in Kyoto

tea tree, powder-puff tree, Brazil nut tree

10/26/16: Wednesday odds and ends:

Wednesday odds and ends

item (1): Japanese painted scroll with poppies

11/5/16: Patio, with plants and penguins:

Patio, with plants and penguins

Hydrangea macrophylla, Agave desmetiana

11/9/16: Two Mediterranean plants for wintry days:

Two Mediterranean plants for wintry days

Drimia maritima, Iris unguicularis

11/17/16: Going extinct there, flourishing here:

Going extinct there, flourishing here

Dymondia margaretae

11/23/16: Two Stanford adventures:

Two Stanford adventures

Stanford Cactus Garden; esp. prickly pears and agaves

11/28/16: And so it begins:

And so it begins

first cymbidium blooms of the winter season

12/1/16: Silver-bush everlasting:

Silver-bush everlasting

Helichrysum petiolare ‘Moe’s Silver’

12/4/16: Con Ed and the Ramona St. Squirrel Squad:

Con Ed and the Ramona St. Squirrel Squad

plants in pots on the Ramona St. patios

12/14/16: Two red hot pokers:

Two red hot pokers

Kniphofia, Aloe arborescens; Crassula ovata, Sedum rubrotinctum

2/12/17: Three exhibitions:

Three exhibitions

third exhibition: on the lingzhi mushroom

2/19/17: horsetails:


Equisetum (hyemale)

2/20/17: Blossoms from the south:

Blossoms from the south

Westringia, Tulbaghia, Bulbinella

2/26/17: Pretty in pink:

Pretty in pink

pink cymbidium in bloom

2/28/17: Plant packages:

Plant packages

phallic plants, an evergreen and a cactus

3/1/17: Two notable plants:

Two notable plants

contorted cactus, which turns out to be Opuntia microdasys monstrose; and a white-tipped succulent, not identified, but like an Echevaria or Dudleya

3/1/17: A codgerie of shaggy men:

A codgerie of shaggy men

The old man, or shaggy man, cactus

3/2/17: Five contorted cactuses:

Five contorted cactuses

genera Haageocereus, Echinopsis, Myrtillocactus, Eulychnia, Cereus

3/9/17: Spring bulbs:

Spring bulbs

tulips, narcissus, grape hyacinths, snowdops, stars of Bethlehem, glories-of-the-snow, Siberican squills

3/31/17: He bloomed in March:

He bloomed in March

cymbidium orchid

4/19/17: Calla, calla, calla, California:

Calla, calla, calla, California

calla lily, Easter lily

4/24/17: A mini-phal:

A mini-phal

miniature Phalaenopsis

5/5/17: blue jack:

blue jack

Tradescantia ohiensis

5/9/17: Mothers:


Digitalis purpurea, Centranthus ruber

5/10/17: Two spectacular plants:

Two spectacular plants

Echium wildpretii, hybrid gazanias

5/13/17: I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valley:

I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valley

lily of the valley, rose of Sharon

5/16/17: ice plants:

ice plants

5/17/17: Artichokes on the hoof:

Artichokes on the hoof

globe artichokes and artichoke thistles

5/20/17: JHT photos: on the peony patrol:

JHT photos: on the peony patrol

standard peonies, fern-leaved peonies, tree peonies

5/21/17: The front patio redivivus, and having Our House:

The front patio redivivus, and having Our House

cymbidiums, and other patio plants at Ramona St.; wisteria

5/22/17: The patio report:

The patio report

an assortment of plants on my front patio

5/23/17: Corn snakes and eggplants:

Corn snakes and eggplants

eggplants, deadly nightshade; links to other members of the Solanaceae / nightshade family

5/24/17: Veronica Salpiglossis, the Greek goddess of Gamble Garden:

Veronica Salpiglossis, the Greek goddess of Gamble Garden

Veronica / speedwell; Salipilossis / painted tongue; Nicotiana / tobacco plant; brief mentions of foxgloves and larkspurs

5/28/17: In the neighborhood, with an O:

In the neighborhood, with an O

Nerium oleander, Oenothera speciosa, Photinia</em species; brief mention of bottle-brush plant, acanthus, red valerian, agapanthus

5/28/17: Strawberry fields:

Strawberry fields

cultivated and wild Fragaria; barren strawberry (a species of Waldsteinia); Indian strawberry (a species of Potentilla)

