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AZ, 8/10/08: 10 English majors or less: 10 English majors or less

J. C. Duffy

AZ, 8/21/08: Give me an F…: Give me an F …

Ariel Molvig

7/3/10: The figs of fear:

The figs of fear

W.B. Park

6/22/11: It doesn’t always stay in Vegas:

It doesn’t always stay in Vegas

Michael Shaw

8/23/11: Isn’t it bromantic?:

Isn’t it bromantic?

Michael Crawford

9/30/11: Frontier Scrabble:

Frontier Scrabble

John Klossner

5/12/12: More gay flag:

More gay flag

Bob Staake, Robert Crumb covers

6/16/12: The Reaperclone:

The Reaperclone

2 Arnie Levin cartoons

6/23/12: June Brides:

June Brides

Gayle Kabaker cover

7/7/12: We need to talk, more takes:

We need to talk, more takes

Robert Weber, Aaron Bacall

8/29/12: The bat hole:

The bat hole

Mick Stevens, Carolita Johnson (rejected), Bernard Schoenbaum

12/25/12: Oh no, not a pony!:

Oh no, not a pony!

Ed Frascino

4/3/13: Eggs over easily:

eggs over easily

cartoon in the style of Leo Cullum

4/4/13: Taco sauce:

Taco sauce

Mischa Richter

6/12/13: Penguin cartoons:

Penguin cartoons

Glen Le Lievre

6/17/13: Question period:

Question period

Steve Macone

6/19/13: Arnie Levin:

Arnie Levin

3 cartoons

6/26/13: Claude Smith:

Claude Smith

Claude Smith (one New Yorker, one Playboy)

6/30/13: Once again, same-sex relationships in the New Yorker:

Once again, same-sex relationships in the New Yorker

New Yorker covers by Jacques de Loustal, Barry Blitt (4), Harry Bliss, Mark Ulriksen, Chris Ware, Jack Hunter; plus a Vanity Fair illustration by Blitt

7/27/13: Annals of phallicity: Carlos Danger at bay:

Annals of phallicity: Carlos Danger at bay

New Yorker cover by John Cuneo

8/17/13: Lee Lorenz, Matthew Barney, and more:

Lee Lorenz, Matthew Barney, and more

3 Lee Lorenz cartoons

12/26/13: A Christmas classic:

A Christmas classic

Charles Addams

1/14/14: New Yorker cartoons:

New Yorker cartoons

Charles Barsotti, Roz Chast, Chon Day, Bruce Eric Kaplan (BEK)

4/16/14: Silly pun:

Silly pun

P. S. Mueller

9/14/14: Background knowledge:

Background knowledge

Nick Downes (2 cartoons)

10/7/14: Eskimo N goes south:

Eskimo N goes south

Matt Diffee

10/31/14:Hipster chronicles:

Hipster chronicles

Peter de Sève

12/20/14: Cartooning: the early days:

Cartooning: the early days

Mick Stevens (2 cartoons, plus information on Stevens), Zach Kanin

1/7/15: Mort Gerberg:

Mort Gerberg

Mort Gerberg

2/1/15: Bizarro evolution:

Bizarro evolution

Gahan Wilson

2/28/15: Books: cartoon/comic classics:

Books: cartoon/comic classics

Gehr book on New Yorker cartoonists

3/26/15: Marine mammals:

Marine mammals

Mischa Richter (#6)

5/27/15: Narcissyphus:


Art Spiegelman

5/28/15: Three New Yorker graphic Xists:

Three New Yorker graphic Xists

Roz Chast, Chris Ware, Adrian Tomine

10/14/15: Gluyas Williams:

Morning name: Gluyas Williams

5 cartoons (with brief writeup)

10/22/15: Adrian Tomine:

Adrian Tomine

1/12/16: Ahab and the whale:

Ahab and the whale

#4 J.P. Rini, #5 Sidney Harris, #6 Glen Le Lievre, #7 David Borchart

3/11/16: Three from the New Yorker:

Three from the New Yorker

x #1 Michael Maslin, #2 David Thompson

4/26/16: William Hamilton:

William Hamilton

5/6/16: Reading the comics:

