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A bit more Schrödinger

December 14, 2020

(One more posting with pre-hospital material on my desktop.)

Earlier on this blog, in my 6/24/20 posting “Annals of ambiguity: I feel like making it rough for Schrödinger”, there’s a section on a photograph, labeled “Schrödinger’s Dumpster”, of a dumpster with the signage: EMPTY WHEN FULL (with notes on Schrödinger cartoons, which have become something of a cartoon meme.

Here, two more cartoons.


Multiverse denialism

February 2, 2015

Today’s Scenes From a Multiverse (on-line, here) takes on vaccine denialism:

Jon Rosenberg nails not only the reliance on celebrities as a source of information, but also the profound rejection of experts, especially scientists. “It must be true because it’s unsupported by science” — wonderful,

(Still in my queue for posting, a piece on usage denialism and the rejection of experts, such as lexicographers and linguists.)