6/2/17: Pride Time #1: The pink and the purple:

Pride Time #1: the pink and the purple

red hydrangea; Viola tricolor; Salvia species with purple flowers

6/5/17: For the day:

For the day

yew (Taxus), bayberry (Myrtica), lemongrass, Grevillea, fig, Indian lime (Citrus aurantifolia), California live oak

6/5/17: Fairy gardens:

Fairy gardens

mini-gardens, bonsai, dish gardens

6/7/17: The word came down on Pentecost:

The word came down on Pentecost

daylily ‘Flaming Tongues’; rhododendron (and azalea)

6/9/17: Three cactuses:

Three cactuses

6/13/17: Trailers:


trailing plants in hanging baskets and tall container boxes; phlox; polemonium

6/14/17: Three garden ornamentals and two trees:

Three garden ornamentals and two trees

Trichostema lanatum, Aeonium, Sisyrinchium, Erythrinia crista-galli, Pyrus

6/16/17: Father and grandfather:

Father and grandfather

pages from Alpen-Flora: ranunculus family, papilionaceous plants

6/19/17: Sales talk:

Sales talk

saguaro cactus

6/20/17: News for cacti and succulents 6/20/17:

News for cacti and succulents 6/20/17

Stanford cactus garden; Agave attenuata; four species of columnar cactuses

7/4/17: Fay Zwicky:

Fay Zwicky


7/5/17: More news not for penises:

More news not for penises

plants called cockscomb, cockspur

7/9/17: Ruthie copes: Moses and the doggie bag:

Ruthie copes: Moses and the doggie bag

bulrush, rush, papyrus

7/12/17: Neighborhood gardens, heavy on purple:

Neighborhood gardens, heavy on purple

Bryant St. garden; statice, glory bush (Tibouchina), Brunfelsia, abelia

7/16/17: A blue period:

A blue period

chaste tree, balloon flower (Platycodon), bellflower (Campanula), Lobelia, Monopsis

8/12/17: The War of the Weeds:

The War of the Weeds

common ivy, ailanthus, golden bamboo; allelopathy

8/14/17: Two European estates in America:

Two European estates in America

gardens of Ford house in Grosse Pointe MI; plants attracting pollinators

8/19/17: An urban jungle:

An urban jungle

ivy, ailanthus, golden bamboo; crape myrtle, bougainvillea, Victorian box, wisteria; California peppertree; urban plantings, parks

8/25/17: Sago palms:

Sago palms

8/29/17: California fuchsia:

California fuchsia

Epilobium canum; also plants in the genus Fuchsia; Palo Alto demonstration garden at Lucie Stern Center

9/9/17: Runner ducks, runner beans, rubber ducks:

Runner ducks, runner beans, rubber ducks

scarlet runner beans

9/10/17: The fan, the spathiphyllum, and the impressionist garden:

The fan, the spathiphyllum, and the impressionist garden

Spathiphylum; Monet’s gardens at Giverney; late-season plants at Gamble Garden

9/14/17: Wild Asia in Sonoma:

Wild Asia in Sonoma

Quarryhill Botanical Garden; four shrubs/trees there

9/17/17: Hot Lips:

Hot Lips

Salvia microphylla ‘Hot Lips’

9/19/17: Blue Curls:

Blue Curls

succulent varieties ‘Blue Curls’ and ‘Blue Waves’ in the genus Echeveria

9/23/17: Boys with Plants:

Boys with Plants

Monstera deliciosa, Agave, Strelitzia

9/24/17: A sapsucking planthopper:

A sapsucking planthopper

tree of heaven

9/26/17: Ice Dance in the garden:

Ice Dance in the garden

Carex morrowii, sedges and nutsedges

9/30/17: The archangel Michael:

The archangel Michael

Michaelmas daisy

10/15/17: Lilyturf, bronze pin heads, and ungrammatical yucca:

Lilyturf, bronze pin heads, and ungrammatical yucca

liriope, yuccas, agaves

10/16/17: Revisiting 8: Rod Canyon:

Revisiting 8: Rod Canyon

California bay laurel, Umbellularia californica; bay laurel, Laurus nobilis

10/17/17: Mahonia, Berberis, Ilex:

Mahonia, Berberis, Ilex

various species in these three genera

10/21/17: Household gifts:

Household gifts

plant mister for mini-phals

10/27/17: The X-Bulbs, plus Greek Sword:

The X-Bulbs, plus Greek Sword

9 plants with X in their botanical names

11/4/17: The succulent report:

The succulent report

Agave desmetiana, Aloe vera, Cymbidium on my patios

11/12/17: A tale of two flowers:

A tale of two flowers

Salvia leucantha, Mexican bush sage; Buddleja / Buddleia spp., butterfly bush

11/13/17: Orchids on the march:

Orchids on the march

first cymbidium of the season

11/21/17: Xmas bell flowering maple

Xmas bell flowering maple

Abutilon ‘Tiger Eye’

11/24/17: The leafy N + N compounds of fall:

The leafy N + N compounds of fall

leaf slime/sludge

12/1/17: A golden moment:

A golden moment

Allied Arts Guild in Menlo Park; Mister Lincoln hybrid tea rose; yellow/orange flowers (nasturtiums, roses, daylilies, milkweed, abutilon), tangerines; DYCs (damned yellow composites), including marguerite daisies / Paris daisies

12/6/17: 100 years of independence:

100 years of independence


12/7/17: The saguaro in bloom:

The saguaro in bloom

saguaro cactus

12/20/17: Yet more green leaves and red berries:

Yet more green leaves and red berries

Asparagus densiflorus / aethiopicus and other plants with green leaves and red berries

1/4/18: Spathy in maturity:

Spathy in maturity

spathiphyllum flowers

1/9/18: Orchids in the rain:

Orchids in the rain


2/1/18: Some winter flowers:

Some winter flowers

garden ranunculus (Persian buttercup); saucer magnolias; flowering fruit trees, esp. flowering plums

2/3/18: Tulip trees and magnolias:

Tulip trees and magnolias

saucer magnolias, M. grandiflora (southern magnolia), M. stellata (star magnolia), Liriodendron (tulip trees)

2/5/18: Pretty in pink 2018:

Pretty in pink 2018

Bryophyllum daigremontianum, evil genius, mother of thousands, etc.

2/9/18: Mary Jane comes to Palo Alto:

Mary Jane comes to Palo Alto


2/21/18: Adventures in alcohol:

Adventures in alcohol

sweet woodruff

2/28/18: POP on the half shell:

POP on the half shell

plants and flowers in Botticelli’s Primavera

3/13/18: Mistakes in avian medicine:

Mistakes in avian medicine

crowfoot, bird’s-foot trefoil. cock’s-foot

3/20/18: Perfectionist in pink sequin:

Perfectionist in pink sequin

pansies (in pink)

4/7/18: The cymbidium report 4/7/18:

The cymbidium report 4/7/18

5 cymbidium photos

4/17/18: Cuppy and his cub:

Cuppy and his cub

2018 photos of the apricot /peach maxi cymbidium

4/23/18: Spring flowers,common and exotic:

Spring flowers, common and exotic

mock-orange, foxgloves, bearded irises; Elegia capensis, Puya coerulea

4/26/18: New on the patio:

New on the patio

succulents; Echevaria ‘Blue Curls’; Senecio serpens; Senecio cineraria; Common Ragwort; Echevaria secunda; flowers that smell like cat urine, smegma; alpine Senecios; coleus plants of several strains

4/27/18: Don’t deny your cravings:

Don’t deny your cravings

almond trees

4/29/18: acuminate:


acuminate leaves, agaves, masting / mast seeding

4/30/18: Prickly silk:

Prickly silk

Ceiba speciosa, silk floss tree

5/1/18: Stanford Arizona III:

Stanford Arizona III

Ceiba pentandra, kapok tree

5/1/18: Stanford Arizona IV:

Stanford Arizona IV


5/1/18: Stanford Arizona V:

Stanford Arizona V

ceroid cacti

5/3/18: He said “prickles”:

He said “prickles”

prickly pears (Opuntia)

5/3/18: Green trunks in the desert:

Green trunks in the desert

palo verde trees (Parkinsonia)

5/6/18: On the track of me’s deodorant:

On the track of men’s deodorant

melaleucas: M. alternifolia, M. quinquenervia

5/6/18: Ocotillo:


desert plants (Fouquiera)

5/6/18: 50 shades of green:

