Plant postings

Plant postings on AZBlog

(Note: my practice on names that are both names of genera and common names is inconsistent with respect to capitalization and italicization)


6/22/11: Agapanthus:

6/23/11: More plants of love :
philodendron, philadelphus, love-in-a-mist, lad’s love, love lies bleeding

books: 7/6/11: Flora:
Farm Weeds of Canada, Alpen-Flora

1/3/12: Data points: interpreting compounds:

3/1/12: Take a leek:
leeks, daffodils

3/17/12: St. Patrick:
calla lilies, Victorian box

6/5/12: singletail and flowertail:
eremurus, anthurium

6/11/12: La Victoria:
habaneros, jalapeños

6/26/12: Cole slaw:

6/26/12: From South America:
jacaranda, alstroemeria

7/1/12: Two plants of the season:
golden marguerite, acanthus

7/15/12: lupines:

7/16/12: The buzz on Melissa:
melissa, monarda


7/29/12: crape myrtle:
crape myrtle, myrtle

8/19/12: gaillardia:

8/21/12: zinnias:
zinnias, Kalanchoe diagremontiana

8/21/12: Mystery plant:

10/12/12: Gypsum weed etc.:
Jimson weed and its relatives

11/6/12: Inhabiture:
vertical gardens

3/6/13: Cymbidiums:

3/12/13: Cyclamens:

3/14/13: Wisteria:

3/15/13: Podocarpus:

3/20/13: Flowering pears and secretions:

3/20/13: Stone fruits, nuts, and berries:

3/27/13: Abutilon and its relatives:
abutilon and many other members of the mallow family

3/29/13: Bell pepper sex:
bell peppers; flower sex

4/11/13: Tree nuts:

4/21/13: Primroses:
primroses, evening primroses

4/21/13: Ranunculus:
ranunculus, creeping buttercup, lesser celandine, water crowfoot

4/22/13: Gay greens: the big two:
arugula, radicchio, and related plants (gay greens)

4/28/13: Digitalis / foxglove:

5/1/13: Gamma linolenic acid and borage:

5/17/13: Vocabulary surprises:

6/17/13: Bacopa:
bacopa, centella, sutera

6/20/13: Poppies, lilacs, and lilies:
poppies / California poppies, lilacs / California lilacs, lilies / daylilies

6/21/13: Forbs:
forbs, herbs (in the botanical sense)

more gay greens: watercress, mâche, fennel, parsley, basil, chervil:

nasturtiums, watercress, geraniums, cranesbills:

Albizia julibrissin:

Tagetes, Calendula:



petunias, cinerarias:

quinoa, cereal, grain:

mile-a-minute, kudzu:


Indian pipes:

Michaelmas daisies:

mountain ash trees:



eglantine rose:

more wild roses:

acorns, arums:



Bellis perennis:

Ornithogalum umbellatum:



Scilla siberica:




peonies (of three types):

sweet peas:

shrubs and trees that have gone out of fashion, esp. catalpas:

Emilio Tafani posters: wild rose, laburnum, lilacs, wild honeysuckle, meadowsweet:

citronella oil, lemongrass, lemon balm:



Japanese knotweed (Fallopia japonica):

Speed Devil cannabis

Farewell to the trees:
(Chilean) potato vine (Solanum crispum}

Anemone blanda, coronaria, and hupehensis

I Never Promised You a Rose Garden:
rose, Christmas rose (hellebore), primrose, tuberose, rosemary, etc.

linguistic diversity among the nopalries:
Opuntia cactuses

coneflowers and goldfinches: coneflowers, black-eyed Susans


I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts: coconut palm

sweetgum: and Liquidambar:

California peppertree:

Winter greenery: calla lilies, miner’s lettuce, spring beauty

purslane, moss-roses

bacopa Snowtopia

Perilla and company:
Perilla frutescens


Signs of spring:
California buckeye, Ohio buckeye

Morning name: calabash:
calabaza, calabash gourd, calabash tree

Morning name: salsify (with Swiss chard as a bonus):

Two more mornings:


Morning names: Confrey, comfrey:
comfrey (Symphytum)


5/4/15: Good and evil: Star Jasmine:

5/23/15: Fig time:
several species of Ficus

5/23/15: California’s iconic food:

5/29/15: Rubber trees, rubber plants:
Hevea brasiliensis, Ficus elastica

6/1/15: coriander/cilantro:

6/3/15: culantro:

6/3/15: The Counts Perovski:

6/14/15: Russian-olive:

The Haddockian argot, and licorice:
the licorice plant

Coleus Jade:

7/23/15: Breakfast at the Gamble:
Gamble Garden in Palo Alto; alstroemeria, horsetail restio

7/30/15: Morning name: rajas:
poblano peppers

8/1/15: Another breakfast at the Gamble:
rhubarb, dahlia, scented Pelargoniums, tropical Hibiscus

8/8/15: Two in bloom:
hairy golden aster, naked ladies

8/10/15: Food names, and plant names too:
different names for same plant, same name for different plants

8/13/11: Three blues and a yellow:
4 plants at the Gamble Garden

8/18/15: Stachys:
several Stachys species and related plants

8/19/15: Penstemon:
several Penstemon species ad related plants

8/19/15: Plant families:

8/20/15: Cotoneaster:

8/21/15: More plant families:

8/22/15: Seedy invasives:
invasive plants that spread by broadcasting their seed

8/26/15: Vining invasives:
porcelainberry, grapevine, ivy (plus non-invasive Aralia, Cussonia), invasive vines from earlier postings

8/27/15: Two medicinal plants:
yarrow (Achillea), scabious (Scabiosa)

8/29/15: Gerbera and other daisy-oid flowers:

8/30/15: Cow parsnip:
cow parsnip, hemlocks, cow parsley, fool’s parsley, etc.

8/30/15: Two useful terms:
ruderal, alleleopathic; 9 examples of allelopathy; cornflower

8/31/15: African daisies:
Gazania, Osteospermum, Arctotis

8/31/15: Eat your weeds:
Euell Gibbons; lamb’s quarters, rose hips, dandelion shoots, stringing nettles, and cattails

9/4/15: Cotinus and the cousins of Cotinus:
Cotinus, Anacardium, Mangifera, Rhus, Toxicodendron

9/5/15: Two more plant families:
Crassulaceae, Plumbaginaceae

9/6/15: Birthday flowers:
Asparagaceae, Primulaceae; genera in both

9/7/15: Returning to your roots:
Ipomoea and the family Convolvulaceae

9/7/15: Shooting stars, hydrangeas, and lemongrass:
genera Dodecatheon, Hydrangea, Cymbopogon; family Hydrangeaceae

9/9/15: More vining invasives:
Campsis radicans, Bignonia capreolata, Celastrus orbiculatus; Alstroemeria

9/9/15: Plant family backlog:
olive family, violet family, and 7 others

9/11/15: Cochinita pibil:
the dish and its name; achiote / annatto

9/11/15: Golden yellow for the end of summer:
goldenrods (Solidago), ragweeds (Ambrosia)

9/12/15: Chaste trees and jumping spiders:
Chaste tree (Vitex); Verbenaceae; Verbena, Lantana

9/25/15: Monkey puzzle tree:

9/30/15: Muhly grass:

9/30/15: Roselle:
Hibiscus sabdariffa

10/5/15: Non-parallel gaps in Jackson Hole:
vertical garden

10/7/15: Arnoldia:
plant genera Arnoldia; Dimorphotheca

10/18/15: Mornings and mangelwurzels:
the mangelwurzel (fodder beet, etc.)

11/2/15: The New Yorker food issue:
farming kelp for food

11/8/15: ExtenZe:
many plant ingredients in the male enhancement product

11/11/15: The water frog, the ground squirrel, and the little thrush:
purple pitcher plant, dogwood, holly

11/23/15: Nugenix:
fenugreek plant

11/30/15: Morning name: penumbra:
carrot (Daucus carota), umbels

12/5/15: Morning names: Norfolk Island Pine, ruach:

12/9/15: sweet olive:
Osmanthus fragrans

12/26/15: Morning name: camellia:
C. sasanqua, C. japonica, C. sinensis

12/27/15: Name your florist:
names of florist shops

12/29/15: tomatillos:
tomatillo plant, potato vine

1/27/16: Bruce Bruce Bruce:
Queensland silver wattle

1/28/16: Yesteday:
flowers and food plants at the Gamble Garden in Palo Alto; hellebores and agave featured

