Body size

7/19/10: The truly huge:
in gay porn

1/19/11: In praise of little guys:
the essay

3/28/13: More on the Truly Huge:
with illustrations

12/6/15: Gay Porn Portal:
the truly huge

12/7/15: From the gay porn portal:
more on the truly huge

3/4/16: Trent Atkins, a great bottom:
uberbottom Atkins as a little guy — short, slim

12/1/17: Male scale:
large, imposing male actors: Robert Urich, Marc Blucas, Tom Selleck

8/8/20: Thighland:
big men with massive thighs

8/10/20: The pleasures of role reversal:
Fun Size Boys site: small boys taken sexually by large men

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