50 shades of green

Marquis De Sod landscaping company

5/8/18: haws, hawthorns, Haworth, Haworthia, Hawick:

haws, hawthorns, Haworth, Haworthia, Hawick

succulent Haworthia, flowering shrub hawthorn

5/10/18: Festival Burgundy:

Festival Burgundy

Cordyline species; ti plant

5/11/18: The poppies of summer:

The poppies of summer

California poppies, Matilijal poppies, Oriental poppies

5/11/18: The patio boys: Cuppy, Ti-Boi, and Cairo Callen:

The patio boys: Cuppy, Ti-Boi, and Cairo Callen

cymbidium, ti plant, purple calla lily

5/13/18: Gay butterflies:

Gay butterflies

Asclepias species

5/15/18: The turquoise dish:

The turquoise dish

succulent garden; silver-leaved sedum; silver-leaved lamium

5/19/18: The 6-fold way:

The 6-fold way

flowers with 3, 4, 5, 6 petals

5/20/18: Two from Fairbanks:

Two from Fairbanks

poisonous and venomous plants; Dendrocnida moroides, gympie gympie

5/21/18: bunny ears:

bunny ears

Opuntia microdasys

5/25/18: Similarities:


Daucus carota, Queen Anne’s lace / carrot; Orlaya grandiflora, white laceflower; globe artichoke; Melianthus major, giant honey flower; Francoa sonchifolia, bridalwreath; Spiraea, spirea / bridal wreath

5/29/18: It’s alive!:

It’s alive!

Matilija poppy

5/29/18: Alchemilla:


lady’s-mantle, Alchemilla mollis

5/31/18: A plant too invasive even for me:

A plant too invasive even for me

Houttuynia cordata, chameleon plant; other dragon-toothing plants; gardening with invasive plants

6/2/18: Panic in Quercy Park:

Panic in Quercy Park

plants with panicle flowers, esp. Hydrangea, Panicum species

6/7/18: White stars on a field of green:

White stars on a field of green

Myoporum (boobialla) species, Verbascum (mullein)

6/11/18: Purple Pride:

Purple Pride

purple calla, silver lamium with purple flowers

6/18/18: Fried eggs and fairy wands:

Fried eggs and fairy wands

taxonomic names and common names; Romneya coulteri, Dierama pulcherrimum, Chamaelirium luteum, Liatris spicata, Sparaxis tricolor, Galax urceolata; Matilija poppy, fried egg flower, angel’s fishing rod, fairy wand, blazing star, gayfeather, wandflower, harlequin flower, beetleweed

6/19/18: The wands, magic wands, and fairy wands of Pride:

The wands, magic wands, and fairy wands of Pride

wands and plants that are metaphorically wands or fairy wands

6/19/18: The ways of plants are inscrutable:

The ways of plants are inscrutable

callas and spathiphyllums

6/20/18: The cheese of my forebears:

The cheese of my forebears

Trigonella caerulea and T. foenum-graecum, blue fenugreek and fenugreek

6/26/18: Hydrangeal matters:

Hydrangeal matters

H. macrophylla ‘lacecap’

7/1/18: Aroused soap-opera scientists and the Stanford screw-moss:

Aroused soap-opera scientists and the Stanford screw-moss

Hennediella stanfordensis, the Stanford screw-moss; mosses and ferns

7/6/18: Food and sex for the 4th:

Food and sex for the 4th

watermelon vine

7/14/18: Braised short ribs with Swiss chard, and the Swiss Hotel:

Braised short ribs with Swiss chard, and the Swiss Hotel

Swiss chard and closely related plants

7/17/18: Charlotte:


Joseph Banks and Strelitzia in relation to Charlotte Mecklinburg-Strelitz

7/17/18: Chard semantics, chard art, and chard food:

Chard semantics, chard art, and chard food

the Swiss chard plant and its varieties, esp. ‘Bright Lights’; the plant as a garden ornamental

7/25/18: At Boulders Beach:

At Boulders Beach

fynbos vegetation in South Africa

7/28/18: Local news: weather and food:

Local news: weather and food

the barley plant and its seeds

8/6/18: Friends of friends:

Friends of friends

Hylotelephium (formerly Sedum) spectabile varieties ‘Autumn Joy’ and ‘Autumn Fire’; Elaeagnus commutata (and angustifolia and multiflora) and Olea europaea; silverberry, Russian-olive, olive

