Mammoth postings

Postings about woolly mammoths and their relatives

7/22/10: Verbatim recall:
the mammoth as my totem animal; recollecting the New Yorker cartoon that gave rise to it]

8/29/10: Fair mammoth ears:
fried dough

1/6/11: Pseudonyms:
my pseudonyms: woo(l)ly mammoth, w m in ca]

7/1/12: Mammoth (2006):

9/7/12: Dinosaur puns:
POP + pun: I-love-Schooly Mammoth!

9/15/12: T-shirts:
Woolly mammoth t-shirt

11/23/12: Mammoth matters:

2/8/14: Mammoths and flowers:

10/30/14: Mammoth silliness:

11/3/14: Name that mammoth:

4/24/15: The mammoth genome:

4/25/15: Underground mastodon:

9/6/15: Birthday flowers:
woolly mammoth on birthday card

10/3/15: The very model of a mammoth from Michigan:

1/10/16: The woolly whale:

1/17/16: Hunting mammoths in the Arctic:

1/19/16: Silver mammoth:
woolly mammoth on Canadian coins; the Silver Mammoth rock band

8/12/16: Trapped in the morning duff:
mammoths at the La Brea Tar Pits

4/5/17: Lord Jeffrey Mammoth:
Amherst Mammoths declared as mascot

6/9/17: An old mammoth joke:
Far Side cartoon

6/16/17: Woolly Mammoth flips us the bird:
Woolly Mammoth Theatre

9/25/17: Naked came the mammoth:
Rhymes With Orange cartoon

12/13/17: A decent woolly mammoth and a nice bit of shirtless cowboy:

12/16/17: A tale of a bed: from removal to revival:
#9, #10

12/18/17: The news for mammoths: toy stories:
Beanie Buddy and Beanie Baby mammoths; animaltronic woolly mammoth; Determined stuffed mammoth

6/25/18: Midsummer cartoons:
#3 Bill Whitehead cartoon

11/3/18: News for pumpkins: art and science:
evolution of elephantids (and cucurbits)

12/26/18: Four presents:
#3 plush mammoth

4/13/19: Meaty mammoths, cat vs. dog:
2 Mike Twohy mammoth cartoons; utility of mammoths

6/28/19: Some of us are gay:
“Hunter Fox” gay porn fiction involving mammoths

10/6/19: Penguin aerodynamics:
cave man socks with mammoths

12/15/19: The images quilt:
#4 Sam Gross mammoth cartoon

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