Male art

Male art / queer art / homosexuality in art (with an emphasis on photography).
There’s no attempt here to distinguish porn from “fine art”. Or to restrict the list to depictions of men — a restriction that would eliminate, for instance, Mapplethorpe.
Gay cartoons are in another list.
This is not a bibliography, but a shelf list of items in my collection in December 2016. Some items from the collection have become unavailable for one reason or another; their entries are enclosed in square brackets.

1. Historical and other surveys

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2. Specific artists

Alago, Michael. 2005. Rough Gods. Scatterbrain P.

Arnot, David. 2011. One. Dwa [self-published].

Baer, Nick. 2006-2008. Male nude photography – Johnny. Nick Baer, Unicorn Media. (

– 2007. Male nude photography – Tristan. Nick Baer, Unicorn Media. (

– 2008. Male nude photography – Johnny Stallion. Nick Baer, Unicorn Media. (

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[Tom of Finland: Retrospective (1988) (publ. by Tom of Finland Foundation]
[Tom of Finland: Retrospective II (1991)]
[Tom of Finland: Retrospective III (1997)]

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3. Collections

Bachner, Evan. 2004. At ease: Navy men of World War II. NY: Harry N. Abrams.

– 2007. Men of WWII: Fighting men at ease. NY: Harry N. Abrams.

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Colt Studio anniversary album vol. 1: The 50 superstars, part 1. 1992.

– vol. 2: The 50 superstars, part 2. 1992.

– vol. 3: The macho image. 1992

– vol. 4: The art of Rip Colt & The great physiques. 1993. Studio City CA: Colt Studio.

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4. Issues of Blue magazine

2Blue [special issue, n.d.]

Deep Blue Deluxe. 2004.

Men in Blue: The first five years of Blue magazine [special issue, n.d.]

Blue Muse: Blue photographers reveal their favourite models. 2005. Sydney NSW: Studio Magazines.

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5. Issues of Provacateur magazine: 1.3, 1.4 (1/96), 1.5 (7/96), 1.6 (9/96), 2.1 (10/96)

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