8/7/18: Two texties, in two tonalities:

Two texties, in two tonalities

technicalism in naming plant parts

8/8/18: Succulents on a rampage:

Succulents on a rampage

patio plants: Echeveria ‘Blue Curls’, silvery Echeveria, erect Crassula, rat tail Crassula, Senecio serpens, sedums

8/19/19: End of season:

End of season

fall-blooming anemone (Anemone hupehensis), (pink) naked ladies (Amaryllis belladonna)

8/23/18: Late summer food:

Late summer food

culinary basil, Ocimum basilicum

8/30/18: Mandarin orange at the Malamute Saloon:

Mandarin orange at the Malamute Saloon

Mandarin orange (Citrus reticulata)

9/1/18: An explosion of succulents:

An explosion of succulents

patio succulents exploding into bloom

9/3/18: Goldenrods and Boston cops:

Goldenrods and Boston cops

Solidago macrophylla

9/11/18: Rainforest houseplants:

Rainforest houseplants


9/14/18: Fruit cream tarts, one with pansy:

Fruit cream tarts, one with pansy

Viola tricolor, pansy and Johnny jump up; Echeveria

9/14/18: Neighborhood flora: the cranesbills:

Neighborhood flora: the cranesbills

Geranium species: hybrid ‘Johnson’s Blue; wildflower G. dissectum, cutleaf cranesbill

9/15/18: Neighborhood flora: Chinese elms:

Neighborhood flora: Chinese elms

Ulmus parvifolia

9/20/18: Neighborhood flora: phormiums:

Neighborhood flora: phormiums

cultivars in the genus Phormium of common Palo Alto plants; low-water plants for the area

9/23/18: Stormy compounds in English:

Stormy compounds in English

mushrooms resembling penises

9/24/18: Sleep on, harvest moon:

Sleep on, harvest moon

4 species for Sukkot; fruit for Mid-Autumn Festival

9/25/18: Inch by inch:

Inch by inch

patio succulents: Echeverias, Senecios, in particular; Senecio mandraliscae

9/27/18: From vine to towering tree, in four steps:

From vine to towering tree, in four steps

hyacinth beans, ‘Sweet Caress’ mahonia. the mountain cabbage tree, cucumber (magnolia) tree

10/13/18: Chic peas and more:

Chic peas and more

chickpeas, cipollini onions, prune plums, red-hulled rice

10/26/18: At duty on the moors:

At duty on the moors

Virginia creeper, Parthenocissus quinquefolia

11/3/18: News for pumpkins: art and science:

News for pumpkins: art and science

evolution of cucurbits (and elephantids)

11/5/18: Mandala swimmer, Kali tat, Banksia stamp:

Mandala swimmer, Kali tat, Banksia stamp

sacred lotus, Nelumbo nucifera; genus Banksia; other iconic Australian flora (gum trees / eucalypts, wattles / Acacia spp.)

11/12/18: News for penises: salt and pepper:

News for penises: salt and pepper

Fairchild Garden in Coral Gables FL; other large public gardens

11/19/18: Gesneriana:


Conrad Ges(s)ner and plants; the family Gesneriaceae (the gesneriads), including Saintpaulia, Sinningia, Streptocarpus, Columnea; tulips

11/30/18: Green flowers:

Green flowers

15 green flowers: flowers bred for green varieties; (orchid) flowers green in nature; flowers with showy green sepals; green berries. Also hypericums. Floristry, flower arrangement, floral art.

12/7/18: O rosemary, my rosemary:

O rosemary, my rosemary

rosemary bush as mini Christmas tree

12/12/18: Three artists:

Three artists

Odilon Redon flower paintings; ikebana

12/20/18: Needles and scales:

Needles and scales

leaf types (broad, needle-like, scale-like); plants from 8 familes; specific plants: Fabiana imbricata violacea, Coleonema pulchellum, Calluna vulgaris, Cryptomeria japonica, Cedrus libani, Geranium, Pelargonium, Ruta graveolens, Euphorbia x martini, Abies procera

12/26/18: Four presents:

Four presents

#1, #8: plans in ceramic planters: clover, wild strawberries, basil, mint

1/5/19: Three kings from 1900:

Three Kings from 1900

plants in the genus Boswellia, yielding frankincense, and Commiphora, yelding myrrh

