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The fearful exhibitionist

February 20, 2016

(Not about language. No direct discussion of sexual acts either.)

The most recent Daily Jocks ad, showing a model wearing a Supawear jock in the Supacharge line, with Lightning theme (there’s also a Thunder theme, but Lightning has the more startling colors):


Jonas adored his
Jock strap, and
Pranced around in it
All day long, though he was
Reluctant to get
Plugged by that
Electric monster.


Pecs, abs, and dancing

July 2, 2015

It seems to be one of those weeks. Just after Chris Pratt, we get Magic Mike and his Sexy Gang of Six, reveling in their shirtlessness:

Magic Mike XXL: from left, Stephen Boss (also known as tWitch), Matt Bomer, Kevin Nash, Joe Manganiello, Channing Tatum and Adam Rodriguez in this comedy directed by Gregory Jacobs


Penguin chill

January 8, 2015

(Not about language.)

From Arne Adolfsen via Facebook, this wonderful image by photographer Tomasz Gudzowaty:

From the photographer:

Antarctic emperor penguins as taken on one of my last rolls of Kodachrome. From the primary colors of the Antarctic: white, gray, brown and blue, the last one has been taken out by the snowfall.


February 4, 2014

Not about language.

Sunday I woke to the welcome sound of rain — we’ve been having a terrible drought — but by lunchtime it had come to an end. Still, the air got cleansed.

I went out into the garage area on my way to lunch and saw it was sprinkled with what looked like confetti. At first I thought someone had been celebrating for the Super Bowl that day, but then I realized the true source.

In this area, the first flowering fruit trees bloom in mid-January, and there are flowering fruit trees is some of the little gardens in the garage area. They were now dropping petals. Very charming and cheering.

Male miscellany

January 19, 2014

Not about language, but about male photography on AZBlogX. There’s a new assortment of images (most X-rated) there.

Reading PA

January 18, 2014

(Not about language, but about my life.)

From Eleanor Houck, this photo from the Berks [County PA] — where we both grew up — Center, showing a

close-up … of Pomeroys {department store] c.1941 [from the northeast corner of Fifth St. and Penn Ave.] as depicted in this painting by Jim Holton. What was your favorite Penn Street store?

Oh my, memories of my early life.


Bare Essentials

December 8, 2013

(Not about language.)

On AZBlogX, a posting with five Bare Essentials photos:

Each one depicts a naked man — a decent-looking but ordinary mature man (no extraordinary abs, no massive muscles), flaccid, posing with a prop. A variety of body types.

I find them charming and revelatory of character (in a surprising way)..


Penguin food

November 25, 2013

(Not much about language.)

From several sources on the net, this elaborate edible penguin composition:

A more complex version of the “penguin food you can make at home” in the second section of this posting from 2011.


September 9, 2013

(Not much about language.)

Catching up on old episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer this morning, I noted that though I’ve posted about two of the hunky male characters (Angel and Spike), I neglected some of the others, most especially the central character Xander (played by Nicholas Brendon) and Buffy’s love interest for several seasons Riley (played by Marc Blucas). I didn’t find really stunning shirtless photos of them separately, but I did come across a manip (on the term, see here) of the two of them in carnal congress, Riley screwing Xander (viewable on AZBlogX, here).


BK twink

August 22, 2013

(Not about language.)

Omitted from my last posting on more television hunks. the earlier history of Brian Krause (Leo in Charmed, 1998-2006). In his very early 20s, Krause did Return to the Blue Lagoon (1991), in which he appeared as a cute blondish curly-haired twink (in preposterous demi-costumes).