Reading the comics

New Yorker cover by the cartoonist Seth

5/27/16: Graduation Day:

Graduation Day

cover by R. Kikuo Johnson; other works by him

5/30/16: Frank Modell:

Frank Modell

death notice; 4 cartoons

6/17/16: Anatol Kovarsky:

Anatol Kovarsky

death notice: 3 cartoons and a book cover

6/21/16: Frank Viva:

Frank Viva

4 covers, one additional illustration

7/8/16: Someone old, someone new:

Someone old, someone new

#2 and #3 Edward Steed

7/13/16: Kadir Nelson:

Kadir Nelson

2 covers

7/21/16: Michael Crawford:

Michael Crawford

obit, 4 cartoons

9/2/16: Spot the error:

Spot the error

3 Peter de Sève New Yorker>/em> covers

10/16/16: Huzzah!:


#3 Malika Favre cover

12/6/16: Penguins among the asparagus:

Penguins among the asparagus

Charles Addams cartoon

12/18/16: The Yule log:

The Yule log

#1 Ana Juan cover

2/22/17: Two from the 2/27 NYer:

Two from the 2/27 NYer

Alice Cheng’s second New Yorker cartoon

2/28/17: Edward Sorel:

Edward Sorel

2 Sorel covers

3/2/17: New Yorkistan:

New Yorkistan

Maira Kalman and Rick Meyerowitz covers

3/16/17: Cavenips:


4 Avi Steinberg cartoons

4/21/17: Seahorse on a stick, GBF, and the Describe-A-Muffin Task:

Seahorse on a stick, GBF, and the Describe-A-Muffin Task

#1 Cannaday Chapman cover

5/2/17: Shelf Life:

Shelf Life

cover by Luci Gutiérrez

7/14/17: Vlad the Employer:

Vlad the Employer

Jason Chatfield cartoons; information about the artist

8/4/17: A stay in medical Antarctica:

A stay in medical Antarctica

Nishant Choksi illustrations; plus Choksi cover for Der Spiegel

9/23/17: Two from 9/8:

Two from 9/8

cartoons by Jeremy Nguyen and John McNamee

11/12/17: Food rebellion:

Food rebellion

Carl Rose drawing, captioned by E.B. White: “I say it’s spinach”

12/2/17: Two and a cover:

Two and a cover

Jon Adams #2, #6-8; Kim DeMarco #3, #9

3/9/18: The scythe in the casket:

The scythe in the casket

Christopher Weyant drawing in the cartoon caption contest

4/20/18: FoosChicken:


John O’Brien cartoons

4/22/18: The Shadow knows:

The Shadow knows

2 Maddie Dai cartoons

5/10/18: Smart Design:

Smart Design

Joost Swarte cover, 2 sets of drawings

5/23/18: The art class:

The art class

Edward Steed cartoon

11/22/18: A fantasy exercise in cartoon understanding:

A fantasy exercise in cartoon understanding

Ali Solomon cartoon

1/2/19: Nighthawks on New Year’s:

Nighthawks on New Year’s

2 Owen Smith covers

7/17/19: Avocado Chronicles: 6 on the beach:

Avocado Chronicles: 6 on the beach

Julia Suits avocado cartoon; and variant of Grim Reaper; info about Suits

12/31/19: The year in spam:

The year in spam


1/10/20: Briefly noted: NAILS:

Briefly noted: NAILS

Adam Douglas Thompson

1/15/20: Cartoonists at leisure:

Cartoonists at leisure

a gathering of New Yorker cartoonists

2/22/20: While you’re up:

While you’re up

Charles Saxon, George Price, Karen Sneider

5/17/20: Division of labor:

Division of labor

Sofia Warren

8/12/20: One more book:

One more book

Frank Cotham

8/21/20: New Yorker 8/24/20:

New Yorker 8/24/20

Millsap, Stevens

9/19/20: Out of the water and back again:

Out of the water and back again

Lila Ash

10/23/20: Shifting gears:

Shifting gears

R. Kikuo Johnson

10/23/20: A New Yorker trio:

A New Yorker trio

Amy Hwang, Christopher Weyant

12/25/20: Desert Island chat:

Desert Island chat

Colin Tom

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