1/23/19: Penguin bearing wild strawberries:

Penguin bearing wild strawberries

wild strawberries; also cymbidiums, flowering fruit trees

1/24/19: ivy duff:

ivy duff

ivy duff, Ponderosa pine duff, redwood duff, redwood sorrel

1/25/19: Nolde to de l’Écluse to Busbecq:

Nolde to de l’Écluse to Busbecq


1/25/19: Blue roses:

Blue roses

blue roses

1/28/19: Winter gardens:

Winter gardens

indoor gardens in the winter; northern California winter plants

1/31/19: Suspended Christmas:

Suspended Christmas

Smilax rotundifolia, S. smallii; Asparagus asparagoides (florist’s smilax)

3/1/19: The leek and the daffodil:

The leek and the daffodil

plants for St. David’s Day

3/2/19: fried chicken waffle Benedict

fried chicken waffle Benedict

lilies and X lilies

3/3/19: My darling clematis:

My darling clematis

the genus Clematis; large-flowered hybrids

3/18/19: Cum, sweat, and broccoli:
cumin (Cumimum cymimum), black cumin (Bunium bulbocastanum), black seed (Nigella sativa); love-in-a-mist (Nigella damascena)

3/26/19: They might be herons:

They might be herons

arums, yuccas and agaves; botanical gardens and arboretums

3/28/19: Revisiting 28: van Gogh and Redon:

Revisiting 28: van Gogh and Redon

elecampane (Inula helenium)

3/29/19: Lilacs in California: Lavender Lady:

Lilacs in California: Lavender Lady

Syringa, Ceonothus, Lavandula

3/30/19: News for carnivorous penises:

News for carnivorous penises

pitcher plants of the genus Nepenthes; Viburnum dentatum

4/7/19: Two moments of iridaceous naming:

Two moments of iridaceous naming

two subfamilies of the Iridaceae; Douglas iris; montbretia and other crocoid plants; freesias

4/9/19: The serial entrepreneur of Victoria BC:

The serial entrepreneur of Victoria BC


4/16/19: If you can’t spell it, you can’t sell it!:

If you can’t spell it, you can’t sell it!

acai palm and the palm family; guarana vine and the soapberry family; buckeyes

4/18/19: Le Pingouin aux Parapluies Roses:

Le Pingouin aux Parapluies Roses

wild strawberry, spathypyllum

4/19/19: The white and the red:

The white and the red

Iris confusa, bamboo iris; Iris douglasiana; Anigozanthus, kangaroo paw; Lilium longifolium, Easter lily; calla lily; white amaryllis (Hippeastrum); red amaryllis; Passiflora, passion flower; Cornus, dogwood

5/1/19: The May flower:

The May flower

yellow crocuses, yellow daffodils, lilies of the valley

5/1/19: Here we cme a-frankerin’:

Here we come a-frankerin’

poison oak

5/2/19: Early summer:

Early summer

cymbidiums, kalanchoe, wild strawberries, purple callas, Echeveria

5/5/19: Wooden arches:

Wooden arches

arches as garden features; ivy and yellow trumpet vine

5/5/19: A coincidence of days:

A coincidence of days

naked gardening

5/9/19: Super Calla Fraggle-istic:

Super Calla Fraggle-istic

callas of several varieties

5/12/19: Parade of Fangs, Eye of the Pumpkin:

Parade of Fangs, Eye of the Pumpkin

fancy hybrid daylilies; irises, lilies

5/20/19: Annals of fruity goodness: the strawberry file:

Annals of fruity goodness: the strawberry file

strawberries, roses, potatoes, petunias; plant parts and plant types; Rosaceae, Solanaceae

5/28/19: Semantics of compounds:

Semantics of compounds

water spinach, Ipomoea aquatica

5/30/19: Wisely seasoned:

Wisely seasoned

sages of various genera

5/31/19: Flirting with magenta:

Flirting with magenta

Lychnis coronaria; Montiopsis umbellata; Hebe hybrids; Claytonia virginica, perfoliata

6/1/19: Follow-up: magenta greens:

Follow-up: magenta greens

Chenopodium giganteum; fuchsia coleus; fuchsia cordyline; magenta Alternanthera

6/3/19: The dog of ivy:

