Abstracts for papers

The abstract for the 1997 Pullum & Zwicky LSA paper “Licensing of prosodic features by syntactic rules: The key to auxiliary reduction”.

An abstract of September 2003 for “Go look at the modern language to test hypotheses about the past”, about the history of the Quasi-Serial Verb construction in English.

An abstract of May 2004 for “The shock of the new: Evaluative adjectives are whack!”.

An abstract of September 2004 for “Learning from split infinitives”.

An abstract of September 2005 for “Forms, constructions, and total syncretism: The case of USETA“.

An abstract of July 2006 for “Extris, extris”, on extra-is constructions in English.

An abstract of August 2006 for “The natural history of snowclones”.

An abstract of August 2006 for “Personal taste and editorial style: however vs. but (by AMZ & Douglas W. Kenter).

An abstract of September 2006 for “Why are we so illuded?”, on misperceptions about variation in language.

An abstract of September 2006 for “Metavariation: Variation in advice on variation” (by Thomas A. Grano & AMZ), on advice about choosing between the determiners much and a lot of.

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