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Three remarkably named men’s fragrances

February 20, 2021

First, to announce a new Page on this blog listing my postings about men’s fragrance. Then, to continue some recent postings on notable names for men’s fragrances, a look at Fucking Fabulous and two nomenclatural celebrations of testosterone, Testosterone Original Fragrance Paris and Testostérone (from Zurich).


Cologne tease

January 30, 2021

Having recently posted on colognes / men’s fragrances (especially those with homoerotic ad campaigns), I’ve been inundated with offers for more colognes along these lines. Today’s haul included some remarkable cock tease advertising for the fragrance Fierce, from Abercrombie & Fitch.

(Given the subject, this posting isn’t recommended for kids or the sexually modest.)


The sexual essence of a jockstrap

January 29, 2021

(Very much about men’s bodies as sexual objects, so clearly not for everyone.)

Today’s Daily Jocks sale ad, carefully posed and quite steamily direct, also with an anatomical feature I don’t recall having seen in real life: a blood vessel running down the outside of the model’s leg, quite prominently visible on the surface of his leg (presumably because the model has so little bodyfat to conceal it):


The package

January 11, 2021

(About men’s bodies and about sexual peasure, so not suitable for kids or the sexually modest. Meanwhile, more chapters in the story of my sexual life; and, again, that might not be for everybody.)

As for packages, this is specifically about the male genital package, as playfully represented (metaphorically) by the banana and eggs in these little Spanish lessons (from my long-ago collage-making days):

(#1) The metaphorical penis

(#2) The metaphorical testicles

My banana and my eggs, they comfort me. In fact, they do, and that’s the first thing I’m going to talk about. The second thing is that if you’re an old guy, nobody wants to hear anything about this, it’s just embarrassing — but I’m going to push against that attitude.

(And I note that though I’m talking here from a male perspective, the two main points apply as well, with some adjustments in details, to women.)


Callipygian in his Levis

January 10, 2021

(About the male body, in particular, men’s buttocks as objects of male sexual desire, and, eventually, about sexual acts between men, so not suitable for kids or the sexually modest.)

Two things from Pinterest recently: a vintage Levis ad prominently focused on the model’s buttocks:

(#1) My caption: fanning the flames of desire around the campfire with butt-flattering jeans

and a link to a comic piece “How the West Was Worn” (from 9/18/14, by Christopher Harrity) on the Advocate magazine’s site, about the history of callipygian men in Levi’s ads, with mocking captions added to the ads. (Note: the Advocate provides news and features for LGBTQ readers.)


More sweet and fuzzy

January 5, 2021

Another Nice Guy photo of me from Elizabeth Daingerfield Zwicky’s stash:

(#1) The origin of this photo is currently unknown — but note that it was taken in a public place — an eating place? — with other people visible in the background

This for comparison to this 1/3 sweet and fuzzy photo from 2006:



Superbowl Sunday

January 5, 2021

This is the third and final part of a set of postings about my guy J’s and my sexual and affectional lives: yes, about our loving relationship, but (as I repeatedly stress to people) also about about sweaty, noisy, animal sex, so that it’s entirely inappropriate for kids and the sexually modest.

Previous installments in thumbnail form:

my 12/30/20 posting “Manual labor”, about a project of J’s, to become (in effect) the world’s authority on how to please me by masturbating me.

my 1/4/21 posting “Decline”, in which J’s sexual abilities disintegrated, fairly rapidly, to zero, though he still sometimes recalled his intense desire to please me.

In today’s installment, J gives me a great gift of love.

The texts here come from two 1996 postings on Superbowl Sunday that year (about a visit to the gay baths in San Jose CA); the texts are as I posted them on AZBlogX on 10/3/10, with various bits of commentary from me today:

— AZBlogX on 10/3/10: “Superbowl Sunday (Part I)”

— AZBlogX, on 10/3/10: “Superbowl Sunday (Part II)”



January 4, 2021

The second part of three telling a story about Jacques’s and my sexual lives together. (Warning: all three parts are entirely unsuitable for kids and the sexually modest.)

The first part — my 12/30/20 posting “Manual labor” — was about a project of J’s, to become (in effect) the world’s authority on how to please me by masturbating me. J’s project was an expression of great love, magnificently achieved. I have never felt more intensely attended to.

This part of the story is, sadly, “Decline”, in which J’s sexual abilities disintegrate, fairly rapidly, to zero, though he still sometimes recalled his intense desire to please me.

The story turns out to be more complex than I thought at first; there will be periodic digressions into significant related topics.


Masturbatory side notes

December 30, 2020

(Another follow-up to today’s “Manual labor” posting, and like it, thoroughy unsuitable for kids and the sexually modest.)

These are extracts from previous masturbation postings, focusing especially on my sexual and affectional life with my guy Jacques.


Australian firefighters, the calendars

December 27, 2020

From Ann Burlingam for Christmas, an Australian firefighters 2021 calendar, pairing engagingly smiling shirtless hunks with adorable animals, many of them native Australian wildlife. The images — both the faces and the naked torsos — are celebrations of rock-solid masculinity (firefighters are, by necessity, in extraordinary shape physically) which is, however, entirely sexually innocent — an effect managed via the open, welcoming smiles and, especially, via the presentation of the men as companions and protectors of those adorable creatures (plus the neutral appearance and backgrounding of such crotches as do appear in the images).

From Ann: “May 2021 be filled with sweet, smiling men cuddling cute critters!”