The dog of ivy

ivy topiary

6/4/19: perennial, evergreen, hardy:

perennial, evergreen, hardy

botanical terms (vs. annual/biennial, deciduous, tender); figs, mulberries, Osage oranges

8/8/19: Minimal pears:

Minimal pears

Seckel pears

8/15/19: Blue and black at the Gamble Garden:

Blue and black at the Gamble Garden

blue flax-lilies, dark purple hollyhocks

8/22/19: Sexy Dark Swiss:

Sexy Dark Swiss

Inula helenium; black truffles

8/24/19: GG on an August morning:

GG on an August morning

dahlias, zinnias, chrysanthemums, autumn-blooming anemones, (pink) naked ladies, many salvias, lemon verbena, trumpet vine, kiwi vines, cockspur coral tree, rock correa; plant families

9/5/19: Revisiting 33: the ambiguity of the truffle:

Revisiting 33: the ambiguity of the truffle

truffles the fungus; truffle pigs/hogs

10/14/19: Space Candy:

Space Candy

artisanal marijuana plants

10/15/19: The better body butter, with Whipped Shea Butter:

The better body butter, with Whipped Shea Butter

the shea nut tree, Vitellaria paradoxa

10/19/19: Another Griffithian mantra:

Another Griffithian mantra


10/24/19: Grammar and gardening:

Grammar and gardening

the figure of Grammar (in the Seven Liberal Arts) as a gardener

10/31/19: Marc-Olivier Zwicky:

Marc-Olivier Zwicky

seed protection company Syngenta; Euroseeds organization

12/15/19: The images quilt:

The images quilt

R4C2 Quercus agrifolia, the California live oak

12/21/19: Surprise! Vadim’s gay alphabet:
Vadim Temkin’s sexy gay alphabet images: cymbidiums

12/24/19: Hung with care:

Hung with care

Vadim’s alphabet on AZBlog: cymbidiums

1/2/20: Zwicky with a beat:

Zwicky with a beat

onion vs. potato as state vegetable (in WA and ID)

1/4/20: It’s a tree! It’s a song!:

It’s a tree! It’s a song!

royal poinciana tree; plant names

1/21/20: A squirrel in the hand:

A squirrel in the hand

plant pests in my garden

2/15/20: Revisiting 43: The Socka Hitsch nominal on the rural Swiss roadside:

Revisiting 43: the Socka Hitsch nominal on the rural Swiss roadside

the chamois, or common ragwort (Jacobaea vulgaris)

2/25/20: Timothy and Agrimony:

Timothy and Agrimony

timothy grass (Phleum pratense), agrimony (Agrimonia eupatoria)

3/24/20: Mexican dicks with super-spiny nipples:

Mexican dicks with super-spiny nipples

Mammilaria spinosissimus ssp pilcayensis

3/29/20: St. Martin des Poires:

St. Martin des Poires

Bartlett pear trees

4/10/20: Easter egg 2020.1: Mussorgsky chicken with crocuses:

Easter eggs 2020.1: Mussorgsky chicken with crocuses

edible crocuses

5/1/20: Trois lapins pour le premier mai:

Trois lapins pour le premier mai


6/9/20: The June flora and fauna report:

The June flora and fauna report

plants on my patio, esp. cymbidiums, calla liles, hydrangea

6/27/20: Meet the Jays:

Meet the Jays

more on the plants on my patio: cymbidiums, succulents, etc.

7/20/20: Please don’t eat the flooring:

Please don’t eat the flooring


8/25/20: Creature log in the smoke times:

Creature log in the smoke times

plants on my patio; seeds in birdfeed mixes

9/5/20: The rainbow party dog:

The rainbow party dog

plants in a floral arrangenent

9/7/20: The post-celebratory day:

The post-celebratory day

flowers in Jacquie Lawson animated ecards

9/19/20: Marrow among the courgettes:

Marrow among the courgettes

zucchini, marrow, courgette

9/20/20: gone to seed:

gone to seed

going to seed / bolting; dandelions, lettuce, parsley

9/21/20: Mushroom days:

Mushroom days

mushrooms and their cultivation

9/27/20: Giovanna Garzoni:

Giovanna Garzoni

flowers in the still lifes of the 17th-century Italian artist Garzoni

10/15/20: cubeb:


cubeb berries

10/26/20: Patio report 10/25/20:

Patio report 10/25/20

patio plants

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