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October 22, 2020

(Largely about men’s genitals and sex between men, in very direct street language, so entirely inappropriate for kids or the sexually modest.)

On AZBlogX, a 10/7 posting “Humongous Cocks”, with two images from a porn video ad. I’ll quote that posting at length, but shift the visual focus on this blog to the facial expressions and body types in those images.


Flesh Gordon

October 18, 2020

Frank Abate points me to a 10/18 article in the Guardian: “Flesh Gordon? Artwork reveals erotic version that was never made: Draft designs for a planned Nicolas Roeg sci-fi movie in 1979 finally see the light of day” by Dalya Alberge:

(#1) Artwork for the abandoned film depicts Flash Gordon confronting Ming the Merciless on top of the emperor’s royal spaceship. Photograph: StudioCanal / King Features Inc.


Paul Newman rises from the sea

October 18, 2020

On the Hollywood Reporter site in “When Paul Newman Dazzled Venice” by Gregg Kilday on 8/21/12:


Promoting 1963’s “Hud” at the Venice Film Festival, the actor exhibited an effortless masculinity that had Italians swooning.

American stars go to the Venice Film Festival to test their wattage, and in 1963 no star burned brighter than Paul Newman. At age 38, he visited the Lido to show off Hud, Martin Ritt’s drama in which he played a Texas bad boy. Remembers Barbara Steele, then a rising young actress who’d just completed a role in Federico Fellini’s 8 ½, “I don’t know how, but I ended up hanging out with Paul Newman, who was at the peak of his beauty. He was a Greek god, absolutely stunning. He was every Italian’s dream of classical beauty.”

Thing is, Newman rising from the sea here was pretty much the perfect package, from face to crotch, everything in balance, nothing obtrusive. Two themes here: the beautiful character rising from the sea; and the full package of male beauty.



September 29, 2020

Today’s morning name. Briefly, from NOAD:

noun wazooUS informal the anus. PHRASES up (or outthe wazoo US informal very much; in great quantity; to a great degree: he’s insured out the wazoo | Jack and I have got work up the wazoo already. ORIGIN 1960s: of unknown origin.

The phrases are straightforwardly idioms — the fact that they are degree adverbials is unpredictable from the meanings of the parts — though they can be varied a bit: by extension with the modifying adjective old (up/out the old/ol’ wazoo), or the with the noun ass ‘asshole’ instead of wazoo (to have problems up/out the ass); it’s likely that wazoo in these phrases is, historically, an ornamental replacement for ass in them (see below).

But wazoo, on its own, has no parts, so it can’t literally be an idiom. However, it’s restricted in its collocations — formally non-compositional, if not semantically non-compositional.


Yoan Capote

September 26, 2020

On Facebook on 9/26 (posted by Dani Andrade), this sculpture by Cuban artist Yoan Capote:

(#1) Racional (Engl. Rational), in a plaster and plexiglass version; Andrade refers to it as Male Mind, since it conveys that men think with their penises, literally that their brains are in their genitals

The sculpture exists in several versions, created in 2004-07. On the artist’s website, he says of the cast bronze version:

The sculpture embodies the dichotomy between pleasure and fear, thought and desire, reason and instinct.


A visit with Skyy Knox

September 21, 2020

(An appreciation of gay pornstar Skyy Knox, so there’s plain talk about men’s bodies and sex between men — not suitable for kids or the sexually modest.)

The hard-core visual is off in my posting yesterday to AZBlogX, “Skyy Knox”, where it’s #1. That posting was motivated by Knox (who turned up in Falcon Studios Hunt ezine Issue 237 on 9/18) having a body type that’s especially pleasing to me, because it was my man Jacques’s: nicely muscled but lean, with a long torso — a “swimmer’s build”.  Knox, with his dick cropped from the image (I’ll get to the dick in a moment):


But then it turned out that there was a remarkable bonus, in a wonderful shot — deeply affectionate and extraordinarily sexy — from Falcon’s Head Play, with Knox paired with JJ Knight (also below). (Yes, I understand that this is all performance, not real life — intended to provide a fantasy that will be sexually satisfying to the viewer — but this is an admirable performance.)


Marrow among the courgettes

September 19, 2020

(This moves pretty quickly to men’s genitals, so it’s not appropriate for kids or the sexually modest.)

From the distinguished phonetician John Wells (in England — the England part is significant) on 9/18, this garden photo, with John’s caption:

(#1) Look carefully, and you’ll see a big marrow hiding underneath the courgette.

A FB reader (since I’m not sure about privacy protections, I won’t use their name) then wrote:

[A] Oh what a beauty

to which John replied

[B] …never seen one as big as that before!

taking us right into the world of sexual double entendres having to do with penis size. I admired the move (John and I are both openly gay, and that too is significant), and John delicately provided me with the source of the A – B sequence; it’s a famous quote from BBC comedy.


Waiting for my man

September 16, 2020

(Men’s bodies and sex between men, in street language, totally not for kids or the sexually modest.)

He’s never early, he’s always late
First thing you learn is that you always gotta wait
I’m waiting for my man

(from Lou Reed’s “I’m Waiting for the Man”)

Today’s Daily Jocks ad, for a jockstraps sale, has yet another model posed as offering himself for anal intercourse, something of a DJ specialty; these ads show really handsome male buttocks, minimally clothed, and right up against the line with porn. In today’s case, I’ve chosen to spin a whole sex story (in free verse, as a caption) about the man in the ad. Under the fold.


The croup

September 12, 2020

The One Big Happy strip from 8/21:

Ruthie, faced with the unfamiliar medical term the croup, does her best to assimilate it to what she knows, namely the ordinary-language term for a physical condition, the creeps. But this time, she guesses that croup is a portmanteau, of group and creeps.


Working men 2020

September 5, 2020

(Well, it’s a gay porn ad, so of course there’s plain talk about men’s bodies and mansex, so it’s inappropriate for kids and the sexually modest.)

On AZBlogX yesterday, the posting “Labor Day 2020”, a Falcon Studio gay porn ad for Labor Day, with two smiling affectionate men (playing construction workers). The ad, cropped here to make it penis-free for WordPress and to focus on their physical affection: