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Spontaneous tremors, take 2

January 16, 2023

Previously on this blog, yesterday’s posting “Explorations in narrative medicine: spontaneous tremors”, a report on an 1/10 incident of intense stomach-ulcer pain followed by an attack of spontaneous tremors — wracking shakes in response to deep feelings of cold within the body.

This abbreviated story — abbreviated in fear that another attack might be imminent, a fear that was, alas, well-founded — included no account of the sequel to the tremors: deep exhaustion from coping with the tremors, followed by an exhausted sleep. Then awakening to a body aching everywhere, barely able to cope. Something to eat, then back to bed for some actually refreshing sleep, and arising again for the remainder of a very low-key day (which is where I am right now). In the end a tremors attack consumes two entire days.

Yesterday’s attack was free-standing; it was an ordinary morning   (admittedly, I was writing on spontaneous tremors, in some haste) until I had a premonition of coldness and then a full attack, from which I’m slowly recovering today.

Now, in more detail, from the notes I scribbled along the way.


Explorations in narrative medicine: spontaneous tremors

January 15, 2023

An attempt to describe in some detail and with attention to the unfolding of the affliction over time, what I characterized very briefly in a report on a night five days back on intense ulcer pain (but without bleeding) followed by — today’s focus — body-wracking chills (which I now believe to be an auto-immune condition without a standard name). Which kept me up most of last night, until I fell asleep in exhaustion. Now I’m trying to work at speed here, to crank out this account before the chills / shakes / rigors / tremors fell me again.


Brief bulletins: the world of men, some medical news

December 26, 2022

Glanced at a screen from my iPhotos — the album men-general — and saw a six-photo survey snapshot of the world of men, which amused me. I’ll share this with you, and then use the occasion to give you a bulletin on my medical conditions, an encouraging Christmas-gift bulletin. So: there are two brief parts, and you can read them both, or pick either one.


For Boxing / St. Stephen’s Day

December 26, 2022

Two things: Christmas dinner the day before, with a muzzled French dessert; and seasonal decoration by a callipygian young man wearing a big grin and virtually nothing else. (Warning: racy stuff in this second section, not to everyone’s taste.)


Shelf elves at play

December 23, 2022

Following on yesterday’s “Elfshelfisms” posting, on The Elf on the Shelf book and the scout-elf toy and on elf on a shelf visual riddling (lemur on a femur etc.),  brief adventures of shelf elves at play: in the Nasty Elf genre of playful folk depictions of scout elves posed doing nasty, gross, and raunchy things (depictions passed around on the net the way variants of a joke form are passed around by word of mouth); and in human ShelfElfin figures engaged in similar play (specifically in soft porn, those naughty hunky boys).


Cory and Calvin, Kiefer and Petey

December 21, 2022

Today’s Christmas card material (hat tip to Aric Olnes): identical-twin muscle-hunk sex-elves in seasonal costume, with some cookie-eating oral action as a bonus:

Twins Cory and Calvin Boling: TikTok stars, bodybuilders, fitness models, and trainers; born 10/18/97 in North Carolina, they advertise themselves on Instagram and Facebook as well as TikTok

Yes, indisputably homoerotic; I imagine them pole-dancing.


Stick with me, baby!

December 8, 2022

A brief bulletin from the medical-care wing of my daily life, letting you in on some of the events unfolding there, outside of your notice (because you really don’t want to hear about me whining about them).

Today’s unpleasant symptom is weeping sores (described by some as open wounds), on my lower legs and feet. Try not to be concerned about the causative factors, which are complex, and focus on the care, which for the moment I’m handling on my own, through what amounts to elaborate first aid: drying the sites, applying Bacitracin antibiotic ointment to them, and covering them with adhesive surgical dressings, held firmly in place by self-adhering stretch wrap, a truly wonderful medical invention — originally developed for the 3M corporation and sold under the trade name Coban (for cohesive bandage), with a variety of competitors made by other firms (Andover’s CoFlex, MEDca’s self-adherent cohesive wrap bandages).


The lecherous gaze

November 22, 2022

Yes, another Sick Day, but I press on with today’s very pointed Zippy strip:

(#1) It’s all about ogling

From NOAD (note the content of the examples chosen: men ogling women, the canonical ogling scenario):

verb ogle: [with object] stare at in a lecherous manner: he was ogling her breasts | [no object]:  men who had turned up to ogle. ORIGIN late 17th century: probably from Low German or Dutch; compare with Low German oegeln, frequentative of oegen‘ look at’.


The mythological John Singer Sargent

November 4, 2022

A very brief note set off by Pinterest postings of artwork (some paintings, some sketches) on mythological themes by John Singer Sargent (who appears every so often on this blog). In particular, two remarkable paintings from a hundred years ago (both in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston):

(#1) The Judgement of Paris (1920)

(#2) Perseus on Pegasus Slaying Medusa (1921)

Remarkable formal compositions, with subtle use of color. With muscular bodies — male, female, equine — as a focus.

I haven’t been able to find anything on-line about the history of these two paintings. The great age of painting on themes from classical mythology was from the 14th through the 19th centuries, so Sargent’s 20th-century gods-and-heroes works are something of a surprise, even in such a stylistically conservative artist; surely they were commissioned, but by whom, for what purpose?

Invitation to the groaning phallic board

October 31, 2022

(Below is the introduction to what was intended to be the fourth and final posting — “The groaning phallic board” — in what I’ve come to think of as The Tale of Raunchy Appetizers. But I was felled, once again, by hours of irrestistible exhausted sleep (no, I don’t know why, but my life has been very unpleasant for a while). Back in the world to get some dinner, but I’ll never get this posting done today. Think of this as a Halloween teaser; save it for its eventual continuation, along the lines promised below