2/13/16: Mandrake:

3/20/16: Morning name: catarrh:
a variety of plants used in remedies for catarrh

3/24/16: The invasive starling:
invasive plants

3/25/16: Morning name: scuppernong:
scuppernong grapes

3/25/16: Jeepers creepers:
creeping plants

3/26/16: Monsters of vegetative spread: dragon’s teeth:
Japanese knotweed dragon-toothing

4/3/16: Common names that are also descriptions:
Bottle-brush plants, Callistemon and Melaleuca

5/5/16: Down on the farm::
favorite weed (goldenrod) and leaat favorite weed (dodder)

5/5/16: The weed annals I:

5/7/16: The weed annals II:

5/7/16: The weed annals III:

5/12/16: Morning name: nemesia:
nemesia (and star jasmine)

5/24/16: Three natives:
golden blue-eyed grass, purple sage, sticky monkey-flower

5/29/16: Memorial pun:

6/1/16: From late winter:
7 plants at the Gamble Garden

6/3/16: It was 13 years ago today:
Mister Lincoln rose

7/7/16: Name that succulent:
artichoke agave

7/15/16: Garden moments:
cymbidiums, geraniums, coleus, and other container plants

7/21/16: The kangaroo’s paw:

8/10/16: Violet-blue, white, and deep purple:
Catanache caerulea, Angelica archangelica, Angelica stricta

8/12/16: Trapped in the morning duff:
duff ‘decaying vegetable matter’

8/19/16: Pink motels, Cadillacs, etc. etc.:
pink pussytoes, pink pussytails

8/29/16: Osmunda, Königin des Waldes:
the fern genus Osmunda

9/1/16: On foot patrol, part 2:
the mangosteen plant and its fruit

9/7/16: How sweet the daphne smells:
Daphne mezereum (and oleander)

9/11/16: The Mystery Man of Crotch Beach:
Prunella vulgaris, Orchis mascula

9/12/16: The durian:
the tree and its fruit

10/1/16: Penguin irises:
Japanese irises

10/19/16: Triple-play pun:
asparagus plants

10/21/16: Pingu watches over the gay boys:
genus Pinguicula

10/21/16: Two flowering trees in Kyoto:
tea tree, powder-puff tree, Brazil nut tree

10/26/16: Wednesday odds and ends:
item (1): Japanese painted scroll with poppies

11/5/16: Patio, with plants and penguins:
Hydrangea macrophylla, Agave desmetiana

11/9/16: Two Mediterranean plants for wintry days:
Drimia maritima, Iris unguicularis

11/17/16: Going extinct there, flourishing here:
Dymondia margaretae

11/23/16: Two Stanford adventures:
Stanford Cactus Garden; esp. prickly pears and agaves

11/28/16: And so it begins:
first cymbidium blooms of the winter season

12/1/16: Silver-bush everlasting:
Helichrysum petiolare ‘Moe’s Silver’

12/4/16: Con Ed and the Ramona St. Squirrel Squad:
plants in pots on the Ramona St. patios

12/14/16: Two red hot pokers:
Kniphofia, Aloe arborescens; Crassula ovata, Sedum rubrotinctum

2/12/17: Three exhibitions:
third exhibition: on the lingzhi mushroom

2/19/17: horsetails:
Equisetum (hyemale)

2/20/17: Blossoms from the south:
Westringia, Tulbaghia, Bulbinella

2/26/17: Pretty in pink:
pink cymbidium in bloom

2/28/17: Plant packages:
phallic plants, an evergreen and a cactus

3/1/17: Two notable plants:
contorted cactus, which turns out to be Opuntia microdasys monstrose; and a white-tipped succulent, not identified, but like an Echevaria or Dudleya

3/1/17: A codgerie of shaggy men:
The old man, or shaggy man, cactus

3/2/17: Five contorted cactuses:
genera Haageocereus, Echinopsis, Myrtillocactus, Eulychnia, Cereus

3/9/17: Spring bulbs:
tulips, narcissus, grape hyacinths, snowdops, stars of Bethlehem, glories-of-the-snow, Siberican squills

3/31/17: He bloomed in March:
cymbidium orchid

4/19/17: Calla, calla, calla, California:
calla lily, Easter lily

4/24/17: A mini-phal:
miniature Phalaenopsis

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